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Chapter 6: Mika Saves the Day!

Dimalanta Household

The morning sun began to rise over the horizon, just barely sticking up from the land in the distance. The many children who had come over were asleep in sleeping bags on the living room floor, and Dillon and Leanne were sharing two ends of a bag. Rachel was covered under a small blanket as she lay asleep on the couch. The woman slowly began to wake, yawning and stretching her arms out as she got onto the floor. She carefully stepped over the sleeping children to avoid waking them as she made her way to the kitchen. Her sleepy eyes were barely open as she switched on the coffeemaker and started to make some coffee. She then took notice of the tiny house on the kitchen table and remembered what that was for. She quietly approached and bent over, peeking closely through the tiny window. She smiled at what she saw.

Cheren and Panini peacefully slept in their little bed, smiles on their faces as Cheren's arm was wrapped around Panini, holding her close. Panini's eyes began to blink awake, finding the arm around her and glancing back at Cheren. "Umm… Cheren?"

"Hm?..." Cheren calmly woke up, finding his arm around Panini. "Oh! Uh, sorry, Panini." He blushed, rolling to his back.

"Oh, it's okay!" Panini smiled. "It felt nice…"

"Hehe… cool." Cheren blushed. "…You felt nice, too."

"Heehee." Panini grinned.


"AAAHH! !" Cheren and Panini jumped in fright and wrapped arms around the other, finding an enormous chestnut-brown eye outside their window.

"Oops! Sorryyy! Was I interrupting something?"

"Moooooom!" Cheren whined, his cheeks red as a tomato. "You're a thousand times more embarrassing when you're bigger than me!"

"Awe, but you two are just so adorable when you're like this! I wanna keep you two as pets on my nightstand!"

"Moooooom." Cheren pulled the blanket over his head, sweating in humiliation. "Will you please go away?..."

"Okay, okay." Rachel giggled, her massive eye leaving the window. "I'll leave you alone." The two listened as Rachel's thundering footsteps on the kitchen floor drew further away until her feet were walking on the living room carpet.

Cheren sighed in relief and lied his head back down on the pillow. "I hate it when my mom coos with me like that…"

"Awe, don't be shy." Panini playfully smacked his arm. "It's adorable."

"Whatever…" Cheren still looked embarrassed. "Can we just go back to sleep?"

"Wanna cuddle?"

"Hehe…" Cheren smiled lightly, "Yeah, actually…"

"Hm-hm! O-kay…" With that, Panini rolled and faced away from him as Cheren got on his side and wrapped his arm around Panini. The two stayed peacefully like that as they slowly drifted back to sleep.

Four hours later…

The sun was now higher in the sky, and everyone was awake. It was almost noon as they the lot of them crawled around on the floor, searching intently for the two missing kids. They heard the doorbell ring, and Matthew went over to answer it. "Hey, Mika! Glad you could make it. We could really use your help."

"Well, sure, Matt, I'd be happy to!" Mika happily stated before coming in. Matt led her to the kitchen where Rachel, Yin, and the Uno and Drilovsky kids were. "So, what seems to be the problem?"

"Why don't you have a closer look?" Rachel instructed, indicating the two teeny figures at the edge of the table.

Cheren and Panini stared up as Mika's towering form bent over, her massive dark brown eyes staring closely at them behind her pink glasses. She gave a joyous expression when she saw who they were. "Awe, you two are so adorable! I wanna put you in my cereal and eat you alive, you're so tinyy!"

"Mmmm…" Cheren sheepishly looked down, his cheeks growing red again.

"Yes, well…" Aurora smirked slightly, "as much as I'd like to humiliate my brother more while he's like this… we'd appreciate it if you change them back."

"Can you, Mika?" Francis asked.

"Well, it might take a little strength, but… I'm sure I can handle it!" The Filipino woman then touched the tip of her long, red fingernail to the edge of the table. Cheren and Panini carefully walked onto the large fingernail, and Mika slowly lowered and rested it on the floor, letting them walk off. Once they did, they turned around as Mika stood to full height and stepped back a little. The huge woman closed her eyes and aimed her hand at the two, who felt the psychic energy grab hold of them. Mika focused all of the energy she could muster on them. In her mind, she imagined the image of Cheren and Panini slowly growing bigger and bigger. As she kept focusing the energy on them, their tiny forms were slowly expanding, and smiles appeared on all of their faces. They expanded a few inches each minute, and after a few more minutes, Cheren and Panini were restored to full height.

Cheren and Panini excitedly studied their restored forms, quickly embracing each other in a hug. When they broke away, Francis went over to hug his sister, and Chris and Aurora punched Cheren's arms playfully. Rachel also got down on her knees to wrap arms around her son. "Awww. You'll still be a little cutie in my eyes, Cherry."

"Oh, Mom…" Cheren smiled and blushed. "Thanks, but I much prefer being as tall as my siblings." He said and walked back to wrap his arms around Chris and Aurora, giving grins at each other.

Rachel then approached Mika and said, "Thanks for your help, Mika. We really appreciate it."

"Ah, anytime, Rachel. Now where's Mason and Sheila? Them little drongos are the whole reason I came over here!"

"Well, thing is, they got shrunk, too, and we have no idea where they are." Dillon answered.

"We're doing our best to find them." Leanne said.

"But for now, best just to keep looking down, and watch where you step." Rachel suggested.

"Ohhh. I sure hope my poor little Mason's OK…" Yin stated, keeping her head down in worry.

"Mason will be fine, Yin, I'm sure of it." Matthew assured her. "He knows how to take care of himself. And Sheila, too. We just have to keep looking."

"I guess so…"

"But actually, Mika," Matt began, approaching the woman, "Haruka hasn't come down yet. She's actually in her room, feeling real upset for some reason. Would you mind going up there to see what's wrong?"

"Sure thing, Matt." Mika smiled and began her walk up the stairs.

Haruka still lay down on her bed in depression as a knock was heard on her door, Mrs. Chariton's head peeking in. "Hellooo? Haru?"

"Come in…" Haru stated with a sniffle.

Mikaela walked over and sat down on Haruka's bed, touching a hand to her shoulder. "What's wrong, Haru? Don't you wanna help look for your brother?"

Another sniffle. "I don't think he wants my help…"

"Why not? Did you get in a big fight before they shrunk?"

"Well… not exactly, but… when I went out to look for 'em… I saw them… flying by my face. I didn't know it was them… so I squished them. Squished them like helpless little bugs!" Another sniffle. "I know they're OK now, but… Mason needed my help more than ever, and I tried to kill him. He'll probably hate me for the rest of his life…" a sniffle.

"Ah, Sweetie, that's not true! Mason's your brother. He loves you! Even if he is mad, I know he'll understand."

Haruka sniffled once more and looked up at her. "You do?"

"Sure I do! And you love him, right?"

"Well, yeah. I'm his sister."

"And as a loving sister, you should go down there and help look for him!"

"I will!" Haruka cheered and jumped out of bed. "Thanks, Ms. Corella!" the goth girl smiled and scampered down the stairs.

"Ooh, careful where you step!" Mika called after her. The woman then took notice of the dollhouse in the center of the room. "Oooh, nice dollhouse…" she spoke intriguingly, crawling over to study it. "Anyone small enough could live in that thing. I oughta get one for my daughters! Oh?..." Something in the window caught her attention.

Mika looked closer and squinted in the window. A very tiny Mason and Sheila lay asleep in a bed, their arms wrapped closely around the other. A playful smirk grew on Mika's face at this.

As the two continued to sleep, they were suddenly startled awake when the house began shaking. "W-W-What's happeni-ing? ?" Mason shook and stuttered.

They watched as the roof and ceiling was pulled off of the house, gaping at the sight of Mika's tremendous face looming over them. "Awwww! Haruka didn't tell me she had cute little dolls of these two!" her voice echoed.

The two gave a surprised glance before looking back up at her. "MS. CORELLA! MS. CORELLA!" Mason yelled, standing on the bed.

"HEY! HEY!" Sheila jumped around on the bed.

"Awe, they're so lifelike! I need ta ask her where she got them!" she smiled playfully.

"Ms. Corellaaaa! It's UUS! !" Mason screamed.

Mika giggled. "I know it's you two, Silly! Here, lemme help you outta there." She lowered and laid her fingernail in the house beside them.

Mason and Sheila excitedly put on their shoes/sandals before climbing onto Mika's fingernail. The two felt the area rush past below them and Mika raised them up higher, holding them close to her eyes. "Awe, you two just look so cuute!"

"Ms. Corellaaa!" Mason whined again. "Can you fix us, please?"

"Sure I can! But I better take you downstairs and show the others first, before they worry too much. Wait…" Mika rose a brow at something and held the two by her nose, giving a couple whiffs, in which the two felt the wind brush past them into her nose. "Euuuuh! What is that smell?"

The two exchanged a disbelieving glance and Mason responded, "You don't wanna know…"

"Aha. Well, anyway… let's get downstairs!" With that, the woman did so and began her walk downstairs, moving slowly to keep the two in her fingernail. The two friends just held excited expressions and embraced in a hug, ready to get back to normal.

Downstairs, Matthew grabbed a box of Rainbow Munchies and poured them into a bowl on the table. He then grabbed a carton of milk and poured it in before dipping a spoon in, and proceeding to eat the cereal. Marine walked by him and said, "Oi, I 'eard that those things are made from the li'l Rainbow Monkey dollies."

"So? They're still delicious." Matt stated before eating another spoonful.

Mika carefully made it down the stairs, keeping Mason and Sheila on her finger, feeling happy as she was about to show them to their parents. However, as the door was still left open a crack, the white cat that had been crawling around earlier had snuck in and started to crawl around the living room. "Hey, get back outside, you bad cat!" Haruka yelled, charging after it from the kitchen, alongside Lee.

As they charged back Mika, the two accidentally bumped into the woman's legs. "Whoo-Whooa!" Mika wobbled around a little before finally falling over.

"AAAHHH!" Mason and Sheila were flown off her finger as a result. Sheila took a hard landing on the kitchen table, while Mason made a splash into some thick, white liquid.

Mason resurfaced and studied his surroundings, floating in a strange, white sea of huge, colorful rocks. "AHHH!" he screamed when a tremendous spoon slowly lowered itself down. He quickly hopped across the colorful rocks as the spoon sunk into the liquid, just missing him before it rose up and went into the gigantic mouth of Matthew Dimalanta.

Mika rubbed her sore elbow as she recovered. She gasped wide when she found that Mason and Sheila weren't on her finger anymore. "Oh no! Oh no!" she panickingly skimmed the living room floor for where they'd gone.

"Mika, what's wrong?" Rachel asked and walked over.

"I found them!"

"What? ?" Rachel exclaimed.

"I just had them on my finger! When I fell over, they went missing! We have to find them!"

"O-Okay!" Rachel crouched down and began skimming the floor beside her.

"Oh, I wonder where they could be, Matthew…" Yin depressedly said as she leaned against the counter.

"Hopefully somewhere close by. On the bright side, they aren't out in the backyard." Matt replied before dipping his spoon into the bowl.

Mason frightfully tried to hop away as the spoon came down, the splash causing him to fall below the sea of milk. On the table, Sheila gasped with horror as Matt rose the spoon into his mouth. However, Mason was still alive as he quickly swam his way to the surface, grabbing hold of one of the Munchies chunks to float. "DAAAD!"

"HEEEEEEEY! !" Sheila cried at the top of her lungs.

"I just couldn't imagine what it must be like for them down there." Yin continued worriedly.

"Tell me about it. I mean… dinosaur-sized bugs... our mansion-sized feet… just about everything is dangerous to them down there."

"DAD, NOO!" Mason screamed, trying to get away as the spoon was coming back down. He failed to climb, and slipped off the giant cereal chunk, and was forced underwater by the enormous spoon. The spoon came back above the water, and was hovering close to Matthew's face. Sheila gasped in fright when she saw her friend frantically waving his arms upon the spoon.

"But we just need to keep our spirits high… and keep our eyes open." Matthew spoke.

"Yes… it's about the only thing we can do."

"DAD, NO!" Mason screamed, drawing closer and closer to his father's wide-open mouth. "NOO! DON'T EAT ME! DAAD! NOOOOOO…" Mason's tiny screams went unheard, echoing as he slid down the enormous, slippery tongue into the dark abyss below.

Matt's mouth snapped shut on the spoon, and Sheila was struck speechless. The Dimalanta father afterwards placed his empty spoon on the table and stood up. "Well, I guess I better get looking again."

Sheila slowly approached the spoon, finding it completely empty except for a few milk drops. Horror and sadness overcame her. Her best friend was no more.

Cheren and Panini crawled around the kitchen floor before Cheren looked up and spotted something in the corner of his eye. "Huh?" He moved his head closer and adjusted his glasses at the tiny figure on the kitchen table's edge. "Panini… check this out." The Fulbright child curiously crawled over. She squinted closely at the tiny Sheila on the table. An excited smile appeared over her face. "Sheila! Hey! Everyone, look! It's Sheila!" Everybody directed their attention and immediately dashed over.

"Sheila?" Marine looked closely as her shrunken daughter jumped around on the table. "Well, Ah'll be hog-monkey's uncle, it's Sheila! Where've ya been, ya little dingo?"

"But… where's Mason?" Yin asked.

"MASON, is inside, Matthew's, STOMAA-" Sheila frantically waved her arms as she screamed, but was far too tiny to be heard.

"Um, Artie? We could really use your listening thingy right now." Chris said.

"I… sort of lost it." Artie stated, rubbing the back of his head.

"Mika, you've gotta get 'er back to normal!" Elijah told her.

"Okay, okay! Shoulda did this from the start, probly." And with that, the woman closed her eyes and focused her energy on the tiny raccoon lass. Sheila stared with amazement as her form slowly grew back to its regular size.

"Oi, blimey! You're back, Lass!" Marine exclaimed.

"Now what were you trying to say?" Aurora asked.

Sheila opened her mouth and raised a finger, pausing between words. "Mason. Is. Inside. Matthew's. STOMAAAAACH!"

Matt's face became frozen with shock. Yin quietly gasped and cupped her hands over her mouth, looking frightfully at her husband's stomach. Everyone else looked the same way, and Matthew calmly placed a hand over his belly. "I…I ate him?"

"E-yup. When 'e fell into the cereal bowl, Mate." Sheila stated simply.

"I…" Matthew felt absolutely guilty, "I don't-"

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Yin screamed, hurting everybody's ears before taking her husband by the shoulders and shaking him. "YOU FOOL! ! YOU TOLD ME NOT TO WORRY! NOW LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE! YOU ATE! OUR OWN! SOOON!" The woman stopped shaking him and broke down in tears.

Tears burst from Haruka's eyes as she fell to her knees. "My big brother is DEEAAD!" The child began crying as Lee patted her shoulder in comfort.

"I…I can't believe it." Dillon looked down in sadness. "Mason's… gone?"

"Oi, now stop panicking you lot!" Sheila yelled. "No one said 'e was dead!"

"Yeah, but he will be." Elijah said. "Tiny treats like him can only last so long."

"Everybody, just calm down." Mika ordered. "I'll be the judge of whether he's dead or not. Just give me time to focus." The woman touched her hand to Matthew's stomach and closed her eyes. Her eyelids brimmed with a mystical glow as she saw the auras of everything around her. She steadily searched around the body of Matthew before detecting a tiny source of aura holding onto a large chunk. "Aha!" she shot her eyes open. "Mason's alive! He's hanging on in there!"

Yin gripped and held Matthew's mouth open and yelled inside, "DON'T WORRY, MASON! MOMMY'S COMIIIIIN'!" The Chinese then reached her arm down his throat and began searching around while Matthew choked.

"No, stop, that won't do!" Mika ordered and smacked her arm out. "I've got a plan. Just leave it to me." The Filipino closed her eyes again and focused her energy. The image of the inside of Matthew's body appeared in her mind, and she slowly skimmed through in search of the stomach. When she arrived at the stomach, she smiled at the sight of Mason holding onto a cereal chunk as it sank into the green acid, and moved in closer.

Inside Matthew's Belly

Mason fearfully looked down and held tight to the Rainbow Munchy chunk as it slowly sank into the digestive acids, inch-by-inch. "Hellooo? Masoon?" an echoing voice called.

Mason's eyes widened. "Is that you, Mika? GET ME OUTTA HERE! !"

"Calm down. I'm speaking to you using telepathy. How is it going in there?"

"Oh fine, except for the fact I'm about to TURN INTO ALMIGHTY POO!"

"Okay, okay, relax! I have a plan. You can bend the green acid, right?"

Mason used his right hand and waved it around, making the greenness swirl a little. "Um, yes?"

"Good! Now try and make the whole room do that!"

Mason followed her instructions and climbed onto the top of the chunk. He began waving his arms around and around, and was able to make the pool of digestion spiral around a little bit. "Yeah, like that! Though try and make it switch directions." Mason did so and made the whirlpool switch directions as it spun, rapidly switching back and forth, faster and faster.

Dimalanta Household

Mika took her hand off Matt's belly and smiled happily. "Well-p, everything's under control!"

"You sure?" Yin asked, keeping a hopeful look.

"…Oooooooog." Matthew bent over and gripped his stomach when he felt a churning feeling.

"What's wrong, Matt?" Rachel asked.

The feeling in his stomach slowly grew worse and worse. "…BLEEEEHHHH!" With that, he threw up all over the floor.

The group disgustedly backed away and stared at the barf. "And there you have it!" Mika smiled.

"Mason?... Are you in there?..." Yin called out.

"I ain't lookin' through that crud." Artie stated.

"Ugh! Just let me do it!" Sheila demanded, snatching his magnifying glass. The raccoon lass got on her knees and skimmed intently around the puddle of barf. "Look! There he is!" Sheila exclaimed, seeing the tiny Mason in the center, trying to shake the barf off.

Mason wiped his eyes clean before looking up at a tremendous sky-blue eye hanging above him. Sheila pulled the magnifying glass away to give Mason a good look at her smiling visage. "Hehe! Let me have a go next time, Mate!" she grinned.

Mason only smiled and chuckled at her antics. The giant raccoon sheila then lowered her pinky close over the barf, and Mason was able to latch onto the ledge of her short fingernail. The sheila moved her hand and dropped him off away from the barf. Afterwards, the raccoon stood and stepped away, and Mason looked around at all of the smiling faces of his friends, happy to see he was OK.

"Now stand aside and let the Mika Magic take its course." Mika stated confidently, stretching and wiggling her fingers. Just like before, she shut her eyes and focused the energy onto Mason. Mason looked down and studied his form with excitement as the world slowly shrank around him. The black-earing boy was growing bigger and bigger until he was totally restored at his full height.

Once Mika finished, Dillon, Sheila, and Haruka immediately dashed over to embrace their friend in hugs. "Alright, Dude! You made it!" Dillon exclaimed.

"Oi, was that a ripper experience or what, Mate?" Sheila asked.

"Oh, Big Brother!" Haruka smiled with joy. "I'm so happy! I'd rather have a taller twin than a teeny-weeny sibling anytime!"

"Boy, this'll make a neat story for the KND history books, won't it?" Chris asked.

"Got that right!" Rachel agreed. "What was it like down there, anyway?"

The lot of kids pulled away as Mason and Sheila exchanged smirking glances, raising an eyebrow.

Many moments later.

"So after I made the digestive acid turn around enough in my dad's stomach, it was a one-way surf up the esophagus, and OUT of the tongue in mere seconds!" Mason exclaimed. "Afterwards, I just needed to wipe the vomit off, and let Ms. Corella make me big again!"

"Ahh." Mika smiled shyly.

"Oi, wasn't that the most rippuh thing you ever heard or WHAT!" Sheila fist-pumped.

However, no one seemed rather too excited about this story. In fact, the lot of them either had expressions of guilt, or disgust. "So THAT'S what was crawlin' around in my ear!" Dillon realized.

"Oi, blimey…" Marine guiltily went over and knelt down beside her daughter, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Oi can't believe Oi almost ate me own flesh 'n' blood. Ah'm really sorry, Sheila." The mother hugged her daughter.

"Ah, it's okay, Mum! Oi bet your stomach would've been a RIPPER place to explore!"

"Ah, you little dinga, you!" Marine smiled.

"Speakin' of which, you… probably heard what I said in the kitchen, about you… being annoying." Elijah said. "I…I'm really sorry I said that, and… I'm sorry for smoking."

"Ahh, don't worry, Dad! It's all holly 'n' jolly in the end, eh?"

"And besides, at least you couldn't even see them!" Yin exclaimed. "I purposely tried to squish my own son like a couple of bugs! I'm the worst mother in the world here…" she looked down in shame.

"That's not true, Mom." Mason assured, hugging his mother by the legs. "Your one of the best moms I know. You're always working hard to take care of Haruka and me. And you always do your best to make sure we're OK. I still love you even if you tried to squish us."

"Oh, Mason…" Yin smiled and bent over to hug her son back.

"I'm sorry, too, Big Brother." Haruka said and walked over to hug her brother. "If I had only noticed you before, you coulda gotten outta this a lot quicker. I hope you can forgive me."

"Of course I forgive you, Haruka." Mason smiled and hugged his sister back. "You're my sister. I love you. And hey, if you had noticed us, we wouldn't've got to go on this awesome adventure! You're the best, Haru."

"Oh, Mason!" Haruka hugged her brother tighter. "I love you, Kuya!"

"Aw, but Duude! The part where you fought the Almighty Poo was awesome!" Chris exclaimed.

"Ulp…" Francis gripped his aching stomach. "Easy for you to say… I'll never be able to use the bathroom the same way again…"

"Well, now that it's over, whaddya wanna do now?" Aurora asked. "Wanna go up to Moonbase and celebrate?"

"Not me." Artie spoke. "I gotta get home. My great uncle Facilier's getting married tomorrow."

"Oh, don't remind me…" Dillon stated grumpily.

"Me either." Mason said. "I need a bath, after clashing with a mountain of poo."

"Uuh. Me too." Sheila stated disgustedly. "Le's go home, Ma. Oi'm filthier than a army guy workin' in a outhouse."

"Ay. That sounds right top cricket, eh?" Marine agreed before leading her daughter outside.

"I'll see you later, Sheila!" Mason yelled and waved.

"Take care, Masooon!" Sheila happily waved and walked away. With that done, Mason headed upstairs, a smile plastered on his face as he was getting ready for his bath. He couldn't WAIT for the next adventure.

Hoagie's Airflight

"Good afternoon, passengers, this is your captain speaking." Hoagie's voice came from the plane's speakers. "We'll be landing in Cleveland very shortly. If you take a look out the windows to your left, you can see the chilidog factory in all its glory."

"So after we land, don't forget to stop on by." The pilot finished before switching off the speaker.

"Ahh, the chilidog factory… sure brings back memories, eh Hoags?" Hoagie's copilot, Ace asked.

"E-yup. But now instead of fighting some crazy old man, we're carrying passengers."

The Spanish pilot then looked up in the sky and noticed a bright, expanding light. "Um, Hoagie? …What's that?"

Hoagie munched on an apple crumble before answering, "Oh, this? It's an apple crumble. Don't get too grossed, but it's actually made out of-"

"Not that! That!" Ace pointed up above.

"Hm?" Hoagie looked to where he pointed and noticed the strange light. "I dunno… but it's coming straight at us! Quick! Everybody fasten your seatbelts, we're changing our course!" With that, the two pilots stomped the gas and sped away even faster. The many passengers burst into screams and gripped the seats as tight as they could. They were able to get away just in time before the tremendous object crashed right on top of the chilidog factory, appearing to be some kind of atomic bomb-like force as the factory and all the land around it was swallowed in a powerful explosion.

The passengers and pilots watched with sheer amazement and fear as the blinding light from the explosion engulfed the entire area. "Whooooaaaaa…"

Moments later, Sector V and a bunch of other kids showed up, mouths completely dropped open speechless as where the chilidog factory once stood was replaced with some kind of tremendous ball of wood and branches. The Supreme Leader and his second-in-command took land just in time and hurried over to see what happened, the lot of them standing a good several fields away from the mass. "W-What-" Cheren tried to say.

"Eee heeheeheeheeheeheehee!" a girly giggle echoed across the land. Before their very eyes, the image of a colossal figure appeared. A teenage girl wearing a long, flowing dress that appeared dark pink around the bottom, red in the middle, and purple at the top, in which the different colors were divided by vines that went around the dress. On her chest was a large purple rose, and she bared long, whitish-blonde hair that reached all the way down to her ankles, and seemed very disheveled and went everywhere. At the point where the hair reached her head, it was tied up with rose thorns, and in her right hand, she held a staff that held the design of a scorpion type creature.

The many operatives stared with shock as the being began to speak. "Filthy Kids Next Door, TREMBLE before me! I am Viridi, Goddess of Nature! SUPREME ruler of the Earth and all living things! For many eons, I have sat and watched as you and the rest of your filthy kind mended trees to use as your 'base of operations', and desecrated the land to make room for your, PARKING lots and oh so precious chilidog factory. But now, I've had enough. You humans have strayed TOO far from your intended path. Your chilidog factory was only the first of many to meet the wrath of my Reset Bombs. Soon, many other such locations will follow, until Earth has been returned to its original state! BYE-BYE, KNDorks! Gah hah hah hah hah hah!"

By the time the apparition had vanished, the groups of operatives remained speechless.

And so, this tiny little story comes to an end. Next time, I will begin working on sort of a sequel fic, in which the same thing happens with Anthony, only… well, you'll find out. ;) Anyhoo, this has been Mason and the Minish Door, good-bye everyone, and I will see you later!