A/N: So this is based in the summer after season 2, slightly AU because Lauren has already ended it with Puck. This is also my true first fan fiction that I'm posting and it is currently without a beta.

~Elizabeth's POV~

Tick- Tick- Tick- Tick- Tick.

The incessant ticking of the clock seems all too loud in Spanish. Its the last class of the last day of school and we're all on the edge of our seats.

Tick- Tick- Tick- Tick- Tick.

Only another minute until the final bell; Mr. Shuester is still prattling on about the summer assignment for those taking Spanish next year.


A shout goes up, there's mad scrabbling to leave, students piling out the door. I gather my things slowly knowing that no matter how fast or slow I leave they will still find me.

"Elizabeth are you okay?" Mister Shuester is at my desk as he asks this. I stand pulling my backpack on to my shoulder and force a smile,

"Yeah Mister Shue, I'm cool. I just can't believe its summer. It feels like my family and I just moved here, but it's already been over a month. Anyway I should go, have a good summer Mister Shuester." With that I leave vaguely hearing him wish me one too. I walk down the hall not paying attention; the only people in the school right now would be the spare staff members and the bullies waiting to get their hands on me. I turn the corner and run into what feels like a wall causing me to land on my butt. I look up expecting the Neanderthals but to my surprise it's the schools 'badass' who is in Glee and Football, Noah 'Puck' Puckerman, who happens to be holding out a hand as though to help me up. Cautiously I take his hand and he pulls me up.

"Careful where you're going New Girl, next time I might not be standing still and I'll bowl you over." I roll my eyes as I dust myself off. Noah Puckerman is a hot piece of ass but even he doesn't need to still call me New Girl.

"Whatever you say Noah. And stop calling me New Girl, I've been here almost two months and have been helping New Directions for more than half that." And I have been; I know every New Direction because I have made portfolios for each one as well as posters for the club. I feel him sling an arm around my shoulders, a friendly gesture if I weren't so stifled.

"Exactly. You're our New Girl for New Directions. So then, Elizabeth, where you headed that you're leaving so late and paying no mind to the stud around corner?" I slip from under his arm and shake my head even as my stomach does back flips from him saying my name, even if it is my full name which sounds so formal.

"I'm going home Noah-" to the broken, dingy, and depressing apartment I've been forced to take residence in.

"And I wasn't paying attention because I was thinking about work," and how I'm supposed to manage rent for the next month.

"So if you'll-"

"Hey Newbie! Where ya been? You know we don't like to be kept waiting." I cringe and turn to see four large hockey players; heaving a sigh I turn back to Noah,

"That's my cue Noah. See you next year." As I turn and walk towards the ice heads I add quietly,

"If I'm lucky." I feel an arm slip around my shoulders stopping me from walking any closer to the Neanderthals. I keep my eyes down.

"Well Ice Freaks looks like you're gonna have to wait, Elizabeth and I have plans." I whip my head up to look at him. He's looking at me, emotions I can't quite place in his eyes, and smiles. I bite my lower lip and look down only risking the barest glance at the hockey players.

"Is that so? I don't think you get it Puckerman. Newbie there needs these 'meetings' to make her rent," the largest one, Rick, says as the others laugh. I grind my teeth staring fixatedly at the floor.

~Puck's POV~

Now I dunno what Jarhead meant by that, cause last I knew Elizabeth lived with her parents and siblings, but these guys, whatever they meant, weren't gonna get to harass her. I'm a dick sometimes but these guys can't be up to any good and I won't let My girl, even if she doesn't know she's mine, get manhandled. If for some reason she needs cash I'll get it to her.

"No she doesn't. She has no want for anything anymore. So, unless you want your ass beat I suggest you scram." As I talk I move Elizabeth behind me. If this turns into a fight I want her to be able to run. Rick snorts and looks at her.

"Really Puckerman? Don't be stupid. Come on Newbie, why don't you tell Pucky there about how much of a slut you are, how you like to suck dick for cash, how you're a crack house whore just to get by." I flip him off trying not to listen to the things he's saying, things that sound nothing like the proud, sort of shy girl I know. I'll find out about that later though.

"Fuck off Dick. Don't matter what she's done before because now her problems are gone so scram or else I'll take all your bitch asses down." I grab her bag off the floor and, taking her under my arm, walk away. I know those wannabes won't follow, I've taken them down before. I get Elizabeth out to my truck and open the passenger door putting her bag in.

"Hop in." She won't look at me but she slides in anyways. I close the door and get in on the drivers side.

A/N: First chappie done! Whew well hope you all like and will come back for more. I'm hoping to have chapter two up in 3 days or so.