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~Elizabeth's POV~

I let Noah pull me over with him when he slides to the driver's seat, why not; I mean I'm comfy, he's being nice, and if its only for right now why not enjoy it while I can. As he pulls out of the woods I simply stay leaning into him. I know I'll need to tell my sister, and I know she'll be upset that I've kept it from her, but she's been so happy with that wanna be marine. I sigh quietly; at least Noah said he'll help, even if he quits halfway through...

"What's wrong?" I feel his voice rumble as he speaks and I curl closer.

"What do ya mean?" I know he probably means the sigh but he could mean me being quit or whatever.

"You sighed, and not that content or amused one either." He looks down at me before looking back at the road. I knew it was the sigh. Though I never knew Noah could be perceptive enough to identify my sighs.

"Just thinking about having to tell my sister." I let my sentence trail off as we pull up to a small two-story house and he pulls into the driveway. It's a nice house, a little run down but the structure is nicer than any of the houses I've lived it; it could be an extremely beautiful house with some repairs and paint. I feel Noah move as he turns off the truck and opens the door. I sit up already missing the feel of him and grab my bag as he slides out holding the door open for me. He already has his back pack slung over his shoulder and is smiling at me as though I did something. I slide out of the truck and smile at him before casting my eyes to the ground. I hear the door close and feel his arm drop across my shoulders; I follow as he leads us up to the door of the house. He pulls me inside and from somewhere, where I assume the living room is, I hear a voice.

"Ben, is that you?" Noah starts leading me toward the voice as he calls back.

"Yeah Ma, it's me, and I brought that friend I was tellin' you about." As we turn a corner I see a woman; she's not very tall but she's petite and proud looking with brown, slightly graying hair and soft brown eyes. Noah steps forward letting his arm slide off my shoulder.

"Ma, this is Elizabeth, she's our graphic advertisement design artist person for Glee Club. Lizzii this is my ma, Mrs. Josephine Puckerman." I look up and smile at her putting out a hand to shake hers.

"It's lovely to meet you, Mrs. Puckerman. Thank you for welcoming me in to your home and to your dinner table." She pulls me in to a hug, the top of her head just coming to my nose. I hug her back slightly awkwardly before she pulls away and smiles at me. I recognize her now, she was one of the nurses at the hospital during my family's crash. I smile and nod at her.

"It's no problem dear, a friend of Noah's is always welcome here. Ben, go start dinner. Sarah has already pulled out all the supplies." Noah nods looking between his mom and I.

"Okay Ma. Lemme just show Liz where she can set her bag, and set mine down, then I'll get right to it." He smiles at me and starts walking towards the stairs. I smile back at his mom before following him. As he leads me up the stairs I glance around, we walk down a hall at the top if the stairs before I hear a squeal and see Noah stumble slightly; there's a young girl hugging him around the waist.

"Sarah! Get off me ya little ankle biter. You're gettin' too big to tackle me like that." He sounds scolding but there's a light chuckle in his voice.

"But Noah, you're plenty big enough to take it. And you're late! Ooh, who's this?" Suddenly the little girl, Sarah, is in front of me; I can tell she's not much older than 9 or maybe 10. I smile at her.

"I'm Lizzii, Noah's new Glee tutor. How're you Sarah?" She smiles up at me.

"I'm good. How'd you know my name? Are you Noah's girlfriend? Does he need a tutor cause he's stupid?" She's nearly bouncing with excitement as she hurdles these questions at me. I hear Noah choke, either out of laughter or disbelief. Sarah is so loud I'm not sure; combined with how excited she is and how hyper, she reminds me so much of my younger siblings. I smile at her holding the tears back.

"Silly girl, Noah just said your name. He's not stupid, I'm tutoring him so he sounds okay, and no I'm not his girlfriend. I'm here to help with his voice. But, since he has to cook dinner, why don't you and I hang out?" She smiles at me before looking behind her and I look up to see Noah watching us.

"Really? Noah's friends never want me around. You really wanna hang out with me?" She turns to Noah.

"Can she Noah? Can she, can she, can she, please?" Noah laughs and nods.

"If she wants to Squirt, I can't stop her; let her set her bag down in my room first though, 'kay?" Sarah nods happily.

"Okay Big Brother, show her to my room next, I'm gonna pull out my toys." She runs off into the room we're by. Noah smiles at me and nods towards the door at the end of the hall. I smile a little and follow while taking deep breaths to calm the tears. Sarah reminds me so much of my little brother and sister, it hurts so much. Noah opens the door to a room that is well-organized and spacious. Theres some papers and clothes on the floor and a guitar across the bed but its clean, for a teenage boy. I walk in slowly as he sets his back pack down and sorta clears the floor some. He seems almost nervous, and I'd believe it if it weren't for his self-proclaimed badassness and that its his room we're in. He drops on the bed, his bed, and pats the spot next to him. I stay standing and keep a hand around my bag strap. Rolling my eyes I talk.

"Shouldn't you go make dinner Noah?" I allow a small smile and slowly set my bag down. He grins at me cockily.

"Sure, sure. I'd rather have my 'Glee tutor' help me cook though." He winks at me and I can hear the chuckle in his voice. I shake my head and sigh amusedly.

"Noah I already told Sarah I would hang out with her. Besides, you're a big boy, you don't need my help with something you know how to do." He pouts at me and I can tell that he used to use that face a lot, even if it was out of practice. I giggle.

"C'mon. Maybe I'll help in a little bit. Right now though, I have a play date." I force myself not to get teary eyed; I used to hate playing with my siblings most of the time. Noah stands and hugs me; I stiffen slightly before melting into him. I wrap my arms around his waist and cling to him; I can feel the tears flowing from my eyes on to his shirt. He holds me and strokes my hair. When he speaks it is soft and soothing.

"How old were your little siblings?" I can tell he figured it out so I cling tighter to him.

~Puck's POV~

Lizzii holds on to me tighter and I keep petting her hair. She looked so heart-broken seeing Sarah and since her little siblings died she was probably reminded of 'em. I hold her close as she starts talking.

"The youngest girl, and second middle child, was my little sister Casandra, Cassy most of the time, and she would be turning 13 in February. The baby of the family, my dad's boy, was 9. His name was Ryan. They were both so hyper and loving, seeing Sarah reminds me of them so much; and how you joked with her and smiled and-" She sobs then starts back up.

"Do you know the last thing I said to them? It was 'get off me you little buggers, you will see me later.' I was a bitch to them almost constantly and the last thing I said to them before they died was to get off of me. Mom and Dad got 'love you, see you later' but the kids got 'get off me'-" I can tell she's rambling now, beating herself up inside, so I stop her. I push her away just slightly and put a finger against her lips.

"Shh, Lizzii, calm down. You shouldn't be beating yourself up; breath, good. Now just relax." She takes a couple deep breaths and wipes her eyes before looking back at me. I tuck a bit of hair behind her ear.

"You know, you don't have to go hang out with Sarah. I do have to go cook dinner. If you want, just stay in here and relax." She shakes her head and sorta smiles.

"I'll be okay, go cook. I'm gonna go hang out with Sarah. I rarely hung out with my little siblings, I'm gonna take advantage of you having one." She gives one of those cute as hell quirky smile things and I nod then let her go completely. I smile at her, one of my real smiles, and head out of the room and down to the kitchen. I prep everything to cook and I put my headphones in before starting to make the soon to be amazing dinner. As I cook, I reflect on everything that happened today- shocking but easy to do when you're not meaning to.

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