Have you ever been lonely? Are you the blood of your family or do petty feuds rip you to pieces?

War is upon Skyrim. War stains the white snow of Skyrim red with the blood of the true sons and daughters, and those who would conquer her people. Skyrim. Home of the Nords. The father land. The birth of the Dragon born, the Dovahkiin is prophesised. It is in such dark times that many more than one would roam. Only one claims fame with the Blades. Dragons blind the sky by day, vampires feed by night. The world is falling into darkness. War rages on.

The Stormcloaks; Ulfric's army of loyal Nords, the true sons and daughters of Skyrim. They fight for the Nords control of their own country. For the eradication of the Thalmor from Skyrim, and the world. Most importantly however, the right to worship Talos. Their king who become a god with the voice of the Dragons, the Thu'um.

The Imperials; a conquered Empire been jerked like puppets on invisible strings by the High Elves, the Thalmor as they desperately fight to hold their Empire from ruin. The desperate need for control, for trading and flourishing under the Elven masters they bound themselves to in the White Gold Concordat.

This is the war everyone sees, no one can avoid. Yet several wars brew. Each as brutal as the other.

A war among the Dark brotherhood, the assassins of old reuniting with their dark mother under Astrid's rule. The rise of a new Listener, and the fall of an Old Leader.

The war between monk and murderer. The dragon born Wood Elf, the Greybeards pride student Vale Valore and the Blade's champion, the murderer, the dragon slayer Z.

A war between Werewolf and Hunter. The companions and the silver hand.

A war to rise however would endanger all. A war between vampire and Dawn guard. A war between Night and Day. A war, a war between the sunlight and eternal darkness. A war, to save the sun, or destroy it.

It's time to wake up. Wake up to the world around you.