Bole Chudiyan Bole Kangana!: Hai main ho gayi teri saajna. Tere bin jiyo nayio lag da main te margaiya. - The bangles speak, the bracelet speaks; Oh, I have become your beloved. Without you, I could not live, I would die.

"I need my brother to return home. It's not the same without him. Everyone feels empty at home, as I can see the feeling is not mutual here."

Tears fell down Rohan and Pooja's face.

"Please… Here we have managed to create a home for ourselves. From afar it may look like we have a loving and perfect family but, when you come closer you see that it is a empty home full of sorrow."

She put her hands up to her face to wipe her face and Rohan caught them and out them back down. He leaned forward and slowly kissed her tears away.

"Beloved, I want my brother to come back home, but I will always want you to come with me and we can stay together for life."

Pooja smiled.

"You really want that, Rohan?"

He nodded and then pulled Pooja in for a hug.

"I will always love and cherish every moment I get to spend with you till my very last day."

She pulled away from the embraced and looked in to his eyes.

"Kal ho na pyar hai… Rohan… Say you love me…"

"I love you….I will love you till my death and beyond. Without you, I would die… I promise if I ever leave I will take you with me."

She pulled him in to a even tighter embrace.

"I love you too. Never leave me…"

"I would die before I leave you."