A Dish Best Served Cold

By: qdid, jodm, Book 'em Again, Tanith2011 and honu59

Cover Art by: bkart

AN: This story is the result of a round robin writers challenge. We hope you will enjoy this as much as we had fun writing it :-) Feedback is welcomed and greatly appreciated, if you have the time to review, mahalo.

Chapter 1

It had cost him a lot of money, but every penny would be well spent when he watched McGarrett draw his last breath. Oh what a beautiful sight to behold!

Six months later…..

"Jenny, will you come in now please? I'm ready to dictate that letter," Steve McGarrett called from the doorway of his big office.

"Be right in, Boss," Jenny Sherman, Hawaii Five-O's senior secretary replied.

Jenny closed the file she had been working with and grabbed her pen and stenographer's pad.

An hour later…

The big outer office was all but deserted. The rest of the clerical staff had left for the day. The small offices of Chin Ho Kelly, Kono Kalakaua and Danny Williams were also dark as the detectives were out working on their own cases.

"And in conclusion, unless more funds are provided, the program will become stagnant and remain undeveloped." McGarrett paced in front of his desk, his thumbs in his pants pockets as he verbally composed the letter.

"That should cover all the bases. Thanks, Jenny, for staying late; you can type up the letter in the morning," the big detective said as he turned his back to her as paced back to his desk.

Jenny flipped the cover of the note pad closed and started to get up when both she and McGarrett were startled by the sound of the big wooden door as it was forcefully swung open. McGarrett turned sharply on his heels, his eyes wide with surprise. His right hand went instinctively for his revolver.

"Freeze, McGarrett! Don't spoil our little party by being impatient. Plenty of time for gun play later."

Steve McGarrett slowly lowered his right hand to his side, his dark eyes deep and penetrating as they locked on the intruder. Memories from the past flooded his mind when he recognized the stocky built sweating man holding the gun.

Big Chicken!

"I know we were not supposed to meet up again so soon," Chicken began as he walked over and put a big sweaty hand on Jenny's shoulder. Steve watched his secretary tremble with fear, her eyes meeting his and it cut him to the quick knowing that at the moment there was nothing he could do.

"Easy Jenny, easy," Steve called out to her in a strong calm voice.

"Listen to your boss, Jenny," Chicken said as he ran his hand down her back in a suggestive manner. "Everyone must obey the great Steve McGarrett or else he will lock you up and throw away the key."

"Look Chicken," Steve began, taking a step towards him. "It's me you want; let her go. She's …"

A shot rang out. Jenny screamed and brought her hands to her face as she watched McGarrett fall backwards clutching his right shoulder just before he fell to the hard wooden floor.

"You don't know how long I have wanted to pump some lead into you, McGarrett."

Steve managed to sit up a little to look at his assailant. He felt the warm sticky blood seeping through his fingers, and he pulled in a long painful breath to clear the black spots that were clouding his vision.