A mostly random, smutty little oneshot~ S&M themes and mention of bondage


The little bell above the door jingled, signaling a guest and sounding much too cheery and innocent for all that the store sold. Urahara's Toy Shop was known for it's abundance of unique and hard to find items, as well as being more than willing to custom order whatever a guest happened to need in a timely manner. The staff catered to anything and everything their customers had need of and it had earned them a well deserved reputation. And it just so happened that one of their best customers had just walked through the front door.

Everyone that staffed the shop knew the man's name and of his odd appearance, even if they hadn't worked with him directly. The store had an entire back room devoted to his larger orders; everything from the simple cuffs and toys to whole, custom designed beds had been ordered by the man. Urahara himself, the owner of the adult shop, had even been hired to visit Shirosaki's house to help the man customize one of his bedrooms.

"Ahh, Shi-sama!" The young man working the day shift set aside the catalogue he had been browsing through and jumped up from his seat behind the register. Day shift was usually a bit slower than night, most people willing to visit only under the cover of darkness, but the particular man that had just walked in used his nights for other things and always visited during the day.

A watery laughter met the young man's ears as he was pulled into a friendly hug. Shirosaki, aside from his lack of color, looked normal enough. The albino had long, white hair that he pulled back into a loose tail at the nape of his neck and was dressed in a pair of dark cargo shorts and a black, v-neck t-shirt but his rather plain appearance hid his darker secret. "Careful Ichi, I migh' have ta take ya home again if ya keep callin' me tha'."

"Aaaand that's why I'm calling you that. I will never be able to see you any other way." Ichigo's grin was a match to the pale man's beside him. He winked at the man but it was all in good fun. Doms weren't really Ichigo's thing and they both knew it, not that that stopped Shiro from making the offer on occasion.

Shirosaki happened to be one of most renowned doms in the area. As soon as the lights went out, the albino's whole personality seemed to change. He made a living off of what he loved doing; putting on shows and renting out his skills to the highest bidder. He even had a second, smaller home he used when doing private shows or parties and his name was the highest earner in the largest club in town. Some of it was probably a little closer to illegal than it should have been, but no one really said anything about it and Shiro wholly enjoyed ever second of it.

It was well known, at least around the shop, that Shiro preferred men, but when he was preforming for money, he didn't discriminate and he had a fairly large client base of both genders. However he also did it for his own pleasure and only men were ever taken into his personal residence and when he found a lover willing to let him tinker in the bedroom, he took full advantage.

"It's been a while since you've visited." Ichigo pointed out as Shiro's golden irises flickered over the contents of the nearest shelf. The albino was certainly not shy at all and he usually visited every couple weeks, sometimes more often if he needed something in particular for an upcoming gig.

"Tha's coz ya guys sell such good quality shit. Ya need ta sell stuff tha' wears out quicker if ya wan' me ta come in more often." Shiro's lilting voice was amused as he spoke, but that was how Urahara kept his guest best coming back. It was hard to beat good quality items, even if the cost was a bit higher than some other places.

"So what can we do for you, today?" Ichigo chuckled as a slow, lascivious grin took over the man's pale features and made his strange, inverted eyes seem to glow with his pleasure. He knew that look too well.

"Uh oh, you have a new boyfriend, don't you?" The more colorful male teased, a smirk of his own on his features. The albino's eyes cornered to glare at Ichigo before the man refused to look at him and Ichigo laughed. "That's so cute! I can't believe you would get shy over that of all things."

"Tch." Shiro sneered at the man. "Ya know, i's not really a good idea ta tease someone who specializes in sexual torture."

"Oh, come on, I'm just playing." Ichigo leaned against the front counter. "He knows what you do?"

"Yeah, an' he's even willin' ta let me do my worst, but he's a bit... different from my usual men." That mischievous grin was back if full on the albino's features.

Smirk never leaving pale lips, Shiro reached into his back pocket and pulled out half a pair of handcuffs, the short connecting chain in the middle broken like it was a toy. But they bore Urahara's logo and hadn't been the cheap little imitation things most used. "It was a good night but I ain't use ta bein' sore the next mornin'."

"Oh..." Ichigo stared at the cuffs, his ears tinting red as the implications of Shiro's statement settled in.

"I think I'm in love, Ichi. He's actually givin' me a good fight!" The albino cackled like a hyena as Ichigo's features darkened further. "It's bout time someone made it in ta a challenge, but I plan on makin' 'im submit tanight."

Ichigo chuckled, shaking his head. "So you collecting on the warranty and getting another set of cuffs?"

"Nah. He'll jus' break 'em again." Shiro followed Ichigo into the bondage section of the shop, though he knew exactly where it was located. "Need somethin' a lil more heavy duty than wha' I usually use fer stunts."

Nodding, Ichigo turned a corner and led the albino toward the back wall of the store. "Well, if you have his measurements, Urahara just got a shipment of fitted stuff that might catch your interest. He's been dying to find someone willing to try it out for him so he can get some feedback on it anyway."

The orange haired man stopped at a box of still unsorted items, pulling it open to find what he had in mind. He tossed a metallic object to Shiro so the albino could get a look. Shiro arched a brow, a grin spreading across his features as he turned the manacle like cuffs over in his pale hands. Designed like old school shackles, the parts that wrapped around the wrists were made of a two, bowed metal bands, a hinge allowing them to swing open and a small eyelet and lock to hold them closed. Instead of a flexible chain connecting the two halves, a solid, metal rod was soldered in place. It provided a rigidity that wouldn't allow for the movement needed to build up enough force to break the shackles.

"I don' have his size but I can get him ta come in." Shiro smirked as he pulled his phone from his pocket. "He's jus' sittin' in the car coz he thought that'd be safer er somethin'."

"Aww, is he embarrassed?" Ichigo chuckled as Shiro dropped the shackles back into the box.

"Nah, he's jus' got a bit of an...issue." Shiro winked and pulled a small remote control from one of his pockets.

Ichigo's brows shot to his hair line as he recognized the device. Well, the half of the device Shiro had with him. The other half was undoubtedly buried deep within the man Shiro was shopping for. "Oh Shi, that's just cruel."

"It's jus' on low right now, but it's been in since we went out fer lunch a half hour ago. I's startin' ta take it's toll on 'im." Shiro chuckled and brought his phone to his ear. It didn't take long before a growling tone answered and Shirosaki laughed again before letting his more domineering side show it's self. His lilting voice dropped to a distorted, commanding rumble that sent shivers down Ichigo's spine. "Tha's not how ya talk ta me...I think ya better start over while I'm still in a fergivin' mood."

Ichigo watched the albino raise the remote and press a button, bring the vibration of the plug his man was forced to endure up a notch. He couldn't hear exactly what was being said, but the orange haired man could certainly hear the growling tone as the man on the other end of the line cursed a few times and tripped over his words.

Shiro laughed again and lowered the speed once more. "Tha's a good lil kitten. Now why don' ya come in 'ere an give me a hand, hmm?"

Ichigo heard a car door slam shut from the other end of Shiro's call before the albino hung the phone up, a wicked grin across his face. "He's jus' so much fun." The albino practically sang.

Not a moment later, the cheerful little bell above the front door jingled again. A tall man in jeans and a powder blue, button up shirt stepped in. The sleeves had been rolled up passed his elbows, showing off corded forearms and golden skin. His hair danced with it's own sexy chaos, the color the most unique shade of blue Ichigo had ever seen. His angular features were twisted into a slight sneer but the expression held little strength behind it, damped by the very slight flush to his handsome features.

It didn't take long for piercing blue eyes to settle upon them and the man headed in their direction, his hands clasped together in front of himself in an effort to mask the obvious issue he was having in his pants. He came to a halt beside Shiro, his gaze flickering over Ichigo before quickly scanning over the store.

Shiro cocked a brow and reached up. With practiced motions, he brushed the button up collar of the man's shirt out of his way and hooked his black nailed fingers under a leather collar it had concealed. Shiro tugged the man down to his level, sealing his white lips over the more colorful ones before him as the man gave a grunt in surprise.

"Wow. He is different than your usual..." Ichigo commented, looking the man up and down. "He's...bigger."

Shiro released the collar wrapped around the man's thick neck as he laughed, his grin lewd. "Yeah he is."

"That's not what I meant..." Ichigo's face flushed again and he resolutely kept his gaze above the blue haired man's waist line and away from the very noticeable bulge in the front of his pants.

The albino snorted and gave Ichigo one of those 'sure it's not' looks before he began introductions.

"Ichigo, this is Grimmjow." The albino nudged Grimmjow's arm, pleased when the man rolled his eyes but bowed slightly to the smaller, orange haired shop worker. "Grimm, this is Kurosaki-sama ta ya."

"A pleasure." Grimmjow rumbled quietly as he straightened, his blue eyes aflame with aggression and more than a little of his growing need.

"Tha's a good kitten." Shiro smirked and went back to digging around for new gear like a kid in a candy store.

"You're probably lucky Urahara isn't in right now." Ichigo said conversationally as he stood beside the taller man, both of them watching as Shiro eagerly began searching for just the right things to take home with him. "You'd be going home with all his latest inventions to put to the test."

"Shiro doesn't need anymore toys." Grimmjow rumbled, drawing a snort from the albino and a chuckle from Ichigo.

"Better be careful, he loves dishing out punishment." Ichigo warned the bigger man, smirking as Shiro nodded emphatically, never looking up from the box of goodies Ichigo had shown him.

"I know..." A shark grin crept across the bluenette's features and it was suddenly clear just why the two got along so well. It was an expression that matched Shiro's with near perfection; the same, leering, over wide grin and just a touch of madness.

The man's grin fell away, his blue brows furrowing as his knees weakened and he stumbled slightly. Panting, he pinned Shiro with the meanest glare he could fix to his features. The effect was lessened by the lust clouding his sharp eyes.

His own brown orbs wide, Ichigo turned away from the two as Shiro straightened, the little remote twirling between the fingers of one hand while a set of shackles dangled from the other. "I think I'll let you two continue looking...Let me know if you need anything."

"Will do, thanks, Ichi~" The albino sang before wetting his pale lips with an oddly colored tongue.

The moment the orange haired man was out of sight, Grimmjow closed in on Shiro, reaching for the remote. It was pulled away from his grasp and dropped into Shiro's pocket before the bluenette could get ahold of it. When he spoke, Grimmjow's growling tone was low and husky. "Shi...take it out..."

"Yer ganna have ta ask a lot nicer 'en 'at." The albino dom smirked as he grabbed hold of one of Grimmjow's wrists, checking the fit of the shackles. "These should hold ya nicely."

"Hnnn..." Grimmjow's body tensed under the constant strain of the vibration, the sensation deep within his entrance beginning to get the better of him. "...Please...?"

Shiro snorted a laugh. "I ain't convinced. Maybe ya should try showin' me just how much ya really wan' it out, hmm?"

"How..." A single blue brow rose as Grimmjow looked down at the smaller male. "Here?"

"Yeah, here." Shiro reached up and grabbed hold of Grimmjow's collar, yanking him further toward the back wall. "Goin' ta check on one a my orders, Ichi." He called out as they disappeared down a short hallway and into a section most customers weren't allow to enter.

Ichigo shook his head but didn't look up as he heard the door to the back room close behind the two. He was more than willing to try convincing himself the pale man was really just checking on something he and Urahara were working on back there.

Back in the room used to house most of his personal orders and projects, Shiro backed the taller man into the wall beside the door. "On yer knees." He commanded.

"Take it out first." Grimmjow shot back, a smirk tugging on his features and showing his perfect white teeth. It wasn't in his nature to take commands very well and nearly everything in him screamed to put the smaller man in his place. Not quite everything, though. Part of him loved every second of what Shiro was capable of. Damn did the smaller man get him going when he fought to keep his dominance and ordered him around in that strange voice.

A pale brow quirked and Shiro sneered in Grimmjow's face as he yanked on the collar with enough force to unbalance the bluenette. Grimmjow voiced a deep, baritone grunt as his knees struck the tile flooring. His albino lover didn't waste any time in pulling his pale member free of his pants and Grimmjow groaned at the sight.

Already hard, the bluenette did as he was supposed to and took the man's rigid cock in his mouth. Kneeling on the floor in the back of the adult store, Grimmjow groaned around the flesh in his mouth as Shiro thrust forward, watching with avid interest. The kneeling position forced the vibrator to grind harder against the walls of his entrance and he panted, his deep growls sounding more like moans as he bobbed along Shiro's cock.

He rubbed his hands down the thighs of his pants, trying desperately not to touch himself, knowing that if his hands strayed and Shiro caught him the dom would never pull the vibrator out. But he'd been hard as a rock for nearly a half hour and his straining erection was beyond the point of painful, constantly rubbing across the inside of his jeans.

He moaned out something close to Shiro's name as he sucked, his hands finding there way to Shiro's body, running up the backs of the pale man's legs and under his shorts. His fingers teased at the edge of the albino's boxers but he halted as Shiro's lilting voice stole his attention.

"Ya shouldn' talk wit yer mouth full, Grimm..."

A whimper crawled up the bigger man's throat as his vivid eyes squeezed shut and his hands slowly traveled back down Shiro's legs. The taste of precum filled his mouth and the chance that they might get caught made his arousal grow all the more. One hand still gripping the back of Shiro's leg for leverage, Grimmjow dared to let his other hand palm over the cloth covering his own hard and aching cock, groaning at the extra friction he gave himself.

Shiro's hand dove through his hair, his fingers snagging blue strands in a cruel grip as he pushed Grimmjow's head back against the wall and thrust his hips forward, burying himself and nearly making the bigger man gag. A cruel smirk tugged colorless lips and a fire shown in the albino's eyes as Grimmjow winced and looked up at him with hooded eyes.

"Ah ah..." Shiro pulled himself from Grimmjow's mouth and stooped low to bring their faces closer together as he hiked his shorts back up. "No touchin'."

He pulled away from the bigger, releasing his hair and repositioning himself in his shorts. Grimmjow snarled a quiet curse, wiping the back of his hand across his mouth as he carefully and unsteadily levered himself upright, following behind Shiro as his lover left the back room.

By the time he made it down the short hall, the vibration from the plug not letting up in the slightest, Shiro was laughing as Ichigo cashed him out, sliding a brown paper bag back to him across the counter. The shop keeper bid them a good evening and Shiro winked as he promised the young man they would indeed enjoy their new toys.

Grimmjow squirmed the whole car ride back to Shiro's place, wondering how in the hell he'd gotten himself into this situation. Bored one night a few months ago, he'd stopped by one of the local clubs on their BDSM night and happened to catch the last half of Shirosaki's show. Even in the half masks the performers were forced to wear, the albino stood out on the stage and it hadn't been hard to find the man's name. He'd been hopelessly addicted to the dom ever since, not that he'd admit that much to Shiro.

Shirosaki was the only man to be able to make Grimmjow submit. He'd been in other relationships where he had bottomed on occasion, even one other with a supposed dom but none of them had held the same overbearing power Shiro held and Grimmjow could never get enough. He pushed the man to his limits just as much as Shiro pushed him to his. He made the dom work for what he wanted, for the begging he loved to hear and Shiro loved every second of it.

Grimmjow could tell the man craved the challenge he provided. The man was good at what he did and his cliental couldn't give him what he wanted, what he needed.

The bluenette was pulled from his thoughts as the stimulation from the vibrator finally lessened and Shiro was pulling the passenger door open for him. Panting, he turned clouded blue eyes on the albino as he unsteadily stood from the car. "Why the hell do I put up with this shit?"

Shiro snickered as he sauntered up to his front door. "Coz ya love it. Now shut up and get yer ass in my bed."

Grimmjow snorted a derisive sound and followed his smaller lover into the man's home. The moment he stepped through the threshold, the door slowly swung shut behind him and he followed Shiro down the hall toward his lavash bedroom.

This was the room Urahara had helped him design. The walls were a smoky grey, the billowing curtains covering the floor to ceiling windows a few shades darker. The ceiling was high and arching and the carpet was deep, wine red in color, plush and unbelievably soft. It was the large structure that dominated the center of the room, however, that Shiro was most fond of.

The bed was beyond large; a custom order and design from none other than Urahara. It rested in the center of a raised platform, a low set of black marble stairs leading up to it. Clothed in sultry colors to match the passionate atmosphere of the rest of the room, pillows of all shapes and sizes crowded the barred head and foot boards. The frame was made of elegantly twisted, black wrought iron, forming an impressive and sturdy, yet beautiful design that had been incorporated into the black bars at the head and foot of the bed. As magnificent as all the twisted matte colored metal was, it all held a purpose and it was all strong enough to be put to good use.

Grimmjow had barely entered the bedroom when he was pushed against the wall. One pale hand roughly palmed him through his jeans, dragging a groaning curse from the larger man as the fingers of Shiro's other hand linked around his collar. The albino pulled the bigger man down to his level, bringing his pale lips close to Grimmjow's ear, letting them brush the sensitive skin as he spoke in a distorted, husky tone.

"Wha' was rule number one?" Shiro asked, his movements rough and teasing against the bluenette's aching and trapped erection.

"N-no clothes in the bedroom..." Grimmjow grit out, his teeth bared in reaction to the rough treatment and the need for more.

"Then why're ya still dressed?" Shiro husked as he stepped back, raising a single, snowy brow.

Grimmjow's hands instantly went to the front of his button up shirt, quickly working to unfasten the buttons as Shiro smirked in approval and closed the sturdy bedroom door. The room was plunged into darkness before Shiro flipped a switch to turn on the low level lighting, giving the room just enough light to allow the occupants to see and move around freely, but still leaving the shadows undisturbed.

The albino sauntered away from his lover, confident Grimmjow would be naked by the time he turned to face the man once more. He pulled the doors to his walk in closet open, knowing just the thing to help set the right mood. He always liked to dress up a little during his shows and it was no different during his personal playtime either, though the term 'dressing up' was used loosely in his vocabulary.

As the pale man sensuously pulled his tight fitting shirt over his head, the toned muscle under the flawless skin of his back flexing and stretching, Grimmjow couldn't help but watch. His fingers faltered as he unbuttoned his jeans, hungrily drinking in the sight the dom provided. The albino's shorts slid from his body, piling around his feet with the soft swish of cloth. The man's boxers quickly followed before Shiro stepped out of the clothing and bent to retrieve what he had pulled from his closet.

Grimmjow was practically salivating as he did so, receiving a lovely view of his perfect ass and long, lean legs. Grimmjow's own pants fell to the carpet, one thought in mind; how badly he wanted to take control and pound the man into his mattress again. But as Shiro straightened and pulled on a pair wicked, knee high leather boots, complete with cruel heels and metal buckles, Grimmjow knew his chances of wrestling control from the beautiful dom were slim. Shirosaki was donning his favorite part of his dominatrix outfit. He meant to make Grimmjow scream this time.

By the time the bluenette had finished divesting himself, he looked up to find Shiro facing him, a confident and sexy smirk tugging at his pale lips. He wore nothing but his black boots and a simple, black studded band at his throat. The dark colors stood out in high contrast to the lack of color his smooth skin held and made the molten gold of his irises seem to churn and glow. His erection stood proudly in the open for Grimmjow to admire, the single, silver piercing adorning the tip glinting in the low lighting.

The pale man cocked a lean hip, one brow rising as he matched Grimmjow's heated stare with one of his own, filled with need and want and a devilish promise. Shiro's hand snapped out and a pair of brand new, fitted shackles landed upon the bed. The albino beckoned Grimmjow toward him with a single finger and the bluenette found himself compelled to listen, not that he hadn't wanted to.

With a confident swagger in his stride, Grimmjow stopped before the nearly naked dom, his own body bare and very much ready for what was about to happen. Shiro's smirk grew, his hypnotizing gaze never releasing Grimmjow's. A shiver worked up the bigger man's spine as warm fingers danced along his shaft, just barely touching but still he refused to break eye contact. There was a challenge there, the dom wordlessly daring Grimmjow to hold out as long as he could. There was also promise in Shirosaki's heated gaze, one that told Grimmjow he was in for one hell of a ride.

Almost before he even realized it, warm fingers were replaced by something cold and the bluenette looked down as Shiro skillfully and quickly slid a cruel looking cock ring in place. Crystalline blue eyes widened slightly before he looked back up to catch Shiro's gaze once more, a crazed and taunting grin on his angular features.

The albino took a single, almost aggressive step forward, the buckles of his boots clinking quietly but prominently. The movement forced Grimmjow back a half step and brought them mere inches from one another. Sly smirk curling his ashen features, Shiro purred into Grimmjow's ear once more. "Ya ganna be a good lil kitten, now?"

"Like hell." Grimmjow growled back, his tone deep and aggressive but heated and husky all at once.

Shiro pulled back slightly, his smirk turning into a full blown, crazed grin. "Good."

He took another step forward as he spoke, one pale hand spreading across Grimmjow's built chest. With a swift push, he forced Grimmjow back toward the bed. The bigger man's heels hit the raised platform but before he could fully right himself, Shiro was straddling his bent knees and he was forced to sit upon the cold surface.

He shivered again at the chill but Shiro's hard cock was at eye level and he couldn't help but wet his full lips in anticipation. The albino had other plans though and with perfect balance, he brought one foot up and planted it on the raised platform beside where Grimmjow sat, the buckles of his boots clanking and shinning almost malevolently in the light.

"Ganna have ta work yer way up before ya get ta the prize, kitten." Shiro said as he grabbed a fist full of blue hair at the back of Grimmjow's head. He tilted the man's head back, ignoring the snarl, and brought their lips together and a heated, sloppy kiss before he pulled away just as suddenly and pushed Grimmjow's face toward his boot.

A growl rumbled in the bigger man's chest, a sneer on his features as he grabbed the foot of Shiro's boot in his hands and looked up at the dom. "And if I refuse?"

"Then I make ya." Shiro casually lifted one of his hands, producing two small remotes, one held between his index and middle finger, the other between his middle and ring finger.

Of course, Grimmjow knew one of them rather intimately, but he'd never seen the second. He snorted a derisive laugh, thinking he could handle the vibrator Shiro had never pulled out. It'd been in long enough he was beginning to get used to it at that point anyway.

Shiro smirked, seeing the defiance and doubt in his lover's blue eyes. Never taking his eyes from the man and leaving the remotes in Grimmjow's view, he reached down with his other hand and pulled a thin, black, riding crop from where he had slid it into the boot not propped up in the bluenette's face.

The confidence never dropped from Grimmjow's gaze as he looked at the crop, but his saucy smirk faltered slightly and Shiro knew he had already won. It was only a matter of how long Grimmjow would continue thinking he could out dominate the pale man. Waving his other hand just enough to draw Grimmjow's attention back to the remotes, he pressed a button on the foreign one.

Grimmjow's grip on the dom's boot tightened as a surprised groan caught in his throat, the sound somewhere between pleasure and discomfort. His vivid blue eyes rolled slightly before being squeezed closed and he leaned forward, a natural reaction to try subconsciously grounding himself as the cock ring hugging him tight began vibrating in time with the plug. Even as low as the setting was, the extra stimulation to his already aching and sensitive cock was maddening.

The moment he leaned further over, an aroused moan escaping his lips, the smack of the crop on his bare and exposed ass drowned out his surprised yelp and he jolted.

"Ffff-fuck..." Grimmjow groaned, slitting lust darkened eyes open to peer up at Shiro as he almost affectionately allowed the side of his cheek to rub against the smooth leather of the dom's boot.

"Yer a masochistic lil kitten, ain't ya." Shiro purred in his lilting tone, leaning low over Grimmjow's bent form. His distorted, commanding voice was enough to draw another moaning curse from the blue haired man's throat and Shiro raised a single brow.

"Actions speak so much louder 'en words..." Shiro rotated his leg, rubbing the heal of his boot against Grimmjow's corded arm.

"Shiro..." Grimmjow drawled, still not quite ready to give in to what his lover was demanding. He heard the crack of the riding crop before he felt the sting, hardly having enough time to even hiss a breath in delicious pain before the albino was speaking.

"Wha' was tha'?" The albino asked as the echo died away.

"Shi..." Another crack and Grimmjow was gritting his teeth, his breaths coming out in pants, both pained and aroused, but his chin was resting on the toe of Shiro's boot, right where the albino wanted it.

"Wanna try tha' again?"

"No..." Grimmjow mumbled, a sneer twisting his flushed features.

Shiro raised a single brow, loving the man's defiant nature. "Wha' was rule number two?" He asked in a dark voice.

Grimmjow's cerulean gaze lowered slightly, the vivid shades of blue clouded by his need. "No...master..." He amended in a rough voice, much to the dom's pleasure.

"An' if I'm yer master, what're you?" Shiro's grin was in danger of consuming his startling features. It was part of what made him so successful as a dom; that crazed expression that promised he would enjoy every bit of stinging, biting pain laced pleasure he delivered.

When Grimmjow's eyes narrowed and he didn't speak up, Shiro roughly grabbed hold of his chin, yanking his head around so that he stared directly at the dom's heated, fiery eyes. He reached down, grabbing hold of Grimmjow's straining member, twisting his hand as he pumped and simultaneously turned up the vibration of the cock ring.

Grimmjow's breath fled him in a strained moan, his brows drawing together as his vivid gaze darkened even further. Heat pooled in his belly but it had no where to go and he bared his teeth as Shiro continued teasing him. He wrapped his hands around the pale man's wrist, almost desperate to stop the pleasurable torment only to find out how truly flexible Shiro was.

One hand still firmly wrapped around Grimmjow's thick member, little remote in his other, Shiro twisted around, bringing his leg over the bluenette's head to his other side, crossing his lean leg in front of Grimmjow's face. Without missing a beat nor loosing his balance, he used his new stance to press the toe of his boot to the center of Grimmjow's chest. He pushed the bigger man back into a more laying position, effectively forcing him to let go of Shiro's wrist.

Shifting his weight, Shiro placed his foot against Grimmjow's built abdomen and leaned forward, letting more of his weight press onto the bigger man and hold him down. The heel of his boot dug in just enough to be a discomfort, but not enough to actually hurt the man and Grimmjow's hands automatically went back to Shiro's leg, wrapping his long fingers around smooth leather.

No longer leaning so that he faced down, the bluenette's feet planted on the plush carpet surrounding the platform he lay upon, Shiro standing on one foot between the bigger man's legs. Grimmjow panted as Shiro reached down between his own spread legs to continue teasing the bigger man's member.

The albino rested the remotes to his toys on the platform beside him and heated blue eyes found Shiro's gaze as the dom sensually pushed a single finger into his mouth, swirling his navy tongue around the pale digit in a mocking parody. Digit sufficiently slicked up, at least for the time being, Shiro smirked as he pulled his finger from his mouth and oh so slowly reached below himself to find Grimmjow's entrance.

Grimmjow's head tilted back, a strangled cry escaping as Shiro pushed his finger passed the ring of muscle at his rectum, consequently pushing the plug deeper. The albino slowly drew his finger back, shallowly thrusting it back in as he pumped Grimmjow's dick. With the combined vibration of both toys and Shiro's torturously slow teasing, need quickly over took the bluenette, pushing aside a bit of his stubborn pride.

"Tell me wha' I wanna hear..." Shiro growled out, his lilting tone just as teasing as his actions.

"Ahh...Shiiii..." Grimmjow's perfect white teeth bared toward the ceiling, his finger's tightening around Shiro's ankle. The heel of the dom's boot pressed just a bit harder and Grimmjow's moaning voice caught in his throat but he wouldn't find release no matter how close the dom pushed him toward that edge. The cock ring the smaller man had so cruelly put in place insured that.

"I-I'm your slut..." Grimmjow growled, unable to control himself any longer. Shiro's hands sped up, his single finger pushing deeper and forcing the vibrating plug to brush against the bigger man's prostate. His deep voice cried out as he was pushed further toward false release. The bluenette's normally rumbling tone rose a bit higher in pitch as he spoke next, pleading and needy. "Mmmmaster...p-please..."

"Tha's a good kitten." Shiro purred, leaning further toward Grimmjow. He rocked his hips forward and down, grinding his hard cock against the bigger man's inner thigh, humming a pleased sound as Grimmjow's breath hitched just slightly. "I better see tongue."

He removed his foot from the middle of Grimmjow's chest, once again planting it beside him, pulling his finger from the man's entrance and releasing his cock. Grimmjow slowly rolled over so that he rested on his stomach, his ass toward Shiro and nearly pressed against the dom's erection.

Shiro once more drove his finger's through the man's thick mess of hair, snagging and pulling harshly. He forced Grimmjow's face against the side of his boot, smirking as his lover sneered but nuzzled against the smooth leather all the same. He slowly, teasingly began pulling the plug from Grimmjow's entrance, causing every hard line of the big man's chiseled body to tense and jerk. Grimmjow's moaning voice filled the bedroom as he slowly, almost hesitantly slicked his tongue across one of the buckles on the dom's boot.

With the plug pulled out and discarded, Shiro rocked forward again, grinding his member against Grimmjow's perfect ass. Grimmjow clutched almost desperately to his booted lower leg, brows scrunched and blue eyes squeezed shut in delicious torment. Tongue still gliding over smooth leather, the bigger man pushed backward, yearning for more friction, more pleasure, more of Shiro's cock.

The albino's hand left a red, welted print on one exposed, rounded cheek and Grimmjow jolted, his voice filling the room as the slapping echo died.

"Oh shhhhit...Shiro..." Grimmjow moaned into the inside of Shiro's leg, his face pressed to the man's boot as he slowly unraveled with the dom's skilled torture. "P-please...stop teasing..."

"I wanna hear ya beg like my lil toy." Shiro told the man, teasingly grinding his member between the man's cheeks. Smirking, one hand gripping the bluenette's hips tightly, he wrapped his free arm around the man and trailed his fingers along the man's rigid, straining and painful looking erection. Grimmjow shivered at the touch, his moan taking on a whimpering edge.

"Ya wan' this off?" Shiro asked as his fingers met the cool surface of the cock ring. He gave it a playful twist, delighting in Grimmjow's vocal reactions. "Ya wan' me ta fuck ya?"

Grimmjow groaned, the sound rumbling deep and aroused in his chest as he nodded his head. His teeth clamped down on his bottom lip hard enough to draw blood as the albino ground against him again, the head of the dom's pale member brushing his entrance before gliding passed.

"Yer ganna have ta beg like the slut ya are." Shiro snarled, grabbing hold of Grimmjow's throbbing cock. He stroked down it's length and back up, rubbing his thumb over the head and spreading the beaded precum at the tip.

Grimmjow's back arched as he ground his ass back against Shiro, crying out as his body spasmed. He grit his teeth, feeling like he'd explode if he wasn't allowed his release soon. His cock throbbed, every touch to it magnified. The last of his control crumbled as words began tumbling from his mouth, just what the dom wanted to hear.

"Please...master, fuck me, Shiro!" Grimmjow moaned, shallowly thrusting into the dom's hand and pushing himself back against the man's cock. "Ffffuck your slut..."

A grin ripped across the albino's features and he wasted little time, pulling his hand away from the man's rigid member, taking the cock ring with him. His own cock aching with want, Shiro lined up and thrust forward, stretching Grimmjow as he finally pulled his booted foot from the platform and planted it on the ground for better leverage.

Grimmjow's deep voice shattered the relative quiet of the dom's home as his hands clawed at the smooth surface his torso lay upon. "Hnn...fuck, Shiro..."

"Sing fer me, kitten." Shiro moaned as he pulled back and thrust forward, quickly striking up a brutal pace. Leaning over the bigger man's bare back, Shirosaki sank his teeth into the thick muscle of where Grimmjow's neck and shoulder met, earning a pleasured gasping breath. His black nails dug into the man's tanned hips, scratching and tearing, leaving behind crescent shaped bruising and a few trickles of blood.

Neither man noticed the slight damage from his nails as the dom's thrusting member ruthlessly struck Grimmjow's prostate and the bigger man's body stiffened, a strangled grunt accompanying his orgasm. The sticky strands of his release splashed upon the marble of the platform's side, leaving Grimmjow breathless and panting as Shiro chuckled and continued pounding into him.

A minute later, Shiro's brutal pace grew uneven as his lover's walls milked his cock. The dom's lilting curse warned the tired bluenette just before Shiro pushed his hips flush with Grimmjow's bottom and he spilled himself deep within the man.

Heaving out a pleased breath, Shiro slowly sank against the bigger man, sliding his hands up Grimmjow's sides until he could wrap them around the man. Chuckling at Grimmjow's worn out, groaning protest, the albino teasingly trailed his hot tongue up the bluenette's spine before pressing his pale lips to the place he'd bitten.

"Ya make such a good lil pet." Shiro smirked against the man's heated skin, feeling as well as hearing as Grimmjow's heart beat slowly began resuming a more normal pace.

"Fuck you." Grimmjow mumbled, no heat in his words. He was throughly sated and more than ready to put Shiro's giant bed to use with something other than sex, but his legs trembled from the exertion of their activities and he couldn't be bothered to push the dom off him to get up.

Shiro seemed to notice his dilemma and slowly straightened, feathering his fingertips down the man's muscled back as he moved to hop up on the platform and sit beside where Grimmjow sill lay collapsed. Smirk tugging at his colorless lips, he began unbuckling his boots. He removed one, letting it drop to the carpeted floor below him, wiggling his black nailed toes as he started on the other boot. Half way through the buckles, he paused, his lilting voice amused. "Ya drooled all over my favorite boots!"

"That's what you wanted, asshole." Grimmjow growled as he slowly pushed his arms underneath his abdomen. He pushed himself into an upright stance and finished removing Shiro's boots for the dom. Dropping it to the floor with it's twin, he leaned in and captured Shiro's ashen lips against his own, letting their tongues tangle in a languid, searing kiss.

Wrapping his thickly corded arms around the smaller male's slim waist, Grimmjow pulled the albino from the platform and set him on the floor. Too tired to carry his lover up the few steps to the bed, he settled for lacing their fingers together and guiding the man up them instead.

Shiro didn't mind and he happily crawled onto the huge bed as Grimmjow followed behind, careful to give the big man a good view of his backside before tugging the blankets aside and kicking a few pillows out of his way to settle down. Grimmjow rumbled an appreciative growl at the sight and crawled under the blankets next to the man.

Grimmjow laid stretched out on his back, Shiro snuggled up next to him, head on the bigger man's still sweat dampened chest and his pale hair fanning across the pillows. As he shifted about to get comfortable his feet brushed something cold and he hissed a surprised breath, jolting before sitting up and leaning down to grab whatever it was.

"We didn' even get ta use 'em!" Shiro chuckled as he lifted the brand new shackles into view, waving them in front of Grimmjow.

The bluenette snorted a laugh and rolled his eyes before closing them and pulling the man back down to the mattress. "Next time."

"Tch. Damn straight." Shiro agreed. "I gotta show tamorrow night. Ya ganna come?"

"Hmm." Grimmjow hummed thoughtfully, his eyes closed and his breaths already evened out. "I'm not going on stage with you."

"Tha's fine. I wouldn' wanna show ya off fer a whole club a freaks ta see anyway." Shiro told him, much more awake, though that was quickly changing as he snuggled next to the bigger man.

"Mm'k. Maybe then." Grimmjow's voice was already heavy with sleep and Shiro chuckled before giving the man a quick kiss and settling down for a decent night's rest.

They awoke with the sun high over head the next day, taking their time climbing from the inviting bed before showering and beginning their day. That night, as the sun dipped back below the horizon, Shiro pulled his favorite boots back on, adding a pair of skin tight, assless leather chaps to his outfit. A leather thong kept his member safely tucked away and he completed the ensemble with a black studded belt and collar.

Grimmjow watched with avid interest, deciding he would indeed be attending the man's show, if only to watch Shiro move about in his tempting outfit. Shiro demanded he dressed to fit the setting, and quickly went about choosing a tight fitting, fishnet shirt and black, acid washed jeans for the blue haired man.

Throwing on a long coat to cover his less than publicly acceptable costume, Shiro led the way out of his house, locking up as Grimmjow exited behind him. Once at the club, they pulled around back, using the entrance reserved for staff and performers. Shiro stayed in the back, leaving his coat on until his show, while Grimmjow made his way to the main floor to find a table near the stage.

The building was packed, but it was no wonder, what with the signs announcing Shiro's stage name everywhere. The dom was the biggest attraction of the night, of any night he happened to preform publicly. Smirking, Grimmjow took his seat and waited for the show to begin.

The lights lowered, a quiet, but dramatic music filling the silence that had gripped the crowd. Shiro confidently strode out onto his stage, leading his partner for the evening by a leash attached to a bit style gag. He divested his coat as he went, letting it slide from his body to land in a heap on the stage but it certainly wasn't his coat that held anyone's attention, nor the scantily clad young male he led with him to center stage.

All the black leather of his costume already held an almost malevolent and rather domineering feel to it, but it's effect redoubled when donned by the albino, his porcelain colored skin giving it an even darker, more powerful feel. As was always the case when Shiro was doing a show, his ashen locks were tied back and out of the way and the black, masquerade style masks that all the performers were forced to wear, intended to help hide their identities as well as look mysterious, only made the gold of his strange irises seem to alight with a devilish glow of their own. Everything about the dom simply exude power, from his wicked knee high boots, to his bare and glistening torso, even just the way he carried himself with a confidence that couldn't be rivaled. He was like a demon god amongst mortals and it made Grimmjow fight not to fidget in his seat.

The blue haired man found his attention riveted to the albino, just as he had the very first time he had stumbled upon the strange dom. Every move the man made was graceful in a dark and almost unnatural way. Even the slightest touch had his victim for the show squirming in place, begging within mere minutes.

All too soon, or perhaps not soon enough, the show was over and Shiro swaggered off stage after a flirtatious bow and a shark grin to the crowd, getting a few cat calls from both men and women alike. Grimmjow couldn't help but catch the man's eyes and he received a wink he knew was meant just for him.

Staying in his seat, Grimmjow patiently waited for Shiro to finish whatever it was he had to do backstage before he could leave, ignoring the stirring in his pants. He stiffened as hand settled on his shoulder, knowing whoever stood behind him was not his lover.

Just as he began turning to see who was touching him, a slim, rather effeminate looking man rounded the chair he sat in, long fingers dancing teasingly along the material of his fishnet shirt. Grimmjow frowned, his blue brows drawing together as the man daringly and unashamedly seated himself in the bluenette's lap, delicate hands brushing along his chest.

"Well aren't you a cute one...I saw you from the stage." The man said in a sly voice, he shifted a bit where he sat and Grimmjow curled his lip as the man's bottom brushed along a more private region. "It seems you enjoyed the show~"

Just about to throw the man from his lap, a rumbling growl left the bigger man's throat. Before he had the chance, however, his growl was matched by a very distinctive, lilting one. The effeminate man's eyes widened as he glanced at the person standing behind Grimmjow and he quickly scrambled from the bluenette's lap. A controlled look of indifference crossed the stranger's features as he attempted to look the albino in the eye.

"Shirosaki." The man sniffed, crossing his arms over his thin chest.

Grimmjow looked between the two, slowly standing from his chair to get out of the middle of whatever was going on.

"Better watch yerself, kid." Shiro warned, his golden eyes spelling a deadly promise. His coat was draped over his shoulders, left open to expose what little clothing he wore under it and his mask had been discarded, exposing the full force of his startling features.

"I don't see your name anywhere." The slim stranger said.

"I definitely already staked my claim." Shiro told the kid, his distorted voice growing more aggressive the longer they stood in the man's presence.

"Quite throughly..." Grimmjow muttered, raising a brow at his lover. He got the distinct feeling he was missing something but it didn't seem like it was going to be explained to him.

"Since when do you get so territorial of your toys, Shi-sama?" The newcomer scoffed, looking a bit surprised and shocked. There was no respect in voice, even with the honorific.

"Toys? I break toys, use 'em and throw 'em away when I'm done..." A cruel grin spread snowy lips, flashing equally white teeth. The effeminate man paled slightly. "He didn' break."

The man's features dropped, his brows shooting to his hair line as he glanced over at Grimmjow. Shiro cackled a laugh, his lilting tone adding an edge of manic anger.

"Now run back ta yer master, broken lil sub." Shiro bayed the man in a dark voice, his eyes showing how serious he was. The stranger's features twisted in embarrassed outrage, his mouth opening and his jaw working as he struggled to voice his apparent anger. Before he could say a word, Shiro spoke up, turning to Grimmjow with a sexy little smirk and completely disregarding the man that had been his partner for that evening's show.

"Come along, kitten." The dom purred as he raised one hand, pulling a pair of shackles from the pocket of his coat and letting them dangle from his fingers. "We got things ta do."

After sitting through the albino's teasing show, he was more than ready to follow his dom home and give the man a run for his money. A devilish grin took over the bluenette's features as Grimmjow happily followed behind his lover, not sparing the effeminate stranger a second glance. They'd soon see who ended up shackled to the bed.

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