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As was expected of such a place, the lights were turned down low and a quiet, bass-heavy tune floated through the air, almost unheard by the patrons as their attention was riveted to center stage. The faintly sweet yet toxic smell of alcohol drifted through the air. A few murmurs of talking patrons could be heard, but the atmosphere was more one of a tense silence, anticipation and excitement.

Ichigo smirked from where he sat toward the back of the room, watching the show that was being put on. Though it was certainly enjoyable to some extent, this wasn't really his sort of thing and he didn't usually attend shows at clubs like this, but he'd had little choice in the matter.

As he waited for the main event, Ichigo took a sip of his drink, something nonalcoholic since he was there for business, and shifted where he sat, crossing one leg over the knee of the other under the table. His eyes scanned the crowd briefly as an excited buzz seemed to hum through the gathered people, the final and most anticipated act coming up next. As he scanned, Ichigo's eyes landed on something bright and unmistakably blue. He'd only seen the man just the once, when said man had been brought into Urahara's Shop by his significant other, the very man they were waiting for to make an entrance on the stage, but Ichigo knew there was no confusing him with anyone else.

A small, friendly enough smile quirking his lips, Ichigo picked up his glass and stood from where he'd chosen to sit. Picking his way through the other round tables, he made his way toward the front. Closer to the stage, most of the tables and chairs were already occupied, but it seemed most were leery to sit with the blue haired man that had quickly become the talk of this circle of life through association.

"Hello." Ichigo greeted as he pulled out a chair at the table the bluenette sat at, ignoring the few looks of surprise aimed his way. He set his drink down as he lowered himself into the chair, noting the couple already empty glasses pushed to one side.

Grimmjow looked up at the young man beside him and grunted an amused sound, a handsome smirk tugging at his features. "I thought this wasn't your type of thing?" He inquired, recognizing the orange haired lad from Shiro's favored toy shop.

Ichigo chuckled, his ears tinting a light shade of red. Luckily the lights were dim enough his blushing wouldn't stand out too badly. "It's not really, I'm here as a representative for Urahara. He's got some crazy scheme or another to attend to and couldn't make it himself."

"Ah, I see." Grimmjow picked up a glass and gave the contents a sniff as he spoke. "Why's he need a representative here?"

"Just typical business regulations. He donated some of his newer equipment to the club and in return they're advertising for him." Ichigo watched as the bluenette took a sip of something dark, curling his lip slightly and looking at it with a studious expression before taking another drink. "Don't like your drink? What is it?"

"Eh. It's different, not bad though, and I have no idea." Grimmjow confessed, a bit more talkative than Ichigo remembered him from the shop, though the circumstances were much different this time around.

An orange brow rose slightly in curiosity and maybe just a bit of worry. "Should you really be drinking it then? In a place like this...when you don't know what it is..."

A grin spread across Grimmjow's angular features as he looked over at the younger man in his company. His brilliant blue eyes were bright and alive, though a bit glassy and Ichigo guessed at least a few other empty glasses had already been pulled from the table.

"Nice of you to worry," Grimmjow laughed and leaned back in his chair. He made himself comfortable, glass in hand, as he redirected his gaze toward the stage where a crew worked on setting up what would be used for the next act. "but Shiro gave it to me. I doubt he'd drug me..." Grimmjow paused, brows furrowing before he waved it off. "Ok, he might, but I'm sure I'll be fine. He just said I needed something stronger."

"Is he trying to get you drunk?" Ichigo chuckled, half joking with the bigger man, but Grimmjow didn't answer, his attention riveted to the stage as Shiro finally made his grand entry. The few voices that had floated about the room ceased, everyone falling silent as the infamous dom and the main attraction for that night strutted to center stage with all the confidence in the world.

Cunning, fiery gold on black eyes almost instantly lighted on the big, blue haired man, a small smirk tugging at white lips. Not a moment later, they slid to the right to see Ichigo. The orange haired young man waved, a small smile on his face, and Shiro's smirk spread into a wide grin below his half-mask before he went about his business.

Ichigo glanced back to Grimmjow, finding the man very distracted as he looked the smaller albino up and down. Open lust and yearning shimmered in those expressive, cyan orbs. Shaking his head slightly, he leaned back in his chair and prepared to enjoy the show.

It was about half way through the show when Grimmjow flagged down a waiter and ordered a second round of whatever Shiro had ordered for him. Of course the dom had taken care of just about everything and while Grimmjow didn't know what he was drinking, the waiter did and came back hardly a moment later. Grimmjow grumbled a thanks and took an unhesitant swallow, wincing at the slight burn before leaning back in his seat again. He wiggled a bit before reaching down to readjust the way his half hard length rubbed at his pants, his lip curled and an almost aggressive snarl rumbling quietly in his chest.

Of course the show was arousing, and Shiro was undeniably attractive in his skimpy clothing on stage, but Ichigo preferred softer forms of intimacy and so, while even he would admit to enjoying, what was being displayed wasn't quite so vivid for him as it was for Grimmjow. He wasn't surprised by the man's growing issue, though, nor the aggression and almost possessiveness that showed in his features, but he was still a bit amused by it all the same. "Shiro make you come to these?"

Grimmjow glanced over at him as he took another swallow, downing the rest of his drink. "No, he usually asks if I want to when he wants me to come with him."

"H-he asks?" Ichigo turned wide eyes on the bigger man.

"Yeah, that's how I know he's being genuine about wanting me here for whatever reason." Grimmjow shrugged, smirking at the look of shock on the smaller man's features, his gaze still glued to center stage. "I think he's probably just showing off, but whatever. I don't mind."

"Showing off? He does like doing that." Ichigo chuckled.

"Yeah. We had a bit of issue after the first show I came to with him and ever since he kind of likes sticking me in other people's faces." The big man shrugged, receiving a curious glance from Ichigo. "Some guy he'd preformed with, I don't know the whole story between them. I just know Shiro wasn't happy when the guy seated himself in my lap."

Ichigo choked out a sound somewhere between amused and terrified. "Oh god... I bet that went over well..."

Grimmjow grunted and tugged the collar of his black dress shirt down with a sigh and a roll of his eyes. Glittering in the dim lighting, a round, silver tag hung from a thick leather collar wrapped around the man's neck. The words 'Property of Shirosaki.' had been stamped into the metal.

"Now I have to wear this everywhere." Grimmjow grumbled. He spread his arm out, motioning toward the noticeable circle of space around him compared to the obviously packed rest of the club. "As you can see, I'm gaining quite the reputation simply by being involved with him. No one wants to mess with Shiro or his man."

Ichigo erupted in laughter as he reached up and spun the collar a bit to get a better look at the tag. Grimmjow curled his lip but didn't say anything, redirecting his attention back to the stage and his lover. The smaller man wasn't surprised when he found a small pad lock around the metal loop that held the collar closed and guessed Grimmjow had taken it off before he was given permission to do so at one point, something that surely earned him a harsh punishment from the domineering albino.

"It's not that funny." Grimmjow grumbled almost sullenly, sliding his empty glass across the table. "One of these days it'll be his turn to wear a damn collar."

Ichigo arched a brow, small smirk tugging at his lips. Able to tell the bigger man was too proud and stubborn, even from their limited conversations, Ichigo knew the man probably wouldn't have confessed to something like that had he not already had his tongue loosened a bit, but there it was; the source of the slightly aggressive look of longing that had shown in blue eyes since Ichigo sat down. Those eyes, predatory look still intact, traced every curve of Shiro's lean, muscled body with open hunger even now. Ichigo could see the man's desire to claim and conquer as he studied Grimmjow's expression.

A small, mischievous look crossed Ichigo's boyish features as he contemplated his options. He had a few ideas about just how Grimmjow could manage getting the strong dom under him and he knew he had everything the man could possibly need at the shop, but the repercussions of such an act of treason might come back to haunt him. Ichigo knew from experience that Shiro was a tricky bastard.

"Cherry rum." Ichigo said, adamantly looking away from the bigger man as his features flushed. On the stage, Shiro worked his devilish magic on his partner for the evening, completely unaware of the scheming going on just off the stage.

"What?" Grimmjow made a face and turned to the smaller man beside him, a bit confused.

"It's his favorite, but he doesn't keep it in his house for a reason. Buy a bottle at the bar before you guys leave." Ichigo avoided the man's piercing stare. "He's a light sleeper, I'm sure you've figured out by now, you'd never be able to sneak out normally but if you hand him that bottle he'll be out for the night and half of tomorrow."

"And you were worried about him getting me drunk." Grimmjow chuckled, beginning to see what the man was getting at.

"He wont really get drunk." Ichigo laughed, his ears darkening even further. "He usually just passes out... But that gives you plenty of time to sneak away and meet me at the shop without him knowing anything about it. I can help you find just the thing to use to get him to do what you want."

A slow, shit eating grin spread across Grimmjow's sharp features, baring his white teeth in an almost crazed glee. His crystalline eyes swirled with a very lively and heated fire as they panned away from Ichigo to catch and hold Shiro's figure as the albino took an over exaggerated but elegant bow. "What time do you lock the shop up?"

"It's actually already closed for the night since I'm here, but I have the key so I can open up tomorrow afternoon. I'll give you a few hours after the show to insure he's out for the night and meet you there." Ichigo told him, jingling the keys in his pocket quietly.

The two watched as Shiro strutted off stage, leaving his playmate panting and exhausted in the middle of the stage. Grimmjow quickly stood, telling Ichigo he'd be right back before disappearing back toward the extensive bar the club housed. Unsurprisingly, his status with Shirosaki insured he was served quickly and he purchased a good sized bottle of the stuff Ichigo had suggested.

"Would you like to add this to Shi-sama's tab, sir?" The bar tender asked as he carefully placed the bottle in a bag baring the club's logo.

"No, thanks." Grimmjow mumbled, pulling out his wallet. The albino's discount was still subtracted from the price though, and Grimmjow quickly counted it out before grabbing the bag and hurrying back to the table he'd left Ichigo.

He arrived just in time to sit next to the shop worker before Shiro made his appearance. The albino, his long overcoat draped around his shoulders but unashamedly left open, walked up to the table. He leaned down to give Ichigo a quick, friendly hug, ignoring the more colorful man's hesitance at his lack of clothing, before he took a seat across from him and on Grimmjow's other side. "Ey, Ichi! I was a lil surprised ta see ya here."

"I'm only here because Urahara couldn't make it in person." Ichigo told the albino dom with a grin. "But when he asked me to go in his stead, how could I turn down the opportunity to watch you work?"

Shiro's lilting laughter cut through the din of the crowd. "Now yer jus' flatterin' me."

"He doesn't need the ego boost." Grimmjow muttered with a smirk, knowing what he was doing and knowing what Shiro's reaction would likely involve.

A small sneer tugged at the smirk on the dom's pale lips as his hand disappeared below the table. Not a moment later, Grimmjow jolted in his seat and hissed a breath between his teeth as he glared over at his smaller lover.

Shirosaki's chuckle was matched by Ichigo's before the orange haired young man began standing from his seat. "Congrats on another great show, Shi, but I have to go meet with the club's owners. Don't want them to think Urahara's not interested in their proposal."

"Sure, sure." Shiro nodded, standing as well. Grimmjow climbed to his feet at the dom's side, leaning to the side and down at bit to whisper something to the albino. A grin split Shiro's ghostly features. "Guess we got things ta take care a' too. Later, Ichigo."

Ichigo shook his head, still chuckling as he gave the dom another hug and took his leave. Grimmjow and Shiro went in the opposite direction, the blue haired man turning slightly to look over his shoulder. Having paused, Ichigo gave him a quick wink and a nod before ducking through a doorway and into the back of the house.

Hiding a grin, though doing so poorly, Grimmjow settled his arm around Shiro's shoulders, lowering slightly to press his face against the smaller man's lean, pale neck as he rumbled a growl. Beside him, Shiro let out a distorted laugh, looping his arm back around Grimmjow's waist.

"Well someone's excited tanight." Shiro chuckled as they left the club and headed toward his car.

Grimmjow chuckled. "How could I not be after watching you parade around in next to nothing all night?"

The lights of Shiro's car flashed, the horn honking once as he hit the button to unlock it. The two unlatched themselves from each other and Grimmjow crossed behind the vehicle to climb into the passenger seat. "I am pretty sexy, ain't I?'

The bigger man grunted an amused sound as he shook his head. He didn't bother commenting as the car's engine purred to life and Shiro pulled from the parking lot. Lewd but very appealing thoughts occupied most of his imagination; all the ways he could possibly make the albino dom his. Oh how he wanted to hear that distorted, watery voice scream his name, and now, do to his mouth and thanks to Ichigo, he might end up with a way to make it happen. Grimmjow shifted where he sat, watching the city roll by as they drove toward the albino's house.

Beside him in the driver's seat, Shiro's near permanent smirk widened a touch as gold on black eyes cornered for a moment before going back to the road. "Somethin' wrong, Grimm?"

"Nope." Grimmjow's brows furrowed slightly as he pulled at the front of his pants, trying to banish the images of Shiro struggling and moaning below him from his mind so that he didn't make his erection worse.

The smirk on Shiro's ghostly features widened even further, his eyes all but flashing in the dark. Around them, the city was silent, asleep this far from the club. "Ya know, I didn't say ya couldn' touch yerself this time."

"Yeah, I know..." Grimmjow arched a blue brow and looked over at his lover, already having an idea of what the smaller man was getting at, but that was certainly something he'd put up a struggle before doing, no matter the thrill it gave him.

"So go ahead." Shiro prompted, his voice dropping to a husky, commanding tone.

It sent a shiver down Grimmjow's spine but he shook his head in refusal. "Nah, I think I can wait until we get home."

"Feelin' like a naughty lil kitten tanight, are ya?" Shiro's smirk showed in his voice as he drove. He didn't need to look over to know a matching grin had spread across the bluenette's handsome features as Grimmjow answered him.

"You have no idea." Grimmjow's voice was a deep, melt worthy purr that put the rumble from the engine to shame.

Shiro recognized that tone and he knew it'd take more than just a commanding voice and a few words to get the bigger man to submit to his will. Driving the car, however, Shiro's options were limited. Still, there were a few things he could do and he had always been excellent at multitasking. Reaching over with one hand, he left his other on the steering wheel as he casually and deftly undid the button and zipper to Grimmjow's pants in one, swift motion.

Grimmjow looked over at him, amused. "Don't you think you should concentrate on driving? If you wreck-"

"Tch. Please, Grimm, I'm a professional." The albino stated with cocky confidence.

Before the bigger man could protest further, colorless fingers pulled his half awake length from his pants. It took the dom no time at all to have his erection hard and throbbing as skilled fingers gave a teasingly slow and steady pump before dancing their way back up his shaft.

Grimmjow's growling voice gasped out a sound that devolved into a groan as the bigger man's hips jerked under Shiro's ministrations. Blue brows pulled together as he bared his teeth, cyan orbs quickly darkening as need consumed him. One hand wrapped in a white knuckled grip around the seatbelt, Grimmjow quickly grabbed hold of Shiro's wrist with his other. "Sh-Shi..."

"Ya wan' me ta stop, then ya better do it yerself." Shiro chuckled but stopped stroking the man's cock. When he received only a growl from his passenger, the albino shrugged and began deftly teasing the man's shaft again.

"Ok, ok." Grimmjow all but hissed, placing his larger hand on top of Shiro's where it wrapped around his cock. "Just drive and get us home faster."

Shiro chuckled, a wide grin splitting his porcelain features as he pulled his hand away. He watched out of his peripheral as Grimmjow tentatively picked up where he left off. The bigger man growled under his breath but it didn't take him long to get into it and his motions sped up a bit as he panted in the passenger seat. Still wearing his skimpy stage clothing, there was no hiding what the erotic sight and sounds did to the dom. Shiro palmed himself through his tight clothing and pushed the gas pedal a bit harder.

"Shiro...hurry up..." Grimmjow's voice came out as less of a growl and more of a moan than he'd been intending as he pushed his thumb over the head of his cock before stroking back down his length. His hips thrust up into his own hand against his will as he bared his teeth to the ceiling of the car, the corded muscle of his body tightening.

Smirk still eating his face, Shiro pulled into his driveway. He put the car in park, turning the engine off, and turned in his seat just in time to watch as Grimmjow pushed himself to the edge of his pleasure. His hand tightened around his cock as his body jerked and his release accompanied his deep voiced moan. Shiro reached over and hooked his fingers in thick blue hair, pulling Grimmjow toward him to swallow his moan and lock him into a deep, needy kiss as the bigger man road out his release.

The dom pulled back as Grimmjow began tucking himself back into his pants, a scowl on his features. There was no real heat in the expression though, and Shiro climbed from the car and hurried to unlock the front door. A bit slower, Grimmjow stood from the car as well, grabbing the bag with his purchase in it from the floor between his feet, and followed the smaller male.

That slow, carnivorous grin spread itself back across Grimmjow's features. He pulled the bottle from the paper bag, glancing down at it as he came up behind the albino. As Shiro pushed the door open and tried to take a step back to allow Grimmjow in before him, he backed up into the bigger's solid body. Grimmjow chuckled, wrapping one arm around his waist to keep him pulled flush against his front, and lowered the bottle in front of him so that he held it before Shiro. "Got you something."

Shiro said nothing for a moment, just looking at the bottle with mild surprise on his features, but he took the bottle and carried it inside. Grimmjow grinned in triumph as he followed him and shut the door behind them.

"Why?" Shiro questioned as Grimmjow joined the smaller man in the kitchen. He was already pulling two sturdy whisky glasses from the cupboard.

Grimmjow gave a nonchalant, one shouldered shrug. "I hear it's your favorite and that you never allow yourself to indulge so I figured after another successful show we could have a drink and some fun."

Shiro smirked as he opened the bottle and filled both glasses.

"Aren't you going to change?" Grimmjow asked as he accepted the glass being handed to him and took a whiff.

"Nah. I don' plan on wearin' 'em long 'nough fer it ta matter." Shiro tilted his own glass to his lips and took in a deep swallow. He winced slightly but sighed his appreciation as he looked back to Grimmjow. "We ain't done just yet."

"I'd be disappointed if we were." Grimmjow smirked and casually pulled Shiro's empty glass from his hand, replacing it with his own still full one.

A few glasses and less than an hour later, Shiro had Grimmjow pinned against the kitchen counter, hands captured in Shiro's and held above his head against the cupboards. Perhaps a bit too confident now that he had a few glasses of strong alcohol helping him out, Shiro didn't really take notice of just how compliant his normally surly and stubborn partner was being. He buried his face in Grimmjow's neck, letting his tongue slick the smooth skin over his throat before he sank his teeth in. Grimmjow's small, stifled gasp caught in his throat as Shiro thrust up and forward, seating himself between the bigger man's spread legs and sinking his hard length deep inside the bluenette's entrance.

"Fuck...Shiro..." Grimmjow half growled, half moaned in a low voice as his hands were released and he fisted them in the albino's long, ashen hair. He pulled the tie from the smaller man's hair, letting it fall loose to hang around pale shoulders.

"Yer cruel, ya know that?" Shiro asked as he thrust, wrapping his arms around his lover's torso and using his tongue to map Grimmjow's strong chest.

"Hnn..." Grimmjow panted as he worked to meet the albino's thrusts. "I-I'm cruel?"

Shiro latched his teeth around Grimmjow's nipple, white lips pulled up at the corners. He pulled back and laved his tongue over the small bite. "Yeah...I really wan'ed ta take my time on ya tanight but-haa- ya had ta go buy me my favorite."

"That's ok...I didn't have the patience for that tonight." Grimmjow slipped two fingers into his own mouth, coating them in saliva before he pulled them out and reached down behind Shiro. Shiro yelped a surprised sound and stiffened as those digits pushed through the ring of muscle at his entrance. His surprise melted away and he began thrusting faster as Grimmjow pushed them deeper in search. From his angle, it took him a moment, but as soon as his fingertips grazed Shiro's prostate, the dom's lilting voice sang a curse.

Hardly a half hour later, Grimmjow chuckled as he carried the albino into his room and laid him out on the massive bed. Dead to the world, just like Ichigo had said, Shiro didn't even stir as he was jockeyed around and the blankets were pulled over his naked body. Grimmjow stifled his good natured laughter, keeping quiet just in case, and pushed the long, ashen hair from his lover's face before straightening away from the bed. Going back to the kitchen, Grimmjow put the cap back on the bottle of rum and placed what was left of it on the counter.

His buzz from earlier, while he'd been drinking at the club, had mostly worn off and he'd managed to keep Shiro occupied enough to not notice that he hadn't taken any of the rum he'd offered, leaving Grimmjow sober as he began redressing. He took his time, listening for any signs that Shiro would awaken. When nothing but the faint and steady sounds of Shiro's deep breathing reached him from down the hall, Grimmjow smirked and slipped from the house. It didn't take him long to get to Urahara's shop and he was a little surprised to find Shiro's friend, Ichigo, was already there waiting for him.

"You're late." Ichigo told him with a knowing smile as he pushed away from where he'd been leaning against his car. He led the bigger man to the door of the shop.

"Yeah, well, it's tricky trying to keep track of time when Shiro gets ahold of you." Grimmjow grunted an amused sound. Even standing behind the smaller man, he could see as Ichigo's ears went red with his implications. Grimmjow followed Ichigo into the building and down the main aisle of the shop, where they paused as the bigger man cast his gaze curiously around the well stocked room.

"So what exactly is it that you're going for?" Ichigo asked as he turned to look up at the bigger man. He'd done this more times than he could count and it would have been like talking to any other customer for him had he not known who the bluenette was shopping for.

A wicked grin spread like oil across handsome features, blue eyes alight with an unmatched excitement and eagerness. "Doesn't matter, I just want to keep him under me long enough to hear him scream my name."

Ichigo blinked a few times, his features slowly heating up to match his ears. "Oh my god... Shi is going to kill me..." He groaned, but he turned toward a particular row of items, motioning for Grimmjow to follow him.

They passed by rows of gags and rope and cuffs and other toys until Ichigo finally paused at the very end of the bondage section. In this area, some of the more advanced items were kept and the orange haired man knew it would probably take quite a bit to keep Shiro bound. He sighed and looked over a few things in particular, already coming up with different things that might work, before turning back to the bigger man.

"Shiro's a pretty strong guy, but he's not nearly your size. You're probably going to have to put some of that muscle to use." Ichigo told the blue haired man, reaching up to poke at Grimmjow's upper arm.

"Trust me, I've tried." Grimmjow admitted in a rumbling voice. "He's not easy to keep down."

"No, I wouldn't imagine he would be, but I think a few of these might help you out." Ichigo reached up to shelf nearly level with his head and pulled down a smooth, black rod with leather cuffs attached to either side. He moved a few feet down the aisle and pulled another bar down, this one a bit longer than the first, and held them up for Grimmjow to look at.

When the bigger man lifted a brow at him, Ichigo smirked. "They're spreader bars."

"I know what they are." Grimmjow huffed. "Why do I need two?"

"You've obviously never been to one of his escape artist shows." Ichigo chuckled, thinking back on one show in particular. He'd been unable to pass up the invitation to watch after he heard what the routine was supposed to be. The club owner had thought it would be fun to pair Shiro, who had already had a very established reputation as a strong dom, up with another, much larger dom. What Shiro hadn't been able to match in pure strength, he'd made up for in dexterity and flexibility. Needless to say, the show hadn't turned out the way the audience had expected and Shiro still came out on top. "He's a wily bastard when he wants to be, you'll need quite a bit to keep him bound once you get him there."

Grimmjow took the bars, giving them a quick inspection before turning his gaze back to the smaller man, an unreadable expression on his features. "You know an awful lot about him, you two-uh-hook up for a while?"

Ichigo choked on the air he breathed, his features going red all over again. "No no! Um, I started working here right before my 21st birthday and Urahara found out and thought he'd be funny and throw me a party... Needless to say, he hired his favorite and best customer... Luckily Urahara figured I wouldn't be interested in Shiro's services, but he'd bribed Shi into making me think that's what was going to happen with a few bottles of his favorite liquor." Shiro had shown up to the room Urahara had booked in the back of one of the clubs Shiro frequented in full costume with a whole case of toys and objects Ichigo was sure he would have had nightmares about. Even though he didn't actually get to put any of his toys to use, the albino dom had found the whole thing to be great fun and had made the most of tormenting the poor birthday boy, all the while Ichigo thought he was being serious about all the things he described and said he'd be doing to him. Eventually, Urahara had opened up a bottle of Shiro's favorite rum, pushing it into the albino's hands, and came to the rescue. They'd all had a good laugh as relief flooded Ichigo's system. "It was an amusing night, to say the least."

Grimmjow chuckled, his expressive, cyan eyes loosing the almost aggressive gleam they'd shone with moments ago. "I bet it was. So I guess that explains why you two get along so well."

Ichigo nodded, a happy smile on his boyish features, and began leading the way back toward the front of the shop. "So he should have plenty of cuffs and things you can make use of, provided you know where he keeps his stuff."

Grimmjow grunted and nodded. "He doesn't make it a point to hide his hobby..."

"No, I figured he wouldn't." Ichigo chuckled as he rang the man up at the register, a teasing grin on his boyish features. "He's probably got a few of these too, but I'm guessing they'll be too big for him, meant for someone more your size."

The barest hint of red washed over Grimmjow's face but his shark grin remained firmly in place. Yep, Ichigo thought to himself, that was a definite yes. The shop worker's features lit up a much brighter shade as he wrapped the spreader bars in a large, dark colored plastic bag and passed them over the counter.

Grimmjow thanked him and turned to leave, new purchases in hand. Ichigo trailed behind him to lock up before slipping out of the store.

The whole trip didn't really take that long, an hour at most, but Grimmjow was a little surprised to find Shiro still passed out in bed, despite Ichigo's assurance that he'd be out for the night. The pale dom had hardly moved from where Grimmjow had laid him down, sheets pulled up just far enough to cover his private areas. With a mischievous grin pulling at his features, Grimmjow double checked that the front door was locked before going back to the bedroom. He slid his newly acquired objects under the bed, knowing that it wouldn't take much to hide them from Shiro so long as they were out of plain sight. He stripped and crawled into the large bed next to his lover, pulling Shiro against him as he tugged the blankets further over them both, preparing for a night of oh so sweet dreams.

Shiro didn't awaken until the sun was high overhead the next day, spilling in through the heavy but parted curtains of his window. He groaned quietly and rolled over, finding that his large bed was empty as he sat up and the dark colored sheets pooled in his lap. The bright sun that splashed across the bed in a narrow stream made the paleness of his smooth skin stand out even more pronounced against the dark sheets around and under him. Rubbing at his face, he crawled from the bed, letting the sheets fall away to reveal his nakedness.

Just as he stood, the curtains were drawn the rest of the way closed with the quiet swish of fabric, cutting off the stream of light and plunging the room into darker shadows. Shiro turned to see Grimmjow smirking at him, the bigger man shirtless and barefoot, his jeans slung low to show off cut hips and the tapered trial of fine, dark blue hair leading down from his navel.

"How do you feel, Shi?" The bigger man asked, slowly making his way across the room and around the bed toward his domineering lover.

"Fine, jus' tired." Shiro used his fingers to comb some of his long, ashen hair out of his face. He stretched, a pleased groan crawling from his throat as his body pulled tight. "Who told ya ta buy tha' shit for me anyway?"

As Grimmjow neared the smaller male, he bent and pressed his face into the crook of Shirosaki's neck, inhaling and humming a pleased sound. "Why don't I just wake you up, then?" He asked in a rumbling voice as his corded arms circled around Shiro's lithe, bare waist. He pulled the smaller flush with his solid, much larger body and Shiro smirked.

"It was Ichi, wasn' it?" He asked, not entirely surprised, not yet at least. His fingers danced down the backs of Grimmjow's arms, over sculpted muscle and smooth, touchable skin.

Grimmjow hummed a sound, neither confirming nor denying what Shirosaki said. He easily pulled the dom from the ground, arms still wrapped around his waist, and tossed him back to the bed.

Shiro landed on his back, bouncing a bit on the mattress. As he fell still, leaning back and stretched out across the dark sheets, he looked up at the larger male, his golden eyes flashing bright in the shadowed room. He saw the hungry look in blue eyes and knew Grimmjow thought to make him submit finally. He smirked, a single brow arched, and beckoned the blue haired male forward with a single, black nailed finger.

Crawling cat like onto the bed, Grimmjow grinned down at the smaller as his hands braced on either side of Shiro's head, pinning the dom underneath himself. Colorless fingers feathered over his muscled chest and down his toned belly, until meeting the edge of his jeans. The bigger male chuckled, a deep, rumbling purr of a sound, as Shiro unbuttoned the pants and slowly pulled the zipper down.

"How many times have ya tried this, Kitten?" Shiro grinned up at his larger lover as he began working the fitted denim further down Grimmjow's trim, mouthwatering hips.

"What can I say?" Grimmjow leaned down, locked Shiro into a fiery kiss. He lowered himself to his elbows, knees on either side of Shiro's waist and butt still in the air. "I don't give up until I get what I want."

"Yeah, I've noticed." Shiro grinned and worked the bluenette's jeans further down his spread legs. He dragged his hands back up, over smooth flesh, coasted them across Grimmjow's sides and up the back of his neck. He drove his fingers through tussled, blue locks and pulled Grimmjow's face back down to his own. His pale lips brushed pink ones as he spoke in a low, deepened tone. "Wha's the first rule?"

A shiver ran down Grimmjow's spine, his tongue peeking out for a short taste of the lips brushing his before he straightened over Shiro, cock already growing hard. But rather than pulling off Shiro so that he could comply and take the rest of his clothing off like he was supposed to, he snagged Shiro's wrists and quickly over powered the smaller man to roll him over onto his belly.

Shiro started to pull away, chuckling at Grimmjow's tenacity, until the bigger man dropped to settle his weight across the albino dom's back. He grunted as he was pressed into the mattress and Grimmjow shifted about, leaning to one side. One of the bigger man's hands was still wrapped bruisingly tight around his wrists, keeping his hands held secure above his head. Not a moment later, Grimmjow straightened again and something cold and thin was settled across the middle of his back.

The dom attempted to twist about and see what the bigger man was doing. He was granted a glimpse of a thin black bar, a black leather cuff at the end, before Grimmjow was tugging his arms behind his back. "Hope ya know wha' yer gettin' yerself inta, Kitten." He told his lover, his voice just barely taking on a warning tone.

Above him and still using his weight and strength against the smaller, Grimmjow's grin was shark-like as he pinned Shiro's hands across his lower back and wrapped one leather cuff around his arm, just above his elbow. "Oh I know exactly what I'm getting myself into... You."

"Ain't you clever." Shiro tugged back, attempting to free his arm as Grimmjow began working the second cuff around it, but he was smaller than his lover and despite that he was no where near weak, he couldn't match Grimmjow's physical strength. He frowned a bit, mind working as the cuffs were locked in place, holding his arms behind his back, the spreader bar between them insuring his flexibility and range of motion was limited. After struggling against the bar for a moment, his features twisted into a small sneer, though there was no real anger in it. "This ain't mine..."

"Nope." Grimmjow's hand fisted in the long, white locks at the back of Shiro's head as he pushed the smaller forward, forcing his head down against the sheets. His free hand trailed down Shiro's bowed back, over the curve of his bare, raised butt, and down the back of his leg before he snagged the second spreader bar he'd boughten.

As Grimmjow moved to begin securing Shiro's legs, the smaller male put some of his swiftness and flexibility to use. He didn't have the use of his arms or hands, now that they were firmly held behind him, but he wasn't left completely helpless just yet. He twisted, dropping one shoulder to the bed while he lifted the other. The leg of that same side lifted from the bed as well, and combined with his upward twisting motion, he managed to pull himself more upright as well as turn. Swing his leg around, he ended up facing Grimmjow and straddling the bigger man.

Having been seated on the very edge of the bed, Grimmjow was pushed backward and they toppled onto the floor, Shiro landing on top and Grimmjow on his back. The albino dom grinned down at the blue haired male, a brow lifted as he planted his weight on Grimmjow.

Momentarily stunned, Grimmjow stared up at pale features before he grinned back. "I would have been a little disappointed if you had made this too easy." He told his lover in a deep, rumbling tone. He leaned up unhindered since Shiro couldn't use his hands to hold him down, and pressed an almost loving kiss to Shirosaki's pale lips. As he did so, he settled his hands on the dom's hips. Pulling back a bit, breaking the kiss, a shit eating grin spread handsome features just before Grimmjow used his larger size and extra strength to lift Shiro from him and plant the smaller to the ground.

Shiro landed on his side, a quiet grunt pushing up his throat when he connected with the floor. He struggled to roll over for a moment before Grimmjow rolled him over in opposite direction he'd been attempting and he was pushed onto his stomach once more.

Grimmjow snagged the second spreader bar from the bed and quickly went about affixing it in place between the dom's knees, keeping Shiro's legs secured: unable to spread them wider and unable to close them. Finally, he grabbed a pair of basic cuffs from Shiro's stash of toys and secured the dom's hands. He looped the short connecting chain that held the two wrist parts of the cuffs together around the bar that settled between Shiro's elbows, insuring that his forearms stayed folded across his lower back, limiting his range of mobility even further.

The bigger man straightened and looked down at his handy work as Shiro was forced to kneel in the middle of his bedroom floor, bound and exposed. Grimmjow had little doubt that given enough time, probably just a few minutes, the dom would end up finding his way out of the simple bondage gear and free himself, but he didn't intend to give Shiro those few minutes he would need. He intended to have the dom thoroughly distracted and busy screaming.

"I'll get ya back fer this, Grimm." Shiro purred, resting on his knees and bent forward. His long hair hung around his face, the ends sweeping the floor not so far below him since he hadn't been given the chance to tie it back out of his face yet. But he wasn't actually mad, despite his promise. He enjoyed dominance. He enjoyed making others submit to him, but mixing it up a bit was just as fun and he was already growing hard from the feel of cold metal against his bare, heated skin as he watched Grimmjow from the corner of fiery, golden eyes.

"I know you will," The bluenette chuckled a deep and rumbling sound as he finished tugging his jeans off, leaving them to lay forgotten on the floor. He uncapped a bottle they kept near the bedside and trailed a finger down Shiro's spine before he began spreading some of the lube on said finger. "but it'll be worth it."

A wide, wicked grin stretched pale lips as Shiro did his best to look over his shoulder at his larger lover. "I hope ya have yer fu-ahh-" He dropped his train of thought, a small gasp leaving his throat as Grimmjow's finger teased at his entrance.

Grimmjow chuckled again, the sound edging on malevolent, as he slowly pushed his finger deep. The pale man kneeling in front of him arched as best he could from the intrusion, the smallest of sounds slipping through parted lips, breathy and verging on needy. Grimmjow rumbled a purr in response and drew his finger back before easing forward again, knowing it was more of a tease than anything.

Finally, after a few slow and torturous thrusts, he added a second finger, earning a pleasured gasp from his smaller lover. Shiro didn't bottom often, generally preferring the more dominate role, and the few times he'd let Grimmjow take him, he'd still been in charge and commanding the bigger male in what to do and when. This was clearly different and being tied up and thrown on the floor only added to the dom's enjoyment. If nothing else, Grimmjow was quickly learning what it was to torture someone with pleasure.

Behind him, Grimmjow rumbled a small growl and pulled his fingers from the smaller man as he grew impatient with his own want and need. He snagged hold of pale hips, easily lifting Shiro's bottom half up and raising his ass further into the air so that he wasn't kneeling quite so low. With a hand in between pale shoulder blades, he held Shiro's top half firmly against the plush carpet and lined himself up with the dom's exposed and hastily prepared entrance.

Shiro let out a lilting cry as Grimmjow began penetrating him with a slow, drawn out thrust, but as the bigger male's heavy cock slid forward and further in, Shiro's cry became a low moan, muffled by the carpeting. A panting curse escaped him, ashen brows furrowed and features taking on a very light flush, as Grimmjow pushed deep and came to a rest.

Grimmjow groaned a curse of his own, hips flush with Shiro's bottom. "God,'re so tight..."

"S-start..movein'..." Shiro moaned, wiggling his hips a bit but, due to the way he was tied up and Grimmjow's big hand holding him down, unable to get enough leverage to start moving on his own. He bared his teeth, face turned toward the side and his long hair pooling on the floor around his features.

Grimmjow held still a moment longer, relishing the heat of his lover, before finally beginning to draw back. The sound Shiro made had his cock throbbing as he paused, pulled nearly from the dom's body altogether. "You know how long I've wanted to hear you make these sounds, Shiro?"

If the albino was going to respond, his words were lost and his lilting voice rose to fill the room as Grimmjow snapped his hips forward, plunging deep again in a swift, nearly brutal thrust. The bigger man quickly adopted a quick pace that still allowed him to thrust deep. Shiro's knees slid across the carpet, pushed forward by Grimmjow's strength. The hand gripping his hip tightened, holding him still as Grimmjow thrust into him, groaning and growling his pleasure in his deep, rumbling voice.

Hand still holding Shiro's top half down, Grimmjow could feel the dom's panting breaths as his back rose and fell with the expanding of his chest. He could feel the vibrations of Shirosaki's pleasured moans and the way lean muscle pulled tight under his palm. The pale man keened below him, rocking slightly in the effort to meet Grimmjow's thrusts.

Shirosaki sang a curse as the head of his lover's cock found his prostate. His back arched, ashen brows pulled tight as he threw his head back. He pulled at his bindings, but the spreader bars held him from being able to move much and the way Grimmjow had cuffed his hands kept him from even reaching very far behind himself, arms held securely behind him and close to his body. "Grimmmnn..." He moaned the other's name, golden eyes shadowed and hooded. "T-touch me..."

It was the closest thing to begging Grimmjow had ever heard come from the surly dom and he found himself unable to deny the smaller's request. He finally pulled his hand away from Shiro's back, wrapping his muscled arm around lean, pale hips. He flatted his hand against Shiro's belly, just under his naval. Toned muscle quivered under his heated touch as he slowly dragged his hand down Shiro's belly until he reached the hard length between his legs. Long fingers wrapped around Shiro's aching cock in a firm but not painful grip as Grimmjow thrust a few more times before pulling out.

Shiro all but whined as Grimmjow released him and moved away. But it wasn't long before the bigger man grabbed his hips again and eased him over onto his side before repositioning him so that he lay on his back. Movement hindered by the spreader bars, Shiro couldn't put up much resistance and he bared his teeth in discomfort as his weight settled across his folded arms and the metal bar dug into his spine. He arched as best he could, attempting to ease how much weight he settled across his arms. Still panting, his hard cock saluted between his spread legs, the bar between his knees insuring they stayed spread. His long white hair fanned out across the dark carpet in a tangled, sex mussed mess.

Above him, Grimmjow hummed a delighted sound at the disheveled picture he painted. The bigger man grabbed hold of the bar between Shiro's legs, pulling up to force the smaller male to bend his knees upward, still parted. He pushed the bar forward, exposing Shiro's bottom. The dom grit his teeth as his weight shifted against his pinned arms and the bar against his back dug cruelly into his spine.

His discomfort was forgotten, however, when Grimmjow swiftly lined himself back up and thrust forward to sink his hard member back into Shiro's waiting entrance. Shiro's jaw fell open, a stuttering breath escaping him as his usually colorless features, flushed the barest shade with his pleasure, twisted to reflect said pleasure. As Grimmjow began moving again, he found his voice, his watery lilt raising in the room as he unashamedly praised Grimmjow without forming real words.

Grimmjow growled a low sound, something perhaps a little closer to a groan, and pushed on the bar he still held onto further forward, closer to Shiro's chest. Folding the smaller male's body changed the angle at which he thrust and Shiro's entire body trembled with pleasure as Grimmjow pounded into him.

"F-fuck..." Shiro moaned between panting breaths. Grimmjow's free hand found his saluting, aching member and started pumping him at a slow, teasing pace. "O-oh god...Grimm..."

The bluenette's grin was near deranged, a near match to the one Shiro so often wore as he enjoyed his rare treat. "Gonna have to sing for me, Shi."

Shiro bared his teeth up at the bigger man, a retort on the tip of his tongue, but the ability to fire it back was lost with a particularly forceful thrust. The dom moaned and arched, tugging at the bindings around his wrists and arms as Grimmjow once more found his prostate. Grimmjow's hand sped up along his cock, as the big man kept up his fast and almost harsh thrusting. Finally, what he'd been wanting to hear since he'd met the beautiful albino dom tumbled from Shiro's colorless lips.

"G-Grimmjow!" The lean muscle of Shiro's body pulled tight, his brow furrowed as he nearly screamed his lover's name. He desperately wished his arms and hands were free, so that he could touch the bigger man as Grimmjow pleasured him. He was about to tell Grimmjow so when the bluenette shifted his angle slightly again and the steadily growing heat in his belly turned into an inferno. A strangled, wordless and moaning sound crawled up his throat as he drew near release. The coil in his guy wound tight, nearly spilling over.

The bigger man felt as the heated passage he thrust into tightened around his cock with Shiro's impeding release. Knowing the smaller male was close, he leaned forward, nearly folding Shiro in half so that Shiro's weight rested along his shoulders, ass in the air again despite that he was on his back. Pale legs were as close to thrown over Grimmjow's shoulders as was possible with the bar in the way. Still thrusting, grunting and moaning his pleasure as Shiro seemed to pulse around his member, Grimmjow locked the dom in a deep, messy kiss full of teeth and tongue.

Shiro moaned into his mouth, the end of the pleasured sound raising in pitch. A stuttering cry left the pale, tied up man as wet heat spurted to coat Grimmjow's hand. Shiro's hips bucked slightly, his head thrown back to bare the white column of his throat and his uniquely colored eyes squeezed shut as his orgasm wracked through his body.

A low, growling sound of his own escaped Grimmjow as the heat he thrust into seemed to clamp down around him. He managed two more thrusts and the beginnings of a third before he succumbed to his own release. He spilled himself within his lover as his hips worked, still shallowly thrusting as he rode out his orgasm. When he finally fell still, still sank deep into Shiro's passage, he released his white knuckled grip on the spreader bar between Shiro's knees and braced his weight on corded arms, hands planted on either side of Shiro's head.

Golden eyes peeked open to look at him, hazed and darkened by pleasure. A low, sated purr rumbled in Shirosaki's chest and, just because he could, he flexed his abdomen, stretching his back so that his rump pushed up against Grimmjow's pelvis. Still seated within the smaller man, Grimmjow let out a small moan and pushed back against him, bending low to once more lock his lover in a much sweeter kiss before finally pulling back and out.

A bit awkwardly because of Shiro's lack of mobility, he scooped the smaller male up and carried him to the bed before finally beginning to undo the restraints. Starting with the spreader bar between the dom's legs, Grimmjow pulled the bindings away one by one, and dropped them to the floor beside the bed. When he'd finished, he pulled Shiro close, running his fingers through soft, mussed white hair as Shirosaki laid his head against the bigger's chest.

Still catching his breath from the unexpected but much enjoyed and pleasurable assault, Shiro smirked and murmured in a low, euphoria thickened voice, "Remind me ta kill Ichi."

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