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Chapter five

Ed pov

There was never anything in my life that could come close in comparison to the day I was having. It wasn't just Jasper either - it was everything. The people, the energy, the sense of belonging to something other then a nightclub's scene or a club VIP list. This was the real world. This was working hard. but enjoying the importance of down time - which, frankly, to me seemed like a ton of work to get to the down time itself. But every bit of hard work was filled with laughter and stories and memories. I found myself soaking up everything that I could, trying to put names and faces and stories to memory. I was learning quick, but the distraction of Jasper so close tripped me up a time or two.

As the sun began to dip a bit in the sky, the coals were starting to burn to nothing more than ash. Looking around, I could see the ladies cleaning up, while fathers carried passed-out kids to vehicles and pulled them in wagons, off to tuck them away in their beds. Mothers following close behind, looking tired, but something told me they would be brought back to life after a shower was taken and some dancing clothes were put on.

"Looks like the lull has hit. Time for me to get to work, I'm afraid." Jasper's voice pulled me away from my people watching. I follow as he darts in and out of tables and people toward the back of the building.

"What do you call what you have been doing all day?" He alone had put in more work in one day than I am used to seeing someone do in a week.

"This . . ." he nods back over his shoulder, "this darlin' was just a cookout with a few friends." I get a bit of a thrill at the "darlin' " part and a deep want to hear it a lot more often. Giving me a shoulder tap, I follow him around back of the building. "My work will be keeping the kegs flowing and the people dancin'."

Around back, I take in the courtyard. I hadn't been back here, but I knew the bar had a patio from what Rose was telling us last night. There were Christmas lights strung in the trees and around a wooden platform I assume will serve as a stage for a band. There were tables being pulled around from the front and arranged around a concrete slab that will obviously be used for "dancin'." Barrels of peanuts are rolling into place and small candles were being placed on every table. There were people everywhere - all moving in a controlled chaos, something akin to second nature almost. I couldn't help but pause and just watch.

"It's not exactly a nightclub or anything but . . . " Looking at Jasper, I see he has been watching me looking around. "It is the way we do it up."

I can't be sure if he was defensive or irritated or what, but I needed to jump in quick before there was a backslide in our progress. "No, it's not, Jasper. Frankly, it looks and sounds a hell of a lot more fun." He gives me a 'ya right' look. "Seriously, nightclubs are about who is wearing what and flashing what. It is all a show and no one is really there to have fun. It is more of a pissing contests - who arrived in the better car, who's got the prettiest, youngest, biggest boobed date. It really gets to be a bore."

Moving again and motioning for me to follow him, he keeps talking, "Oh, I know all about it. I did my time in those places, when producers and managers were trying to schmooze me. And you are right, this is much more fun." He opens the door and I follow him through. As he mounts the first step, he turns and asks me over his shoulder, "The question is though, Edward, if it was such a bore, why did you keep doing it?"

I know there was an answer, probably a decent one too, but my mind went completely blank as his ass was climbing the stairs right in front of my face. There was no word formation, no thoughts at all really. My legs followed the beacon to the top of the stairs. A laugh brought me somewhat back to rational thought but there was nothing said. Instead, he unlocked the door and I followed him in.

His place is like nothing I would have expected. I don't know what I expected exactly, but not this. There was still a hint of light coming through the west windows, casting a golden shine across the blonde wood floors. The walls were lined with shelves filled with hundreds of books, which, at a glance, seemed to cover every possible genre. The furniture was soft worn leather, not ratty, but just old and well built - a place where anyone can imaging sinking into and cuddling up in. The colors were all contrasting but worked well - blues and golden browns blended with rich reds and greens. Nothing like the cool but edgy scene I had pictured in my head.

"Feel free to look around, I'm just gonna pop in the shower quick." I swallowed down the lump in my throat and nodded. As he disappeared down a low-lit hallway, I had to keep myself distracted from the thoughts of what was going on down the hall. I took the time to read some titles, even pulling a few from the shelves and reading the backs. There were a few I had read and enjoyed, others that I might want to look up in the future. About the time I hear the water shut off and movement in the hallway, I had started nosing my way through the pictures. I smiled as I looked over the progression of his life. The ones of him as a small child made me smile. In the biggest, his smile overtook his face it was so big and awkward. As the years went on, I could see more and more of the awkwardness drift away and the man he is now emerge. There was one or two that I paused over, they were him with a woman with the same eyes and color hair, hair Texas big. They were behind the bar downstairs in one and that I think is my favorite. She was looking right at the camera smiling wide, but he was looking at her, his face was showing nothing but the love a son can have for his mother. I linger a moment and then move on to one of Jasper at maybe fourteen or so shoulder to shoulder with a beautiful blonde boy that was strangely familiar. Before I could put a name to the face, I hear the click of boots walking in the room.

"Sorry, I tried to hurry." His drawl had me closing my eyes and licking my lips. As I turn to respond, my just -moistened lips, my mouth, tongue everything goes dry.

"Ahh, umm," (mental bitch slap, you sound like an idiot EJ), "Um, no, it's fine. I was just looking around."

He gives a smirk as he comes further into the room and moves to the fridge. Taking a Coke out of the fridge, he cracks it and downs it in one long gulp. Catching me watching, he looks back at me with a sheepish look, "Fuel to get through the next few hours. You want one?"

I start nodding. There is no word that even comes to mind, so I just nod like an idiot. His smile stays in a self-satisfied smirk as he grabs one and strolls over to me. I swear his fingers brush mine on purpose as he hands me the ice-cold can. In my head, I am calculating how bad it would look if I just shoved the thing down my pants. Toying with the idea for a moment or two, I decide to just pop it and down two-thirds of it in a single gulp. As I wiped my mouth on the back of my hands, I realize Jasper is still watching me. The smile is gone now and his eyes are dark and steamy. I lick my lips to test a theory and his eyes narrow. His bottom lip gets a bit of a tug from his perfect straight teeth. My feet move towards him a fraction and I can hear the scuff of his boot doing the same. Preparing myself for how intense I know this is going to be, my heart is racing as I chicken out and turn to the bookcase.

"You have a lot of good reads here." I hear a long breath from Jasper, but he steps up beside me, our shoulders touching.

"I had a lot of down time and I'm a fast reader." I could feel him shrug next to me. I am itching to ask about the vague "down time" comment, but choose to move on.

"There are some great pictures of you here too. This must be your mom." He nods. "And this, is this your band when you were teens?" He nods again and moves so he is slightly behind me but still touching, but not at our shoulders anymore.

His breath is warm on my neck. "Ya, that was our second summer together." His hand rests on my waist and his chin hovers just over my shoulder. I can smell him and the sweetness of the Coke he was drinking. I was shaking and trying not to show it. I am not this guy. I am not a guy to get nervous when someone is coming on to me. I am the player. I am the one with the moves. Luckily, my eyes land next on the picture of him and the blonde. My choices are turn and face him - which sounds amazing but scary - or ask him about the picture - which is safe and doesn't make me feel like I am going to explode.

"So who's this here with you? He looks familiar but I can't place him. Have I met him?" Jasper chuckles and I can feel the vibration in my chest. I can't fathom what is so amusing, so I turn slightly to look at him.

"Oh, you've met - on more than one occasion in fact." I wanted to ask more, but there is it is again. We seem to both be reaching towards the kiss hanging in the air.

"Shit!" Jasper is suddenly pulling back and fishing in his pocket. It's then that I hear the faint ring of his cellphone. He keeps his back to me as he walks towards the kitchen sink to answer, which, though disappointing in a way, is also a blessing. It gives me time to get myself back together and calmed down.

I can hear low soft words in an annoyed tone and can only make out a word or two. A hundred-thousand breaths later, I find myself turning to the shelves again. As my sight comes into focus again, I find myself trying to place the boy in the picture again. I feel him enter the room again, even before I hear his footsteps. As I turn back to face him, I see the tense set to his jaw that was all to familiar, it is the look I got when he first looked at me. Panic sets in for a minute before I remember that we are good and it must have to do with the phone call.

"Everything alright, man?"

Rubbing his neck, he gives a slow shake of his head. Loose damp curls fall across his forehead. "Oh, it will be, but not until I have a chat with the terrible trio." I am completely lost and just cock my brow in question. "Seems Bella found Ali climbing all over Jake earlier, and now I have to step in or service tonight is likely to be lethal."

"What is it with that guy? Is his dick made of gold or something? I mean ya he's good-looking and all, but they are good-looking girls. I'm sure there are guys lining up around the block for a chance with them."

"It goes back a long ways. I don't know if it's even about Jake anymore. I think he is just the ignition that they use to start the old rivalry back up. They used to be real close until they both started liking him. The minute Jake came in the picture, they couldn't see past the lust at what they were losing."

"Lust can make people do stupid things." I keep to myself the dozen or stupid things I want to do in the name of lust. But I can't keep my eyes from dipping to his lips, and I'm rewarded with a peek of his tongue and a small crooked smile.

"Lust is a mighty powerful thing indeed and if time wasn't against us . . ." He let the sentence trail off and broke eye contact. Clearing his throat and gathering a few things for his pockets, "I better get down there and put out fires and hire extra muscle to keep the girls apart."

Nodding, I follow him out the door and down the stairs. "I think I will find Emmett and head home to clean up."

At the bottom of the stairs, he paused with one hand on the knob. His other hand snaked around my neck and before I could let out a breath, his soft lips were on mine. It was nothing heated or frantic, just tender and amazing. I draw in his scent as his lips move over mine softly and slowly. His scent is fresh and clean, like a warm wind coming off the fields and it is one I will never get out of my head. He slowly pulled back and just looked at me, really looked at me. He didn't say anything. He just gave me the sweetest smile and quietly opened the door.

I wandered out after him to search for Emmett. I was in a stupor - one innocent kiss and I felt like my insides were mush and there were fucking butterflies in my stomach. I felt like a teenager copping his first feel, or like I am buying condoms for the first time. It is a nervous good feeling. In fact, if I were a little more gay, I would say it made me feel fucking giddy.

"What the hell?" I fist my hand to my gut to try and calm the flutters.

"Ya, man! What the hell? I have been looking everywhere for you." Emmett's heavy hand slammed down on my shoulder. "Then I find you standing back here, looking eight different kinds of confused."

I shake it off and start walking towards his truck. "Nothing, man, just a whole lot of my head fucking with me." I know what's coming and throw a hand up. "Don't even go there Em, not now."

He fake pouts and looks at me over the hood. "Oh, man! You never let me have any fun."

Flipping him the bird, we are both laughing as we climb in.

Jas pov

What a time for those three to get into it! I suppose I should be a bit grateful though, because who knows if I would have been able to stop. All day with Edward had been great, and more than a bit of a turn-on. Seeing him glistening with sweat by the grill, the sun catching the flecks of gold in his very green eyes. The smell of him heated by the late afternoon sun. Even taking a very cold shower had no effect on my hunger. Telling myself "go slow," "back up," "too fast" - yup, none of it helped. Knowing he was in my apartment, in my personal space, sent everything into hyperdrive.

There is no telling what made me stop at the bottom of the stairs. The minute my feet hit the bottom step, it was a chill up my spine and an over-powering need to have my lips on his before the night carried on. And hot damn! It was a good idea. Sure we had kissed before, but that was more of an attack. This - this was something else, something indescribably innocent enough, but not really. It was a quiet heat and a definite promise of more to come, and unlocking of a door. Great, now I am going all songwriter on it. Whatever it was though, it was someplace I told myself I wouldn't tread again - a place where I knew I would be setting up for a whole lot of hurt. Hell, if it even came to more, there is a good chance I couldn't even get far. The thought of stripping down and laying it out there scares me. There is no way he would want what he saw anyway. The twisted lines of muscle, the unmarred side making the other even more ugly. Letting it go, I try to just leave the bad thoughts behind and hold onto the brief moments at the bottom of the stairs. Keep it light. Keep it in the now, not the future.

By the time I make it half way across the yard, I could hear them. Jake was weakly trying to break it up, but I know he gets a bit of a thrill out of the two of them fighting over him.

"Okay, ladies, can it!" I am usually known as softspoken, so when they hear me yell, they all take notice and shut the hell up. It was a bit of a buzzkill, but I need to push that back for now to keep the night going smooth.

"Jasper, I can not - repeat, NOT - work with that little demon whore." It was always the same with Bella, the name bashing followed by the foot stomping, then the dramatic hair flip finishing off with crossed-arm death glare.

"Bells, calm down please and tell me what the hell is going on." Before she can even flap her mouth open, Alice speaks up, annoying Bella further.

"It was nothing. Really, Jazz, you know how worked up Bell gets when anyone talks to Jake. I was just asking him to open a jar and she flew off the handle." I know better than to believe anything is innocent when it comes to Alice, especially when she does the pouty lip and the eye-batting thing. She knows I don't swing that way, but she still seems to have a delusion that no one can deny her based on her elfy appearance.

"What were you trying to get him to open it with - his dick? Or maybe you wanted him to strip you and use your vag . . . Wait! That shit is too loose to open a gallon jar of mayo that has already been half unscrewed." Bella was going all out, so I can only imagine what actually went down. There was no time to think though, because claws came out and though both Jake and I want to laugh, we are forced into quick action each grabbing a girl as the fur flies.

Pulling the two apart was a feat unto itself, but we managed somehow. We stand far enough away that all they are kicking an punching at is air. Jake is panting and holding a red-faced Bella and I have a squirming Ali under my arm. Jake looks lost as to what to do next, so once again, it is left to me. Man, I am getting sick of this.

"Bella, you need to check yourself." She twists her mouth around and sets up to argue, but a palm up and she shuts it. Looking down, I have the joy of wiping the smug look off the demon pixie's face. "And as for you, Alice, keep your mitts off of Jake and do your job. He isn't interested. He is trying to work things out with Bells, so back off." I can feel her tense, but at the same time, she is trying to give Jake a sexy pout. "Isn't that right, Jake?"

This should be the end of it right here, with Jake saying he is taken and that's that. It takes him a second or two - like he really isn't sure - and that was all it took for another round of drama to be set in motion. Two-point-five seconds of wavering and Jake is down on his knees holding his package and Bella is screaming.

"Forget it! I am done. You can have him, slut face! Any man that takes even a breath to think about being with me doesn't deserve me!" With that, she stomped off and Ali surprisingly is looking after her - not the man writhing on the ground. I can't imagine what is going on in her head, and frankly, I don't want to know right now.

"Ali, get the man some ice and switch stations with one of the girls. I want you inside tonight." Surprisingly, there was no protest. Smacking a now semi-sitting-up Jake on the shoulder, I feel the need to make sure it all registers. "You blew it big this time, my man." The look on his face lets me know he got the message loud and clear.

Everything was running smooth as ever during set up. Everyone was well-versed in the festivities and there was barely a hitch. The band was tuning up and there was the occasional "check, one two, check check" coming through the sound system, the thumping of chairs being set in place, the whoosh of a shop broom being pushed across the dance floor. All the sounds playing in sync and creating a calming in me once again.

Watching people flow in, I try to pay attention to who has arrived, doing my best to make small talk, but my eyes keep searching the crowd - scanning every head for the flash of red I want to see. Getting knocked to the side, I am ready to give a 'wtf' to whoever almost made me drop the tray of glasses I had in my hand.

"He's not here yet." Rose scoots around behind the bar and ties on an apron. Her jeans are painted on and her top is low-scooped. As always, the shoes she has on are impossibly high. She agreed to work a few hours, but the outfit says that is ALL she is working. Cocking her head to the side, she gives me the once over. "What you're not even gonna deny you are on the look-out for a certain pretty boy from the coast."

"What's the point, Rose? You know who I am looking for as well as I do. Really, all the denying would do is waste oxygen." She smiles at the use of one of mama's favorite sayings.

"Well, anyway, Emmett just dropped me off and was going to go change and head back with Edward." With the mention of his name, I feel a tingle up my spine and shift a bit in my boots. Apparently it doesn't go unnoticed by Rose either. "What did you two do?" Her sing-song voice matches the wiggling of her perfectly done eyebrows.

"Nothing, Rose. We just talked, and maybe I, um, kissed him a little." The last part is added quickly and under my breath.

"A little? How do you maybe kiss someone a little?" I know this path and turn it back at her just to shut her up.

"Emmett's just going to change now, huh? You guys left a couple hours ago." A bit of jaw jutting and busy work tells me something is up.

"It's nothing. I just showed him around town and then he wanted to see the shop, so I gave him a tour." Even though the face and shoulder shrug say it's no big deal, I can see the little bit of worry in her eyes and that says a shit-ton more. "Come on, Jazz, wipe that look off your face. It was just the shop - no touchy-feely. It wasn't like I was showing him around my apartment."

"Oh, no, nope, not going anywhere near that. It too was innocent and yeah, well, no." Moving down to the far end of the bar that is off to the side of the dance floor, I try to make my getaway, but the woman can move fast in those five-inch stilettos.

"What? You were all ready to grill me a minute ago. It is only fair." Popping her hip out to rest on the cooler, she stares me down as I busy myself with the glassware. "You actually thinking about finally giving someone a shot? I think you should you know. It isn't healthy for you to be alone and you're going to develop arthritis in your arm if you keep at it the way you have the past five years." She snickers at her own little funny and I roll my eyes.

"Believe me, Rosie girl. I know full well what you think. You have never been shy about it."

Waving her hand, she dismisses the past. "Ya, but that was all hypothetical before. This - this is a living breathing man. A very hot one at that, I mean - true, his attitude needs some work, but he seems to be working on that, and his style still reeks of big city player, but come on. He is hot and into you, obviously, so if nothing else have a bit of fun before he is finished here and slips back out of town as quick as he came." I know she means well, but she just hit the nail on the head really. The reasons why not.

"That's just it hun, I would rather not have a quickie with some playboy that is going to beat fee-." The words died on my tongue and my mouth hung open. Walking around the back of the building, coming into full view, there he is. A black button-down with shining silver buttons, cuffs sloppily turned back to reveal tanned strong forearms. His jeans just tight enough in all the right places to tell there is nothing beneath them and the part of him straining behind the five buttons raises the temp of the already overly warm night. The kicker - which makes Jasper a bit more than hard - are the sleek black cowboy boots he is sporting. Nothing city playboy there. That there is all real proper Texas man, ready for some two-steppin' with the hottest girl in the party.

"Um, you might want to wipe your chin. You seem to have a bit of drool." As I thoughtlessly wipe my chin with the back of my hand, I catch myself and smack Rose in the shoulder instead. "Damn, that is a fine pair though, I have to admit." Peeling my eyes away from Edward for a brief second, I see she has a similar look as I feel I have but pointed at Emmett. He isn't in the same local attire as Edward, but he is looking good in jeans and a pale blue T-shirt that is plastered to his well-defined . . . well, everything.

Taking a chance for us to both have a stress-free evening, I turn to Rose. "Okay, how about this. . . No giving each other hell, no judging or pushing. From here on, we go with the flow and just support."

Both our eyes go from each other to the hot males a mere hundred feet away and back to each other. A brief nod and our handshake seal the deal. Nothing else is said. Handshake complete, we turn and go back to our respective duties - her starting to pour drinks for people trickling in (most of the booze getting in the glass while her eyes wander) and I checking the kegs (and having to recheck because I forgot if I checked them). I hear a snickering and catch Rose's eyes and we both lose it.

I had expected Edward to make his way to the bar sooner or later, but as the time passed, he was still keeping his distance. True, the bar was pretty busy for a good amount of that time, but I couldn't even seem to catch his eyes. He was talking with some guys from the fields, then with some of the ladies from town, always smiling and laughing but never looking to my direction. Rose faired better, Emmett had been back and forth more than once, and not just for him. I got a sinking feeling every time he got a beer for himself and a glass of amber liquid for Edward. Each time, Rose would just shrug her shoulders at me.

By shift change, I was over it. My high I was riding was all but a memory and, frankly, I was pissed. The tension was rising up the back of my neck and I was sure steam was going to be coming out my ears any second now. Tapping out on the bar, I let Garrett know I was going to go have a smoke and tried not to let the 'I'm gonna go punch something' show in my walk. Rounding the corner to the private side of the building, I light up and take a deep drag off the cancer stick, hoping to release a bit of anger on the exhale. No such luck - by the time the smoke is halfway gone, I realize there is no hope for it relaxing me. Stomping it out, I grind it under the heel of my boot. I lean down to pick up the butt and a pointed black toe comes into view.

"Those things will kill you, you know." Slowly rising, I take my time to let my eyes travel up his body. Finally full height, I let my eyes linger on his jaw and the flawlessness of the skin running from his chin to temple.

"That's what they tell me," I say as I rub the side of my less-than-flawless face. His hand brings mine down from where it was rubbing and he runs his thumb slowly back and forth over my knuckles. My eyes meet his and he slowly shakes his head back and forth. I am confused, but he leans forward and lays gentle kisses to the side of my face, following the path my eyes had taken on his own face. With a final full kiss laid just under my ear, I realize I have been holding my breath.

"Don't hide." As he pulls back, I find my brain and brush his hand away, taking a step back.

"Me? Never! So hey, you are quite the social butterfly tonight, huh?" For some reason, all the jackass comments that were going through my head minutes ago were gone. I decide that the 'I'm not hurt, everything is cool' approach is better. I'll be damned if I give him any of that power over me.

"Ya, uh, sorry about that. I didn't know if I should come say 'hi' or . . . ya know." One of his hands is buried deep in his pocket and the other is rubbing the back of his neck.

"It's fine, Edward. You don't owe me any explanations or anything." I'm playing the cool guy as much as ever, even though I feel anything but.

"It's just, well, I know how the talk seems to go in this town and, well . . ." Oh, so that's it, huh?

"So what? You're worried about my virtue or something like that?" I mean it to sound snarky, but it comes across as more corny and that gets a smile from him.

Just like that, the tension - poof - gone. "Feel free to keep my company any time you like, virtue be damned." That brought a laugh and him closer.

"But maybe I'm the old-fashioned type?" His hand is tenderly back at the side of my neck, his thumb tracing my pulse point.

The blood courses through me and I pull his lips to mine, "God, I hope not." Then our mouths crash together. For the first moments, it is a clash of teeth and lips and tongues - purely animalistic - but soon we find a rhythm. As he slightly changes the angle, I feel the scruff on his chin scraping mine, the patch under his lower lip roughly scratching my lips. Our breath melds as his tongue does a dance around mine before retreating. His teeth gently tug on my lower lip and break away.

It seems like it takes a thousand years for my feet to hit the ground and my eyes to obey the command to open, but when they do, I see the lust staring back at me. I don't know what comes over me.

"Wait a minute! Nice boys don't kiss like that." I see his eyes dip and his head slowly shakes back and forth, but he plays along.

"Oh, yes, they fucking do," and he is back at my mouth. The kiss is short-lived since neither of us can keep the laughter in. Still holding onto each other, our chests ricochet off each other.

"Did you really just quote 'Bridget-fucking-Jones'?" He is gorgeous in his mocking.

"I did. You got a problem with that? Miss Zellweger happens to be one of Texas' proudest gems." He gives me a 'oh, come on' look, but I am not gonna back down. "Plus no self-respecting gay man has not watched, if not and read, 'Bridge'."

"Got me there, I have seen the movies, so my gay card holds." Just as our foreheads touch and I am thinking about taking his mouth again, there is a clearing of a throat from behind him.

"What Jake?" I don't even try to hide the irritation in my voice.

"Sorry, Jazz, but um, Garrett said and I quote, 'Put it away or clean it up and get your ass on stage.' " He looks uncomfortable as I glare him down and I let up a bit. It is doubtful he has ever walk up on two guys like this before, but still, he is such an easy target. Running my hands over the back of Edward's really, really well-defined shoulders and down his back, I make a show of slipping them into his very tight back pockets. Even from fifty feet away, I can see Jake's eyes register it and dart away.

"Tell Gar I will be there in a minute. I just need to finish up here." I laugh as all I get back from Jake is a barely noticeable nod and his dust as he beats feet.

I feel the chuckle of Edward against my shoulder as he nuzzles in, the shake of his head back and forth. "That was just cruel Jasper - very very cruel. That poor boy had no idea."

All I can do is give an appreciative sigh as my name spills through his lips. I think it is the first time I have heard it sound so nice from his lips. "He had it coming. Besides, I spoke the truth. I want to make sure you are gonna stick around."

His lips kiss up my neck and across my jaw. I have no time to worry where and what he is kissing. I just melt into him. He keeps the slow kisses going until he reaches my ear. His words are soft and full of heat.

"Where else do I have to go?"

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