Chapter One of Coincidence or Fate

My eyes flutter open but then just as quickly shut when the light reaches out to destroy my pupils, thus making me blind. What the fuck happened? Is the first thing I think of. Honestly, I don't remember ever coming back home, let alone get into bed. Hm, since when has my bed been comfortable? And that's when it hits me, holy shit, I slept with someone! Oh, Christ, this is bad. And by the smell of the whole entire room, I slept with a girl. Shit this is bad, no, this is terrible.

Opening my eyes once again, but this time I wait until my pupils adjust with the bright lighting. Oh, fuck, with my luck I probably slept with one of those popular girls who call their room not a room but an "apartment." I mean, she has a freaking mini fridge in her room, and that's either two closets or a bathroom and one closet. God, fucking rich kid, I slept with a freaking rich kid.

From the corner of my eye I can see movement. Whipping my head towards the movement I realize it's a very blonde happy girl who's in the room with me. Oh, Christ, if this is the girl I slept with I swear I will murder someone.

A smile as bright as the fucking sun reaches her face and she says, "Hey, you're up!" god she's so happy when she says it too. I have never heard such a happy voice. I am going to kill someone if I slept with her. Why, drunken self, why have you made bad choices in people!?

Pulling her red covers over my head I just groan at her. I don't want to have a conversation with this girl, even if I did sleep with her. No matter how nice she looks or acts, I don't like her at all. She's such a popular person, I'm pretty sure I've seen her at my school too. Yeah, she hangs out with the popular people, no surprise, who get whatever they want. I mean just by the look of their cars, you can tell they asked their dad for it, and guess what, they got what they wanted.

I guess me trying to ignore Barbie fails because the next thing I hear is her voice saying, "I made you some breakfast, I wasn't quite sure what you wanted so I kind of made everything." Can you get anymore awkward? She made everything? Then the aroma hits me and it smells amazing, but then my stomach flips and boom. Before the putrid can make its way out of my stomach I sprint out of her room and straight for what I think is the bathroom. And score one for me! It is the bathroom. The one time I'm right, it matters.

I can feel Barbie's manicured fingers make circular patterns on my back. If I wasn't being violently sick right now I would really care … but the thing is, I am being violently sick and I don't care that this queen bee of my high school is touching me. I'm actually surprised that she's touching me, most of her kind would be totally grossed out, I mean, hello, I'm not popular. Popular people only touch popular people, if you want that to be sexual, then go for it, if not then, whatever, you're probably a good little school child.

Finally stopping after what seems like an eternity, I look over at Barbie to see a concerned look on her face. Ugh, talk about a good actress. "What? Haven't seen someone throw up?" I wouldn't be surprised if this has happened to her. All cheerleaders go to parties, which means, all cheerleaders drink and have sex, simple. Actually, I'm not even sure she's a cheerleader, but you know, she just looks like one, it's obvious. No one can look that good without being 1) a popular and 2) a cheerleader. Wait, Bella, don't check her out, that's just weird, you're straight, I think. No, fuck that, I know I'm straight, girls are a no, no. Guys on the other hand are fine. No lesbian here!

But if Barbie over here is lesbian, well, let's just say she won't have her head on for very long. I don't have anything wrong with lesbians, no I'm not a homophobe, I'm just saying I'm not a lesbian, so, if this girl wants to bang me, I will rip her head off. You know, after I tell her I'm not a homophobe. Ugh, but if I kill then people will care about her and go into this thing of depression. I'm sure someone like her is known by everyone, it's obvious. Nice bathroom = it was remodeled which means they have a ton of money, that also means her daddy owns some big business which also means she is loved by all the staff at school because of how important her dad is. Ugh, stupid rich people.

I'm brought back to the world when I hear her clear her throat to get my attention. Why do people do that? Why can't they say "Um, excuse me I need your fucking attention." Nope they can't do that, they have to make an annoying sound in the back of their throat that sounds like they're going to heave out some fur like a dumb ass cat. She's probably a cat person…. Great.

"Uh, are you okay?" Wow, and her acting skills are great, I mean, come one, who the fuck cares about me? I'm lonely miss Bella Swan, no one even knows who I am, so why should anyone care? The frown that she's been having is growing deeper and deeper. I can't believe someone can actually frown like that. It's like almost attractive. Fuck, Swan, what are you thinking, stop thinking about how hot she is and think about everything else.

I can feel her hand slip onto my shoulder as she says to me, "Hi, I'm Rosalie Hale."

Oh, shit, the Rosalie Hale?

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