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This is a collection of .5's to my other fanfic 'Both of Us', you don't have to read it but you'll understand better if you do.

4.5 Realization

Eddie POV

The idea of Adrian. Adrian of all people, being a dad was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. It was no doubt why I was laughing, and why Sydney had claimed it was funny. But it wasn't until Angeline and I started slamming Adrian did Sydney decide it wasn't funny at all.

"Adrian. A dad," I say, a grin pulling at my lips. "I don't think I'd ever see that." I pause, letting another laugh out. "I really don't think Adrian's daddy material, he can barely take care of himself sometimes."

Angeline nods in agreement, her soft strawberry blonde hair swinging against her shoulders. "And he smokes, that isn't a good environment for a child. And along with the drinking." She let out another joyous laugh, which pulls at my insides.

"He can take of a child and himself," Sydney says, her voice serious, the smile on her face now gone, filled with an annoyed look. "And he's quitting the smoking, he's not drinking as much either."

"But he's Adrian," I say dismissively.

"Yes, but he's not the same Adrian you knew from before,"

"I don't know," I say, noticing Sydney's marginally narrowed eyes. "Don't they say leopards never change their spots?"

"But he's different, you might not see it. But I do."

I look at her in confusion, I hadn't noticed that much of a change in Adrian, sure he wasn't as moody and out partying all the time like before, but he was still Adrian. Or so I thought.

"He has changed," Jill says quietly, as I look towards her and feel the numb small ache that still needs mending inside of me. I had Angeline now and she made me happy, but for some reason I couldn't entirely forget about Jill. "He doesn't drink as much, and he isn't partying like he did before."

"If you say so," Angeline says in doubt. "But I won't believe it until I see it."

"He has changed." Sydney says, a pissed look on her face.

Angeline simply shrugs, sending me a small smile before standing to empty her tray.

I look back towards Sydney, who eyes hold a fire that I had only seen on few occasions, a fire that usually was there when she was angry or frustrated. But why was she so caught up about it? Why would she be caring about Adrian?

"I think you're one of the few I've ever heard defend Adrian," I say to her, my mind clouded with confusion.

"Well he's changed" she states, in complete sincerity. "And he can be "daddy material" he just needs someone to believe in him."

I look at her again in confusion, it almost seems like she was protecting Adrian. Like she needed to defend him. I glance towards Jill, who simply stares at Sydney an almost enraptured look on her face. No. I glance back towards Sydney's fire filled expression. No way.

"I gotta go," I say, quickly standing with my barely eaten food.

Sydney and Adrian? It couldn't. But it made sense. How Jill continuously starred at Sydney with a dreamy look how Jill kept complementing Sydney. Like she had a crush on Sydney. I widen my eyes, stopping in the middle of the café. Maybe it was just Adrian then, but why had Sydney defended him?
Why had Jill become angry at Sydney?
Why did Adrian stop talking to Sydney?
Why did Sydney seem less happy than before?

But she couldn't have feelings for him. He couldn't have feelings for her.

Or could they?

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