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Rachel danced her fingertips up and down and up and down the midline of her stomach while she watched Quinn look around the diva's room in nothing but her boxers and the shirt Rachel had been wearing. Warmness emanated from the smile that adorned the diva's face, leftover from the rigorous actively she and Quinn had repeatedly pursued in her bed just a few minutes ago. Purple red marks littered her bronze skin from her hips clear up to her neck thanks to Quinn's aggressively possessive nature. Not that Rachel was complaining, she found it to be very arousing. In fact Quinn had a few of her own from the diva herself. After they had managed to catch their breath, and Rachel once again had feeling in her legs, Quinn had hopped off the bed (much to Rachel's displeasure) to look around leaving Rachel laying there bare save for the undergarments she had put back on. Still darkened brown eyes raked over her girlfriends lean body, darkening further at the sight of Quinn's various tattoos. Beautiful ink resting just below Quinn's soft skin only for Rachel's eyes seeing as the tattoos wouldn't be seen less the blonde stripped and no one would be stripping Quinn Fabray except Rachel Berry. Rachel had taken great time tracing each one with her lips, teeth, and tongue. Little bits of redness from various slightly rough love bites surrounded the stars tattooed on Quinn's hips. Rachel really liked those. Stars were her thing. And Quinn had gotten them before they had even met. It was like fate had destined them to be together which, if anyone asked Rachel, was exactly what she would say to them.

Her fingertips drew higher to circle the bruising on her collarbone and neck, shivering slightly at the memory of receiving them. They had barely gotten through Rachel's door before Quinn had pounced on her and pleasantly proceeded to defile Rachel in her bed thereafter in stages. First Quinn had been slow, delicate with each caress of plump pink lips to sun kissed skin and feather light touches across sensitive parts never before touched. Love had poured from the blonde like she were a leaking faucet unable to hold in what she felt inside. Then, after Rachel had been thoroughly debauched by Quinn's talented fingers, the blonde skater had transformed into something like a wild lion and attacked. Marking her territory with growls, grunts, bites and kisses that seeped through the brunettes pores and reverberated through her bones turning Rachel into a quivering, breathy mess only capable of uttering Quinn's name. The love filled hunger spilling from Quinn the lioness had filled Rachel up and turned the diva into something similar which led to Quinn being flipped over and loosing all power. Thereafter Quinn had been the one being attacked and with a vengeance after the way Quinn had treated her much to the blondes delight.

Sheets, Rachel's favorite comforter, and pillows still littered the carpet below, keeping their strewn clothes company. Rachel sat on the bare bed, her back rested against cool stained wood as she watched her lover make her way around Rachel's room. Her traveling fingers had made their way to her kiss bruised lips and reminded her of what she missed.

"Quinn." Rachel beckoned, her voice low and faint from hours of tortured moans and pleasure filled screams. Hazel eyes turned from the shelf of trophies they had been inspecting to rest on the tousled brunette rested against the beds headboard. Their eyes met and Rachel jutted out her bottom lip in a silent command for Quinn's kiss. The blonde didn't answer outside of taking the few steps back to the California king size bed (what one person needed a bed that size if only one person slept in it?) and crawled up the length of her girlfriend's delicious body until their lips met. Slow burning fire sparked between the kiss until it raged and spread through both bodies, warming them to the core as each kiss they shared did. Seconds grew into minutes until Quinn broke the kiss for fear of burning them both alive but not pulling far away, remaining with her forehead rested against Rachel's. Rachel's fingertips moved from tracing her body to Quinn's, dragging them in wandering circles over Quinn's cheek to her neck, chest, and back. Quinn's eyelids fluttered shut and she slid to her knees so that she sat in Rachel's lap. Rachel responded by lifting her legs so that Quinn could support her back against the diva's thighs.

"Your so warm. All the time Rae. Your like a space heater, my own personal thermal blanket." Quinn muttered, sagging into Rachel's embrace and dropping her head onto the diva's shoulder so that she could soak up more of the wonderful heat Rachel had to offer.

"I'm not sure that I enjoy being compared to a scratchy blanket and a bulky appliance but I'll take it." Both girls laughed quietly since both girls voices were still considerably strained.

"But you're my scratchy blanket and bulky appliance." Another chuckle fell from Rachel's lips only to die quickly due to loss of breath when Quinn grazed a sensitive hicky just under Rachel's jaw with a light kiss, "These prove it."

"Mmm. I'm so glad you were excepted to Yale so that your mother felt the need to give you the gift of flying out here to see me."

Quinn snorted against Rachel's neck, sending a heat wave of hot breath to cascade across highly sensitive flesh, "You should have seen her face when I showed her the acceptance letter. I think she just assumed like everyone else that because I'm a skater punk riff raft-her words-that I had no aspiration or the smarts to even attend a community college let alone Yale. Guess that's why she got all excited and gave me whatever I wanted."

"I always had faith in you Quinn."

Quinn hummed in appreciation, lifting her head to peck her girlfriend on the lips, "I know baby. That's one of the reasons I love you."

"And just think, when I go to NYADA, you'll only be about a 2 to 3 hour train ride away. We'll be able to see each other far more often."

"Ooo I'm getting exciting just thinking about all the dorm room sex and annoyed roommates in our future."

Rachel gasped and slapped her girlfriend on the arm making Quinn pretend to be gravely hurt and fall onto her back clutching her wounded appendage, "Honestly Quinn is that all you think about!?"

"It's not my fault!" The skater protested in a pouty voice, sticking her bottom lip out and furrowing her brows. Rachel didn't budge even if the pout warmed her heart at the adorableness that was her girlfriend. Instead she just folded her arms across her chest and glared at Quinn.

"How is it not your fault?"

"When you have girlfriend as smoking hot as mine there isn't much else you can think about. It's like when people tell you to get your mind out of the gutter; my mind isn't in the gutter, I live in the gutter." That got her off the hook and Quinn could tell the moment Rachel dropped her arms to her sides and replaced her glare with a mischievous glint. The brunette lowered herself onto the palms of her hands placed on both sides of Quinn's head, making sure to press the full length of her body into the girl beneath her, and leaned so close their lips were brushing but not kissing. Quinn shivered at the animalistic way Rachel looked at her, like she wanted to devour her then shivered again when she pictured just that.

"Oh? And what's this 'smoking hot' girlfriend of yours look like pray tell?" Rachel husked out, nipping at Quinn's lower lip. The girl beneath Rachel groaned and shut her eyes for a brief moment, trying to find words her foggy mind.

"She's pint sized-oh!" Quinn's back bowed off the bed slightly when, after Quinn barely started speaking, Rachel bit down on Quinn's shoulder with a rumbling growl that vibrated through Quinn's chest.

"I resent that." Rachel whispered against the bite, laving at it with her tongue to soothe the little string in the mark. Quinn moved her hand up Rachel's still mostly bare back, silently hating the dark purple bra in the path, to tangle her fingers in Rachel's silky hair.

"Okay fine, she's the perfect height. Better?" Quinn was rewarded with a happy kiss to the throat and a hum of delight.

"Much. Continue."

"Let's see," As Quinn pretended to think she ran her fingers through Rachel's hair and enjoyed the kisses Rachel was peppering across her throat and shoulders, "Well she had the most gorgeous eyes you have ever seen. Brown is definitely my favorite color."

"I disagree. Hazel is way better."

"Her hair is like straight out of a fairy tale book you know? Like princess Belle or something. And her legs? Damn her legs. They go on for miles I swear. They make me crazy. Absolutely freaking insane."

"You sound like a leg woman Fabray." Just speaking of legs seemed to remind Rachel that she thoroughly enjoyed Quinn's and wanted to give them attention so she slid down Quinn's body, keeping eye contact, and began kissing around her ankles.

More involuntary shivers wracked Quinn's spine watching her girlfriend stare into her eyes as she worshiped her body, "Anyone would be if they were allowed to touch my girlfriend's legs. They are godly. I'm talking Aphrodite."

"Hmm I doubt your girl is that beautiful."

"Oh she is. Trust me. She is the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world." Rachel giggled at how kindergarten Quinn made that sound and the way Quinn held her hands out to demonstrate the length of which the whole world was just like kids do.

"I doubt that seeing as my girlfriend is hands down the prettiest girl I've ever met. But she's a whole lot more than that." They shared a loving smile at the compliment before Rachel went back to mapping out Quinn's thigh with her lips.

"Tell me about your girlfriend Rachel."

"My girlfriend? She has a nasty smoking habit-ugh!" Rachel sunk her teeth into her lower lip and shut her eyes from the pleasure Quinn caused by gripping a handful of Rachel's hair and tugging on it lightly.

"I resent that." Amusement clearly laced Quinn's voice given the opportunity to repeat Rachel's earlier statement.

"Well it's true. Smoking is very bad for your health Quinn and not only that, it's bad for your voice and while you have a very 1920's jazz club husk to it that makes it sexy I do not approve of your indulgence of nicotine when your with those Skanks you call friends and furthermore-" The brunettes rant was cut short by Quinn hooking her legs around Rachel's hips and flipping her onto her back. Air whooshed from Rachel's lungs in the surprise of being overturned so quickly without warning and before she could take a huge gulp of much needed oxygen Quinn was upon her, pressing a most delirious punishing kiss to Rachel's lips. Chills racked Rachel's body from Quinn's heated passion being asserted so forcefully as punishment for disapproving of her smoking. Writing a note of a legal pad in the recesses of her mind, Rachel made sure to bring up Quinn's smoking more often if this is how Quinn got angry about it. The skater bit down on Rachel's lip, dragging a groan out of the singer and earning more stripes down her toned pale back from Rachel's nails. Her body quivered and lowered further to mesh every curve of her body with Rachel's.

"I'm thinking about dying my hair pink." Quinn muttered between kisses, swiping her tongue across Rachel's lips and, when Rachel gasped, plunged into her brunettes mouth to get that addictive taste she craved that could only be Rachel. The beautiful goddess beneath Quinn whimpered, her hands flying up to holds Quinn's face while they kissed. The fire from before burned once more only brighter this time now that the kiss was twice as heated and much more personal. They were simply ravenous for one another like a couple who had been away from one another for months which could be considered close enough to their actual situation. They angled their heads to the side so that they could press into one another more, deepening the already fathomless kiss that much more but still not reaching that level of 'enough'. Something that couldn't be reached in a simple kiss since they both were human and required breathing. So they broke apart to suck in a large lungful of sex and hot smelling hair.

Now that the better part of her mind was being bombarding with heady lust for Quinn, Rachel was able to mule over what Quinn had said. Absentmindedly she toyed with the layered ends of the blonde hair she loved so much, trying to picture it as an unnatural color. It was difficult to picture but then again she was bias. She loved Quinn's hair the way it was.

"Why? Is it that Mac convincing you to do crazy things again? Because last time you listened to her I received text with a picture of you not only getting your nose pierced but getting a tattoo of Ryan Cecrest on your lower back which even I'll admit I'm glad you had removed. I'm rather fond of your tattoos but that one was simply atrocious and-" Once again Quinn ended her girlfriends rambling the quickest way she knew how. With a kiss.

"I want to dye it pink because pink is your favorite color Rae."

Rachel blushed her embarrassment, "Oh."

Quinn curled her arms under Rachel's back, hugging the girls torso, and rested her chin on Rachel's collarbone, gazing still at her blushing girlfriend with a fond smile, "Yeah."

"Well…I suppose in that case if it's what you want to do I'm not going to stop you because I love you no matter what and I support all of your decisions unless they involve smoking, delinquency, any possible danger to your health, or breaking up with me."

Quinn grinned and dropped a kiss between Rachel's breast earning her a pleased humming and a fluttering of Rachel's eyes, "Okay. Pink it is then. Just until it washes out. I've always wanted to dye my hair a weird color. But, like always, I wanted to involve you into my decision."

"Such a charmer Fabray."

"Only for you Berry."


"Yeah baby?"

"We're one of those disgustingly adorable, sickly sweet couples aren't we?"

"You know what? I think we are love. Any problem with that?"


"Good. Let's celebrate."

"Quinn!" Rachel shrieked when her lion of a girlfriend tore what little clothing she had on, off in one fell swoop and proceeded to tease her by kissing and nipping at her twitching abdominal muscles. Rachel conceded to Quinn's dominance instantly without pause, wrapping her legs around Quinn's back just below the blonde's shoulder blades to keep her in place.

"Quinn." The brunette whispered with much more need than any other emotion previously displayed during their banter. Silently portraying Rachel's want and urge to beg all in one word. She needed Quinn all over, everywhere, all at once. However just as Quinn began to give into Rachel's request, tonguing Rachel's midline down to her bellybutton, Rachel's phone rang from its place on her nightstand. They both groaned and threw their heads down in frustration, Quinn's landing on Rachel's stomach and Rachel's thumping into the pillow top mattress.

"Pussy blocking…son of a bitch…mother fucker…calling right in the middle of something…" Quinn growled out, glaring daggers at the still ringing phone in Rachel's hand.

"Quinn, language."

"Yes you'd be using some of your own and more thanks to me if your stupid fucking-" Quinn hissed out her disproval at Rachel silencing her by flicking her ear just before hitting the call button on her phone.

"Hello?" Annoyance was dripping from just that single word Rachel practically yelled into the receiver of her iPhone. Thanks to the volume being turned up so loud on the cellular devise Quinn could hear the caller just as well as Rachel even with it pressed to her ear.

"It's Kurt. Why do you sound so angry?"

"Because he's totally blocking me…" Quinn mumbled. Rachel shushed her girlfriend with a flourish of her wrist and a short look.

"No reason," Rachel sounded more pleasant though it was obviously very fake if her frown and squirming hips were any consolation, "What do you need Kurt?"

"Emergency Glee Club meeting at my house. Bring your girlfriend." There were some raised voices in the background that Kurt yelled at to quiet them down, "And Santana told you to bring snacks. She's hungry. Also Britney says hi and Mercedes says hey girl hey."

Rachel sighed and looked down at Quinn who was pouting and smiled despite herself at how cute she looked. Her girlfriend shook her head no, telling her to blow them off for more sex with Quinn. Hmmm Glee Club meeting or mind blowing sex with Quinn? Hmmmm…. "I'm indisposed at the moment Kurt." Not even a difficult decision.

There was a lot of noise that exploded from the phone forcing Rachel to hold it away from her ear for fear of inner damage being done. Static, shouts, obscenities, and a crackling followed by a thud ensued before Santana's voice wafted into the room.

"Listen up dwarf," Quinn growled at the jab at Rachel's height, "This isn't a class discussion you get a say in. It's my fucking decree and there will be no coup d' état when I fucking say so got that? Santana Lopez's word is law. So get your asses over here now or I will go all Lima Heights on both your white asses. Understood?"

Rachel sighed again, more agitated now than she was before. Quinn though was actually smirking a little at Santana's aggression. For some reason, it reminded her a bit of herself, "Fine."

"That's what I thought. Now get dressed, pack me some of those fake cookies in your bag, and get a move on."

"How'd you know-"

"Please. I can practically smell sex through this phone. It's disgusting and I'm getting nauseous. Seriously I'm about to throw up. The hormones from you two fucking like rabbits is making me ill. And I get more bitchy when I don't feel good. Keep that in mind Gay Berry."

"Don't be crass Santana. We'll be there shortly."

"Ah uh. Wait. No quickie with Quinnie the Pooh. You leave now. Not even a kiss. Hurry up! Your wasting my time. Let's go, lets go, lets go!"

"Fine! God. Goodbye."

"Whatever." The line died. Rachel ended the call and threw her phone on the bed wishing it was at the Latina instead. Sometimes Rachel seriously questioned her Glee family and herself for actually being a willing part of that family. Whatever reason they had called an emergency glee meeting for couldn't be so important they had to pull Rachel from her limited time with Quinn. Still once they-they being Santana-had made up their mind there was no contesting no matter how much she huffed, stomped, and executed perfected diva storm outs.

Quinn lolled her head to the side, pressing her ear to Rachel's toned stomach with a sigh, "So. Sounds like we're leaving?"

Rachel frowned at the sad tone in Quinn's voice. If it meant anything Rachel wasn't pleased that their time was being stolen but no matter, it was happening whether they liked it or not. The brunette wound her fingers through Quinn's hair and massaged the scalp lightly with her nails to soothe the blonde.

"I'm sorry love. We can be quick and then hurry back. Maybe we'll have enough time to celebrate in the shower before my Dad's come home. Deal?"

Just like that Quinn's disposition transformed into the bright, happy Lion Quinn Rachel loved, "Deal!"

After that they rushed to dress themselves. Quinn, without thinking, pulled on her buffed up Audios before her pants so she ended up having to take them off put pants on then put them on again. Then to add to her stress of what should have been an easy task she couldn't find her damn t-shirt she had on before. It didn't even occur to her to grab a new one out of the duffle bag full of her clothes she had packed in California then brought with her since she had planned to spend the night with Rachel. Instead she walked around on her knees calling out to her shirt like it was a lost pet hoping it would cater to her calls.

Rachel, on the other hand, smartly didn't even bother looking for her clothes knowing full well she wouldn't find them in the mess they had created. She merely stepped over Quinn, who was on all fours looking under the bed and offering her shirt something nice if it came out of hiding, and went to her girlfriends bag of clothes. Unzipping it and going through its innards Rachel first pulled on a pair of Quinn's undergarments to replace the ones Quinn tore, a pair of Quinn's frayed skinny jeans full of holes and covered in patches distributed by different skate brands, a tattered blank tank top that smelled strongly of Quinn, and just because Rachel was getting a thrill by wearing her girlfriends clothing put on Quinn's pinstriped ankle socks and the spare pair of Vans she found tucked beneath the jackets. Smiling to herself she hugged her midsection because she was decked head to toe in nothing but Quinn.

Meanwhile Quinn had given up on her shirt and was going through Rachel's dresser until she found something not covered in polka dots or frills. Donning a West Side Story t-shirt and pulling on Rachel's Wicked hoodie she found beneath it Quinn finally let out a pent up sigh. Why was finding a damn t-shirt so freaking difficult? She probably would never find the damn thing. It had passed through the looking glass and was now enjoying tea with the Mad Hatter in Wonderland. Of course the moment she put Rachel's clothes on she looked down at her feet and found she was standing on the sleeve of it that was poking out from under the dresser. Of freaking course. Oh well, fuck it.

"Do you want to just walk? Kurt's house is only four blocks away. Seems rather pointless to drive such a short distance I would think." Quinn turned to answer but stopped short when she saw Rachel dressed in her clothes. For a moment Quinn wondered how the girl had got them then remembered her duffle bag. She mentally slapped herself again for being so stupid. Then she looked at Rachel again, really looked, and couldn't stop the smile from growing. Rachel looked good. More importantly, she really liked seeing Rachel in her things. Lion Quinn purred happily at the clear marking of her territory aside from the prominent and visible hickies littering Rachel's neck. Oh yeah. She had a few of her own. Guess they would be as obvious as a billboard sign when they did show up.

Quinn walked over to Rachel to take her hand and give her a chaste kiss, "Loving the outfit Rae. I don't care if we walk. I'm just gonna run out to my car while you pack up the food stuff."


A few moments later Rachel had an assortment of vegan cookies, regular cookies, a couple bags of chips, a fluffy pastry for Kurt, donuts for the guys, and a jumbo sized bottle of homemade lemonade packed away in her bag slung over her shoulder. Sure it was more than Santana had ordered (not asked-ordered and that had earned her a Power Point on manors for sure) her to bring but Rachel knew her Glee family and she knew they would all no doubt want something to eat or drink. Not that she minded, she enjoyed giving despite what they all thought of her. She loved to care for the people she held dear to her, Glee family included.

Locking the door behind her and remembering to text her Dad's that she would be out for the next few hours, Rachel walked down the gravel path to meet Quinn standing in the street with a skateboard tucked under her arm. No helmet. Rachel sighed. They had gotten into a little spat at the beginning of their relationship about Quinn's obsessive need to be a part of such a dangerous sport and not wear the protective headgear she should. In the end Quinn had won with the argument that she had been skating since she was ten and never wore a helmet and never got serious head injuries so she refused to wear one. That and helmets looked stupid. Now days Rachel didn't bring up but they both knew she disapproved.

Quinn dropped the board to the cement and jumped on it, gliding effortlessly towards Rachel. Talking about Quinn being a skater and actually watching the girl ride around was an entirely different thing as Rachel found out standing there and watching the girl Agro kick at the cement until she moving at a fast speed and circled around Rachel, reaching out a single finger to trace an invisible equator around her middle. Actually it was strangely a turn on. Quinn stopped circling and sped down the street, shifting her weight from back to front to bring the board up and spin it once, twice, then as it fell back on it wheels Quinn's feet landed back on the board in a successful kick flip. In her element, watching Quinn do what was now as natural too her as singing was too, little shivers made Rachel's legs shake. The way the wind caught her hair almost like it was welcoming her back with a loving caresses with its flowing touch, the shifting of her muscles as she owned everything she did, the confidence in what she was doing, the joy making her hazel eyes sparkle like they did when Rachel kissed her all pulled Rachel in. She was so in love with everything about this girl she was hopeless. Every day she found something new to love about her. This would be something close to the top of her list. She wouldn't argue with Quinn about her skating anymore.

"Well? Where am I going my fearless leader?" Quinn came back, circling Rachel again since she was still standing stoic.

"Oh. Right. This way." Rachel turned and began walking in the direction of Kurt's house but Quinn stopped her dead by power sliding to a stop in front of the brunette.

"Wait up. I thought maybe you would want to try." The blonde stepped off her skateboard and stomped on the tail end of the board sending it straight up into her waiting hand.

"Try what?" Quinn waved her skateboard in the air with a manic smile plastered on her face. Rachel's eyes grew to an almost comically wide size, outdoing even Ms. Pillsbury. A shaking tan digit raised to point at herself, to shocked for words, and when Quinn nodded Rachel let out a little eep of terror. Rachel Berry? Riding a skateboard? Oh no. No, no, no. No sir. What if she crashed? Worst, what if she crashed and injured her nose!?

"Quinn I don't think that's a very good idea-" The blonde smiled like she knew Rachel would say that, "-I mean I don't have a helmet and you may not need one I certainly do-" Quinn set her skateboard on the cement by Rachel's feet, pointing it in the direction they were headed, "-and I could seriously injure myself. What if I fell and chipped a tooth or broke my nose? How would I get into Broadway that way-" Nodding along in agreement with Rachel Quinn moving behind her and placed her hand on Rachel's hips, "-so with that said I really don't think it would be wise to-Quinn!? What are you doing!? Ohmygod!" Quinn had guided Rachel onto the board while she was distracted with her nervous rambling and was now pushing Rachel along very slowly, keeping a firm grip on her girlfriends slender hips. Each bump of the road could be felt through the board, rolling up through Rachel's legs and bouncing back into the checkered grip tape. She screamed in terror and shut her eyes, chanting nonsense words as well as taking the lords name in vein and screaming Quinn's name for not the first time that day. Even though they were going slower than a child on a bike with training wheels.

"Rachel relax, I'm not going to let you fall. I've got you. Your safe. Your always safe with me." Hearing Quinn's words soothed Rachel like only Quinn ever could, loosening her up enough to open one first then both. Slowly she let out a breath and righted herself into a straight posture and actually let herself enjoy the feeling. Wind licked at her cheeks and blew through her hair leaving warm kisses against her skin and heating her up a bit. Butterflies took flight in her stomach at the feeling of moving across the road at such a pace with no doors or seatbelts to keep her restrained. Feeling it first hand Rachel finally understood why Quinn loved doing this so much. That's not to say Rachel would pick it up, she was not cut out to skate.

"Wanna go faster?" Reluctantly Rachel nodded, reaching her hand back to grip onto Quinn's shoulder for support. The blonde gave her another happy smile before breaking into a light jog, pushing Rachel along with the hands she held on the diva's hips. The butterflies multiplied into one giant winged creature, its fluttering wings brushing against her insides and making everything inside her tingle. Fear and worry about the danger of this suddenly dropped from Rachel falling behind and laying in the road while she continued to speed on. Merriment erupted from her in the form of wholehearted laughter, ringing through the neighborhood much like bells from a church would. This was an amazing feeling! Of course that could have been the adrenalin talking.

"Which house Rae?"

"The two story blue one with the mailbox that says Hummel on it."

"Okay. Babe listen cause your gonna have to turn into the driveway then I'll slow you down okay?"

On a high from the spike in her blood and heart rate Rachel laughed happily again and nodded with excitement, "How do I do that?"

"Lean all your weight to the left side." Nodding again Rachel did just that but she did it soon and instead of sliding ride up into the driveway Rachel ran the nose of the board straight into the curb. For a moment Rachel Berry was airborne, clearing the sidewalk easily and making a landing onto the Hummel's front lawn. Instead of screaming or bursting into tears, Rachel laughed hysterically. Quinn, who had been moving at the same momentum, tripped over both the skateboard and the sidewalk. She too flew over the walk and landing on the lawn just beside Rachel. That only busted Rachel up more who by then had doubled over in laughter, clutching her ribs with sod covered hands. Following suite Quinn broke out into spontaneous laughter until they were both laughing uncontrollably.

"Are," Quinn paused to let out more laughter, "you okay?" Rachel nodded and pointed to the new holes just put into the shins of the jeans and the grass stains already soaking into the denim. For some reason that made them laugh harder. Quinn fell over, landing on her hat Rachel had bought which had come off during her wipeout, but she was far to gone to notice. Rachel did though and laughed at that as well, pointing at it. Quinn noticed and laughed as well.

"Are you two drunk?" The couple still racked with fits of laughter turned their heads to see a few members of New Directions standing on the porch giving them odd looks, particularly Santana who had asked the question.

"Yup." Quinn gleamed, glancing at Rachel.

"On love." Rachel beamed, looking at Quinn.

They broke into more laughter.

"Oh hell to the no. They did not just say that. They are one of those couples." Mercedes shook her head, eyes wide, and hand pressed over her heart.

Kurt shook his head with pursed lips and a hand on his hip the other in his hair, "We should have seen this coming. It is Rachel we're dealing with here."

"I think it's cute." Britney smiled at the couple who were now both trying to help one another up but because of their laughter kept tripping and falling back down the ground causing yet more laughter.

Kurt gave Britney a look that he would give to her if she just said argyle was cool, "Britney you think poptarts are cute."

"What? The little square shape and colorful frosting makes them look like rainbows I can eat. Plus poptarts make me think about Neon Cat. And he's cute."

"Right." The coiffed boy drawled then shook his head once more, flicking his wrist in the couples direction, "Someone please fix them? We have business to attend to. And they are messing up my lawn."

"I gots this." The Latina stomped past the couple, snatching up Quinn's skateboard and holding it over Rachel and Quinn's heads mincingly, "I will truckslap the shit out of you two if you don't shut the fuck up and get in the house right the fuck now."

"What is a truckslap?" Rachel whispered in Quinn's ear. The blonde glared up at the Latina who was touching her skateboard. Big no, no.

"Painful." Quinn whispered back before jumped up and yanking her board out of the Hispanic girls clutches. For a moment they had a glare down that seemed to have no apparent winner until the Latina shrugged noncommittally and swaggered back to the house, grabbing Britney's hand on her way and pulling her inside with her. Quinn took that as a win.

Minutes later Rachel sat on Quinn's lap in the basement that was Kurt's room while the Glee club members munched happily on the food Rachel had brought and sipped their lemonade. While they were distracted by food Rachel pointed everyone out to Quinn.

"That's Sam, Mercedes boyfriend," She pointed at the blonde with teen heartthrob hair, holding his half eaten donut under his nose to make it look like a funny mustache.

"That's Puck," An olive toned boy with defined biceps he was showing off and a Mohawk.

"Finn," Quinn glared at his dopey face, knowing fully well Rachel use to date him. Lion Quinn was not pleased.

"Calm down baby, I'm yours." Rachel patted Quinn's arms that were hugging her hips. Lion Quinn was once again purring and sending a volley of ego pleasing insults at the boy using telepathy.

"That's Blaine, Kurt's boyfriend," A boy with seriously gelled hair and a bowtie, "Sugar, Tina, Mike, Artie, Rory, Santana, Britney, Kurt, Mercedes, Joe, and then there is me. That's the whole family. Oh and Mr. Schue but he's not here." Quinn nodded, trying to remember all the names that went with faces, resting her chin on Rachel's shoulder.

"Okay so," Kurt began, licking his fingers of the remnants of the pasty he had shared with Blaine, "this meeting is called to order. Puck would like to speak first."

The mohawked boy paused in his flexing as if just caught in the act of something bad then cleared his throat, facing Quinn and Rachel, "Right. So Rach as my honorary Jew Babe it's kind of my job to look out for you-"

"Your Jew what!?" Lion Quinn was roaring in her head, slamming her paws against the cage Quinn kept her in, "His Jew what!?"

Rachel reached her head around to tangle her fingers in Quinn's hair, scraping her scalp with her nails the way Quinn liked, settling down both Lion Quinn and herself, "Relax baby. It's just a pet name. It doesn't mean anything." New Directions exchanged looks at the intimacy being shown, not use to Rachel being this way. Sure they had seen her doting after Finn but even then she didn't act like this. Like she was completely and utterly devoted to loving Quinn.

"Okay. Sorry. You know how I get."

Rachel smiled softly, leaning forward to kiss herself softly, "I know."

Quinn beamed but just to appease the possessive beast still raging inside her she hugged Rachel tighter and mouthed the word mine to Puck. Puck blinked at the gesture, turned to Finn for an answer who shrugged his confusion then returned to staring at the two chocolate chip cookies in separate hands trying to figure out why one looked different than the other not realizing one was vegan and one was not. Ultimately he just gave up and ate both, never realizing the difference.

"You were saying Noah?" Rachel prompted. Always the one to make sure everyone was on cue.

"Ah right. Like I said, as a fellow Jew it's my job to look out for you cause you know us Jew's gotta stick together."

"What he means is you may be an annoying tiny pain in our ass that we complain about and make fun of all the time but your our annoying tiny pain in the ass and no one else gets to fuck you over but us cause we love you or whatever. You know?" Santana gave Rachel a look, practically forcing her to understand what the Latina meant by that but it was to no avail. Rachel was just as clueless as ever.

"Look real talk," Mercedes scooted to the edge of her chair pointing at Quinn who hadn't been paying any attention up until that point opting to nuzzle into Rachel's neck instead, "We know everyone in Lima. It's a small town."

"I've never seen her in church." Sam spoke up.

"She's not a Jew so she doesn't fit with us cool Bro's." Puck shrugged, eyeing Quinn with something akin to brotherly protection for his Jew Babe.

"And I know everyone from Lima Heights and this white girl is not a Lima Heights badass like myself." Santana glared at Quinn again, only ceasing eye laser fire when Britney ran her fingers over the Latina's arm.

Nodding smally, Tina spoke up in her timid voice, "She's obviously not Asian."

"And she's not in me and Britney's dance class." Mike added helpfully.

"Britney and my, Mike." Tina corrected earning a smile as a thank you from her boyfriend.

"I wouldn't know. I just got here." Rory mumbled in his rich Irish accent.

"I asked my Daddy," Sugar spoke around the wad of bubble gum in her maw she continuously smacked and popped loudly, "and he doesn't know a Quinn who lives in Lima."

"Point is," Artie summed up, resting his gloved hands on the wheels of his chair, "nobody has a clue who she is or where she came from. I had a few fellow computer nerds do a background check but ah…without her last name we didn't get much."

"I didn't even know you had a girlfriend." Finn spoke piteously, taking a massive bite out of one cookie then the other simultaneously and chewing sadly.

"None of us did," Blaine looked the frowning couple over critically, "We're just worried about you Rachel. We want to make sure Quinn is….a good person and won't hurt you."

"Yeah cause I won't hit a girl but I'll totally slash her tires if she messes with you Jew Babe. And Sam, Joe, and Mike would totally help. We'd totally fuck her couch all up." Said boys nodded along morosely as if this were a grave topic for them.

"I'll hit a bitch. Gladly." Santana piped in, raising her hand and pointing at her raised hand with the other to emphasize that she would be the one to beat Quinn should she hurt Rachel in anyway.

Normally when threatened Quinn responded aggressively, lashing out with cleverly honed skills of insults. Should that fail, and it next to never did, she then resulted to physical violence. Being cornered and looked down upon by a group as she was now would have normally turned Quinn into a hissing, thrashing, growling ball of violent furry but no such thing took place. Lightness overtook her heart and a gorgeous smile bloomed. The fingers she had twined with Rachel's tightened their grip, gathering the brunette's attention. She looked a little shell-shocked and that was to be expected so Quinn brightened her smile that she gave Rachel.

"And you thought they didn't like you." Quinn placed a kiss to the cleft of Rachel's chin. Finally reality set in and Rachel felt downright giddy with happiness. Her Glee family really did love her. Here they were threatening to beat her girlfriend and slash her tires because they were worried for her. Calling an emergency meeting to figure more about the enigma known as Quinn to them, Rachel's mystery girlfriend. A smile matching Quinn's lit the room.

"Oh my Barbra. You guys!" She giggled merely, giving Quinn's fingers a squeeze, "Your all so…so…thank you! While the gesture you all have displayed is so incredibly sweet I can assure you with everything-I can swear on Barbra herself-" Kurt gasped, holding his hand over his hand, "-that Lucy Quinn Fabray would never in a million years hurt me. She's the love of my life and I can say with certainty I'm hers."

Quinn groaned and dropped her forehead against Rachel's spine, "Rachel…."

"What?" The brunette swiveled her head to look down at Quinn hiding her face from everyone.

"Did you have to use my real name? You know I hate it."

"Oh," Rachel's face flashed equal parts concern, shame, and amusement, "Sorry love." Quinn shook her head and waved her hand all around for Rachel to continue with her conversation but refused to move from her hiding place behind Rachel.

"Well that's fine and dandy but how do we know that? We don't know the first thing about this girl." Blaine grumped, not ready to give into the love fest.

"Quinn?" Rachel only had to speak her name for Quinn to understand.

"Go ahead. I'm quite content to die of embarrassment no thanks to you. It's quite sucky under this bus you threw me under."

"Your so cute," Rachel ignored Santana's fake gagging, "Quinn is going to attend Yale once she graduates from Santa Rosa High in Santa Rosa California and then we are going to get Metro passes to visit one another-"

"Which I already got for us." Quinn mumbled into Rachel's shirt.

Rachel's eyes lit up, "Did you really?"

"Mhmm. Continue with my life story, we'll talk about it later."

"Oh right. Anyway she is going to be Valedictorian of her class at Yale and she's going to go into business or literature-she hasn't decided yet-then we are going to move in together and get married and have babies with pretty hazel eyes and pink hair and name them Simba and Nala." Quinn laughed at the inside joke but everyone else just looked at Rachel like she was crazy.

"That sounds….scary." Mercedes said. Both Kurt and Blaine nodded.

"It's cute! Cause Quinn is a lion you guys!" Britney said it like it was obvious. Quinn gave the girl a knowing smile, clearing she was brighter than she looked. Or rather, acted.

"Whatever. So she's a smart bitch that doesn't mean she meets the Lopez criteria to date my dwarf." This time Quinn didn't get angry at the height joke.

"She lives in California but was born in New York. My home away from home. Just please make sure to note I'm dating a girl from New York. Ahem, that means we're perfect for each other. Anyway she was born there because…um…babe? I forget."

"My mom is from New York and my dad was traveling on business, they met, did nasty things to conceive me, and vah-lah 9 months later little baby me. We moved back to Cali before I was even one."

"Right. Moving on. Quinn loves to skate, she use to be a cheerleader but quit when her coach told her that in order to remain head cheerleader she would need to date and sleep with the quarterback. She-"

"We get it." Puck grumbled, "Explain how you met. I don't remember you going to California."

"I didn't. We….um…." Rachel blushed and looked down at their clasped hands, suddenly feeling nervous about this part knowing they would judge her.

Quinn, like always, saved Rachel, "We met online. And if you have a problem with that your just going to have to get a big ladder, and the get the fuck over it. Look I love Rachel, I'm in love with Rachel and we have a future planned out together. I'm not going to hurt her or leave her because I only ever want to be with her. If you don't like, oh well, because I'm in this with her for the long haul and if any of you plan to stick around with Rachel that long then your going to have to either learn to love me or pretend too because I'm not going anywhere. Okay? Fan-fucking-tastic."

There was a short silence that followed New Directions sized Quinn up. Rachel just shifted uncomfortably both from the tension in the room and the ability Quinn had to turning her own with just the simplest things like using that bossy voice of hers. Finally Santana's shit eating grin made an appearance, throwing those who knew her off guard.

"She passes." The Latina said standing up and taking Britney with her, making for the door, "and I like her. She can stay."

"Just like that!?" Kurt squeaked out.

"Yup. She passes." Puck confirmed, also getting up to leave, "Later Hummel."

"But…I don't understand." Kurt looked around the room for anyone to explain.

"Because she stood her ground and stood up for Rachel." Blaine explained, laying a calming hand on his boyfriends shoulder.

Quinn didn't stick around for the initiation that was sure to follow, she was already pulling Rachel by the hand back to the warm showering calling to her in the Berry household. Now she could finally pick up where they left off before Santana called!

However, fate would not have as, seeing as once they arrived two SUV's were parked in the Berry's driveway insinuating that Rachel's fathers were home.

"Damn it!" Quinn pouted, going as far as to flip off both cars like that would help her case. Rachel giggled at her girlfriends antics and once she settled down sidled up to wrap her hands around Quinn's bicep and lean up on her tip toes to whisper against Quinn's ear.

"Don't worry baby, I'll make it up to you after they go to bed. My room is soundproof after all. And, it's just a feeling, but something is telling me your not going to get any sleep tonight. I have a sixth sense you know. You'd be wise to listen to it." With that Rachel pecked Quinn's cheek and skipped up the gravel path and slipped into the Berry home, leaving the door ajar for Quinn.

The blonde stumbled to the door, still trying to get her jaw to shut and quit hanging about. Did Rachel just suggest a sleepless sex marathon? A lovely grin nearly split Quinn's face.

Before Quinn went inside she paused and reached into her pocket to pull out her cellphone so that she could turn it off. Making a mental note to also turn Rachel's off. No distractions this time. Just Rachel and their love all night long.

Pleased with that thought Quinn slipped inside humming a familiar AC/DC song as she closed the door behind her.

"She shook me all night long…"

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