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"Um Rach?"

"Yes Santana!? What is it now!?"

"You fail at this whole cooking thing."

Rachel flipped her hair over her shoulder with an irritated growl. Simmering brown eyes lifted from the pan of burning eggs to look at the amused Latina sitting one the edge of the counter near the stove Rachel was cooking atop of. They both were still in their pajamas, bleary eyed, bumbling around in a darkened kitchen at the wee break of dawn trying to make breakfast for their sleeping father whom had been born this day. Surprisingly it had been Santana that had come to wake Rachel up before the clock had even hit 5 o'clock, telling her sister they needed to hit the store so they would have the essential fixings for an omelet; Leroy's favorite dish before succumbing to both his husbands Judaism and his daughters veganism. It was only once a year that Leroy actually was allowed to indulge in his devils meat and the murder of chicken fetus to please the aching in his belly for fine French food. Rachel and Hiram tried to purposefully forget to make it for him every year but Santana wouldn't allow for that, not once. Not that she actually did any participating in the cooking of the omelet other than her job to get Rachel up to buy the stuff and cook it before Leroy woke up. Usually they had to go through at least 3 cartons of eggs before Rachel actually managed to cook one without burning it, crying, refusing to touch the meats, or going through the process of her stomping around adamant in not taking part with the cooking at all. A custom was a custom though and, with the Berry's being big on their customs, Rachel found it within her to power through it.

"Forgive me, Princess Santana, but I think I have an excuse seeing as I am vegan and I don't normally cook innocent chicken babies to be consumed as nourishment. And if you think you can do it better," Rachel ripped the pan from the burner and skid it across the counter until it slid precariously close to her sisters bare thigh, sending the Latina rolling off the marble top with a surprised squeak just before the pan could burn her, "Then by all means, take over because I give up! I will not kill another one! The smell is making me sick!"

"Geeze Midget Diva explosion much!? Who the fuck pissed in your soy milk this morning!?" Santana shot a piercing glare at Rachel that the brunette withered under. Her lip popped out and she dropped her hands to her fingers that were toying with the single fray sticking from the hem of her sleep shorts. Santana huffed with an eye roll and turned to the pan on the counter, the burnt attempt at an omelet lying beside the blue Teflon of the skillet. God above, Santana knew Rachel didn't like doing this but normally Rachel got over her massive pride swollen ego that fueled the diva in her tiny body to do this for Leroy but Rachel had never been this grumpy about it. Quite contrary, Rachel seemed downright Santana-esque with her pissy, mean attitude.

Under closer inspection Santana could make out just a bit more than her hatred towards this ritual that attributed to something more clawing under the surface of Rachel's small exterior. An anger that had nothing to do with the omelet at all but, rather, something else. Or perhaps someone else. Santana narrowed her eyes the way she does when she looking for something she can't find and, for Rachel, that was never good. The smaller of the two brunette's plastered the brightest fake smile she could muster across her tired face and reached for the pan as if to try again but Santana stopped her by catching her wrist. Bursts of flittering panic washing over Rachel, her eyes darting around the room to entirely avoid her sister whom by now had leaned much closer and narrowed her eyes further to tiny slits.

"What are you hiding from me Gay-Berry?" Santana felt the twitching of Rachel's muscles even through the girls slim wrist immediately followed by her sister trying to yank her hand away but Santana held firm, "What happened? Did you bejewel some of my shit again because I swear to fucking god, I will fucking ends you-"

"No! I got over that a long time ago! I told you, it was only a phase in my adolescence. I've grown up much more since then. Can we please just finish Daddy's breakfast, please?"

"Nope," Santana tapped the inside of Rachel's wrist in thought, pursing her lips slightly, "Does this have to do with the Blondie Barbie starring your newest lady sex fantasies 'cross the street?"

Rachel blushed a deep shade of red and resumed her struggling, "No! Quinn has been nothing short of absolutely charming and perfect and wonderful since we started texting. And I don't…I don't fantasize about her Santana! I'm not some horny teenage boy or-or you!"

"Well then," Santana finally let go of Rachel's wrist and leaned against the counter with an air of nonchalance, "if it's not Barbie, who's the one that's got your panties all twisted up?"

Rachel made a face but didn't comment or reply vocally, choosing to shrug instead and reach for the pan. With a heavy sigh she set the skillet back on the burner and poured a bowl of previously beaten eggs onto the heating Teflon, grimacing when it began to sizzle.

"Mini Me. Talk." A light touch of Santana's fingers to the crook of Rachel's elbow was all it took for the singer to succumb to Santana's silent proffered comfort.

"It's Finn," Rachel prodded at the browning edges of the egg with a spatula, perturbed by the eggs cooking and the thoughts of her ex. She sighed loudly and reached over to grab a pinch of shredded cheese she sprinkled atop the egg, "Santana could you hand me the plate of…bacon?" Rachel shuddered, hating herself for doing this but bucking it up for the sake of her Daddy's happiness. She heard her sister scoff and felt herself being pushed aside so that Santana could finish the omelet, lying strips of bacon over the cheese.

"Manboysaurus? Grumpy the Red Face Giant? What did he do now other than impair of the vision of everyone who has to look at his floppy manboobs?"

"Half the things you say to me don't make any sense Tana." Rachel shook her head in amusement and skipped over the fridge to get a Greek yogurt out for her breakfast, her mood suddenly much brighter now that she didn't have to cook.

Santana waved everything Rachel had said away with a flourish of her spatula, "Blah blah is all I hear when you talk and you didn't even answer my question."

"He sent me a text last night. He said he's sorry he overreacted and he wants us to try being friends again." The diva sat at the table and spooned a mouthful of raspberry yogurt into her mouth, humming her satisfaction the moment it washed over her taste buds.

"Yeah okay. Please don't tell me your buying the shit he's feeding you?" Santana slid the finished omelet off the skillet onto the awaiting plate. She garnished it with a leaf or two of oregano and sprinkled an assortment of cheese atop it. She set the plate on the carrying tray and turned to look at Rachel who was playing with her yogurt and donning a little pout on her face.

"What do you mean? What reason would I have not to believe him?"

"Well lets see maybe its because he flipped his fucking lid when you came out to the glee club and he's pining for your virginity like a bloodhound? Or maybe the fact that he refuses to believe your as gay as his stepbrother and that he said he would stop at nothing to get you back? How about when he found out you were dating that one chick, he scared the living shit out of her to make her leave you? Or the time-"

"Okay Tana I get it," Rachel scowled at her yogurt, her apatite long gone, "I won't reply to his text."

"That's all I'm saying. Wanna help me make Papi's smoothie?"

"Only if I can have some."

"I won't tell if you don't."

"I'm a master at the art of silence!" Santana gaped at her stoned faced sister whom, upon noticing Santana's disbelieving look slapped a hand over her chest and emitted a offended scoff.

"I don't like the way your looking at me Santana Berry-Lopez!"

"Whateva. Yous a crazy bitch. Get me the apples and the blueberries out of the fridge."

Rachel rolled her eyes theatrically at Santana's vulgarity but did as she was told anyway.

Xx Xx

Quinn's head was pounding like a fucking alarm and her damn alarm clock going off right next to her ear was not helping. Turns out those painkillers that Judy had given Quinn yesterday only lasted for so long before the splitting ache came thundering back through her skull. She let out a slow, loud groan into her pillow as she curled into herself and attempted not to cry. The longer she stayed awake, the stronger the pain became. The only thing she could compare it to was a slow burning fire that grew hotter and hotter as the burning wood accumulated into a pile of coals. Except those burning coals were filling the inside of her cranium and searing into the very marrow of her bone. Light hurt. Sound hurt. Moving hurt. Breathing hurt. Existing hurt.

Her phone was chiming under her pillow that her thundering skull was resting atop of. She ignored it.

Someone was knocking on her closed door. She ignored it.

Her stomach was churning and gurgling with nausea that the intense amount of pain was causing. She couldn't very well ignore that even though she wanted to. Her bathroom was a few feet away from her bed but she didn't think she could make it before she spilled the bile rising in her throat all over. Swallowing the saliva filling her mouth, she fell out of bed and gasped when the cold wooden floor touched her legs laid bare thanks to the boxers she slept in.

The knocking grew louder and more intense. She ignored it.

Her eyes watered as she crawled to her bathroom, dry sobs tearing at her sensitive throat. Every bit of her toned body was trembling and she was fighting so damn hard not to just let go of the contents of her stomach there on the floor then break down and cry. She had felt pain before but nothing could even compare to this. Those pills she took yesterday-she didn't even ask what they were-must have made her high off her ass to mask this pain because damn. Another hoarse sob ripped from her by the time she crawled through the doorway of her bathroom. Her fingers clawed at the lid of the toilet to throw it open and she struggled to rise high enough so that her head hovered above the pine smelling water. It didn't even take three seconds before her body reacted and she was shaking as she retched violently. With each heave her body gave to empty itself her head exploded with new bright, sharp jabs of pain that lanced through her whole body. She felt disgusting and she felt frail. This was what her father did to her.

Another bout of nausea rolled through her belly but she had nothing left to give so her body just continued to hack up nothing and tremble above the toilet, her hands clutching the seat with a white knuckled grip.

"Fuck…" She whispered in a shaky voice to nothing and no one, her voice cracking just as tears began spilling down her paler cheeks. Why did her life have to be like this? What had she ever done to deserve such a miserable existence? Fuck why couldn't she just have a happy fucking, laughing, good fucking time like every other fucking teenager her own fucking age? No, Quinn Fabray wasn't like those giggling LOL girls shopping at some mall in Lima. Quinn Fabray was crying her heart out in a bathroom and struggling to flush the toilet because her vision was blurry and she was shaking so terribly. Quinn Fabray was suffering from what was most likely a concussion. Quinn Fabray was exhausted mentally and physically.

"Oh god…Quinnie." Blurry, tear filled eyes lifted to see the silhouette of her mother standing in the doorway of the bathroom with her hands pressed to her mouth and her eyes wide. Quinn raised her trembling hand to wipe her chin clean of bile and used her forearm to wipe the constant tears dripping from her jaw. She tried to stand for her mothers sake but pain and dizziness stopped her and she fell back onto her knees with a choked sob.

"Mommy…make it stop hurting. Please." The blond teen whispered in a broken voice that shattered the mothers heart in Judy. The elder Fabray kneeled beside her daughter and gathered the girl in her arms, rubbing soothing circles along the girls back and placing the lightest kisses on the crown of the girls head. Quinn whimpered with each kiss placed but that didn't deter the girl from trying to melt into her mothers embrace because of the warm home feeling that washed over her when she was held by her caregiver. For once Judy didn't reek of alcohol seeing as it was to early in the day for Judy to be drunk yet and the gentle, loving mother Quinn knew as a girl wasn't diluted with inebriation.

"Oh Quinnie, would you like me to give you-"

"Yes! Please…it hurts so bad." Quinn clawed at the fabric of her mothers silk blouse, tears dripping onto the fabric she was clutching and burring her face in. Judy swallowed the lump of raw emotions constricting her throat and nodded.

"Okay honey, lets get you back in bed and I will go get it for you alright?" Quinn merely whimpered in response, "Let me help you get up sweetheart."

Judy guided her daughters wiry arms around her neck and lifted the light teen up to her feet, keeping her arms around her waist to keep her steady. The two woman stumbled to the bed-Judy actually being smaller than her daughter and a lot less muscular- but the elder Fabray caught their momentum before she let her fragile daughter tumble onto the floor. Slowly the mother lowered her child onto her bed, increments of her heart becoming bruised with each pained whimper Quinn emitted, and swung the girls legs onto the bed as well.

"I'll hurry back honey. Don't get up unless your feeling sick again okay?" Judy pressed a soft kiss to Quinn's temple and brushed the back of her hand against her daughters tear stained cheek. Quinn let her eyes fall shut and barely nodded her understanding.

She listened to her mothers light patter as she exited the room and the soft closing of the door behind the woman. The pain from before was still present but it was less spiteful after she had felt her mother around her and the love that followed it. It had been so long since her mother had actually been that for her; a mother. Judy had always treated Bubbly Britney the same but the older Quinn grew, the more closed off and colder Judy grew towards Quinn. She didn't know why and she never asked but she was glad now that her mother was making an appearance because she really needed her right now.

Quinn's pillow was singing and vibrating again which drew another pained groan from her slack mouth. Eyes still shut she slid her hand beneath her pillow and curled it around her singing phone, thankful that it ended after two rings. She barely cracked her eyes open to peek at the screen flashing a '2 new messages' icon in the center of the screen. The light from the screen hurt her head but she knew the messages were from Rachel and that trumped any pain she may be feeling so she opened them to read them anyway. The first one was a simple 'Good morning Quinn Fabray. I hope your feeling well and that you make sure to eat a balanced breakfast!' that was so very Rachel in its old school sweetness it made the blond smile. The second one read 'Santana got me up at 5 this morning to kill unfertilized baby chickens for my father to eat because it's his birthday. We are having a party later…if you feel like it, this is me inviting you. Um…I mean, what I meant is you can come over if you'd like.' and Quinn's smile stretched a little bigger because Rachel wanted her to come over to her fathers birthday party. Even if she couldn't go, especially considering her condition.

Feeling sick. Can't come. Head is KILLING me.

Rain check?

Q. XoXo

Quinn make the text curt so she could shut her eyes again and not have to look at that painful light any longer but not curt enough to insult or hurt Rachel. Quinn never wanted to do those things and she didn't understand why. Quinn had literally known Rachel for two days and already she felt this ingrained connection that tethered her to the tiny brunette and made her instantly want to love the girl. She was afraid of it and didn't have a fucking clue how to handle it but it was still there. Something that kept her close to the diva without actually being there and made her want to please the girl in whatever way she could. They weren't even dating-and they wouldn't because Quinn wouldn't let what happened to her last girl happen to Rachel-but Quinn already had the desire to protect and nurture Rachel. Fuck if she knew why.

She clutched her iPhone in her hand and bit into her bottom lip harshly when another wave of pain induced nausea rolled through her. If there was anything left in her stomach it wanted to come up but Quinn wasn't allowing for it. She was stubborn by nature and fierce by choice so with both things combined she was confident she could overcome the powers of her own body's actions. She tilted her head back and growled lowly at herself, the reverberations making her chest tingle and her head hum unpleasantly. This stupid throwing up shit and this stupid head problem was getting on her short nerves.

Her ring tone sounded, reminding her that she needed to change it because Britney had set it as some Nicki Minaj song as a joke because she knew Quinn wasn't much of a fan. Hearing 'You a stupid hoe' every time she got a text was getting on her nerves. Britney and her whole Nicky Minaj, Ke$ha, 3OH!3 obession was getting on her nerves actually. Not to mention her sudden interest in Justin Beiber and One Direction. Listening to their girlish voices floating from Britney's was made Quinn want to first, vomit, then after she was done being sick, laugh. She did neither however.

Oh Quinn. =( Im sorry your not feeling well.

Perhaps I can come see you later? I'll

bring you some soup and I can kiss

you better?


Quinn actually opened her eyes completely to read the text twice over just to make sure the words she were perceiving, were the actual words Rachel had texted. They were.

"Sweet Jesus…" Quinn brought her fingers to her lips and winced slightly because she had bitten into the scabbed over split and opened the wound back up. When she brought her fingers back within her sight they were painted red. Rachel wanted to kiss these lips? Well shit.

Ah…I dunno. My lips are all gross

and I'm all gross and I totally

didn't shower last night….which…

you definitely didn't need to know.

Fucking word vomit…

Q. XoXo

"Quinnie?" Judy reentered the room with a quiet knock on the door to respect her daughters privacy even if it wasn't necessary. Quinn appreciated the gesture. She slid her phone back under her pillow and tried to prop herself up against her headboard but couldn't manage.

"Mom…" Judy was beside her daughter in an instant, a tall glass of water in one hand and pain killers in the other. Quinn took both and swallowed the pills with difficulty then drank down the whole glass after. She had never liked taking any kind of pills, even Midol. They left a gross taste in her mouth and hurt her throat going down. She didn't normally like taking pills but in this scenario, she was completely okay with it as long as it took away the pounding alarm in her skull.

"Gross." Quinn dropped the empty glass on her bed and sunk back under the covers, slamming her eyes shut and waiting for the pills to take over.

"I know honey but it will be better soon," Judy rested her palm softly against the side of Quinn's head and stroked her golden hair in a loving way that soothed Quinn the way it had as a child, "I'm sorry for what happened…I'm sorry for everything really but I promise someday I'll get it together and make everything good for us okay?"

Hazel eyes peeked out from under the blanket world Quinn had created for herself, looking up at her smiling mother, "What do you mean?"

"Nothing sweetheart. Listen," Judy stood from the bed and smoothed the wrinkles out of her blouse, all remnants of the loving mother Quinn knew reverting back into the submissive Judy who was every bit Russell's bitch, "I have to go to work. I'll be home by dinner time but your father isn't going to be home until late tonight. Will you and Britney be alright alone?"

"Your working…you have a job?" Quinn's brows fell low over her eyes, confusion melting her normally icy facial expressions.

"Yes. Isn't that exciting!? Your father said that I could work a small job here! So I've taken a part time job at an art shop here in Lima. It's not much and I'll only be working Sundays through Wednesdays but I'm still thrilled. It's been so long since I've been allowed to paint Quinnie. I don't think since college." Judy let out a long breath and clicked her heels together the way she does when she has finalized something in her mind, "Ah well. I've got to go. I love you. I left a note with B about when you should take another pill and which bottle okay? I love you Quinnie." Judy kissed the tips of her fingers and pressed them to Quinn's forehead, smiling sweetly as she did so. Quinn liked her mom when she wasn't drunk and when she was happy like she was now.

"Bye Mamma. Be safe." Judy shot Quinn one last smile before quietly exiting the room and clicking the door shut behind her. Almost as if the universe planned it, Quinn's phone chimed right as Judy had shut the door.

A blanket had already fell around the bright pain emanating in the center of Quinn's cranium, dulling the ache considerably. She let out a pleased sigh and reached under the pillow for her phone. Rachel's name lit up her screen and in turn, because of that, Quinn's dopey smile lit up her face.

Quinn your lips are NOT gross. If

anything they are…I don't think there

is an adjective out there that could

do your lips justice. Honestly. But if you

really don't want me over I think

I can live with that I suppose but

I'll be sad. I even made you soup!

Gross meaty soup I bet you would

love! With bacon even! Because

Britney said its your favorite and we

had leftover from my Daddy's omelet


P.S I'm pouting.


Quinn blew out a tuff of air that disturbed the wisp of hair that had been laying over her nose. Bacon soup? That was just to fucking tempting on top of Rachel in person and promised kisses from said person. Judy wasn't going to be home for hours and neither was her father. Maybe, just maybe, she could get away with it?

"Fuck it. I'm doing it," Quinn tapped on her screen to reply then paused, "I'm so fucked if I do this." Yet her fingers were typing the words anyway and hit send before Quinn could scold herself.

Fine. You win. You can come over.

B will let you in. I may or may not

Be passed the fuck out when you

Get here. If I am, wake me up.

P.S Five dollars says you wont

want to kiss me when you get


Not even a minute passed before Quinn received a reply.

I hope you have five dollars to loose.

See you in a moment.


A nervous giddy feeling overwhelmed Quinn but she didn't text Rachel back to tell her not to come. She just slunk further under her blankets and closed her eyes, accidentally drifting off and clutching her phone to her chest.

Xx xX

"Daddy can I be excused for a moment?" Rachel lifted her head off her Daddy's shoulder to look up into his brown eyes. Santana picked her head up from the foot of the bed to look at Rachel with one of her unreadable expressions that changed into a laughing open mouthed smile when Hiram began tickling her ribs with his foot. The Berry family were a mess of bodies piled on the Berry men's bed so that they could watch movies on the plasma mounted on the wall at the end of the bed. As was tradition, after Leroy ate his special birthday breakfast, the family would lounge on the bed and take turns picking movies to watch until lunch. Then they would go out to some fancy restaurant and eat some fancy lunch. After that, they would go home and play board games or watch more movies and do anything as a family until the Berry men would excuse themselves to pack for their mysterious 2 day vacation. What wasn't normal was one of the kids leaving on a Berry Dad Birthday but it had happened on rare occasions. Such as this one.

"But Mini Me-Dad stop tickling me! I need to talk!" The Latina slapped at her fathers foot until he pulled it back, both of them grinning, "Mini Me it's my turn to pick a movie and I decided to pick one we'll all like! Burlesque! Cher and Aguilera for Dad 1, Dad 2, musical singing shit for you, and hot ladies in lingerie doing sexy dance for me! Win, win!"

Leroy let out a long sigh and reached down to ruffle his daughters hair affectionately, "Mija what did I tell about that mouth of yours?"

"And how do you know I'm not interested in the 'hot ladies in lingerie doing sexy dance' Santana Maria?" Hiram asked in her stern voice though the smile on his completely contradicted it.

"Yeah right Dad," Santana laughed that loud, pretty laugh of hers and lunged to hug Hiram around his shoulders, "Your about as interested in that as I am in penis."

"Which is none." Rachel mumbled through her smile. The Berry's shared a consecutive laugh that warmed the room and the hearts of the occupants in the room. Santana turned against her father to rest her back along his shoulder and reached her legs out so that they were resting in Rachel's lap, a happy sigh falling from her lips. Rachel beamed at her sisters happiness and patting the Latina's calf like she were proud of her sister for showing how happy she was for once.

"So Rach, honey, why did you want to be excused?" Leroy asked as he began climbing over his Latina child using human pillows until he was beside his husband again. The married couple shared a love infused stare and linked their hands, their wedding bands clinking against one another.

"Well you see," Rachel licked her lips nervously and darted her eyes around the room, tapping her fingers against Santana's calf since her hand was still on it, "Quinn-Quinn Fabray, our new neighbor-she is sick and I wanted to check on her and-and…and I made her soup! Gross bacon-y bean soup! Can I take it to her? Please?"

The Berry men stared at their diva child in something akin to awe. The only time Rachel ever willingly made something that wasn't vegan for someone else to eat was for her father or for Santana. She wouldn't even allow Finn to eat any kind of meat when they were dating. This Quinn girl must really mean a lot to Rachel if she were not only allowing her to eat meat but actually making it for her. Leroy looked at Hiram who looked at Leroy. They gave each other a nod. They definitely wanted to see where things were going with this girl.

"Sure honey. Just don't stay to long, we still have a lunch date on." Hiram spoke, pushing his glasses back up his nose with the heel of his hand. Leroy smiled at how cute he still found it that his husband did that.

"Thank you Dad! I won't be more than an hour." Rachel sat on her knees and leaned over to place a kiss on both her father's cheeks. She slipped off the bed and was looking for her shoes when Santana spoke up.

"I'm coming with Mini Me. I'll even carry yo shi-stuff." Santana glanced over at Leroy who gave her a thumbs up for correcting herself. She smiled brightly.

"Oh okay Tana. Help me find my shoes?"

Santana rolled her eyes and slipped off the bed, stretching her arms above her head and humming happily when she felt the vertebrae in her back began to pop.

"Downstairs. By the door. 'Member? Te amo Papi y Papi. We'll be back." The girls waved to their fathers before exiting the room and closing the door behind them.

Once they were gone the men just sat on their bed in silence, gripping one another's hand.


"We're alone."

"That we are."

"What do you wanna do?"

Hiram turned to give his husband a long, hard look then he slipped his glasses off and set them on his nightstand.

"I have an idea." Leroy smiled because so did he.

"Rach, just knock." Santana prodded her sisters shoulder with her finger, trying to get the diva to budge. They had packed up the soup and some grape juice into a tote bag for Quinn and left the house to traverse the few feet across the street. Since then they had been standing on the Fabray stoop waiting for Rachel to knock but the girl was a nervous wreck. Her eyes were double their normal size and she was chewing on her lip hard enough to draw blood, and wringing her wrists until they had turned red.

"Rachel. What the fuck are you fucking out for?"


"Why are you freakin'?"

"I may or may not have told Quinn I was going to kiss her."

Snow it was Santana's eyes that were bugging out, "What!? Seriously!?"

Rachel glanced at Santana briefly before dropping her eyes back to her wrists again, "Yes."

"Wow. Way to go playa. Didn't know you had it in you. You actually gonna do it or are you gonna pussy out?"

"Your so crude Tana," Rachel blushed and licked her raw lip, picking her eyes up to look at the brass knocker centered in the door under the ornate brass plate with the name Fabray engraved in it, "and I'm not…I mean I sort of am 'pussying out' right now. By not knocking."

"Is that all? Pshhh. Problem solved." Santana reached around Rachel and rapped her knuckles against the wood three times. Immediately following Rachel squealed and whirled on her feet to run away but Santana caught her by her tiny shoulders and spun her back around. She struggled up until Britney threw the door open with a curious look on her face. Once she recognized it was Rachel and Santana she grinned and rushed to engulf them both in a hug.

"Hi! What are you doing here!?" Britney pulled back and fixed her beanie that had slipped to far forward on her head when she attacked him.

"Rachel came over to bring Quinn some shit and I'm here to see you." Santana stepped forward to loop her arm through Britney's and pull the girl into the house. Rachel didn't have much choice to follow. With a sigh the smaller brunette stepped over the threshold and closed the door behind her.

"Rachie that's so sweet of you to bring Quinnie stuff! She loves when people bring her stuff. Well, I think. No one has before." Britney bounced over to the bottom of the stairs, dragging with Santana with her, and looked over her shoulder to beckon Rachel to follow but the diva was struck by the house. As was Santana. The place was huge. Not just huge, but massive. Rachel didn't think she would ever step foot into such a place until she was rich and famous from her time spent on Broadway. She never imagined she would be crushing hardcore on a girl rich enough to live in a mansion.

"C'mon Rach! San! C'mon! Quinn is upstairs in her room!" Britney tugged on Santana's hand until the Latina came to life and allowed for the blond the continue dragging her up the stairs.

"Mini Me." Rachel blinked at the sound of her sisters voice and finally snapped back to life. She followed after the couple up the winding staircase until the were in a hall that went left and right on one side. In front of them was another staircase that resembled more of a ladder than stairs and led into what looked like a loft. Britney led them towards the ladder-stairs and order them to climb up abet ordered them kindly. Rachel went first and, after struggling up the steeper-than-they-looked-ladder-stairs, pulled herself into the room.

It was a gorgeous room. The entire space was shaped like a triangle; the floors were made of wood, the walls on the left and ride side were made entirely of floor to ceiling glass, and the one wall directly opposite of the ladder-stairs was painted a crème white. Inlaid in the wall was a door that looked like it led to a bathroom. A tall bookshelf packed with books was leaned against the wall near the charcoal black and white day bed was pushed against. In the day bed, somewhere under that pile of silver and black bed blankets, was Quinn. Rachel could see a foot poking out and a few strands of blond hair splayed across one of many pillows clustered at one end of the bed but that was all there was of Quinn showing. Rachel smiled at the adorable sight and walked on quiet feet over to kneel beside Quinn's bed.

"Quinn." Rachel whispered, reaching up to peel back the covers until her favorite blonde came into view. The breath in Rachel's throat caught. Blood stained a wound in the woman's pink lips. A light bruise was forming under one of her closed eyes and a small cut was scabbed over above the girls thin eyebrow. Quinn looked like she had been playing Fight Club for real except she lost. Badly.

"Oh Quinn….who did this to you?" Rachel touched Quinn's brow softly with her thumb, moving it slowly from her cut to the bruise beneath her eye then down to her lip. She took the time to wipe the blood from her wound softly as she could then, without thinking about it, leaned in to barely touch her lips to Quinn's so that she was kissing the wound. Her fathers had always kissed her wounds better. Granted there had always been a band-aid over it but Rachel didn't care. It wasn't that big a deal.

Just as she was about to pull back she felt Quinn's lips respond to her kiss and pushed forward to press their mouths together with just a little more force. Rachel's eyes fluttered shut. Her thumb that had been caressing Quinn's face resuming drawing light patterns across Quinn's smooth cheek, her fingers stretching out to brush Quinn's soft hair. Then, as fast as it had began, the kiss ended.

Rachel didn't pull away but opened her eyes to meet sparkling hazel ones mere inches apart. A little sigh fell from Rachel's lips and she slid her hand all the way into Quinn's hair, raking her fingers through it gently. Warmness filled her belly when Quinn purred in contentment at Rachel's ministrations.


"I brought you soup."

"With bacon."

"Yes. With bacon."

"You're an angel."

"So are you." The girls smiled at one another and blushed before Rachel dropped her forehead onto the pillow beside Quinn's, her fingers still raking through Quinn's hair lightly roaming across her scalp. They moved without any real pattern until Rachel felt something hard and so obviously not suppose to be apart of Quinn's scalp. Her entire body went ridged with fear because the moment her fingers brushed it Quinn gasped in pain and drew away from Rachel. They both looked alarmed.

"What's going on up here?" Santana strolled into Rachel's line of sight with Britney beside her but she didn't bother acknowledging them. Her eyes were fixed on Quinn's.

"Quinn….what was that?"

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