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iDon't Know How To Deal

Chapter 1: iChange

Pam's P.O.V.

"Sam c'mere, girl!" I shouted. I have exciting news for her. SO exciting.

"Mom, I swear If you found a new police boyfriend and he wants me to get him donuts, I'll kill him with my bare hands." She shouted back from upstairs.

"Nah! But I found a job!" I shouted back.

"You have to kidding me! My mom found a job? Yeah, and Angelina Joliesaid she's gonna adopt me!" She said while getting down where I was. God, that girl and her pointles sarcasams…

"Thanks for your sarcasam, my little sweet daughter. And, yeah, I actually found a REAL job."


"At a company. I forget the name."

"You forget the company's name that you're gonna start a job in?" She has a point, but hey, I'm Pam Puckett…

"Yeah. It was a fruit name… Strawberry? No! Peach? No. Coconut? No. Cher-" I was counting the fruit names but she cutted me.

"Pear Company?" she said like that's the most obvious thing in the world.

"Oh yeah, that one."

"This person who gave you a job is the most idiot-ass in the galaxy." She said. "What job you got? Cleaner?"

"Noooo… I'm gonna be the special assistant of the CEO. They are gonna pay me 16grands every month. And, they're gonna give me a big house and two cars." I said half shouting. I was so excited beacouse it's my first real job. Well first real and not disguting job.

"It's good mom. I never thought I see that day."

"Yeah, me too."

"Hey, I can still g oto Ridgeway, right?" Ohh, I knew she's gonna ask that. She is like in loveh that school. I don't know why…

"Yeah, it's like 10mins to school." I replied.

"Cool." She said.

"We are gonna move like 10 days. I'm gonna buy home stuff. While we are moving, you have to live with Carl? No. Carlotta? No. Cambo-"

"Carly! Her name is Carly!" she shouted. I dont care. "And, okay, I'll ask her if I can."

"Good." I said. A new life waiting us and it's gonna be an amazing life…


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