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And now...the first battle...and expect an intense...if not hilarious...battle as Hime and her factions are about to battle a horde of "frog ninjas"...but read on and see what happens when Baby Beel, or "Berubo", gets involved as well...and'll figure it out once you start reading. Believe'll be clutching you tummies from insane laughter...


As Hime carried Berubo in her arms, the faction gets an unexpected situation as a horde of "frog warriors" barges in through the door and windows, armed with giant clubs, bladed weapons, and even guns, and all of them are after one person – Hime! Seeing her, the frog warriors made their intentions clear that she is their target and that they intend to take her "royal blood" as their prize to gain immortality.

"We found you at last, ribbit!"

"Princess Lilliane of the Monster Kingdom, ribbit!"

"We are hired to kill you, ribbit!"

"We will take your Royal Blood...and make you our whore, ribbit!"

"If you surrender to us peacefully and give us your Royal Blood...will will not be harmed, ribbit!"

"We will not tell you who sent us, ribbit!"

"For he has payed us and promised that we will become immortals, ribbit!"

"And after that...we will take your panties, ribbit!"

The largest member of the "frog warriors" made that declaration, causing the others to blink in annoyance yet it didn't deter them as they are preparing to take Hime by force so as to take her "Royal Blood" before taking her to their employer who hired them to invade Hime's mansion, drawing their various weapons, such as huge blunt weapons, to bladed weapons and even ammunition.

As Reiri, Riza and Hiro braces themselves for an imminent assault from the intruders, Hime stood back as she decided to defend Beelzebub because she is unaware of his true nature and identity, as Flandre showed up and joins the fray as Hime's "shield" alongside Hiro, while Sawawa decided to prepare some refreshments thinking that the frog warriors are Hime's visitors.

"Looks like I'd better prepare some drinks for our visitors..."

With the "Frog Ninjas" getting ready to lay it out on Hime, her "stablemates" went in front, defending the princess as she gives Hiro a re-energizing "Flame of Life" and the teen blood warrior is ready to rumble while Hime held Beelzebub in her arms in a defending fashion as she is unaware of the baby's true nature. Baby Beel could only look on as the Frog Ninjas brought out their weapons and brandishes them in front of Hime's faction, as in a way to show off and to intimidate their targets in to submission, though it didn't quite work given that Riza and Hiro are ready to intercept any attacks that would come in their way.

"Ribbit...we take your "Royal Blood"...and your panties!"

"Ribbit...and you will make nice trophy for us...ribbit!"

"Looks like I'll be having fun using my wolf arms on the likes of you..."

"I'll protect Hime...Reiri...can you fight even if it's day time?"

"As long as sunlight won't touch me...I can manage..."
"You...beautiful vampire...ribbit...let me have your panties!"

"Eh? Even frog ninjas are perverted...!"

"Poor you..."

"Ribbit! Attack!"

"Ribbit...give me your panties!"

The first two Frog Ninjas then went ahead, heading towards Hime and Beelzebub, but Hiro and Riza intercepted them and held them off, managing to keep them at bay but then the next two Frog ninjas went ahead, intending to get past the "blockade" but Riza uses her "wolf arms" to hurl a frog ninja at the two, causing them to stagger back, while Hiro struggles to keep one away, and managed to stun him using various techniques from a video game, most notably WWF No Mercy on the Nintendo 64 game that he played in his spare time. Riza then poke a little fun at Hiro after seeing him putting a lot of effort in keeping one single enemy back, much to the teen boy's chagrin.

"You should go to the gym and work out!"

"Look who's talking...I'm not so energetic like you..."

"Come on! You're a blood warrior!"


By then theyheard a scream and saw Reiri being besieged by three Frog Ninjas, and Riza couldn't believe that the teen vampire would be caught so easily, but blushed at the sight before her as one Frog Ninja locked Reiri in a full nelson lock while the other two are attempting to strip her off her panties, which the hybrid werewolf warrior realized that they are not only assassins, but also sex-craved maniacs, especially after hearing them say something to Reiri.

"Ribit! Your panties are mine...ribbit!"

"Black panties! Ribbit!"

"Me want to see a vampire's private part, ribbit!"


"I'm almost there, ribbit! I'm about to take her panties, off! Ribbit!"

"Hold her, ribbit!"

"I can see her butt, ribbit!"

"Let me touch her butt, ribbit!"


Riza then went to help Reiri and punched the frog ninjas that were trying to steal Reiri's panties, and then punched the frog ninja that is holding the vampire, and to her surprise, its head detaches and Reiri is set free, which shows that the one holding her is a robot, while the other two are real, and the two frog ninjas berated Riza for foiling their attempt to steal Reiri's panties, which Riza felt insulted as their comments are insulting to women, human or not.

"Damn you, ribbit!"

"Yeah...we almost have her panties, ribbit!"
"You sick frogs! Get a life and not steal one's undergarment!"

"Thanks, doggie..."


"I appreciate it..."

" least lay off the insult...put your panties back on...Hiro can't concentrate..."

"Ooops...Hiro, you naughty boy..."

"(nose bleeding...)..."

After composing herself, Reiri managed to get a place where sunlight won't touch her and there she was able to make use of her limited powers such as levitation and turning into a swarm of bats and began to confuse the enemies, which Hiro and Riza were able to capitalize, but unknown to everyone, more of them have arrived and sneaked and smashed their way through the back windows and are now behind Hime, and the princess instinctively used her body to shield Beelzebub as one 7-foot frog ninja swings his giant club and is ready to smack her on the head.

"Ribbit! I got you!"


"Blast! Hime!"

"I can't get there on time!"

Hiro, Riza and Reiri stared in horror as the strike towards Hime is imminent and couldn't get to her on time, but to everyone's surprises, the club struck her, but instead of harming her, the club broke in two while Hime appeared unharmed, and not a single mark is seen on her head, surprising the Frog Ninjas while another decided to show off to prove that he can do something better, wielding a metal pipe and is ready to hit Hime on the head, just as Beelzebub straddled Hime on her shoulders.

"Eh? My club broke?"

"Looks like you need a new one..."

"Maybe our weapons are outdated..."

"Stand aside! I'll do with her!"

"With that?"

"At least it's more durable!"


"Kill her!"

The Frog Ninja then hit Hime on the head, but the result is different, as the metal pipe dented and the princess is unharmed, and the atmosphere slowly became tensed for the frog ninjas, but another one attempted to raise everyone's morale as he took out a samurai sword and is going to do the same tactic while telling everyone that he will get the "Royal Blood".

"Your weapons are blunt!"

"What do you suggest?"

"Yeah...what can you do?"



"A samurai sword?"

"We're ninjas...of course we carry this! And this one will slice her head off!"


"Do it!"

The Frog Ninja then swings the samurai sword in a horizontal slash, but to his, and the others' surprises, the blade snapped in two, and the Frog Ninjas' morale is steadily declining, assuming that Hime has become an "invulnerable immortal". However, another Frog Ninja steps in and brought out a gattling gun with a loadful of ammo and tells his comrades that after this they'll owe him a "huge favor" before firing the bullets at her.

"Stand aside! This time she will fall before us!"


However, the bullets just dented and bounced off Hime's body yet she is unharmed, but then her gothic dress got tattered due to the attacks against her, and yet she is calm and collected while the frog ninjas are starting to cower in fear, as she is smiling deviously seeing that something good had just happened, though finding out what just happened would have to wait.

Reiri, Riza and Hiro watched in disbelief seeing that Hime is unharmed and she apeared to have acquired invulerability just now, yet they wondered how this have happened and now they are seeing her putting the enemies at bay as she slowly walked towards the frog ninjas while the enemies are staggering back in fear. When Hime stomped her foot, the frog ninjas ran away from the mansion in fear.


"She is immortal!"

"Shew's a monster!"

"Of course, you idiot! She's from the monster kingdom!"

"But she can't be this strong!"

"Clubs...metal pipes...samurai swords...even bullets...what can we use against her?"

"Don't ask me that!"

"Shut up and get going!"

"Help me!"

"I'm not taking this assignment again!"

"I rather got hunting flies!"


After the coast is cleared, everything went peaceful and all that is left is a huge mess that the Frog Ninjas left, seeing that the wall bore several holes and now Flandre is sweeping the floor, while Sawawa arrived, dismayed that the "visitors" have already left, as she brought a tray of several glasses with juice on them, unaware of what just happened a while ago, thanks in part to her ditziness.

"Huh? where did they go?"

"They left..."

"Aww...and I brought refreshments for them..."

"They are not visitors...and go help Flandre clean the mess..."

"At once, Mistress Lilliane..."

As Hime tells Sawawa to go help Flandre clean up the mess, the princess stood still as she felt something from Beelzebub, a d as she carried in hin her arms, she finds out that his diapers is full, and asked Sawawa if she has any spare diapers he could use, which the elder Hiriyumi sibling nodded, as she brought one pack the other day after winning a lottery the other day, and tells Hiro ro hold onto the baby while she changes the diaper.

"Here...hold him, Hiro..."

"Umm...this is awkward, Hime..."

"It's alright..."

" and Hiro can pass up for a couple...or a young parents..."

" cute..."

"You think so, Reiri?"

"Hiro and Hime...lying on bed...K-I-S-S-I-N-G...then did the kissy-kissy-poo...then made love...and the result is a little baby boy..."

"Want me to throw you out and get sunburned?"

"Just kidding, Hime-sama..."

Hiro felt awkward holding the baby while Hime is changing Berubo's diaper. While Riza is snickering and Reiri "teasing" the two, though Hime herself mentally liked the idea of her and Hiro "raising a family". However, someone came in unexpectedly, and this surely caused a tense moment as the "entrant" turns out to be none other than Sherwood herself, as she came in after seeing the Frog Ninjas fleeing from HIme's mansion, and decided to check if her "onee-sama" is unharmed, but the sight before her now made her change her feelings…from being concerned to feeling "betrayed".

"Onee-sama...I saw frog ninjas barging out of your mansion...huh?"


"What...what is this?"






Sherwood cried and accused Hime of "betraying her" and ran off, with Hime genuinely concerned as she has become so close to Sherwood and fighting her is not an option for her and decided to try and talk to her to clear up the misunderstanding, while Riza and Reiri looked on, wondering if they too should go and try to talk to Sherwood to tell her the REAL situation at hand.

To Be Continued…

Hope you like this chapter…and hopefully the wait is worth it. It took me more than 2 weeks to "cook" this chapter while making sure the action and comedy elements found in both the manga and anime would be consistent while retaining the story elements of this fic, so as not to bore you out since I wanted to make sure the readers enjoy reading this fic.

Nice action with tons of comedic moments, but in the end, Hime finds that her "problem" has just been doubled – figuring out which "parents" Beelzebub belonged to, and to tell Sherwood that she misunderstood what she saw. Now the "peaceful alliance" between her and Sherwood is being threatened and unless someone convinces the youngest princess that what she saw is wrong, Sherwood may end up becoming Hime's bitter enemy, if not a rival for the throne.


A brawl inside Hime's mansion…as more intruder shows up, and more comedic moments…

Also, The Beelzebub cast finally arrives at Sasanagi City, whgile Emile pays the sisters a visit…