Princess Parents


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Okay...the next chapter is up, and this time it'll be quite chaotic as Emil enters the fray and tries to "restore order" once he finds out that Hime and Sherwood are at odds while an "annoying band" manages to get in to Hime's nerves. So expect a lot of chaos and comedy here while diplomacy will be the main focus for this chapter.


After the coast is cleared, everything went peaceful and all that is left is a huge mess that the Frog Ninjas left, seeing that the wall bore several holes and now Flandre is sweeping the floor, while Sawawa arrived, dismayed that the "visitors" have already left, as she brought a tray of several glasses with juice on them, unaware of what just happened a while ago, thanks in part to her ditziness.

"Huh? where did they go?"

"They left..."

"Aww...and I brought refreshments for them..."

"They are not visitors...and go help Flandre clean the mess..."

"At once, Mistress Lilliane..."

As Hime tells Sawawa to go help Flandre clean up the mess, the princess stood still as she felt something from Beelzebub, and as she carried in hin her arms, she finds out that his diapers is full, and asked Sawawa if she has any spare diapers he could use, which the elder Hiriyumi sibling nodded, as she brought one pack the other day after winning a lottery the other day, and tells Hiro ro hold onto the baby while she changes the diaper.

"Here...hold him, Hiro..."

"Umm...this is awkward, Hime..."

"It's alright..."

" and Hiro can pass up for a couple...or a young parents..."

" cute..."

"You think so, Reiri?"

"Hiro and Hime...lying on bed...K-I-S-S-I-N-G...then did the kissy-kissy-poo...then made love...and the result is a little baby boy..."

"Want me to throw you out and get sunburned?"

"Just kidding, Hime-sama..."

Hiro felt awkward holding the baby while Hime is changing Berubo's diaper. While Riza is snickering and Reiri "teasing" the two, though Hime herself mentally liked the idea of her and Hiro "raising a family". However, someone came in unexpectedly, and this surely caused a tense moment as the "entrant" turns out to be none other than Sherwood herself, as she came in after seeing the Frog Ninjas fleeing from HIme's mansion, and decided to check if her "onee-sama" is unharmed, but the sight before her now made her change her feelings…from being concerned to feeling "betrayed".

"Onee-sama...I saw frog ninjas barging out of your mansion...huh?"


"What...what is this?"






Sherwood cried and accused Hime of "betraying her" and ran off, with Hime genuinely concerned as she has become so close to Sherwood and fighting her is not an option for her and decided to try and talk to her to clear up the misunderstanding, while Riza and Reiri looked on, wondering if they too should go and try to talk to Sherwood to tell her the REAL situation at hand.


Hime is still worried after Sherwood stormed off, and now the alliance is in danger of breaking up unless she comes up with a way to explain to her about the misunderstanding she saw. However, there is a bit of a problem as Beelzebub went to Hime and hugs her affectionately, but then Hiro tries to get "Baby Beel" off her as he knows that she is in deep thought on how to convince and calm Sherwood and prevent her from declaring war with her elder sister.

"Hey…now's not a good time to…"


"later…Hime needs to think…"


"You can carry on with me…like you did earlier!"


"Let go of her!"


As Hiro is persistent, Beelzebub held on to Hime's gothic clothes and getting agitated, he threw a tantrum as he cried out loud while , sending a lot of electrical discharges and both Reiri and Riza ducked at avoiding the electrical attacks, while Sawawa and Flandre continued to sweep the floor, unmindful of what is happening right now. Hiro is the only casualty as the smoke cleared, you can see him looking like a person in charcoal, while reduced only in his brief.


Hime raised an eyebrow, somewhat feeling some attraction towards him, despite him being three years younger than her, he sure can pass up for a royal suitor. Reiri whistled and Sawawa berated her younger brother for indecent exposure and tells him not to "strip" in front of Hime, much to the boy's embarrassing remark.

"My, my…Hiro…you are so attractive…"



"What is it, onee-chan?"

"Look at yourself!"


"Get dressed at once! That's indecent exposure! Have a shame that there are girls in front of you!"

"I'm on my way!"

As Hiro ran off to get some spare clothes, Riza approached Hime, as the princess was able to calm a crying Beelzebub, and the two girls went in to a discussion on how to explain to Sherwood about what she saw and convince her that what she saw is not what she thinks, and there the half-werewolf warrior suggested that she, Riza herself, would go to Sherwood and explain to her the REAL situation because the youngest princess knows that Riza is an honorable warrior, thus lying won't be a matter to her.

"You think you can convince her?"

"Yes, I can."

"Be careful! Sherwood is a bit…uptight right now…"

"She won't. She knows I'm an honorable werewolf warrior. She can see that I don't lie."

"Shall I…"

"No need. I can handle it."

"Very well…good luck…"


Nodding, Hime accepted Riza's suggestion and tells her to go at once and talk to Sherwood before it's too late, and the werewolf warrior leaves the mansion as she boards her motorcycle and head for the other side of the mountain and explain everything about the situation. After that, Hime orders Reiri to go and help Sawawa and Flandre in cleaning the mess, much to the vampire's chagrin, as cleaning houses is "inappropriate" for a "beautiful vampire", but then Hime took out a "giant syringe" laced with "garlic serum", which, though no harmful side effects would affect her, it would give her a week's worth of allergies, and not wanting to scratch her body for a week, Reiri slowly accepted and took a broom to started to sweep, but then, a group of "upstart" band members suddenly shows up, the vocalist holding a wireless microphone and started to sing, which is annoyingly loud.

dadada dadada
dadada dadada
dadada dadada

As Hime is taken by surprise, she is about to tell them to leave at once, but Beelzebub seem to like the band and rooted for them to continue, and for Hime, this is bad timing, as she couldn't stand loud ruckuses and prefers a quiet time, but the "annoying band" is in full swing as they began an "in-house concert" inside Hime's mansion, at Hime's expense.

dadada dadada

nanisama da okosama da
yomei wa zatto shichi, hachijuu nen
omae wa sudeni dadadadada

As Hime is about to do something, she is surprised to see that Flandre started to dance, and tries to order the gynoid to stop and help her throw the intruders out, but the "annoying band" continued singing and Flandre followed to the beat, further adding lot of stress to the princess.

nani-chan da akachan da
ni jikan oki ni goukyuu da
yofuke ni oppai youkyuu da

Hiro saw Hime was starting to get "worked up" and tries to help, politely asking the "annoying band" to pleas stop, but to no avail as they played their instruments and sang louder.

MAMA ga mushi nara ichiou
PAPA no oppai suttemiru no da
(itteeei konoyarou!)

dada dada dada dada koneru dadadadada
FAMIRESU no OMOCHA ga hoshii no da
dada(dada) dada(dada) dada nedaru dadadadada
kikiwake nai no de onajimi da
dada(dada) dada(dada) jidandafumu dadadadada
donguri moratte GOKIGEN da
da da da da damasareta

This time Sawawa and Reiri are dancing along the beat and veins are "popping" all over Hime's head as the noise becomes unbearably louder and finally shouts at the "annoying band" to cease their "gate crashing", but they ignored her as they kept on playing and increased the volume of their amplifiers as if they are having a "wild party".

dada dada dada dada koneru dadadadada
FAMIRESU no OMOCHA ga hoshii no da
dada(dada) dada(dada) dada nedaru dadadadada
kikiwake nai no de onajimi da
dada(dada) dada(dada) jidandafumu dadadadada
donguri moratte GOKIGEN da
da da da da damasareta

The scene shifts outside where Hime's mansion is seen "shaking" and you can hear the loud noise between the "annoying band" and Hime shouting, and it surely echoed out as the night slowly appears as the full moon is half-show due to a cloud covering it partially.


At Sherwood's mansion, you can see Sherwood screaming and crying, sitting on the floor and you can see furniture thrown around as she was upset at what she saw, and both her three panda warriors and Francesca could only watch as they couldn't seem to know what they should do to calm her down, as Sherwood continued to cry in a fit of passion which went on for another several minutes.


By then, Emile, the Mermaid girl, Keziah Bold and Sledge came, and are rather concerned in seeing the state Sherwood's castle is, and saw her crying non-stop. The elder sibling decided to talk to her and see how he can help while his servants started to help Sherwood's servants in cleaning the mess.

To Be Continued…

A mix of comedy and a bit of drama…

Emile shows up…can he help? Could he be able to bridge the misunderstanding between Sherwood and Hime?

And what would Hime do to the "annoying band"?


Emile plays "peacekeeper" while Flandre hatches a plan with Beelzebub on how to earn a lot of cash…