A/N I'm a writer and as i was going through some old stories I found a bunch of my old writing exercises. This one was one of my latter and I had a lot of good memories of these sets of stories and this series so I decided to upload them to see if ya'll would like them. Don't like author notes so this is it unless I have something important to say. Hope you enjoy, this is just the first of many.

I stared up at her angelic face and thought that if any one could make me speechless, it was her. Unfortunately I don't have time for all that gooie stuff right now. The pain in my leg was gone, with the feeling of most my body. "Listen, Raven. Tell everyone I'm going to miss them. It was the best times if my life, even the bad ones were good."

I could no longer feel her hand in mine, could barely feel the one behind my head, and the only thing I could see was her blurry tear streaked face. "You tell them, Beast Boy. I am NOT losing you." She yelled at some one else and they both started to drag me up the stairs.

I am betting that you are wondering how we got here and what's going on. Well, it's funny, I don't remember exactly but it started with a fight. Mumbo was pulling his usual tricks except that he was attacking innocent bystanders, kept us on crowd control. Well he zapped some building that came crashing down toward Raven. I screamed her name, tackled her out of the way and then, blackness after it hit me.

The rest is pretty clear. I woke up and my leg was trapped under the landslide of rocks. I tried to move my leg but felt a sharp pain course through it. Morphing was out of the question. Don't want to make it worse if I am hurt right.

So I looked around to see what was what. It looked like we were in an old tunnel of some sort, maybe an abandoned subway system they didn't finish. Raven was laying on the ground just out of reach of the pile. A little dusty but she looked fine.

Trying my best not to move my leg, I started moving the rocks off my leg, hoping to free my leg. Unfortunatlely when I finally uncovered my leg, a long, thick, rusty piece of rebar was going in one end and coming out the other. Looking at the wound, I knew, this could be a painful death.

I yanked the metal pole out of my leg as I bit through the top of my uniform. Apparently I still screamed a little because Raven stirred a little. I tore a piece of her cloak off and wrapped my leg up tight, hoping to at least slow the blood flow. She was going to be pissed.

I have a healing ability, comes with the cool green skin and handsome ears, so the blood loss would not be so bad. But it was still way too much blood coming out and if I had to walk out, I'm done for.

While checking to make sure Raven was ok, I got two big surprises. First was all the blood on her head. Freaking out was what I wanted to do, but it was just me and her down here so I had to take charge. Minor scratches supplied the blood but she might have a slight concussion, other than that, she would live. Second came from her mouth. Her head was in my lap and I was to busy checking for injuries to notice her wake up, much less speak. "Did you know you have nice eyes? Where are we? Oh Beast Boy, did I ever tell you that you have nice eyes?" Definitely a concussion.

I sighed, I wasn't going to make it, but maybe I could save her. My communicator was busted and hers was only slightly better. The gps was the only thing that worked so I found my way out. Maybe I could make it, if they decided to look soon, nah, the fight wouldn't be over till to late.

"Hey green boy, come here." My attention immediately switched to the beauty in my clumsy care. I just hope I can get her to the exit, the team could find her there. She giggled and went to stand, falling forward into my waiting arms. "Oh man, I feel really bad, and my ears ring, and blugh." And there was the puke, on my suit. "Sorry, my head hurts."

I smile a small genuine smile. My last seen, saved just for her. "Don't worry Raven. It'll wash. Now on my back."

She slowly, with my help, crawled onto my back. Her arms lazily snaked around my neck as I grabbed hold of her legs. Her head rested on her arm, with her mouth next to my ear. "Your hair smells like dog. Hey, you're bleeding, I need to fix it. Oh, I can teleport us home."

Before she could finish her wispered scentance, Beast Boy was already shacking his head. "No. You're hurt. If I let you do that, it could hurt really bad."

"I can walk you know. I'm not an invalid." Her voice was softer and more like herself. She was getting better but I wasn't taking any chances with her.

"To bad. You need to rest and I don't have the time to wait. If you want out, I'm carrying you."

"Ugh, when my headache goes away, I'm going to hurt you." She slid her head closer to mine till the corner of her lips and cheek touched mine. "But you are kind of comfortable. Why not change into something faster?"

I smiled and hoped she could feel it. I wanted everyone to know I smiled even to the end. "With the pain in my leg and the pain it takes to morph, I'd never make it. Plus the bandage would come off and it would bleed freely."

Her delicate arms tightened a little and soft legs squeezed my waist. "You don't think we are going to make it do you. This is how we die, in a sewer?"

My neck and shoulder grew damp, she was crying. I rubbed my cheek on hers and made a soothing noise. "It's ok, I'm going to make sure you get out safe."

Silence took us for a moment before she whispered. "Tell anyone I did that, and I'll kill you."

I smile but I know it doesn't reach my eyes. "You don't have to worry about that. I'm to chicken to do that to you anyway."

She sighed into my ear. "You know, you are funnier when you don't try to impress me with your jokes."

I blinked a couple of times. Astonishment all over my face. "You think I'm funny? Why don't you laugh? It's a pretty laugh."

She raised her head to look forward, our cheeks still touching. "I have been letting my emotions show a little more since my fathers fall, but its still dangerous with my powers. Maybe one day I'll laugh at one of your stupid, immature jokes. Just not yet. You are being pretty responsible with me today, what gives?"

I laughed and gave her calf a pat. "I've got a pretty girl on my back. Got to impress her somehow. To bad I had to knock her head to do it."

I could feel her cheek tighten into a smile. "See, you are funny at times." We continued on in silence for awhile until she spoke. It came out as a barely audible whisper. "Why do you care for me so much?"

My eyes were wide with fear for a second till I realised that I needed to respond. "You're my friend Raven. Why wouldn't I care for you?" I could already feel her shake her head.

"You know that is not what I ment Beast Boy. I know it's more than that. You don't try as hard to make Robin or the others laugh, or play gamestation with you. You always come to me with your problems unless the others can get whatever you want for you. You come to me of all people for solace and let us not forget that you have only turned into that beast when my safety was involved. Thanks again for that. I just want to know why."

The hair all over my body stood on end. What was I suppose to do. Cone clean and tell her that I dreamt that one day we could be more than friends. Do I laugh and tell a joke as I brush it off. Dummy me laughed. She's smarter than that. "Really, guess stupid me never noticed."

Her arms tightened around my neck. "You're not stupid Beast Boy, just insecure. You know, you could just ask me out. Never know, I might surprise you. It's better to ask and fail than worry about something that has not happened."

My mouth went from ear to ear. "Well than, what would you say if I did ask?"

She weakly slapped my cheek. "That is not asking. Plus we are underground wounded, not the best time. Put me down, I feel well enough to walk. How's your leg?"

I wish she hadn't asked that. Once she did I immediately noticed how weak I was. My vision was blurred and completely black at the edges. I had lost feeling in my leg and had been stumbling along for awhile. I fell to the ground. Apparently my conversation with the beauty that now stood over me, distracted me enough to ignore my weakness. "Heh, maybe I'm a little tiered. It must have been the heavy load."

I looked into a glare that made me melt. Good and bad way. That glare is what I'll miss most. "Beast Boy. You are the biggest idiot in the world. You knew you were going to die. Why carry me and make it worse?"

I smiled. "Looking for a reason to touch your legs."

She leaned down and picked me up by my arm. I frowned as she tried to carry my weight. "Stop Raven, you need to take it easy. I'm fine, I can walk." Her response was to let me go and my reply was to fall back onto my face.

"We are both getting out fine. My powers are still not working, but you carried me so I'll carry you. I feel a lot better now." She bent back down to pick me up but I pushed her hands away.

"Just go Raven. I was given a choice to save you and die or both of us die. I think I made a good choice. Go on. I'll see you later."

She didn't take that. She knelt down by my leg and went to heal it and in my panic I kicked her. It wasn't strong because of my present condition but it did knock her on her butt. "Beast Boy, you have two options. Let me heal that leg or get up and let me carry you."

You know, I had forgotten just how stubborn she was. There's not much she's stubborn about but when she is, oh boy.

I raise my arm out toward her. "Fine, but only as a crutch. Don't pick me up and don't even think about using your powers. You had head trauma and if you use your powers, it could kill you."

We walked in silence for awhile. My arm draped around her neck. I tried to keep my weight off of her but she elbowed me till I gave up and leaned onto her. The silence was broken when she looked at me and said in a low whisper. "You are too much like Mento. What is with Doom Patrol members and their we won't make it out alive complex. Plus the don't do anything so you won't get hurt. This isn't the first suicide venture you've done. Why?"

I had no real answer till a I remembered something an old war buddy,so to speak, of mine said. So I went with that, and a little more. "I put my life at the bottom of the list. We risk our lives all the time for zilch, and I want to die for something special. Raven, you are special, plus with my genetic makeup, I'm lucky if I make twenty. Plus, if I see no way to survive, why not do some good instead of wasting breath trying to change it."

She went to say something but I didn't hear her, I lost the last of my strength. I felt her grab my head and hand but I was going numb fast. I turned to my head and saw a bright light, and someone was there waiting for me. I hope it's my parents, I miss them. This were you came in at and also were I blacked out. Sorry guys this is it. Love you, all of you...