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Warnings: Light malexmale, mpreg. It is after the war and Harry still went on the run with Ron and Hermione, but no-one died, even James and Lily are still alive.

Summary: Harry has to tell his parents he is moving out and moving in with his lover, and the question everyone is asking is: Just who is Harry's lover and why is he so worried about telling them who it is?

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Harry was pacing back and forth, wiping his sweaty palms on the legs of his jeans. He could do this. It was just three words, nothing scary about it. Besides he was nineteen now, his mum and dad had to expect it happening sometime right?

"Harry please stop pacing, you're making us dizzy."

Harry sat down in the chair next to the sofa where his mum and dad sat. "What did you want to tell us son. You know you can tell us anything."

"Really dad?"

"Of course son."

"I'm moving out." Harry finally said it. After days of trying to tell his parents he finally did it.

Lily grabbed her son's hand. "Harry no." she said as James stood up and began to pace as Harry had.

"Yes mum."

"Where will you go son?"

Harry looked at his dad. Here it comes. "I'm moving in with my b- friend."

James narrowed his eyes. "Liar. Harry who are moving in with?"

"I told you. A friend."

Harry looked at his mum when he felt her thumb move across the top of his hand. "Harry please. You know you can tell us."

Harry sighed. "My boyfriend mum."

"Boyfriend? You have a boyfriend?" Lily asked, sounding shocked. Her and James knew that their son was gay and they was supportive when he came out to them but they didn't know he had a boyfriend that was serious enough for them to live together. "Mum I love him."

"It's serious then son?" James asked looking at his son.

"Yes dad. You are both alright with this aren't you?"

"Of course we are son. It has just come as a bit of a shock. We didn't even know you were seeing anyone and now all of a sudden you are moving in with him."

Harry smiled weakly at his dad before turning to his mum. "Harry you can't move out I have only just got you back. Do you know how I was when you went off for a year with Ron and Hermione?"

"Mum that was different, you didn't hear from me to protect everyone from safety as we was all hunting for Horcruxes. You knew I was alright though as Severus told you after he left us the sword."

"But that was six months after you just disappeared."

"Mum I was on the run then. Now I am just moving into a different house. You will still see me."


"Lily you can't expect to see him everyday. Our son is growing up. You can't wrap him up in cotton wool."

Just then the floo went and in walked Severus Snape. "I wanted to drop Lupin's potion off here for him." he said as he graciously stepped out of the floo, vial in hand.

"Ah Severus." Lily said, standing up to greet her friend, taking the potion from his hand and handing it to her husband. "Please talk some sense into Harry."


"He has just told us that he is moving in with his boyfriend. I didn't even know he was with someone. Did you?"

"How would I?" Severus asked before looking at Harry. "You are going out with someone?"

"Yes. I have been with them since Christmas in my sixth year."

"Since you was sixteen?"

"Mum nothing happened apart from kissing and holding each other until I turned seventeen." Harry confessed, turning red. He couldn't believe he was talking to his parents about this, especially with Severus stood there who had a smirk plastered to his face.

"How could you have slept with him on your seventeenth birthday. You was at the burrow. We all was."

"I uh-" Harry cleared his throat. "I kinda snuck out."

"Harry there was a war going on. We did all that to protect you and you snuck out to see your boyfriend."

"I'm sorry mum but I wanted him to be my first and hopefully my only. We had been waiting six months, I couldn't wait any longer, the day I became of age I went to him." Harry turned to his dad. "He wanted me to go back to the burrow but I refused, so it wasn't all him. He caught my eye, I did the chasing, he refused but I wouldn't give up."

"Sounds like your dad with me at school love."

"He was your first? Irresponsible."

"Severus he was on our side. I knew that I was safe with him."

"Two horny seventeen year olds. Anything could have happened." James said, shaking his head at his son.

Harry rubbed the back of his neck. "Actually, he is older than me."

"How older?"

"A bit."

"Define bit."

"Well he was still at Hogwarts when I was there."

Lily relaxed a little. "Well at least it is only a couple of years."

"Don't be too sure Lily. When he said his boyfriend was at Hogwarts when he was there that could mean he was starting his seventh year when he was starting his first year."

"Way to worry your wife when she was starting to calm down Potter."

"Oh shut it Snape."

"Look I am not moving in with him yet anyway."

"When are you then?"

"I am off for a week with Ron to support him as the Chudley cannons are to play. If they win this match they are in the final. I will only be gone for a week and then I will be back."

"To pack and then leave."

"Who is it that you are with then Harry?" asked James.

"Don't answer him Harry."

"Remus, Sirius what are you doing here?"

Sirius let go of Remus' hand and hugged Harry. "I came to say bye to pup."

"Wait a minute Sirius, Remus you just told Harry not to tell us who his boyfriend is. Do you know?"

"Of course I know. It is the werewolf in me. Whenever I see him all I can smell on him is Harry."

"Remus please, we are not ready."

Remus smiled at Harry. "Don't worry about it pup. I won't tell."

"You will!" Sirius, Lily and James said in unison.

"No he won't. We are not saying anything until we are ready." Harry sighed and rolled his eyes. "Until I talk with my boyfriend and we make a decision then no-one will know."

"Why are you so against us knowing Harry love."

"Because mum, you won't know what to do, Dad you will go crazy and Sirius will side with dad. Obviously Remus don't mind but Sirius and you dad will flip at him for knowing and not telling. And Severus will find it funny."

"Why would I find it funny?"

"Because even though you all know him, you know him more." Harry walked to the kitchen door. "So I am going to leave all of you here and get packed."

When Harry left the room and went upstairs, Severus laid a comforting hand on Lily's shoulder. "Harry is nineteen Lily. He can look after himself now. Surely his actions during the war showed you that if he got through that then him living with his boyfriend will be no problem. Look I need to get going. I just came to drop Remus' potion off before I got back to work." Severus took the potion back off James and handed it to Remus who took it from him with a smile in thanks.

"Don't you miss teaching Severus?"

"No I don't. I have my own shop. Help the ministry from time to time and have no brats to teach." Severus said goodbye with a nod of his head and left via floo.

Harry came downstairs ten minutes later with a holdall bag over his shoulder. "Right then I haven't got to be at Ron's until this evening so I am going to spend the afternoon with my boyfriend before going." Harry hugged his parents and Sirius and Remus before leaving.

"You are going to tell me who pup is seeing Remy." Sirius said as soon as Harry had left.

"No I won't. Who Harry sees is up to him, he seems happy and in love with him so leave him to it. Anyway it is not my secret to tell."

"You will tell me Remy or I will withhold sex."

At this Remus started to laugh along with James and Lily. "Siri in our relationship you are the impatient one. I hate the full moon because of what I go through and you hate it because it means three days without sex so forgive me if I don't take your threat seriously."

Harry let out a content sigh as he laid his head on his lover's chest. "I'm going to miss you."

"You'll only be gone for a week." came the reply.

"I know. But since I have met you and more importantly since we have been together the longest I have gone without seeing you is two days."

"I didn't see you when you went off to search for horcruxes."

"I know. That was the hardest, not knowing where you were or if you had been hurt or-"

"Shh." his lover soothed as his arms tightened themselves around Harry. "We both miraculously made it through the war."

Harry kissed the chest he had been leaning on near the left nipple and pushed himself up so he was facing his lover. "I love you."

"I love you too Harry." his lover answered before attaching his lips to Harry's neck, rolling them both over. "Oh I am going to miss this." Harry breathed, gasping when he felt his lover's cock digging into him.

"Sorry I'm late Ron." Harry apologised as he stumbled from Ron's fireplace.

"That's alright mate. Were you with-"

"Yep. I am going to miss him."


Harry laughed. "Yes Ron."

"Have you told your mum and dad you are moving out."


"How did they take it?"

"They were shocked at first. They didn't even know that I was with anyone."

"Why don't you just tell them who you are with? They are going to find out sooner or later when you both move into your new house. You know what your mum is like. She is like mine. Once she finds out where you live she will always be popping over hoping to catch either one of you and you wouldn't want her finding out how I did do you?" Ron said, shuddering at the memory.

Harry laughed at his friend. "That was your own fault. You was that determined to find out who it was. You knew we hadn't seen each other all day so it was pretty obvious what we would be doing."

Three days into his trip with Ron. Harry was surprised to see the redhead already awake and dressed, eating breakfast. "You're up early."

"Yeah thanks to Hedwig here. She woke me up with a continuous tapping. It's from loverboy."

"If he heard you say that you wouldn't be breathing now."

"That I wouldn't. Luckily he is not here. Anyway. I saw how long the letter was and decided I might as well shower and dress before you get up. Every morning he sends you a letter and I don't know what he puts in it but straight after your sleeping bottoms are tented and you have to have a cold shower and I do not want to have my shower straight after you when it is obvious why you needed one in the first place."

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