Okay guys! This is a short story but I came up with it while daydreaming (yes I still daydream). So yeah, it's pretty short but I didn't know how to go with it, just a story to help me get over my writer block on Camping, might be continued, depends. :)

"Megan," Peter said and waited for his boss's attention; she looked up, anxiously waiting and alert.

"I got the blood samples you wanted," Peter said.

"Great!" Megan said enthusiastically. Then jumped out of her chair, eager to start working.

"Megan, there's something else you should see first." Peter said. Megan saw Peter's face full of concern and worry, and then she got worried too. But before Megan could say a word Peter escorted her into the break room occupied by Sam, Bud, Ethan, Curtis, and Kate with concerned and worried looks on their faces; just like Peter's.

"What's going on?" Megan asked, worried about what might happen next. Bud heaved a sigh, and turned to the folder in Kate's hands and showed it to Megan, which displayed pictures of Megan, some with Lacey, and said.

"We found this in the suspect's home," Bud said and pointed towards the pictures.

"He was stalking you," Kate said.

Megan almost fainted she knew the suspect was the killer; the evidence pointed directly towards him.

"Where is he?" Megan asked.

"We don't know," Sam asked.

Megan collasped, fell to the floor, she knew how he killed woman, first he stalked his victims, then there was 3 day waiting period then finally murder.

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