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"Megan? Megan?" Peter kept on calling her name, until her eyes blurred and she lifted her eyelids up hazily.

"Here," Kate said, she was on her knees sitting right beside Megan to see if she was okay. Megan sat up immediately then fixed her hair and took the glass of water Kate handed to her.

"Thanks, " Megan said and whole heartily took the water Kate had offered to her. After a couple sips, Megan stood up and put the water on the coffee table.

"Where are you going?" Peter asked.

"I'm going to catch a killer, before he catches me." Megan said.

"Mh hm there's no way in hell you're on this case," Curtis said and stepped up, to an eye-rolling Megan Hunt.

"I'm absolutely fine Curtis," Megan said trying to persuade him.

"No, you're not. You just fainted five minutes ago, it's best for you to go home and get some rest." Curtis said, and moved a little closer so Megan got the impression that he wasn't backing down.

"Fine," Megan said and silently walked towards her office not making a sound.

When Megan got to apartment, she found that it was trashed, things torn all over the place. Megan was shocked, full of alarm, and backed away from the center of chaos and called the person she knew could help her. None other than Peter Dunlop.

"Megan?" Peter asked.

"Someone broke into my apartment, and trashed it. God Peter, he never did this to his other victims, what if-" Megan was cut off by Peter.

"It's okay Megan, we'll be right there." Peter said.

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