It was very late. John couldn't see clearly, because it was dark. He was afraid.

John was walking home. He had to walk streets, which didn't have good opinion. People said, that many had died there in unexplained circumstances and police found their bodies many years later.

He was wondering, if it was true, when suddenly, he heard scream behind his back.

John turned and saw two persons, no - one person, the second one definitely wasn't human. It was holding dead body of a women, everywhere was full of blood.

John in terror hid behind a big tree, watching what will happened next. The monster turned around - John could see red eyes of the beast. It was getting closer, dragging corpse, when it suddenly stopped, a few meters to John.

The creature dropped women's body and started scrawling by its fingers on the street, every now and then dipping them in the blood of the victim.

Now John knew the truth, he knew why many people died there, and maybe he will join them. He decided to see what is written on the street.

John turned around and saw an inscription:

"I know you're here


I know you can see me."

Six years later police found bodies of a man and a women brutally murdered many years ago. They couldn't find any identification, except man's identity card. It was torn in half, but they knew that his name was John.