Spirit on the Wind

It is dark and the settlement is buzzing. Laughter and joy fills the air. Only one person doesn't know happiness.

Little Creek stands on the edge of the settlement. Time had noticeably passed from that day when they first met. He could feel his age in a way that he hadn't felt before. This age didn't belong to the day he was born but the day that he said goodbye.

He isn't a fool. He has lived through much and possesses knowledge that some can only dream of. Yet still he dreams of the one who taught him that special knowledge. In his dreams he still sees Spirit and Rain. At times the vividness startles him into the waking world.

There is no final farewell. Little Creek knows that it isn't impossible to see them once more. Perhaps his people will travel closer Spirit's herd. Perhaps Spirit's herd will be the ones to travel. He lives in the hope that he will see them again despite the unlikeliness of it all.

At night he likes to stand and face the direction they left in. He likes to dream that, for one last time, he could fly on the wild spirit's back and dance with she who holds the grace of the rain. His eyes turn to the sky and he spies the eagle that Spirit longed to follow so greatly.

Little Creek dreams that the eagle is their messenger and guardian of their bond. He remembers, despite all distances and all obstacles, they share the same wind, the same sky and the same earth.

Author's Note: On my holiday in Spain there was a horse stable. One of them was a gorgeous black Andalusian and I was very sad to leave because I wouldn't see the horse again. As we hiked up the hill to check out this came into my head.

I hope you enjoyed what you have read and thank you for reading. I apologise if you didn't enjoy this.

I do not own Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron in any form. I own only the small plot.