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CHAPTER 01: Once Upon A Freaking Sunday


In the land of Pirawyth, there exists a prosperous Kingdom of Zelawien. A huge, majestic castle was built in honor of the first king. It was so long ago that no one even remembered his name. But his legacy carried on to his descendants who are now very much alive & are busy to make the humble people happy.

There's also a large downtown located a few kilometers from the castle where everyone can find anything they need; from clothes, hats, shoes & other dry goods to fruits, vegetables, delicacies & other household necessities.

The people there were very friendly & welcoming. So everybody's living peaceful & quiet lives.

Except for one.

And that outstanding human being is me.

Well, okay, I'm overreacting. I was having a fairly normal life, just like everyone. But that was until I met the prince.

My story goes like this...

It was during the time of witches, dragons & magic-fine, screw that, I'm just kidding! Geez, witches & dragons don't exist in this era.

But, seriously, here goes the real deal:

I woke up in a warm sunlight streaming through my window. I smiled. Funny how can the weather affect your mood. I'm glad we live on the leeward side of the mountain (you know, the side where the climate is much drier than the other) because I hate the rain.

I stretched out my stiff limbs & after some time marveling the nice warmth of the morning, I hopped out of the bed.

'Morning, mom.'

'Good morning, sweetie! Want some cereals?' My mom greeted me cheerfully, her eyes wrinkling & nearly disappearing.

'Yep, thanks!' I took my bowl, grabbed the pitcher of fresh milk *hmm, yummy!* & dug in.

'Where's dad?' I asked between mouthfuls of my icky cereal. I think I soaked it in too much milk but hey, I love the way it melt on my tongue.

'Oh, he went out early to prepare the, uh, things we need when we move, she frowned a little.

I slightly grimaced too. I hate the idea of moving out from our lovely little house that looked like it came out straight from a fairytale book. But it can't be help; my dad's work forced him to. Not that we complained, it's just hard to leave the place you've known your whole life.

I sighed, in a few days' time, we'll be moving in the castle. Yes, we're going to take over & throw the royal family out the window.

Nah, that is so not gonna happen. Not in reality, not in my dream, not ever. I don't involve myself in the royal gossips, alright. I'm not even sure what the King's name is, let alone handle the title of their greatness. Nope, we're not going to attack the castle & kick someone's royal butt.

My father's work made him connected with their "inner" works. Oh no, it's not something like a mafia or anything, it's some sort of office works actually.

So because of that, we were required to move in their premises to have my father a better & faster access to them. But I kind of feel that it's vice versa; they need my dad more than my dad needs them. How troublesome.

'Thanks for the food!' I made a grateful gesture before the table & grabbed my cape.

'I'm going out. I'll be back before dusk, mom!'

Ah, what a wonderful day; the sky a perfect, forget-me-not blue, birds chirping somewhere above me & the lullaby of a nearby lake reached my ears. An excellent day for flower picking in my favorite meadow. I leisurely walked through the calming forest.

I hummed a cheerful tune that only exist somewhere in my mind. I stretched my arm as I breathed the morning scent of nature.

Finally, I reached a small clearing in the middle of the thick forest. I don't know if someone else besides me know about this little paradise but it seemed to be untouched & no sign of intrusion. Well, except for my occasional footprints & broken branches.

I usually visit this place whenever spring began to pick out some freshly bloomed flowers. But because of our little commotion at home, I came in late. It was almost time for summer now.

As my eyes scanned the area, I stopped dead on my tracks when I spotted a very beautiful flower in the midst of the usual ones I come to pick. It was the first time I saw that kind of flower. The petals were pure white but in the middle of it were impossibly rich purple. Simple yet it stood out like a sore thumb.

'Wow...' I whispered to myself as my feet dragged me to where it was.

I squatted down & touched the smooth surface of the flower.

'I wonder what-OW!'

A huge force from my behind slammed onto me, making me kiss the flower with my whole face.

Something...no, wait. Scratch that one. Someone mercilessly attacked my spine.


A young man, probably the same age as me, was lying on his butt. The collision sent him flying to his current position. He muttered a curse as he touched his shining blonde head.

'What the-can't you watch where you're going?! You could've killed me!' I yelled angrily at him. I spat out the pollen grains from the flower that decided to explore my mouth.

He looked up to me as I towered over him. I stopped short. When our eyes met, I caught my breath at his extraordinary emerald eyes. Likewise, he stared back as if I'm the weirdest thing on the planet. His hand slipped down so theatrically slow from his head & his jaws were slacked open.

'W-What?' I stammered. And for some unknown, I blushed.

'Ipaasha,' he said in a low voice.

'Huh?' I raised an eyebrow, whatever this guy is talking about.

'That flower is called ipaasha.'


Now that he stood, I had a better view of his features. He was about a head taller than me, lean but I bet his arms could easily break me into two. His piercing green eyes shone in the bright sunlight. His blonde hair was messy but it suited him perfectly. He wore a traveler's cape & a sword hung in his left side. Overall, his outfit was so cool. I had to admit, he was so handsome, like an archangel or a figure in a painting. But I'm sure; the prince is more gorgeous than he is.

'You like what you see?' He smirked as he caught me gaping like a fish.

Instantly, my face heated up & I turned my back on him,'s-shut up!'

I heard him chuckled.

'Eh?' I gasped as I noticed the pretty flower before me sagged with missing petals. My face did a serious damage on the poor thing.

'Don't worry. Summer is just starting, they will start to bloom more beautiful than that,' the guy said. He bent down beside me & plucked something from my hair.

The gesture made my heart skipped a beat & I slightly moved away from him.

'What? You got leaves on your head,' he smiled & as if to prove his point, he held out the leaves.

'W-who are you?' I stammered.

He blinked several times, giving me a confused look for a second but then he flashed his charming smile. I almost made a face at him. What's with this guy, smiling out of the blue?

'My name is Usui Takumi. What's yours, princess?' He held out his hand, waiting.

I bit my lip for a moment, contemplating the situation. But I decided to be a good girl & took it, 'Ayuzawa Misaki.'

He smiled wider, showing off his brilliant white teeth. 'Nice to meet you, Misaki.'

I nodded, not trusting my voice because his stupid leaking pheromones were affecting me!

We stared at each other again.

Then the bastard snickered & said, 'you're falling in love me, aren't you?'

My mind went to its loading mode & when I processed what he just said, my eyes popped out of its sockets.

What the hell?! My face heated up again.

'As if!' I scoffed & rolled my eyes for his benefit.

'Oh, Misa-chan. You don't have to hide it. Come on, you can tell me,' he urged.

'I'll tell you...get out of my face, idiot!' His pretty face was about a few inches from mine & he still had the guts to lean even closer. So I did the honor of kicking him off me.

He laughed amusedly.

'Hmp!' I turned away from him & put a good distance between us.

Stupid, thick-faced guy!

'Where are you going?'

'Away from you, obviously!'

'Aw, don't be like that. I'm not a bad person. Let's be friends, okay?'

I heard him making his way towards me & I heaved a sigh. I ignored him as I continued what I came here for. I bent over a bunch of pink flowers that smelled so sweet.

'You got a pair of really pretty & flawless thighs there, Misa-chan.'

His comment made me snapped up, blushing furiously, of course. My damn skirt betrayed me! It came high over my legs as I bent over.

I swung around to face his Cheshire grin. I rudely pointed an accusing finger to him.

'Y-y-you...you,' I choked out in anger. A stream of very good insults flowed in my brain but I couldn't choose which one is the best for this bastard.

'Now, now, Misa-chan. That's not fair, you should've confess your undying attraction to me first before trying to seduce me.' Yep, he had the nerve to say those words.

Anger & embarrassment boiled inside me. It went up a notch & shattered my temper meter. I nearly uproot the tree beside me & use it to smash the life out of this annoying creature in front of me.

'YOU STUPID, STUPID PERVERTED ALIEN CREATURE FROM SPACE!' I shrieked. I could hear the rush of blood pulsating in my ears as I breathed hard. God, I need to hit him or I'll die from heart attack!

'Whoa, take it easy,' he held up his hand in surrender but the mischievous smile was still plastered on his face.

I huffed & glared daggers at him.

'I'm sorry, I was kidding. Here, as an apology.' He was holding a brown wrapper that looked like-

'Chocolates?' I raised an eyebrow. Who carries a bar of chocolate in their pockets?

'Yep, girls love sweet things, yes?'

I scowled at him. Maybe he often get slapped by girls wherever he goes because of his perverted mind so he carries a lot of chocolates with him.

'What? You're a girl, right? Don't worry, I didn't poison it.'

I scowled at him but I took the peace offering. Hey, I'm a girl. I cannot resist the temptations of chocolates.

The smell was making my brain melt, I chomped it off & the taste was divine.

I was about to plummet back into my happy mood when the perverted alien opened his perverted mouth to say something perverted.

'But really, you have nice legs which turns me on-'

I let my woven basket fly with deadly projectile straight to his head & I sadistically squealed in joy as I watched him toppled over with a yowl.

'You have a considerable amount of violence in your bloodstreams, eh?' He groaned.

'Yeah & I'm not even warming up. You'll taste more if you open that perverted mouth of yours again,' I threatened.

I then proclaimed 10-meter radius of restriction from where I stood in which he had no rights of trespassing.

'You're being childish, Misa-chan. Don't you want to snuggle up on me?' He pouted & held out his arms as if waiting for me to jump in.

'Hell no!' I threw a pebble at his direction. A vein popped somewhere in my head when he sidestepped & my weapon missed.

All day, he continued to spout things that made my hair stood on the end. Pebbles, stones & fist-size rocks flew in the air every time he tried to invade my territory.

When I had the chance to notice my surroundings, the forest was already turning orange as the sun sets down.

'Whoa. I need to go home,' I muttered. I glanced at my companion; he was propped on a tree, busy twirling a stick. He looked like he was deep in thought that he didn't notice me walking up beside him.

'Hey,' I nudged him with my knee.

He blinked & just like always, he smiled. 'Yeah?'

'I'm going home.' God, why am I even telling him this? I could've just ran away.

'Oh,' his voice was crestfallen. But I'm not sure if I really saw sadness flickered in his eyes for a split second.

'Want me to walk you home?' He recovered & smiled alluringly.

I blushed. 'No, thanks!' I turned my back on him & almost ran towards the path.

'Hey, Misa-chan!'

'What?' I yelled across the meadow.

'You're coming back tomorrow?' His voice was so full of hope that it was hard to say 'no'.

I slowed down until I stopped. I faced him & bit my lip. His face...oh hell, how could you decline his puppy-dog eyes? Those cute little pouty lips &-no, wait! Stop! Just stop.

I let my lungs released all my air.

'I...can't. I have things to do, I'm sorry.' And for once, I really feel sorry about it. I don't know why but I found myself magnetized to this guy. No matter how annoying he was, not to mention how perverted his mind was.

'Is that so? Well then, take care. & it's really nice to meet you, Misa-chan,' he waved at me as he bid me farewell. Argh! I hate the way he made me feel so woozy inside.

'Yeah, nice to meet you too, perverted alien,' I whispered. I waved back & ran all the way home.

I was sure it was the first & last time I will ever see him.

Little did I know, it was only the beginning.


8/6/12 OWARI



Hi, it's me again! Whoa. I missed writing Maid-sama fic.

Hmm, it's my first time writing an alternate universe setting. So, uhm...what do you think about the opening chapter?

As you can see, I just finished it today. I don't have a single word written for chapter 2.

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