As they sat in the Church, they all noticed Michael sitting rigid. His gaze never leaving his brother's casket. Sam wanted to sit next to Mike, but he knew that wasn't his place, so he sat next to Fiona. Jesse sat on the end, almost as if he was providing protection on his side.

The service was short. Maddie could be heard crying through it. Michael would sniffle and on occasion let out a short sob. Fiona's hand never left Michael's. Sam kept his hand either on Fiona's hand squeezing it when Michael would break or gently placing it on her leg. Whenever Michael let out a sob, Sam felt his own eyes fill out with tears. Jesse, not big on contact, patted Sam's leg on occasion for support.

Everyone notice when Maddie went up to the casket and kissed Nate for the last time, that Michael's head fell backwards. Seeing this, Sam let tears fall freely from his face. It broke his heart to see his friend like that. Fiona nudged Michael to move from his seat. She let go of his hand and he lumbered up to Nate's coffin. Seeing Michael lean over Nate and say a final goodbye, made Jesse wipe his eyes. Michael would never be the same.

When it came time to carry Nate's casket to the cemetery outside the Church, Michael let out another small sob as he carried Nate outside. Sam, patted his friend's back as he set down the coffin.

As the reverend read a few passages, Michael began to lose his composure. Small sobs now were free flowing tears. Fiona, Sam and Jesse could hear Michael utter "No" a few times. Sam, who stood protectively behind Michael, holding onto his shoulders, would gently squeeze them when Michael would protest what was going on in front of him. His thumbs were gently rubbing back and forth. Fiona, sat where she belonged, next to Michael. Her hand never leaving his. This time Michael squeezed her hand so tight she was afraid he would break it, but she never pulled away or said a word. Sam noticed that a few times Michael tried to take Maddie's hand but she snatched it away.

At the end of the service, Maddie stood up and told the group she was heading home. Maddie didn't even look at Michael, who kept his eyes closed as she past by.

"I don't want to leave. I can't leave yet. I don't want to leave Nate alone." Michael said, in a tight voice. The group noticed Michael was crying again. Fiona wiped his tears and kissed his cheek.

Jesse, moved next to Michael and took his hand.

"We aren't going anywhere until you tell us to Mikey. You take as long as you need. Its just us, so you do what you want brother. We got your back. We love you. I love you." Sam said, trying to hide his own tears.

With those final words, Michael let loose his grief. Leaning into Fiona and unleashing sob after sob, she held him and rocked back and forth whispering something in Irish that Jesse and Sam didn't understand. There they sat until the sun set. When he couldn't cry anymore, Sam helped Michael to his feet and they all walked off arm in arm.

Once they were all ready to leave Michael and Fiona, he gave Jesse a hug and said "Thank you. You have no idea..."

"Save it. Just take care of yourself and you call if you need me." Jesse said as he walked out of the loft.

Sam was the next to leave, giving Fiona a hug and a kiss, telling her "I'm just a phone call away, I don't care what time you call."

Giving Michael a hug, he held on tight as Michael dipped his head low and rested it on Sam's shoulder, letting out another burst of tears.

Sam moved Michael over to Fiona's arms and walked out of the loft, wishing he could have done more, but knowing Fiona would take care of him.