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Bad Dreams

It was with a seldom seen frown that merlin woke in the morning, the familiar cry of his and Arthur's daughter failing to disturb him from his light sleep. He glanced over at his sleeping husband who was sprawled out on the bed, drooling into the pillow in a very kingly way before padding over to the door.

He was just debating the pros of returning to his room to don a pair of socks when he saw the two knights that guarded the princess' rooms passed out on the floor. He called out for Arthur with his magic, waking the king with his magic before he began striding to the room that their daughter and Leon and Gawain's two year old son shared.

He took a deep breath as his hand wrapped around the cool handle of the door, preparing himself for what he was going to see. Pushing open the door he gasped as he saw the image that was hovering in the air, a pitch black sky littered with shining stars, eyes finally settling on his daughter he let out a breath that he had been holding, tension melting from his body.

The golden haired princess way lay on her blankets that had been moved onto the floor with her cousin next to her, holding the soft dragon toy the Arthur had gifted Awyr for her fourth birthday to his chest.

He smiled as her musical voice drifted to his ears. "It's okay Aldwyn, papa (Merlin) said that everyone has nightmares sometimes." The younger boy sniffed heartily as he moved closer to his friend and pulled the dragon closer to his face.

"When I had a nightmare last month papa took me outside and showed me different shapes in the stars and told me that if I ever needed a hug to go to him or daddy, but it's okay, I told him, because I have Aldwyn, and he'll protect me from the nasty dreams. Just like daddy protects papa."

His heart melted a little at the sight but he schooled his face before clearing his throat and frowning softly at his daughter.

"I am pretty certain that I never told you to knock out the guards and stay awake in the middle of the night…" he paused for a moment as Arthur stumbled into the room, bleary eyed, sword in one hand and holding his breeches up with the other.

"You scared me and your daddy to death Aywr, we thought something had happened." Merlin said as he crouched next to the little girl and boy. Arthur grunted half-heartedly and settled next to Merlin on the floor, pulling Aywr into his lap tightly and laying his head on her tummy before blowing a raspberry on her stomach. She laughed and tried to push his face away whilst giggling and laughing at Arthur's antics.

"She was just proving that she was like her daddy." Arthur grinned, pressing his cheek against his daughters and nudging her until they both pulled the most adorable face with big eyes and pouty lips. Merlin sighed and tucked Aldwyn into his own arms before kicking Arthur covertly with his leg.

"Not fair, you know I can't resist that look." He said and he kissed Aldwyn on the cheek and enchanted the little boy's toy to come alive and breathe harmless fire. The toddler began to giggle and Arthur smiled and leant over to kiss Merlin softly on the lips.

"Are we forgiven?" Arthur said, placing a gentle hand on Merlin's hip before kissing his neck softly.

"Fine but only this once, and only because I love you… and 'cause you're pretty." Merlin mumbled the last bit before standing fluidly and hoisting his daughter and nephew up into his arms and settling them in their own beds and tucking them in carefully.

Smiling softly as Arthur wrapped his arms around his waist he leant back into the king and kissed the battle hardened hand that was now resting on his shoulder. "Now you two, no more hurting the guards, and no more astronomy lessons unless me, Arthur, Gawain or Leon say so okay. Little Princesses and Little Knights need all the rest that they can get for adventuring, and that happens in the day time."

Arthur smiled as he watched Merlin parenting; the warlock had come on leaps and bounds since when they had met, he had grown in to a brilliant father, and amazing partner and an inspirational leader. He had turned into the perfect partner for Arthur, the equal to him in every way and more than he could have imagined.

Arthur couldn't imagine his life without the brunet; Merlin was to him, as essential as oxygen and he was thankful that the only nightmares he had to deal with of late were those of two very small people and based around spiders and the dark.

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