Epilogue: Dinner.

A/N: Just a silly idea that came to my mind over dinner today. Can't be assed to write it in full so you can get this and be happy with it.

Over dinner. The three sat in the small kitchen on a table only just able to hold them all.

After a very long silence.

Grandma: So… tell me… how did you two meet?

(Rin coughs on her drink.)

Sesshomaru: I was struggling on a choice of what to buy in a card shop. Your granddaughter was kind enough to help me make my choice.

Grandma: Ah, how sweet.

Sesshomaru: Yes… but then she went on to tell me how I should live my life.

Grandma: Oh?

Sesshomaru: She insisted on making me attend my brother's wedding.

Rin: Now, wait a second. I never made you do anything!

Sesshomaru: That's what you think.

Grandma: So… what about your… gifts Sesshomaru?

Rin: Grandma! Not over dinner!

Sesshomaru: Is it wrong to send the woman you love a present?

Grandma: I don't count lacy underwear as a present.

Sesshomaru: They are for me.

Rin: Sesshomaru, please, stop it. And grandma, you promised.

Grandma: You are marrying this man, Rin. I want to know all there is about him.

Sesshomaru: Very well. My name is Lord Sesshomaru Inutaisho. I'm the Chief executive officer of Inutaisho Industries, my father's company, taking it over at 15 years old. I like walking at night and fine wines, I have a short temper and will do anything I want. I hate cats and rain. My blood type is AB. And I am madly in love with your granddaughter and want to marry her.

Rin blushed and her grandma blinked.

Grandma: Alright then.