A drabble series of random little fics and ficlets that really don't fit anywhere else, so they're getting stuck here. Uploaded randomly, as they're written or though about.

Based on the Kip Moore song of the same name.

"I look like an idiot." Adam complained. The Knockouts' surrounding him giggled, before they took his hands and dragged him out to the party. His boyfriend had insisted that he attend the informal Slammiversary after party, for which Dixie had booked out a VIP room for her wrestlers, which let them cut loose without having to worry about the public.

"You look gorgeous," Tara assured him, looking reluctant to get involved with the other girls madness but obviously supervising them.

"Thanks," Adam murmured softly, favouring the woman with a warm smile before he went back to trying to resist the other Knockouts' efforts to move him into the main room.

"What is the point of this anyway?" he sighed softly, trying to dig his heels in. But with Mickie James and Brooke Tessmacher dragging him with a hold on an arm each, and Velvet Sky pushing him from the back, he really didn't stand a chance.

"You'll see," Mickie teased, tugging harder. With one last shove Adam found himself in the main room, and all eyes on him. The wrestlers stopped and stared, some of them obviously resisting the urge to laugh and others shifting their stance uncomfortably, not that Adam could really blame them. The Knockouts' had somehow convinced him to dress in a bright red dress, and cowboy boots of all things. With his slowly growing hair he felt like an idiot, and much less sexy than he usually did when he dressed up for Jeff.

The DJ playing music in the corner obviously received a cue from one of the ladies because the song changed immediately, the sounds of a country tune starting to play through the room. Adam spotted Jeff among a group of guys that he knew, and largely got along with and crossed to his side, picking up the tattooed arm and situating himself under it firmly. Jeff laughed and hugged his baby closer, returning to his conversation with James Storm and Bobby Roode.

Over the speakers, the song kept playing. And when the line, "Something bout a girl. In a red sundress," played, Adam couldn't hide his blush as the room exploded into laughter.

"It's James's song!" Mickie yelled across the room. "But Bobby's much too manly so Adam has to play the girl instead!"

"Oh god..." Adam whispered, hiding his face in Jeff's shoulder as he felt it heating up even further.

"Where do those girls get these ideas?" James sighed, slapping Bobby's thigh lightly as the slightly elder man glared at Adam.

"Don't worry Bobby, I've got my own Southerner," Adam assured his fellow Canadian, offering the dark haired man what he hoped was a reassuring smile as he tilted his head slightly. Bobby shrugged and stepped closer to James, interlacing their fingers between their bodies before obviously relaxing.

"How did they even convince you to do this?" James asked in curiosity.

"I don't know!" Adam exclaimed. "They cornered me and the next thing I know I'm in a dress being laughed at!" His pout made all three other men laugh, but it wasn't something that Adam minded. Jeff, James and Bobby were harmless and he knew they meant no offence. Now he just had to figure out how to get past the girls and change back into his own clothes.