Based on the episode of TNA when Roode spat in Dixies face.

Summary: After Bobby makes a scene, his boyfriend has to pick up the pieces. Beer Money, Dixie Carter/Sting

"James…" The Tennessee Cowboy groaned as he heard his name called by Tara. The knockout hadn't been booked in a match that night and as such had been watching the show instead of getting changed.

"What did Bobby do now?" he asked tiredly. Tara smiled sympathetically at him.

"Spit in Dixie Carters face," she admitted. James groaned again.

"How much trouble is he in?" he sighed.

"Considering that Sting was in the ring with them and your boyfriend ran from him after he spat in her face…" Tara started, smiling sadly when James brought a hand up to rub at his temple. "Oh and he told her she wasn't 'woman enough to take a ride on the Bobby Roode express'." James just started at her for a second before he turned and walked away.

"Thanks darlin'," he called over his shoulder as he headed to the depths of the arena, hunting for Sting.

"HOW DARE YOU SPIT IN HER FACE?" James sighed and quickened his pace as he heard the furious tones of Sting. "YOU PUT HER IN HARMS WAY AND THEN YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO SPIT IN HER FACE?!" Coming round the corner James could see Sting pinning Bobby to the wall, AJ and Jeff Hardy attempting to pull him away with Dixie clinging to his arm.

"Baby let him go," she was begging. "It's ok; just let him go before you seriously hurt him." Sting didn't appear to hear her, but he must have registered her presence because he was taking great care to not accidentally hit her. The brunette woman saw him out of the corner of her eye and stepped back, allowing him to join the other guys and haul her boyfriend away from his boyfriend. The second Sting was pulled away Dixie slid between him and Roode, murmuring softly to him with her palms flat on his chest. He stopped struggling as soon as she got in his way, moving his own palms to rest gently on her cheeks, wiping the tears glistening on her face away with his thumbs.

James on the other hand moved to stand in front of Bobby with his arms crossed, just watching his boyfriend. Bobby looked up at him as he tried to catch his breath.

"Why?" James asked simply, holding his hand up as Bobby tried to speak. "You know what, I don't care. You need to get ready for your match. We'll discuss this later." He stepped forward, pinning Bobby to the wall with his body. "And make no mistake we will discuss this later." He groped Bobby's ass before he slapped it hard, making the Canadian arch his back and glare before he brought his hands up to tangle in James's hair, tugging it lightly.

"You can't handle me," he hissed. James grinned at him, plundering his mouth firmly, taking every bit of fight out of the Champion.

"You want to bet on that?" he growled. "And you will apologise to Dixie. Properly this time." Bobby blinked at James before the American winked at him and walked away, resting his hand briefly on Dixies lower back as he passed, almost in apology for his boyfriend. It earned him a quick sad smile directed his way before she turned her attention back to keeping Sting calm and rational. James shook his head as he walked away, already planning for that night. He needed to make sure that Bobby was in the right frame of mind to give a proper apology to Dixie Carter. Preferably before he was killed by Sting.