9th September 2012

Just letting you all know that this hasn't been abandoned...

I'm having a LOT of trouble with my laptop.

My charger and battery are both broken... I managed to borrow a charger and then discovered that BOTH of my USB ports are faulty and so I can't even put any new chapters – which I've written using the computer at work computer which doesn't have an internet connection – onto my laptop! And I refuse to rewrite 5,000+ words when I've already written them.

I can't even use the computers at my local library because I've recently gotten a new job and so I've been doing s 50 mile round trip for induction meetings and training courses for the past three weeks and just haven't had the time!

It's a freakin' nightmare!

Please, please, please bear with me... My laptop is booked in to be fixed on the 20th September, and though it will be quite costly it'll be worth it! If you can manage to wait another week or so for a REAL update, I would be eternally grateful. Hope you're prepared for what's coming next!

Thank you for your continued support, I appreciate it so much!


PS – I'm majorly pissed off about this entire situation. I've written THREE additional chapters of this story and cannot even post them! AND I'm only managing to stay up to date with my favourite fics because of my mobile! AND I've discovered that my laptop also has a Trojan horse thanks to a dodgy PDF file I downloaded that was SUPPOSED to be the fourth Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel!

Dontcha just hate technology?