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"Are you insane?!" A midnight blue-haired teenager exclaimed, shocked by what he had just heard. "I thought you completed your plans for Easter?" Kazuomi looked at his stepson.

"My plans for Easter consisted of receiving the embryo for Hikaru. Aren't you a little delayed, Ikuto? A man by the name of Gravatus provided me with an offer that I could not resist, so Easter is no longer in my hands."

"Why did you tie me up then?" Ikuto wondered, struggling to escape. "What significance am I to this new Easter?"

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto, you are essential." A man with black hair and a long mustache entered the room. "My name is Kai Gravatus, the owner of Easter." Ikuto snarled. "Tsukiyomi, you are going to be the test subject for my goal." Ikuto's eyes widened. He knew exactly what this plan encompassed. Ikuto knew it could easily work. The only way it could be ceased was by the guardians, and this could easily affect them too. Ikuto closed his eyes, thinking about everything he would lose. He would never discover the whereabouts of his father.

"It looks like you have a visitor," Gravatus informed him. Ikuto opened his eyes, and saw a familiar blonde in a fancy red dress. Her hair was in her usual pigtails, but they were curled at the bottom. Gravatus and Kazuomi left the room, giving them privacy.

"Utau, what are you doing here?" Ikuto wondered.

"I heard you were here, so I had to come." Utau walked towards her brother. "Sorry I was a little late; it was the wedding." Ikuto's eyes darkened, remembering it was Yuu and Yukari's wedding.

"How was it?" Ikuto wondered.

"It was fine. They're going on their honeymoon tonight. They looked so happy…" Utau turned to Ikuto, and lowered her voice to a whisper. "What's up?"

"Utau, what I'm going to tell you… You aren't supposed to know. After I explain everything, I need you to run, escape. You can't even warn the guardians," Ikuto whispered. Utau nodded slowly, as Ikuto explained everything, quietly. Utau's eyes widened.

"Ikuto…" Utau whispered, tears cascading down her cheeks. "There has to be another way…"

"There's nothing I can do." Ikuto replied. "I'm sorry Utau. You'll take care of yourself. Just tell me one thing: Did Amu dance at the wedding with Tadase?" Utau looked at the ground, and slowly nodded. "He better take care of her, make sure this doesn't happen to her. Utau, you need to leave now."

"I can't leave you," Utau sobbed. "Ikuto, I can't…"

"Utau, you have to. If you want to stay safe, you have to leave."

"Ikuto, you're my brother… I-I'm not leaving you here to die!" Utau cried. "The guardians, they have to know! What if they get it…"

"Utau, they're bright; they can catch on. Don't warn them. Just go," Ikuto warned. Gravatus and Kazuomi walked back in.

"You've been here enough, Hoshina Utau," Kazuomi announced.

"My name is Tsukiyomi Utau." Utau hissed angrily. "I refuse to go by the name of a bastard like you anymore!" Utau faced him. "If you dare touch him, I swear, I…"

"Damn it, he told her!" Gravatus hissed. "Seize her!"

"Well, well, you're the new owner, Gravatus," Utau said. "Your plans will fail. I know it. My brother will live. My boyfriend, and his friends, will cease your plans." Utau broke open a window, and jumped out.

"Fuck!" Gravatus hissed. He turned to Ikuto, holding a needle with a black substance. "Let the testing begin." He walked beside Ikuto, and injected him with the needle. Ikuto bellowed in pain. He soon passed out.

3 months later

It was a sunny Monday, signaling the first day of school. Amu Hinamori's eyes opened, as her alarm starting beeping vigorously that morning. Sighing, Amu turned it off, and began to prepare for her first day at Middle School. Since it was a new school, Amu felt extremely nervous. She showered, and got dressed. Since a new rule was passed, Amu was allowed to wear what she wanted, opposed to a school uniform. She looked through her wardrobe, and frantically looked for something to wear. Since she had gone to school every day wearing a uniform, it was hard to choose what to wear. What was appropriate?

"Miki!" Amu whined to her most fashionable chara.

"What is it, Amu-Chan?" Miki wondered.

"What do I wear?" Amu wondered. "It's still technically summer, so should I wear shorts? Are shorts appropriate? Or do I wear jeans? Or leggings?"

"Amu, calm down!" Miki exclaimed. Amu's three other charas sweat dropped. "Okay, so those black leggings are super cute! You should wear a long shirt to match. That long pink shirt matches!"

"Thanks Miki!" Amu changed into Miki's suggested outfit, and admired her outfit. She thought she looked pretty good, surprisingly. She ate a quick breakfast, and then left her house, walking to her Middle School. Her heart was beating swiftly.

"Hey Amu-Chan!" Amu turned, and smiled upon seeing her friend.

"Nagi! What's up?" Amu smiled.

"I'm pretty good." Nagihiko smiled. "I'm looking forward to sharing so many classes with you this year!"

"Yeah, we didn't have a class together in the two years at Seiyo!" Amu exclaimed. "This makes up for it." Nagihiko had told Amu about Nadeshiko.

"I'm sure Rima-Chan is less pleased to be sharing every class with me," Nagihiko pointed out, sweat dropping.

"I still can't believe you two have every class together," Amu exclaimed. "At least if one of you gets sick, you can collect the other's homework."

"That's convenient," Nagihiko agreed. "I'm happy to be with her, but I doubt she is, since she loves making a point to being mean to me." Amu sweat dropped.

"Yes, she isn't pleased." Rima walked towards them, having left her mother's car.

"Are you excited Rima?" Amu wondered.

"About school, yes, I am happy to be attending a new school, although I loved Seiyo as well. About sharing every class with Nagi? Not so much." Nagihiko sweat dropped.

"I'm insulted, Rima-Chan." Nagihiko said, with false sincerity.

"Oh, go cry me a river." Rima smiled. She coughed slightly into her arm. Amu sweat dropped, observing their fighting. Throughout the summer, the three of them did things together, and Amu always found the two of them bickering about nothing. However, their fighting was never actually sincere, and Rima always appeared happier. Rima was always the type who was reluctant to showing her emotions, but lately, she was a lot happier. Amu was delighted to find out she was with them in most of her classes. Although it pained her that she had a lot less with Tadase, she was pleased to be with two of her best friends.

The three of them entered the school. Students stared at them, three of the "coolest" students from Seiyo. Although Amu's heart was beating frantically, she kept a stoic face, with her hand on her hip.

"MASHIRO-SAN!" Fanboys of Rima surrounded the three of them, staring at Rima. "WE MISSED YOU SO MUCH."

"Can you excuse us? We are heading towards out lockers." Amu muttered, attempting to push through the crowd.

"I didn't miss any of you," Rima muttered. The boys gawked at Rima, as they separated to let the three of them through.

"Wow Rima-Chan, your fanboys are really loyal," Nagihiko teased.

"I wish they weren't! They're so annoying!" Rima whined, as the three of them got to their lockers. "I hate every single one of them." Amu noticed Nagihiko strangely smile at Rima's last comment. Rima coughed again, and started opening her locker, which was obviously on the bottom. Since the three of them had their fourth period class together, which was Advanced Science, all of their lockers were near each other. Nagihiko waited for Rima to open hers, since his was above hers. Amu's was near their lockers, but slightly farther. She opened it, having trouble.

"Do you need help Mashiro-San?" Hearing that certain voice, made Amu look up, excitedly.

"Yeah… Thanks Tadase." Tadase smiled, and opened her locker, using Rima's code. It opened with ease, as Rima put her afternoon books in. After she was done, Nagihiko went to his top locker above hers.

"Tadase-Kun! How are you?" Amu asked, blushing slightly. Tadase smiled at Amu, walking towards her. "It's been too long!"

"I know, it has been. I went away for the last two weeks before school started, so it's okay." Tadase hugged Amu, making her flinch. Nagihiko chuckled at Amu's reaction.

"H-How was your trip?" Amu asked.

"It was pretty fun! We went to Italy. I went to Italy once before, but that was with the Tsukiyomis…" Amu thought about the Tsukiyomis. It occurred to her that she hadn't seen Utau since the wedding, and Ikuto wasn't even there. When was the last time she saw Ikuto?

"Look who it is! Yay!" The four previous guardians looked up, and smiled at their upperclassman.

"Kukai!" Nagihiko exclaimed, smiling. Kukai grinned at his friend, as he ruffled Tadase's hair playfully.

"It's great to see you guys!" Kukai smiled. "I'm so happy you guys are here! We can all go to the same school again! I wish Yaya was here, but that's next year!" Kukai grinned, coughing slightly. Their Middle School lasted for three years.

"Yeah, I missed attending the same school," Amu agreed, smiling.

"Me too!" Kukai whined. "I guess we better head to class. Don't get lost!" Kukai dashed off, quickly getting yelled at by teachers for running in the halls. The four of them sweat dropped.

"I'll see you three later." Tadase smiled, heading to his class. Amu, Nagihiko, and Rima headed to their first period class, which they all had together. It was Advanced Math, Amu's least favorite class. She had no idea how she even got into Advanced Math. Amu barely understood how she got into any advanced and honor class. Nagihiko was a genius, so it didn't shock her that he made it, and Rima and Tadase weren't a surprise either. The three of them took their seats beside each other, with Rima in the middle. It shocked Amu that Rima was willing to sit next to Nagihiko without a commotion. A familiar brunette sat in front of Rima, making her eyes widen. Since they had a few minutes before class started, the boy faced Rima.

"Hey, Mashiro-San," He called, smirking.

"K-Kirishima?!" Rima exclaimed, stunned.

"How are you doing, darling?" Kirishima wondered flirtatiously, pushing his hair back. Rima's face reddened.

"I-I'm fine. Why are you flirting with me?" Rima wondered, acting as nonchalant as possible.

"I still have feelings for you," Kirishima stated, putting his hands on Rima's desk. Amu and Nagihiko watched the pair of them, surprised. "Want to go out tonight?" Rima's face was as red as an apple at this point. Fanboys stared, astonished at Rima's face expression.

"Class is going to begin soon," Nagihiko announced rudely to Kirishima. Nagihiko winked at Rima, who sighed a breath of relief. The teacher entered the room, and began the lesson.

For the rest of the day, they went through their schedule, and learned the rules of each class. Finally, they made their way to their lockers.

"Rima-Chan, I have a question." Nagihiko wondered. "Do you… like Kirishima?" Amu looked up, surprised at Nagihiko's curiosity.

"Huh? O-Of course not! I mean, I used to, but not anymore." Rima explained, her face reddening. Coughing into her arm, she grabbed her books, and closed her locker. Nagihiko sighed, closing his locker as well.

"Oh yeah, Yaya wanted us to visit her! Let's find Tadase-Kun and Kukai and go to the Royal Garden," Amu reminded them.

"Right… Yaya will be fine, since we eliminated Easter and there are very few X-Eggs," Rima pointed out. "I can't believe though that Yaya is in charge… I'm just glad to be in your grade, so Yaya wasn't in charge while I was there."

"You sure don't look like you're in our grade," Nagihiko pointed out teasingly.

"Well, looks can be awfully deceiving, cross-dresser." Nagihiko glared at Rima. Rima batted her eyelashes at him. Amu sweat dropped.

"Ooh, burn Nagi!" Kukai walked over to them, and grinned. He attempted to ruffle Nagihiko's hair, but Nagihiko ducked out of the way to spite Kukai.

"I have plenty of comebacks," Nagihiko muttered. Tadase walked towards them as well, smiling.

"Let's go see the new guardians!" Tadase said smiling. "I wonder if Yuiki-San had luck finding a new King or Queen, or maybe even a Joker."

"I remember when I first met Rima and Kairi as the new Queen and Jack! Ah, you guys were so cute!" Kukai remembered, grinning immensely. Rima narrowed her eyes. The five of them began walking to the Royal Garden.

"GUYS!" Yaya screeched, as they got into the vicinity of the Royal Garden. She dashed towards them, and grinned.

"Yaya!" Kukai smiled. Kairi walked behind Yaya, not quite as exuberant.

"How was the first day for you?" Kairi asked politely.

"It was interesting, rotating between classes," Tadase explained. Amu remembered the last time she saw Kairi, and sweat dropped. She realized that she didn't have feelings for him anymore, since things have greatly increased between her and Tadase and her and Ikuto, although she didn't see Ikuto in months. She hoped he felt the same way.

"Are you glad to be the Jack again?" Rima wondered.

"I will admit, I greatly enjoyed being the role of the Jack. Although things are finished with Easter, I still find myself amused with the Student Council aspect of the guardians. It will be great doing it with Yuiki-San." Yaya grinned widely.

"Call me Yaya!" Yaya moaned. Kairi sweat dropped. "Ooh, guys! You have to see what Yaya and Kairi-Kun did with the Royal Garden! Come in!" The former guardians followed Yaya and Kairi into the Royal Garden. The five of them gasped at the changes. There was now a long couch with two love seats next to it, all of it surrounding a table. It now contained two computers and a television set.

"How did you afford this?" Nagihiko wondered.

"Tsukasa-Tan gave Yaya and Kairi-Kun money to renovate the Royal Garden!" Yaya explained. "It's so cool now! C'mon guys, take a seat!" The five of them sat down on the couch.

"Wow, you guys did great!" Kukai exclaimed.

"Thanks Kukai-Tan!" Yaya said. Kairi smiled as well. Kukai picked up the television remote, and flipped the channels, finally stopping at a channel playing soccer. The others sweat dropped.

"Well, well, aren't you guardians relaxed?" All eyes peered up, as a new figure entered the Royal Garden. Amu's eyes widened.

"U-Utau?!" Amu exclaimed.

"Utau Tsukiyomi. You have been gone for three freaking months, without any notice. Do you realize how worried I've been?!" Kukai exclaimed, standing up, and walking towards her. He coughed briefly, before extending his arms, and going to embrace her. Utau ducked out of the way, stunning Kukai.

"Sorry Kukai," Utau whispered. "I had to leave. There is something I need to inform you about. Something that is imminent. I did not have a chance to tell you before." Utau took a deep breath. "There is something called the X-Virus, that could potentially kill you."

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