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The sun began to ascend, its light transmitting through the window. Nagihiko, who had barely been asleep previously, opened his eyes. He rubbed his eyes, and sat up. It was still early in the morning, being just past six thirty. Nagihiko looked around the room, only to notice that Tadase and Kukai were still sleeping. Nagihiko tiptoed out of the room, and headed to the bathroom. He felt awful. Glancing in a mirror, he noticed how pale his face was and the redness of his eyes. The mirror did not show, however, the immense pain in his head. It was aggravating. Nagihiko seldom received migraines, but the one he had was intolerable. He remembered his mother telling him that his father used to receive migraines frequently before his father left his mother. Sighing in remorse, he left the bathroom, and decided to make one more pit stop before returning to his room.

Nagihiko gingerly turned the knob of the room adjacent to his. Careful not to wake anyone up, he peered into the room. To his dismay, Rima was already awake. Her long blonde hair faced Nagihiko's direction. She was standing in front of the window staring out of it.

"Hey Rima-Chan," Nagihiko greeted quietly. She did not respond or make any sort of reaction to his greeting. He moved closer to her, and gave her a warm smile she did not notice. "How are you feeling today?" Again, there was no response. "Rima-Chan?" Gradually, she turned her head. When her eyes met Nagihiko, his face contorted to an expression of pure shock. The eyes that Nagihiko was peering into were the darkest black he has ever seen, with the exception of Ikuto's eyes from the previous day. Rima was almost unrecognizable with the darkness surrounding her. Nagihiko clenched his fists. Rima turned back around, and without hesitating, jumped out of the window. Nagihiko gasped, watching as Rima landed directly on her feet.

"What the hell was that?!" Nagihiko slowly turned, facing everyone else. Tadase and Kukai looked as sick as ever. Behind them stood Yukari, Nikaidou, Kairi, and Utau all with inquisitive expressions.

"It seems Ikuto's speculations from yesterday were correct," Nagihiko murmured. He explained what happened previously.

"She lunged herself out of the window?" Utau wondered, surprised. Nagihiko nodded.

"Maybe one of us should find her before she harms innocent people," Yukari suggested. Everyone faced Kairi and Utau.

"I still have to find Ikuto," Utau muttered.

"It is still early, but it would be wise to call Yaya-Chan and Hinamori-San," Kairi offered.

"Good luck with Yaya…" Kukai muttered, a sly smirk forming across his face. "Maybe she'll respond to Kairi's voice over everyone else." Kairi's face grew a tint of red.

"Regardless, we have to commence." Kairi started to walk away. "Tsukiyomi-San, call up Amu. I will worry about Yaya. We need to find Mashiro-San and Tsukiyomi-Kun." Utau nodded.

"What about us?" Tadase asked. "Is there any way we can help?"

"Just rest; there's no point in going-" Utau froze. Her eyes widened. "Kukai…"

"Hm, what's up?" Kukai wondered. Everyone else glanced at Kukai, and they gave him melancholic smiles. "Guys?"

"Your eyes…" Nagihiko whispered.

"Oh…" They were black, as Rima's were the previous day.

"Hotori-San has a tint of darkness in his eyes as well. It was like Mashiro-San two days ago." Tadase looked at the ground.

"Kukai, Tadase, you both should get some rest," Utau murmured. Both of them nodded reluctantly, and headed to their room.

"I will dial Yaya's number," Kairi announced.

"As I will Amu," Utau agreed.

An hour later, Kairi and Utau made their way to the park. Utau wore a large hat and glasses to conceal her true identity to others.

"Sorry I'm late!" Amu jogged over, panting slightly. She wore two small braids and the rest of her hair was down.

"You're right on time, Hinamori-San," Kairi told her. Amu smiled.

"YAYA HATES YOU." An angry Yaya stomped over to them. She, very evidently, had been awoken by Kairi.

"Sorry to hear that," Utau muttered. "So, Rima and my brother are somewhere out there, causing havoc, and we have to find them."

"Don't get hasty Tsukiyomi-San. We discussed the plan, remember?" Utau sighed. "Alright, so Hinamori-San, when we discover the whereabouts of either one of them, you will place this on them." Kairi handed Amu two small camera-like devices.

"Eh? What does this do?" Amu asked.

"It's a camera. It will trace their movement. Nagihiko will supervise that."

"Is Nagi-Tan feeling okay to do that?" Yaya wondered.

"He mentioned that he had a migraine, but he is feeling significantly better than Souma-Kun and Hotori-San. Their eyes are darkening, Souma-Kun's almost completely darkened."

"Oh no…" Amu whimpered.

"We knew it was coming," Utau muttered.

"So, let's do it! Yaya will save the day!" Yaya put her thumbs up.

"I thought you were grumpy?" Utau wondered.

"Yaya's awake now! Besides, the coffee needed to kick in."

"The coffee?!" All three of them exclaimed.

"Yeah! Kukai always gets coffee, so why can't Yaya?" All three of them face-palmed.

"Yaya-Chan… For someone as exuberant as you, coffee is probably not the wisest-" Kairi's speech was interrupted by the abrupt uplifting of X-Eggs. The X-Eggs all floated to a central location which was located surrounding a familiar blonde who emitted darkness.

"Rima…" Amu murmured.

"Amu, place the camera on her! That's our biggest concern!" Utau yelled.

"But the X-Eggs…"

"I'll purify them!" Utau instructed, turning to face the X-Eggs. Amu nodded slowly, and faced Rima.

"What do we do?" Yaya asked, turning to Kairi.

"I suppose it is wise for us to distract Mashiro-San. Transform," Kairi instructed. Yaya nodded, and everyone transformed.

"Go! Go! Little Duckies go!" Yaya twirled around, and shot duckies at Rima. Rima shot darkness at them, making them turn dark. "Not again!" Yaya moaned.

"Mashiro-San! Look this way!" Rima paid no attention to Kairi. Her attention was fixated on Yaya. She shot darkness at her. Yaya dodged it, and started running around in a circle. Rima followed her with her eyes. When Rima was facing the opposite way from Amu, a sly smirk formed on her face. Amu crept closer to Rima, and lunged towards her. Rima rapidly turned, and suddenly vanished into thin air.

"Ah!" Amu cried out loud, falling to the ground.

"Amu!" Utau cried. Kairi gave Amu a worried glance.

"Kairi-Kun behind you!" Yaya shouted. Kairi swiftly turned, facing Rima. Rima shot a dark ducky at Kairi. He deflected it with his sword. It ricocheted and crashed into one of the X-Eggs.

"Utau, purify the X-Eggs," Kairi advised. Utau complied, and began to purify the X-Eggs. Rima shot darkness at her.

"No Utau!" Amu screamed, sitting up. Utau twirled elegantly out of the way. Everyone shared a sigh of relief.

"Let's worry about Rima before we get to the X-Eggs…" Utau grumbled.

"I apologize for that," Kairi muttered.

"It's fine."

They all faced the girl who was significantly shorter. Even being surrounded by darkness, she still looked strangely adorable. Suddenly, Rima started shooting dark beams everywhere. Everyone started dodging them.

"Our biggest priority is the camera!" Kairi yelled. "Hinamori-San?"

"I'm on it!" Amu cart-wheeled, dodging a dark beam.

"Yaya's tired…" Yaya moaned.

"Yaya, shut the hell up!" Utau screamed at her. Yaya pouted.

"Yaya has a brilliant idea!" Yaya landed on her feet, two beams sliding right past her. "Merry Merry!" Yaya threw out a rattle. Yaya started twirling, before collapsing on the ground and falling asleep. Fortunately, the same occurred to Rima.

"That actually worked?!" Amu exclaimed, amazed.

"Amu, just put the camera on!" Amu nodded, and placed the camera on Rima's neck.

"So, Nagi is just going to see her general location?" Amu asked. Kairi nodded.

"Mashiro-San will appear as a point on a map. Nagihiko-San will be able to track her movements," Kairi explained. Amu nodded. Kairi took out his cell phone, and started calling Nagihiko.

"Hello?" Nagihiko's croak voice wondered.

"Nagihiko-San, it is Kairi. We put the camera on Mashiro-San."

"Really? Great! How did you do it?" Kairi explained. "Oh wow… Alright, well, good luck helping her. I have to go, but I'll keep a watch on her."

"Talk to you later." Nagihiko hung up the phone. Kairi put his phone away. Rima stirred, and stood up suddenly. Kairi walked towards Yaya, and picked her up, just in case they would have to keep dodging. However, Rima started vanishing.

"Rima!" Amu cried. Rima did not say anything, as she completely vanished.

"Call Nagihiko!" Utau instructed. "We can still find her. Amu nodded, and decided to call him again.

"Yo it's Kukai," Kukai answered into the phone. Amu sighed.

"Where's Nagi?" Amu asked.

"He is, well, puking…"

"Poor thing… Anyway, can you tell us where Rima is on the map thing?"

"Alright!" Amu waited for Kukai to load the map on the computer. "She's in the Easter Building…"

"Easter?! I guess that's where we're headed. Thanks Kukai!"

"Any time! I'll stay on the phone, just in case anything changes."


"What's up?" Kairi asked.

"Rima is in the Easter Building apparently. We should go there." Amu persisted.

"What about the X-Eggs?" Utau wondered.

"Oh yeah… I'll purify them." Amu walked forward, and purified the X-Eggs. "Okay, let's go!"

"Is Kukai still on the phone?" Utau asked.

"Yeah… Do you want to talk?" Utau nodded. Amu tossed Utau her cell phone. Utau spoke quietly, so Amu and Kairi decided to give her privacy.

"We should go to the Easter Headquarters now. It is likely that Ikuto is there as well." Kairi stated.

"Yeah, you're probably right…" Amu looked at the ground. "I'm worried about him. He's been sick for so long. I just don't want anything to happen to him, or Rima. I'm worried about the other three too. I'm scared…"

"Me too…" Kairi admitted. "I would appreciate it if we had more of a definite plan to cure this virus, but it just seems too difficult. I have no clue about how we will do it."

"With hope!" Kairi glanced down at the apparently awake girl in his arms. Yaya jumped down, and grinned. "We just need to believe, right? Come on Kairi-Kun we're awesome; we can do it!" Kairi gave Yaya a small smile.

"The catalyst has descended, but will ascend swiftly. She can alleviate the pain, save the world from the incoming darkness. Her power lies with eternal love. However, there is one obstacle that will complicate the matters. That one obstacle can cease her, and bring chaos and destruction upon the Earth." Kairi and Yaya looked at Amu.

"Was that the prophecy that Dia spoke of?" Kairi asked.

"Yeah, before she disappeared. I never heard it, but Rhythm told me. I don't know why, but I can easily remember it. I just don't know what it means…"

"Ikuto." All three of them looked at Utau. She handed Amu her cell phone. "The catalyst that descended and ascended, it's Ikuto."

"How do you know?" Kairi asked.

"Because, he jumped off a building, and then survived a few hours later," Utau pointed out.

"Oh yeah, I think Kukai and Rima mentioned that…" Amu remembered. Kairi and Yaya nodded.

"But it also says she after referring to the catalyst." Kairi remembered.

"I'm pretty sure whoever she is and the catalyst is unrelated." Amu muttered.

"I think she is Amu-Chan. When Rhythm was explaining this to us, he mentioned that Dia was previously talking about Amu," Miki remembered.

"Whatever. Let's just go to the Easter Headquarters." Utau muttered. Utau flew up with her transformation. Amu did as well. Yaya created a giant ducky, and climbed up on it. Kairi followed her lead, and sat behind her. They all flew to the Easter Headquarters.

"Eternal love?" Utau inquired, as they continued flying. "Her power, Amu's power, lies with eternal love?"

"What was Dia referring to?" Amu wondered. Darkness formed over Utau's eyes.

"Probably my brother and you," Utau spat. "Tadase seems awfully pointless now."

"Is the eternal love necessarily regarding Hinamori-San? It seems like it means Hinamori-San is using the power of eternal love, but it could mean two other people." Kairi suggested.

"That makes sense. I doubt it is Rima and Nagihiko since they're both sick. Kukai's also sick, so he wouldn't help. Unless you still have a crush on Amu, it seems there is only one more option," Utau muttered. Kairi's face turned bright red.

"I don't anymore…"

"Ooh Kairi-Kun! It looks like Amu's power lies with us!" Yaya hi-fived Kairi, even though his hand was not up for her.

"We don't know for sure. We don't, frankly, know what any of this means," Kairi admitted. "Although the obstacle seems pretty likely that it is either this whole entire virus or Easter."

"Yeah, that's a safe assumption," Utau concurred.

"Anyway, let's keep moving. Rima probably won't be there much longer," Amu persisted. The others nodded.

"The guardians, along with Hoshina Utau, are making their way towards us." A man announced. Gravatus frowned, leaning back in his reclining chair.

"Send Ikuto to dispose of them," Gravatus ordered.

"We are still working on Ikuto, providing him with more power and X-Energy. Same with the short one." Gravatus pondered for a moment.

"Is Utau's boyfriend prepared to begin his Berserk Phase?" Gravatus asked. Gravatus placed his hand on his head.

"It will be early, but I suppose we could use him to take on the guardians," The employee told him.


"Sir, are you feeling alright? Yesterday you collapsed on the ground."

"It seems I have received the X-Virus I distributed. Ironic. I am feeling content, but it seems I am receiving a migraine. I used to get them frequently, but it has been years." Gravatus sighed. "I will be alright. Prepare Utau's boyfriend." The employee nodded, and hurried off. Gravatus gritted his teeth. The migraine was quite painful.

"Any changes?" Kukai asked.

"Nope. She's remaining stagnant. I hope the guardians fix her soon. I'm worried about her. I don't want her to get hurt." Nagihiko had been staring at the screen that showed Rima's position for a while now. Kukai put a hand on Nagihiko's shoulder

"Dude, don't worry. All four of them won't give up!"

"I know, I'm just worried." Nagihiko sighed. "It's strange. I've had a huge a crush on her for a while, but I've been acting so close to her even though we aren't really dating yet…"

"Nagihiko, I know for sure that you know she'll be okay." Tadase smiled.

"Why do you think that?" Nagihiko wondered.

"Well, you said you weren't dating yet. It means that you think you still have a future with her, which you do." Nagihiko smiled at Tadase.

"Yeah, I guess you're-"

"ARGH!" Kukai's screams interrupted Nagihiko's speech. Nagihiko and Tadase swiftly turned, facing Kukai.

"Kukai!" Nagihiko cried.

"What just happened?!" Tadase wondered.

"I'm not sure." Gradually, Kukai stirred, and peered up at them. His eyes were dark black.

"Oh no…" Tadase whispered. Kukai sat up, and shot a dark beam at the two of them. They both moved quickly despite being sick, and dodged. Kukai suddenly vanished.

"Kukai!" Tadase cried.

"I'm going to call Kairi-San!" Nagihiko whipped out his cell phone, and started dialing Kairi's number.

"Alright, are you guys ready? Easter is a confusing building, and infiltrating it will be difficult," Utau murmured.

"Yeah… I-I'm ready." Amu clenched her fists.

"Yaya can do it!" Yaya grinned.

"I suppose it's now or never. Everyone, be careful," Kairi advised. Yaya grinned at him, and held his hand.

"Yaya will! Kairi-Kun, do you promise not to leave Yaya's side?" Kairi looked at her, and smiled, squeezing her hand lightly.

"I promise," He agreed. Suddenly, darkness was shot at them. Yaya screamed in surprise. Kairi felt his phone begin to ring, but he was too busy, so he ignored it. They all dodged, and turned to face the source of the attacks. The auburn-colored hair boy looked extremely different with darkness surrounding him.

"Oh shit, Kukai…"

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