Chapter 2 Battle for Taipei

Chinese tanks have been invading the city of Taipei. Sergeant Jun Xiang and his army have been defending Taipei at the borders. There was a huge group of Chinese cruisers firing the coast. Jun xiang had been fighting for two hours now and the Chinese navy just kept deploying more and more ships. He had called for back-up and the U.S forces were on the way.


Commander Steve.J was on the way to Taipei when Chinese fighters started firing.

"This is it gentlemen. Pilot, fly us near the city." Said Commander Steve.

"Roger that! Lowering altitude." Replied the pilot.

The fighters shot down one aircraft and it crashed. Everybody was stunned and they quickly took out their guns. They returned fire at the Chinese forces and shot down a few planes. They were nearing the city and what they saw was only thick layers of smoke. The doors of the aircrafts were slowly opening when bullets came flying in. All of them crouched and put on their parachutes.

"3. 2. 1." The lights above the door flickered in green and signalled everybody to jump.

"Go! Go! Go!" All of them just jumped in a free fall position.

Wind came rushing through them.

"Everyone position yourselves!" shouted the Commander.

They pulled and triggered the parachutes. All the marines landed safely as they saw the aircrafts blew up in the sky.

Back at the coast

"Commander! We need assistance immediately!" Commander Jun Xiang roared.

"We're on our w...shhhhhhh...BOOM! Crash!"

All the Commander could hear was static. He realised that he was on his own now. He had no choice but to retreat back into the city.

"撤退!" shouted the commander.

The platoon ran back to the inner parts of the coast. They hid in resorts facing the coast. The soldiers opened fire as the Chinese tanks arrived. Chinese reinforcements had arrived and were all charging up the beach. They took out their grenades and threw it at the Taiwanese. Hundreds of soldiers were either dead or injured. Only the Commander and 20 other men survived. They ran to a jeep and drove it to the city. Chinese forces just kept pushing towards the city. As all forces were down, they rode on bicycles, trucks, cars and tanks to the city.