Chapter 9 Hostage rescue

Singapore 1900 hrs

Commander Josh had been sent to Marina Bay Sands to rescue a hostage. His squad broke in the building and fired at the Chinese forces. Apache helicopters flew across the city's skyline firing. The commander and his men climbed up the flights of stairs and shot all the enemies.

(Commander interception)

I saw planes flying outside the building shooting missiles at the Sands. The hotel started rocking. One of my men almost fell off the building as it rocked. I grabbed him and pulled him back up.

Once we got to the level where the hostage was, we breached the door and shot the Chinese forces. One of them managed to escape with the hostage to the sky park. We chased him up the stairs as he fired at us.

(Third person)

The squad chased the soldier and got to the roof top. Once they cornered him, they thought he couldn't escape but they were all wrong. An apache chopper flew behind him and fired the whole sky park. The soldier managed to got on the chopper with the hostage and continued firing.


The second squad was at the foot of the Marina Bay sands. They looked up and all they saw was bullets and paper falling from the top. Just then, a bomber flew past the building and fired a missile at the sky park. The whole park blew up. The squad hid behind cars as the metal pieces dropped. They spotted the other squad parachuting down. The whole Sands then collapsed.

"We lost! It's useless!" said privet Samuel.

"We still have hope. The British infantry and air force are arriving soon. Just hang in there. " said the commander.

Just then, the building opposite the bay blew up and collapsed into the water.

"Oh God!"