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Hermione crouched in the filthy alley behind a smelly rubbish bin. How had things gone so wrong? They were supposed to be on a simple mission. They were supposed to be going to the apothecary to replenish their potion's supplies. They had to use polyjuice almost continuously anytime they had to replenish their supplies. They were running low on lacewing flies, powdered bicorn, and knotgrass.

She wasn't sure what had happened. Somehow, Ron's polyjuice had run out before the sixty minutes was up. Next thing she knew, they were all ducking and running for cover. Somehow, she'd ended up cornered in the dark alley. She'd tried apparating but they must have put wards up over Diagon Alley since their last trip. She was effectively trapped. She could only hope that Harry and Ron had escaped.

She had stayed hidden, casting a silent disillusionment charm on herself. She hoped that it would be enough. She would wait until the coast was clear and then hightail it back to Headquarters.

That had been hours ago. Her legs were stiff and her back hurt but the alley was silent. She wasn't sure what time it was but it was very dark. It had to be in the dead of night. Slowly, she rose from her sanctuary. She kept herself under her enchantment just to be safe. You couldn't ever be too careful..

She inched her way down the alley, stopping suddenly when she heard a slight rustle. It sounded like the whirl of a cloak. She squinted in the darkness looking for anything out of place. Next she cast a spell.

"Hominum revelio," she muttered quietly.

The spell erupted from her wand and immediately moved to her left, illuminating a previously hidden figure in silver. She gasped as the figure moved toward her.

She backed away slowly and she heard a distinctly male voice cast his own spell. "Finite incantatem."

She stared in shock as the figure of Draco Malfoy became clearly visible. Then she realized that his spell had canceled her own disillusionment charm and he could now see her as clearly as she could see him.

"I knew you were here, Granger," he drawled arrogantly. "Where you find one, you always find the other two."

"What…what are you talking about?" she asked still retreating slowly.

"Weasel King, darling. Once we captured him, we knew that you and Potter weren't far away."

She blinked away her tears. Merlin, they had Ron. But there was still hope that Harry had escaped. Her mind turned quickly as she tried to find a way to escape. Apparition was out. The fireplaces were meters away still. Maybe she could turn into her animagus form. The only drawback was the fact that she couldn't do magic while transformed. It might be a gamble that she'd have to take.

She held her wand at the ready as she slowly retreated. She knew she could best Draco at a duel at one time but she wasn't so sure now. She hadn't seen him in over a year. He had definitely matured. He wasn't as thin and haggard appearing as she remembered. He was taller and she could feel the strength of his magic in the air. It was safe to say that Draco Malfoy had indeed grown up.

He smirked at her through the darkness. "Don't even try to escape, Granger. You know you can't apparate. The floos are too far away. And you can't beat me in a duel. Surrender and I won't hurt you…much."

She stared at him defiantly. He didn't think she could beat him, did he? Well, he was in for a surprise. She cast her first spell silently and was only mildly surprised when he deflected her curse.

"Have it your way, Granger. You always did things the hard way. By the end of tonight, I'm going to show you just how hard things can be," he spat menacingly.

Hermione wasn't sure what to make of his statement. It almost sounded sexual in nature. She shuddered involuntarily.

"Whatever, Malfoy," she countered as she took her stance. "Go ahead and astound me with your mastery of the dark arts. We both know who is stronger between the two of us."

"It'll be my pleasure," he all but purred.

She shuddered again. He was doing it again. She raised her shield as he cast his first spell. It bounced away harmlessly and she sent her own. She snorted in amusement as long donkey ears erupted from Malfoy's head.

He canceled her charm quickly before advancing on her once more. "Mature, Granger, very mature. But it's going to get you killed someday. You can't actually believe that a harmless spell such as that will incapacitate your enemies, do you?" he sneered. "That's what's wrong with your so-called morals and sense of what is right. While your casting stunners and such, we are casting crucios and avadas. Your too naïve to be involved in this war."

He proved his point by disarming her silently. She gaped in open shock as her wand flew from her fingers and right into his outstretched hand. She glanced around wildly. This could not get any worse.

The thought had barely even formed in her head and a bolt of lightening crashed nearby. It was so close that the ground shook beneath her feet. The skies opened up and it started pouring rain. She used the opportunity and turned running as fast as she could for the fireplaces. She hadn't gone but a few feet before Malfoy tackled her, sending her sprawling to the roughly, cobbled street. She felt her flesh scrape and tear on her hands and her knees as she hit the uneven surface.

She struggled against his greater strength as he turned her onto her back and pinned her body to the street. Her struggles became even more desperate as he straddled her waist and she felt his arousal pressing against her hip.

"I'm going to make buttons out of your bones, Malfoy!" she gritted out as she thrashed about trying dislodge his grip on her wrists.

He chuckled darkly. "I don't think so, Granger. I recall telling you a few moments ago that I was going to show you how hard things could be. I aim to deliver on that promise."

She gasped in shock as his lips covered her own. Then she felt the dizzying sensation of apparition overtake her as they disappeared from the alley.

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