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He laid his beautiful mate on the bed. He couldn't wait to have her in every way. He'd waited so long. He'd wanted her for so long. It was almost surreal that she was there with him, laid before him like a feast waiting to be savored.

And she would be savored.

She was the center of his universe. She had been for quite some time, even though she didn't know it. His fingers danced along her curves as he slowly rid her body of her clothing. His eyes feasted as more and more of her golden flesh was exposed for his perusal. His teeth elongated and he salivated at the sight of her exquisite body. She was perfection.

He gulped as he reached up and slipped his shirt from his shoulders, his fingers shaking slightly as he pushed the buttons through the holes. He was barely holding on to his restraint. He didn't want to scare her and he most definitely didn't want to hurt her. His...

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