The rest of Jacob's visit passed with no further incidents. A month later, I get an e-mail from him telling me that he's been accepted at the University of New Haven, Henry C. Lee College of Criminology. He'll be just fine from now on. I'm sure of it.

4 years go by with contact between Jacob and me. I open my mail one day to see an invitation to a graduation party in New Haven. I immediately fill out the RSVP card saying that of course, I'll attend.

I arrive on the campus and locate the graduation ceremony. Like any graduation ceremony, we have to listen to all the boring speeches before the graduates are called. All I care about are the graduates of the Henry C. Lee College of Criminology.

"And now, presenting the valedictorian of the class of 2016, Jacob Hunt!" the announcer booms.

Jacob never told me he received the highest GPA in the class of 2016. I'm stunned. Emma and Theo are incredibly proud.

After the graduation ceremony, we rush to the field to find Jacob. He's surrounded by a laughing group of fellow forensic scientists. They are all giddy with joy at being done with 4 years of college. We drive to a quiet restaurant for a post graduation celebration. Jacob is beaming the entire time.

"What's next?"

"Dr. Lee's invited me to teach Forensics 101 to undergrads," He says proudly.

"Oh, Jacob, that's wonderful!"


"Then what?"

"I've been accepted into the Masters and PhD program in criminology. So, you'll be here again in a few years."

Everyone is incredibly happy and proud of Jacob. All that hard work over the years leading to this. What a moment for all of us.

Years later, I open my mailbox and see a forensic science journal. Jacob's smiling face is looking back at me from the cover. "Dr. Hunt cracks most difficult murder case in America" blazes the headline.

What a perfect end for Jacob.