Summary- Lucy and Joey have been together for four years now and their relationship is going from strength to strength. What happens when a shock discovery re-opens old wounds and memories: can she confide in Joey about the past, or will a blast from the past reveal all before Lucy has time to? One thing is for certain; Lucy Beale's life will never be the same again…

Okay so here we go…. I had an idea and the idea turned into a story so here it is. My other story will be updated soon as well!

Chapter 1- 7:02 am 5th September 2016

The darkness covered the square like a blanket. The rain was falling down in sheets and if you went out in it for more than a second you would have gotten drenched. Lucy knew that she shouldn't be sitting on Arthur's bench in this weather but she needed time to think, without anyone else butting in. It was so cold and Lucy could barely feel her fingers. She'd been sitting here for nearly half an hour now. The early morning light hadn't penetrated the clouds yet so it was abnormally dark for seven in the morning. She didn't know what to do; every time she closed her eyes memories that she'd locked away inside her head were played across the lids of her eyes like a cinema screen. That was another reason she was out here in the rain, she didn't want to sleep in case her dreams were filled with memories. No one would understand why she was so scared, well except for Peter. Whitney knew more than anyone else but even she didn't know half of it. She would go and visit her but she didn't want to wake Whitney up at this time of the morning especially as she gone out with Tyler the night before and was probably suffering a massive hangover, so that left one person; but unhelpfully that person was in Devon. She fumbled in her pocket and removed her mobile. She found his number and pressed the call button.

"Peter? Peter?" She called into the device, her voice sounding stronger than she thought it should sound. "Who is this?" She was comforted by the sound of his voice. "Peter, it's me, it's Lucy." She hurriedly answered. "Luce? Why are you calling me at seven in the morning?" Peter asked, irritation creeping into his voice. "I'm so scared, Peter." She managed to whisper out. "Lucy, what's the matter?" Peter asked, all the irritation in his voice had disappeared, concern now in his voice. "I've been such an idiot, Peter." She stuttered out her voice still as quiet as a mouse. "I can't help you until you tell me what the hell is going on, Lucy." He said. She took a deep breath and composed herself. She closed her eyes, which wasn't such a good idea as the memory reel started up again. "I'm pregnant." She heard Peter gasp at the end of the line. "Oh, Luce." He whispered.

"The father?" He asked and Lucy glanced up at the house where Joey was sleeping, not knowing the secret that she held. "My boyfriend. He doesn't know." She said, shaking her head even though Peter couldn't see her. "Why haven't you told him?" Peter asked. She looked up at the house again. "I just found out, Peter and I'm scared he'll be just like…" She trailed off. "This is different Luce. You're twenty-two, not sixteen and you're in a relationship with the father, so that's a hell of a lot better than last time. Trust me, he'll probably be shocked but then he'll warm to the idea of being a father. The thing is do you want the baby?" Peter asked her and she didn't have to think about the answer. "Yes." She nodded, even though he couldn't see her. "Go tell him then, Lucy. Good luck, Luce. Don't be scared and phone me if it's all getting too much. Oh and you better tell dad before someone else does." Peter said, and Lucy gulped at the prospect of telling her dad she was pregnant; again. "Love you, bruv." She said, before ending the call.

She flipped the phone shut and stood up, pulling her coat together under her chin. She was frozen to the bone but she wasn't as scared as she had been before she had spoken to Peter. She ambled in the general direction of the house that Joey, herself and her dad shared. Ian hadn't been happy when Lucy and Joey had outlined their plans but he had sort of warmed to the idea in the months following Joey moving in. He was fine with the arrangement now. Shaking, she inserted her key into the lock and twisted. The door open quietly and she walked in to the house, shrugging her drenched coat off and placing it on the rack and removing her sodden shoes. She padded, slowly to the stairs, before taking a deep breath and going up them.

She walked into the bedroom and smirked at the sight of Joey tucked up in bed, snoring gently. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the rise and fall of his chest. She took another deep breath and suddenly felt very sick. She just managed to get to the bathroom in time before all of last night's meal made an appearance. Damn, she'd forgotten about morning sickness. "Lucy, are you alright?" She whipped her head around to see Joey, still in his pyjama's standing in the doorway, concern etched on his face. "Ah, we need to talk, Joey." She wiped her mouth on a square of toilet role and stood up.

They were back in the bedroom; Lucy was perched on the edge of the bed, taking deep breaths. "Well, are you going to explain?" Joey asked, slowly. Lucy nodded and spoke. "Please don't be angry." She glanced up at his expression, confusion. She took a final deep breath. "I'm pregnant." The shock was obvious on his face. "Wha…what?" He stuttered. "I'm having a baby, Joey; your baby." He brought his hand up to his face and rubbed his temple. "Joey, say something, please?" She begged. He still didn't say anything, but offered his hand and Lucy took it, gratefully. "I'm going to be a dad." He said, slowly, trying out his new title. Lucy nodded and Joey took her in his arms and hugged her.

"Are you scared?" Lucy asked him a short while later they were in the kitchen, eating breakfast. He nodded his mouth too full of cereal to talk. Lucy laughed. "And you?" He asked a couple of second later, his mouth empty. She closed her eyes; memories flashed by. She nodded. "Lucy, why are there a pair of sodden shoes on the front door mat?" Ian Beale said, as he walked down the stairs. "I went out." She stated. Joey gave her a funny look. Ian shook his head and went over to the sink. Lucy leant of to whisper into Joey's ear. "Can I tell him alone?" Joey gave a curt nod. "Right, I better be off to work." Joey announced, giving Lucy a quick kiss. "Good luck." He whispered. Joey worked as a barman in the Queen Vic. "Dad, can I have a word?" Ian nodded and sat next to her. "Right, what is it?" Lucy put her head in her hands, and closed her eyes. The memory of telling him the last time and his reaction took prime spot on the reel of memories. She removed her head from her hands and looked her dad in the eye. "I'm pregnant." She stated, clearly. She watched as the shock rolled over his face like a wave. He stood up, pushing his chair out from under him, making a loud scraping noise. "How the hell could you make the same mistake twice?" He shouted. "I take it that the baby is your devoted boyfriend's?" He said, in a sarcastic tone. Lucy nodded. "Well, at least you chose a better man to get pregnant with this time. He isn't a last layabout like Leon!" He shouted. "Taking about Joey, why isn't he here with you, telling me?" Lucy shook her head. "I knew you'd get angry and you'd bring Leon up. I don't want him to know." Ian calmed down a bit. "Do you want to keep it this time?" Ian asked, slowly. "Yes." She said, quickly. "Why don't you want him to know?" Ian asked, quickly. "Because it would take a hell of a lot of explaining, and revisiting of memories that I don't want to revisit." She answered. "Suit yourself." Ian shook his head and sat back down. The sat in silence while he finished his breakfast. " You can stay at home today. I'll man the fort by myself." She tried to interrupted him. "No, buts young lady. You're staying here." With that Ian left the room leaving Lucy alone with her thoughts.

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