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Chapter 6- 8:28 am 7th September 2016

"I don't believe it." Lucy heard her dad mutter; she looked up and saw who was coming towards them. Ian got up from where he was sitting and turned to walk over to Leon as Jane spoke. "Take no notice of him, Ian." Jane's words came too late; Ian and Leon clashed both trying to push the other way. "Ian!" Jane shouted. "Oh no you don't, she's got nothing to say to you!" Ian shouted, pushing Leon away. When her dad was speaking, a cry came from Lucy. "Dad, dad, don't!" Lucy shouted, drowning out what Ian was saying. "I know what you're wanting to say, please just go outside." Ian pleaded with him. "You can't cut me out." Ian took his hands off Leon, as he turned to face Lucy. "Not until I know." Lucy's complexion paled, as she looked up and Peter. She closed her eyes, hoping against hope he wasn't going to say what she knew he was. "Is it mine?" Leon asked, and all of Lucy's hopes came crashing down. She stayed silent. Jane looked at her in horror, as Leon spoke again. "Luce, the baby…" He paused, hesitating. "Is it mine?" He asked again, almost pleading with her now. Jane and Ian exchanged glances as Lucy decided whether or not she would lie to him. Lucy didn't dare look at anyone else, as she didn't want to see there horrified expressions. She could see Leon was getting impatient. "Is-" She cut him off. "Yes." She said, curtly. Leon's face dropped as he turned and stormed out of the pub. Lucy followed two seconds later.

Emerging from the pub, she saw Leon walking off and, in the distance, Zsa Zsa waiting for him. She walked off, the opposite way to Leon and was heading for the house when she heard a shout from behind her. "Lucy, Lucy please, slow down." Jane was following her. Lucy sighed and slowed her pace. Then it hit her, everyone knew- and that's when the tears came…

Lucy woke up. She was currently occupying the sofa, she'd come down stairs to watch the TV, but the lack of sleep had caught up with her. It was then she realised she was crying. She angrily wiped them away and stood up, shakily and walked into the kitchen. She glanced up at the clock- 8.28, it read. She'd been asleep for half an hour, after spending two hours and ten minutes in bed, trying to push the memories away.

She heard loud footsteps coming down the stairs. She snapped her eyes open, just as Joey slumped on the sofa next to her. "Lucy? Lucy?" Joey asked, softly. She turned her head to look at him. "Yes?" Joey kept looking at her. "Are you alright?" Lucy started to nod, before stopping and looking back up at him and shaking her head. "Why not?" He asked, concern in his tone. She sat there in silence for a second before working up the courage to speak. "I keep having nightmares." She told him, hesitating before continuing. "Nightmares that are more like memories, memories of the past, Joey, memories that I've tried to forget for the past six years." She paused again. "And the worst thing? They all hurt, there was a reason I tried to forget them. I did things that I'm not proud of." She stopped again. "When I was pregnant before, I was so scared, Joey, but I didn't show it, I put up a wall and in front of that wall I wasn't bothered by the whole thing but behind I was terrified. Then the wall started to crumble and in turn so did I. I couldn't cope with it all, I couldn't cope with Leon and it nearly broke me…" She trailed off.

She then stood up. "I'm going to work." She said, walking in to the kitchen. Joey sat on the sofa, taking in what Lucy had told him. He called out after her. "Not in that state you're not!" He called and stood up himself. "I can and I will." She said, heading for the door. Joey moved so that he was blocking the doorway. "No way." He said, forcefully. "Let me out." She said, trying to keep her temper under control. "No." Joey replied. "Let me out." She said, trying and failing to push past him. "No." He said, simply. "Let me out." She repeated. Joey shook his head and Lucy snapped. "Let me out!" She shouted, forcefully trying to push past him. "Let me out!" She screamed, before going eerily silent.

"I just want to forget." She said, her voice very quiet. A silence descended on the room again as Joey continued to block the doorway. Suddenly, Lucy turned around and walked a few steps away from Joey. "You just don't get it, do you?" Lucy asked, and Joey didn't know if she was talking to him or not. "Get what?" Joey replied, tentatively. Lucy brought her head up so she was staring him in the eye. "You have no idea how much it hurts." She told him. "Luce, if you'd tell-" She cut him off. "But that's the point!" She started laughing, not manically but softly- tinkley- like rain on a tin roof. "I'm not going to tell you." She said, shaking her head. "Because it all hurts to much." She whispered. "Leave Joey, please." She spoke quietly, but with intent. "What-" She interrupted him again. "Leave, go, get out- before it's too late. It's never going to work." She continued. "No!" Joey replied, defiantly. "I'm broken, Joey. Damaged goods." She paused for a second. "I will end up hurting you." She finished. "I don't believe you." Joey argued. "Don't." She shrugged. "But if you don't end this; I will." Joey slowly shook his head. "What are you doing?" He breathed. "Saving you." She replied. "No-you're-"He started but she cut him off yet again. "Stop it- don't see, this is for the best!" She shouted. "I don't want to hurt you, but I always hurt the people I don't want to. I'm defective, I'm a trouble maker, and I'm not worth the effort." She stopped and paused for breath. "One day…you'll wish you never bothered." She said, and it seemed to Joey that all the emotions that had been in her voice seconds earlier, had drained out- leaving her tone flat and dull. "I've done bad things, I've hurt countless people and I've made some stupid, stupid mistakes. Hurting you isn't going to be one of them." She said, shaking her head. She turned and walked over to the back door and disappeared through the door. Joey cursed for letting her get away so easily, but he was also extremely confused…

Dun dun dun! Lucy's putting the walls up- to what cost? Is it the end of the road for the couple?- but what about the baby?

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