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Le Petit Mort

What the hell was Potter thinking? Of all the stupid things he could have done, Potter had chosen to just simply step off of his relatives' property after blowing the place up, thereby putting himself in immediate danger from all assortments of magical minions that the Dark Lord could have sent. Even stupider, was the fact that he now lay completely devoid of all clothing in shabby little motel after getting drugged and nearly assaulted by a mere muggle. And Severus had to haul arse all the way here, to this decrepit part of London just to save the idiotic Golden Boy's (virginal) naive (pert) rear end. Potter might have well gotten a tattoo on his forehead that said "Rape Me " to accompany his nice scar! If it hadn't been for the tracking spell Dumbledore had attached to the boy since his first year at Hogwarts that may well have been the outcome.

Severus sighed exasperatedly and sat down on the bed. He attempted to pull Harry into a sitting position. Harry's head lolled around gently and flopped against Severus' firm chest as he panted harshly for breathe. Harry's vice like grip on the front of Severus' robes called for concern. Severus watched and felt as Harry's body began to tremble softly.

"Potter, are you still conscious?" Severus asked.

"Professor...Help me." Harry whimpered his face buried against Severus' shoulder, "It's hurting so much..."

Severus answered petting Harry's hair gently in an attempt to still him. Severus' simple touch amplified by the drugs' effects and sent spine-tingling shivers through Harry's nerve endings. Harry gasped loudly before brashly shoving Severus away with what remaining strength he had. He fell on his sides, hands cupping his groin and turned away from his professor.

Severus was surprised and a just a bit shocked at Potter's sudden violence. He was unsure of what was wrong (besides the obvious drugged up and naked Harry). Severus reached a hand towards Harry, resting it on his back. Harry flinched and curled tighter into himself.

"How are you feeling Harry?" Severus spoke gently.

Harry shook his head and refused to answer.

"Tell me or I'll be unable to assist you." Severus moved closer.

"...I feel odd." Harry finally spoke.

"That's not a lot of detail to go on."

"M-my body's on fire."Harry muttered inaudibly.

"I can't hear you like that." Severus sighed impatiently and pulled Harry onto his back. "Face me." He ordered.

Harry protested but Severus would have been able to overpower the petite Gryffindor even without Harry being influenced by whatever the muggle had given him. Pinning Harry underneath him, Severus noticed how flushed faced Harry was, the blush extending to Harry's smooth hairless chest.

"No! Don't look!" Harry yelled, astonishingly loud. He squeezed his eyes shut, extremely afraid of the professor's insults that would surely be coming his way any moment now. Severus stared down at Harry, slightly confused as to what he was not supposed to look at. It was hardly the time to be embarrassed now. He began to realise as Harry fidgeted and shielded his loins from Severus' close scrutiny.

"Damn it..." Severus cursed. "He gave you aphrodisiacs too."

"Please don't look..." Harry begged, feeling ashamed of his own body for reacting the way it did. But his mind was beginning to cloud over.

"Harry..." Severus slowly began, "I will help you. Don't be embarrassed." He petted Harry's hair gently. Given he had no ingredients and potions lab at hand he could not analyse the contents of the drug. Muggle drugs did not mix well with magical potions and he may be only aggravating the boy's condition – or worse, the boy may have an allergic reaction – unless he was able to ascertain the correct brewing methods. Weighing up decision, Severus finally spoke "I can't give you a potion. If you can't tolerate the effect of the drug, I can...relieve you. But you have to make the decision."

Harry began to nod slowly.

"Are you definitely sure? You know fully understand what I must do?" He asked one final time.

Harry stayed silently, sniffling and panting for a moment. He had no strength in any of his limbs and he felt like his heart would just burst out of his chest or his aching cock would fall off soon if he didn't do anything. He was so beginning to become so dazed, Harry simply didn't care what was done to his body anymore as long as he could get rid of the discomfort."...Yes." Harry answered, his voice faltering ever so slightly.

"Please." Harry continued begging "Please, just help me. I feel so hot inside I could die..."

Severus pulled Harry into his lap so that Harry could rest his back against Severus' strong masculine chest. He slid a gentle hand across Harry's taut stomach and down towards Harry's groin. Harry gasped, but was much too delirious to protest anymore. Severus gripped Harry's length firmly in his right palm and lightly massaged Harry's balls with his other hand. Harry let out a long moan.

"Professor...Nn, ah!" Harry called out but was cut off by Severus' unrelenting stroking of his cock, his rhythm speeding up. At this point, all thoughts escaped Harry's mind as he could feel a build of something at his navel, which extended throughout his entire being, tingling his toes and sending his hairs to stand on end.

"Shush, Harry. Just feel it. It will be better soon." Severus hushed.

"Ah! Hn..." gripping the sleeves of Severus' black robes, Harry squirmed, seeking more delicious friction. He was on the apex of pleasure and desperately wanted to fall into the oblivion of release below. "Ahnn, ah! Aaaaaahhh!" Harry screamed when he came. As he did, Harry's hands flew back entangling his fingers his Severus' inky locks, pulling his professor down and smothering the man against his bare shoulder. He arched his back as he thrust into Severus' hands. Sticky fluid spurted from the tip of his cock as Severus continued to rub, milking every last drop from Harry. Harry slumped against Severus' chest. Harry was puffing hard, attempting to regain his breath, still maintaining a tight grip on his professor's hair.

Severus observed Harry's every expression as soon as he had the boy comfortably in his arms. He had never seen the Golden Boy exhibit such sensuality before...Not that he should have, as Harry's professor and all. The long lashes slightly dampened with tears of pleasure and eyes half-closed; the flushed cheeks and the soft wet lips parted, gasping and moaning; the sweetness of the light musky scent of sweat as he had forced Severus' face towards his tantalising smooth expanse of skin, pouring himself onto Severus' hands. It made something stir within Severus' loins and that something, Severus realised, was poking most insistently against the small of Harry's back through the constraints of his robes.


"What?" Severus asked unsure of what he heard.

"Please, professor...more!"Harry pleaded as he turned to face Severus. "I...I still feel-!" Gripping the front of Severus' black robes, Harry brought his face dangerously close to Severus' own. Staring into Harry's desperate viridian orbs, it was impossible for him to back away.

In the state the boy was in, he could rub him raw till the morn and it would still not be enough. There was the choice to proceed further, of course but that was an entirely new set of complications that Severus did not want to think too deeply about at this moment. Not when Harry was splayed out in front of him, beseeching, begging for Severus to release him.

Severus gently pushed Harry onto the bed. He was kissing and licking, nipping his way across Harry's skin, as he held Harry's thin shoulders down. Harry, although a little surprised at Severus' sudden actions, was soon once again consumed with the ecstasy that was the sensations caused by Severus' skilful fingers, lips and tongue.

He moaned as Severus' lips enveloped his member which was still hard despite his first orgasm, in one swift gulp. Severus suckled and licked, keeping his eyes trained on Harry's face. Sweat collected at Harry's furrowed brows as he flushed an even deeper shade of pink. Severus savoured Harry's taste and smell; slightly bitter and the fragrance of lavender soap. He must have undoubtedly showered at the motel. He gently released Harry with a small pop. Harry groaned his protest at being left in his aroused state. Vanishing his robes to a neatly folded pile on one of the chairs, Severus climbed on top of Harry. He hesitantly lingered above Harry's blushing face, seeking for some sort of permission to continue further. Harry returned his gaze through tear clouded emerald eyes before gently lifting his head up to place a gentle kiss on the corner of Severus' thin lips. The moistness of Harry's lips contrasted with his own slightly parched ones. Sliding a hand under Harry's head, supporting him by the nape of his neck, Severus captured Harry's lips in a much deeper more passionate kiss. Harry mewled as Severus' tongue slipped inside his mouth, exploring and attempting to intertwine itself with his own.

"May I?" he asked rubbing himself against Harry, showing how much he yearned for him.

Harry gasped but then gave and embarrassed nod. Severus released himself from the confines of his trousers, his sex standing proud and fully masted.

"Harry, it will be easier if you turned around." He kissed Harry's tear-dampened eye, attempting to sooth the boy lest he felt more fear. Harry let himself be manoeuvred into position by Severus. He was lying on the bed, his chest against the mattress, hips raised and his posterior poised in the air. He gripped the sheets for support as one of Severus' long fingers made its way into his orifice, still slick and wet.

It wasn't at all painful like it had been with Alex. Harry could feel Severus' questing finger probing him. Though he still felt foreign, he didn't feel the rising sense of panic threatening to overpower him. Another finger was soon added.

"Are you okay Harry?" Severus asked, slightly concern that he might cause his younger partner any pain.

"I'm...fine..." Harry panted. "Please, professor!"

Severus grimaced inwardly "Call me by my first name at least, given what I'm about to do with you." He did not need a reminder that he was about to have his way with an under-aged student. He twisted and scissored his fingers as he felt Harry's muscles loosen and yield a little more. The third and final finger made Harry gasp. He felt extremely full as Severus began to thrust them in and out of him gently.

"Hnn..." Harry attempted to hold back his voice. He felt that if he opened his mouth now, something ridiculous would escape.

Severus' body moulded itself against Harry's back. His free hand made its way up to grasp Harry's smaller ones twisting the bed sheets. He kissed the nape of Harry's neck gently, progressing down to Harry's shoulders. Running his tongue against Harry's spine and then back up again, he kissed and pecked Harry's back gently.

"Hh..." Harry trembled at Severus' touch.

"Don't hold your voice back, Harry" he urged. "Let it out. Remember to breathe."

Severus removed his fingers at last before guiding his cock, nudging gently at Harry's entrance. Harry tensed visibly as Severus began to thrust into his body.

He moaned with Severus' every plunge the sound indistinguishable as pleasure or pain.

"That's it Harry. Match your breathing with me." Severus nuzzled Harry's neck. He could feel Harry all around him. The muscles of Harry's interior clamped down upon his member, squeezing and convulsing around him.

"Aah! Nn...Haahnn!" Harry cried panting hard as his saliva trailed out from a corner of his mouth. "Ahnn...Sev...Sever-ah!"

Severus continued to slide in and out of Harry's tight channel. Harry jolted as Severus brushed against his prostate, loudly moaning his ecstasy. Severus noted Harry's reaction and immediately aimed for the spot inside Harry that would send them both to heaven.

"Haa, haa...Ah, Aah! Severus!" It did not take much longer for Harry screamed his release, splattering the sheets beneath him and staining them with his cum. "Aaaaaah!" Severus soon followed as Harry squeezed and milked him of his essence. His seed filled Harry's channel before slumping boneless on top of Harry. Rolling to one side to prevent his own weight from crushing Harry, Severus wearily observed the panting figure beside him. Harry's slim silhouette, laying flat against the soft sheets, legs slightly apart. Severus' semen was dribbling out from Harry's abused orifice, some of it sticking to his thighs and buttocks. It made for a strangely erotic sight. As Severus sleepily drifted off, he vaguely remembered what it was he came to do in the first place. The old coot will have a heart attack. But to hell with the consequences for now, he thought as he wrapped his arms around Harry's form, completely sated and content as he closed his eyes. Harry snuggled against his chest.

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