Forever Changed

Grace Farrell's reaction to adopting Annie

Author's Note: I just saw Annie two weeks ago and am auditioning for it on Sunday.. auditioning for Grace is still up for debate and I thought it would be interesting to have Grace's viewpoint on adopting Annie. I hope you all enjoy this. I obviously do not own rights to Annie characters.

The weather was mild for an early December day as I walked up the stairs to the 14th Street Girls Orphanage. Mr. Warbucks had not been to specific about adopting a boy or a girl so I chose a girl because I always wanted a daughter but haven't really met someone to start a family of my own with since I started working for Mr. Warbucks. I knocked on the door of the office "Yeah, come in" a gruff voice called from the other side. "Ms Hannigan?" I'm Grace Farrell I'm secretary to Oliver Warbucks and I'm here to adopt an orphan for the Christmas holidays." I made eye contact with the little girl she had been scolding and she had a look on her face that said "Please get me out of here." I found out within moments that the little girl's name was Annie. Ms. Hannigan was reluctant to sign the contract to let Annie stay with Mr. Warbucks at first but she finally agreed. The other children came out to say goodbye to her. "Hey kids, I'm getting out of here for Christmas. I'll write to ya." The atmosphere of the orphanage seemed so dreary… she seemed very happy to be getting out of there for two weeks.

In the car ride on the way to Macy's I decided to ask Annie about her life in the orphanage.

"Oh Ms. Farrell, you don't know how happy I am to be staying with Mr. Warbucks for two weeks. Thank you for this opportunity. All we ever do is work. Ms. Hannigan is practically a slave driver and never lets us have any fun at all. "

Now at least I knew a little about Ms Hannigan. Hopefully Annie would never have to go back to that orphanage.

The excursion in Macy's did not last too long.. she found a coat that she liked right away and we were on our way to the mansion. Annie was in awe of the house. "Do you really live here?" I smiled "Yes we really live here." Mr. Warbucks came home fifteen minutes later and was surprised to see Annie because he had been expecting a boy orphan.

We took Annie for a night on the town that evening. I think she was in total awe of all the sights. "This is amazing. In my 11 years of living in New York I had never seen any of this."

A week later I was walking back up the orphanage steps, this time with adoption paperwork in my briefcase. Mr. Warbucks had fallen in love with Annie and wanted the adoption to take place as soon as possible. I had to admit that I had grown to love her as if she were my own daughter. I couldn't tell weather Ms. Hannigan was happy about Annie being adopted or not. As I was leaving I bumped into a strange man who was entering the orphanage. "Pardon me honey." He sneered. I shuddered as I got into the limo.

That evening Mr. Warbucks presented Annie with the locket he had gotten from Tiffany's At first Annie seemed happy to receive it but when Mr. Warbucks reached for the broken one around her neck she explained that that locket was from her parents and that she knew they were coming back for her.

I bent down and hugged her. "Annie, don't worry if anyone can find your parents Mr. Warbucks can."

That evening Annie was on the Oxident Hour of Smiles and that led to an outpouring of people claiming to be Annie's parents. Much to our dismay they all turned out to be fakes and couldn't show proof that they were Annie's parents. Annie looked up at Mr. Warbucks "Well if you can't find my parents Mr. Warbucks then I guess no one will be able too." " I love you Annie." Mr. Warbucks said. "I love you too." Annie replied and hugged Mr. Warbucks and then the house was a flurry of activity getting ready for the adoption party.

When Mr. Warbucks asked Annie who she'd want at the adoption party she looked at me and smiled. "I really want you there Ms. Farrell… I really like it when the two of you are together."

I had never seen the house transform so quickly or Mr. Warbucks look so happy. This adoption was changing him for the better and I admit it was changing me too. I really was growing quite fond of Annie. Justice Brandeis arrived moments later and the proceedings were about to begin. We were interrupted by the entrance of an older couple who claimed to be Annie's parents. 'Frauds again.' I thought. These people seemed somewhat legitimate and were able to show proof… especially the locket. Something about the gentleman claiming to be Annie's father seemed a little off and it seemed that he looked like the guy I had bumped into leaving the orphanage a few days before though the woman did not look familiar. When we raised a toast to Annie Mudge.. Annie put her champagne glass down and ran from the room up to her bedroom in tears.

I knocked on her door. "Annie, it's Ms. Farrell can I come in?"


I sat down on the side of her bed. " Annie aren't you happy you found your parents?"

"I guess but you guys have been so nice to me. I'm really gonna miss you."

I pulled her in to my arms and hugged her. "We're going to miss you too. We'll try to come visit you in your new house."

"Annie, did you find those people to be a bit suspicious?"

"They seemed to know everything about the note and my locket."

"Well did anyone else know about your locket? The birth certificate looks like a fake to me."

"Only Ms. Hannigan."

That's where I had recognized that man from… he had bumped into me as I was leaving the orphanage. He was the man that had said "Pardon me honey." He looked suspicious then and looked even more suspicious now. I wondered if he was related to Ms. Hannigan.

"Annie, Mr. Warbucks and I will look into this. I don't think that these people are really your parents."

Annie hugged me again. "Thank you Ms Farrell."

"You're welcome."

I got up to leave the room.

"Ms Farrell?"

I turned around. "Yes Annie?"

"If the Mudges aren't my real parents I'm happy with you and Mr. Warbucks being my parents. I love you both very much."

My face lit up. I was so happy to hear that she loved me just as much as Mr. Warbucks.

'Should I start calling him Oliver now? Perhaps I should'.

I hugged her again. "Mr. Warbucks loves you too Annie and so do I."