Adopting Molly

Forever Changed Chapter 6

Again I own no characters from Annie. This will be the last chapter in this fic. A new Annie fic will be in the works that takes place a few years after the movie/musical is set and focuses more on the family dynamics of the Warbucks family. By this point Oliver and Grace will have had twins who I am naming Frederick and Joanne. Stay tuned for this fic. I hope you will enjoy it.

Tuesday morning at 10:15am Annie Oliver and I walked up the steps to the 14th Street Girls Orphanage with the mission to come out of there with Molly in tow. Mr. Donatelli had no issues finding a replacement for Miss Hannigan at all. The new owner of the orphanage is named Frieda.

"Welcome. How may I help you today?" Frieda asked.

"We're here to adopt Molly." Oliver said.

Annie was jumping up and down excitedly. I patted her on the shoulder indicating that she needed to calm down.

Frieda reached into the desk drawer. "Here's the paperwork you need to fill out sir. Then she noticed Annie's excitement. "I can see someone is happy to be reunited with their friend."

Annie nodded. "Yes, I'm very excited. Molly and I are so close we're almost like sisters.. now she really will be my sister."

Frieda grinned at Annie. "I'm sure she'll be happy to see you again Annie. Let me go get her for you."

We weren't waiting too long before Molly ran into the office and threw herself at Annie in the purest joy I had ever seen.

"Annie! Annie! We're gonna be sisters." She said excitedly.

Annie hugged the little girl. " I know Molly I'm just as excited and happy as you are. We are going to have to much fun together and you are gonna love your new house."

I looked at Frieda curiously. "Have any of the other orphans from here been adopted yet?"

Frieda shook her head. "Molly is only the third person to be adopted. We're hoping the rest of them will get adopted by March or April." This building is set to be demolished March 31st so the new school can be buit."

"Molly and Annie will probably want to see their friends again eventually. Will there any way to get their new addresses?"

'I'm sure we can get that information somehow for you Mrs. Warbucks."

Annie and Molly smiled at there.

"That would be so great." Annie said.

Molly wrapped herself around my legs,. "I'm so happy to be adopted by you Mrs. Warbucks."

I bent down and scooped her up and pulled Annie in on the other side of me.

"We're happy too Molly. We have so many happy memories to make ahead of us."