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Minato Namikaze was madly in love with his girlfriend.

If he was honest, he had been intrigued with her from the moment he saw her - the unique little spitfire with sparkling grey-violet eyes, a round face and the most vivid red hair – at the mere age of six, when she'd entered the academy.

He couldn't take his eyes off her: as she had yelled out her ambition and then blushed, as she had glared and pouted at bullies, even as she had thoroughly beat up the jeering boys, screeching out expletives in her high-pitched little voice.

There was something about Kushina Uzumaki which captured his attention, and his heart, as sappy and cheesy and cliched as it sounded.

But Minato - despite being one of the, or rather the most skilled ninja of their time to the point that his very name instilled fear and terror into the heart of his opponents – was at heart, quite a sap.

So when he finally managed to catch the little vixen with his charms and was fortunate enough to have her as his girlfriend, he didn't hesitate to enlighten her about his feelings.

"You're so beautiful, I can't believe I'm actually lucky enough to have you," Minato gushed, taking Kushina's hands in his, "I've probably told you this before, but I had wanted this for years, you know…"

They had been dating for three years, so Kushina was used to his melodrama. She cocked her head to the side, displacing a few red bangs from the clip above her ear, and stayed uncharacteristically silent, allowing him to continue his lovestruck ramble.

"I love you so much, I can't describe it," Minato went on, reaching up to tuck her hair behind her ear, "It's like, whenever I'm with you, my stomach sort of bounces around like Jiraiya-sensei's toad summons…"

His hand moved to her cheek, stroking it tenderly, and Kushina, despite herself, leaned into his touch.

"I know this might sound a little weird, but I think from the moment I saw you, I knew that you had to be the one for me," Minato said, gazing at her deeply.

"Minato," Kushina finally deigned to respond, flicking his nose, "Shut up."

"Wh-what?" Minato asked, his face falling.

He'd expected more of an 'I love you too' followed by Kushina glomping him and preferably proceeding to make out with him (because even if he though he wasn't as corrupted as his dear teacher, he still loved making out with his girlfriend who was probably a better kisser than all the girls in that depraved book of smut, not that Minato had ever read it).

"You're such a flake, seriously," Kushina rolled her eyes.

"But – but –" Minato sputtered.

"From the moment you saw me, really?" Kushina demanded, "Don't you think that's a little creepy? We were six!"

"I didn't mean it in a creepy way," Minato defended, "I just-"

"I know you used to stalk me," Kushina teased, eyes sparkling, "But I didn't know you were that obsessed."

"I was just telling you how I felt," Minato said, injured.

He retracted his hand from her face, and removed his other arm from around her waist.

The light seemed to dim out of his bright blue eyes, and he stared down, rather put-out.

"Sorry," he mumbled, looking rather like a depressed, kicked puppy.

Kushina's heart melted at the sight.

"Minato! Oh, you silly!" she squealed, "Minato, Minato, I was only kidding!"

Minato didn't say anything, and Kushina grinned slightly. He was quite the drama queen, her boyfriend.

"Come on, you know I like teasing, and you're just so easy," Kushina wheedled, pulling his cheeks.

Minato just glared at her for a moment, before resuming his sulking.

"You know I love you too," Kushina coaxed, wrapping her arms around him and ruffling his golden hair, "Minato-kun!"

He blushed, and she knew he wouldn't be able to resist much longer, especially if she pushed him down and started kissing him.

But Kushina wasn't that much of a devil – or perhaps she was, but chose not to be at that moment. Because Minato looked so adorably put-out that she still wanted to mess with him a little bit first.

"It's just fun annoying you, because you're so cute when you sulk," Kushina said, nuzzling his cheek with her nose.

Minato pulled away slightly, though the red streaks on his cheek were more pronounced.

"Don't be mad," Kushina entreated softly, "I secretly love it when you say all those sweet things to me, I really do. I just pretend I don't because it goes against my macho image!"

She kissed him on the cheek this time; a nice, fat, wet kiss, and Minato just rolled his eyes.

"Macho image?" he snorted, not returning her affection, which was rather unlike him.

"Stop pretending you're mad at me," Kushina ordered, tightening her arms around him.

She kissed his cheek again, and after a third kiss, Minato finally relented and placed an arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer to him.

"You're so mean to me," he pouted, "Stop being so mean."

"Well you secretly like it," Kushina informed him, "Stop being so adorable."

"I do not," Minato contended, though one of his hands was in her hair, threading the long red strands through his fingers.

"Well I do," Kushina said, entwining her fingers with Minato's.

He bought their joint hands to his lips, and kissed her fingertips.


And with that, he was back to being the mushy romantic he was.

Until, a few minutes later –

"Why would you pretend you don't like the stuff I say if you actually do?"

"I told you, if it showed how much I liked it, it would ruin my image!"

"What image?"

"You know, my awesome, macho, manly, fearsome image of being a hot-blooded habanero from hell-"

"But you're not! You're a perfect angel and I lo-"

"See, Minato! Ruining the image!"

"Everyone already knows you're strong, Kushina, but you're definitely not manly."

Minato was not the perverted type, so Kushina flushed at the way his eyes flicked down her body as he said that.

"I'm manlier than you," she retorted, and he stared at her, affronted.

This wasn't true, and they both knew it. Where Kushina had her soft curves, Minato was all lean, hard, well-defined muscle. Most of the girls in the village were infatuated with him, and Kushina herself had experienced quite a visceral reaction the few times she had seen him shirtless.

In fact, it was a good thing he was so sexy, she thought to herself, because otherwise there was no way he could have gotten away with saying all the endearingly sweet things he said to her without seeming just a tiny bit girly. But he didn't and he wasn't, though Kushina would never tell him this, instead opting for an entirely antithetical approach.

"Come on Minato," Kushina smirked, unable to help herself, "We both know that I wear the pants in this relationship."

That seemed to mark the level of abuse Minato would tolerate in one day (or rather, in fifteen minutes) and he gently disentangled himself from her to sit on the opposite side of the bed, arms crossed.

"Stop sulking," Kushina said, all too gleefully, "It's unbecoming of you."

"I am not sulking," Minato glared at her, "And you're enjoying this."

It wasn't much of a glare really, compared to the frightening ones that she could pull off. But really, Minato was just such a sweet, sunshiny person that Kushina doubted he even had the capability of adequately scowling at someone, even an enemy shinobi.

He was just too pleasant; and far better at sulking.

Kushina considered pouncing on him, but then decided she'd save that method for another time.

"I'm sorry, Minato," she tried.

"Go away."

"This is my room," she pointed out.

"…then I'm not talking to you."

"But I was just joking!"


"Minato! You should know by now that half the stuff I say is crap!"

He didn't respond, just shot her a rather heart-wrenching expression.

He was very good at those, especially with his wide blue eyes, and Kushina crossed her arms.

"Minato. Don't look at me like that."

"Like what?" he asked innocently, and Kushina realized that he probably wasn't quite as much of the injured darling that he was pretending to be.

No, he was just seeking attention at that point, Kushina decided.

Though she would be able to beat him at that game.

"I said I'm sorry," Kushina whined, "But you know I have to joke about that kind of stuff… I mean you're such a sweetheart and you're so handsome and all the girls in the village would die to date you… but me…"

She noticed he was watching her intently, and she let her voice trail off brokenly for a moment, before continuing.

"Me, I'm just the tomboy kunoichi from a foreign village and everyone is probably wondering how someone as perfect as you ended up with a freak like me, and I don't even know how to be a proper girlfriend and say the kind of stuff you do and-"

Suddenly, he was behind her, and he had wrapped his arms around waist, his chin resting on her shoulder, and he was kissing her and assuring her in a soft voice that none of that was true.

"I don't care who wants to date me because I only want you and it's always been like that. And even if you're a tomboy, you're the most stunning tomboy I've ever seen, and you're always so much fun to be around – even if you don't act like the conventional girlfriend and you tease me and make fun of me, I think you're perfect and I wouldn't ever want you to change…"

His hands stroked her arms soothingly, and he kissed her on the cheek, his breath warm on her skin, and Kushina had to admit to herself, that he was good.

There was no way that Kushina Uzumaki lacked self-esteem. But even though she was just trying to guilt-trip him, her words weren't entirely untrue, and it was nice getting some reassurance, even if she didn't exactly need it, just because he was so good and he said the sweetest things.

She smirked to herself at how easily he had won him over, and unfortunately, Minato chose that moment to gently grasp her chin and turn her face towards his so that he could kiss her on the lips.

"Kushina, I love you," he said fervently, "And I – Kushina!"

He narrowed his eyes, pulling away just as he was about to kiss her, noticing the devious grin on her pretty face. His expression immediately transformed from tender to one of utter betrayal, and Kushina bit back a laugh.

"What happened?" she asked innocently, and Minato halted in his affections for the third time that evening, shaking his head.

"I don't know why I always fall for your acts," he muttered, "You're incorrigible."

Kushina giggled.

"But Minato-kun-"

"No!" he cried, "Don't try any of your tricks! They won't work on me anymore. No guilt-tripping and apologizing Kushina, because I'm not talking to you!"

Kushina snickered, before fixing him with her best puppy dog eyes; they were almost as effective as his own, a commendable feat.

"No," he shook his head, covering his eyes with his hands, knowing full well that he would never be immune to that face, "I'm not falling for that, Kushina."

Kushina smiled, as he peeked through his fingers to look at her, apparently unable to keep his eyes off her for too long, though he covered them again soon after.

She figured if he refused to look at her, she'd have to be more physical.

That and the fact that she had kind of been longing to jump him from the beginning, and she was finally giving into her desires.

"Well, you asked for it," she muttered, leaping forwards and tackling him.

"Wha-aat?!" Minatao yelped as she landed on top of him and pinned him down.

Kushina straddled him and forcibly tore his hands away from his eyes. She leaned down offering him a clear view of her cleavage.

"Oh, Minato-kun," she cooed, "Don't be mad… I'll make it up to you…"

"That's cheap," Minato groaned, reddening, "Kushina…"

His blue eyes were fixed on her now though, and she had his undivided attention again.

And Kushina loved it.

"Come on, Minato-kun," she purred, moving her hips against him, "I'm trying to say sorry..."

"You don't play fair," he said, and she noted his voice was strained.

"You know you can't resist," she winked at him, before leaning down to kiss his neck.

"Get off," he tried.

"I like it here," she murmured, grinding up against him again and flicking her tongue out against his skin.


She loved the husky, strained tone of his voice when he said her name like that.

"Stop trying, Minato."

"I – I don't – mmm…"

She scraped her teeth against his skin.

And then a second later, she found herself on her back, with Minato hovering over her, his hands gripping her hips, his blue eyes dark and his face intense.

He was fast – she barely had time to register that he'd flipped her over.

"You have been very mean to me today," he stated, his thumbs circling around her hipbones.

"Have I?" Kushina asked breathlessly, feeling an exhilarating thrill cascade through her system.

She loved it when Minato was a soft, gushing, romantic, gentle sweetheart.

But what she also loved, at times when she was feeling in that kind of mood, was when he was slightly pissed-off and dominating.

Considering he was so damn patient with her, it was hard to piss him off sufficiently, though Kushina had perfected the art.

And when he crashed his lips against hers none too gently, his hands warm and sure as they slid across her skin, she knew that she wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Kushina smirked into the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck, her eyes fluttering shut.

There would be no further teasing that night, not from her at least.


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