The next day, Proton showed up at the Team Rocket house. This time, wearing his old uniform from two years ago. He made sure to show up time as it was five minutes until eight o clock. He was still given his old rank as an executive as so he was told. He made his way into the hallway, waving at the grunts that walked passed him. He finally made it to a room which looked like the conference room.

With was a decent sized room with a large square table in the middle and a desk with a computer by the window sill. There were no members present at the time but he did see a few bags lying around the corner of the table, which indicated that some people have showed up but where away from the room. Proton grabbed a chair and moved it to the middle of the left side of the table and proceeded to sit put his head down. 'In a few minutes, you and I will meet!' he thought as he smirked and blushed at the same time.

"What? Nap time already?" a familiar voice said as he was entering the room.

Proton lifted his head up only to see his friend walk into the room and sit next to him on the edge of the table itself.

"Sup, Petrel?" he said as he got up and gave him a high-five like handshake. Then they leaned in towards each other and gave each other a pat on the back before Proton sat back down in his chair.

"Not a lot, Proton, my day just started," Petrel replied as he yawned. "Anyway, are you nervous or excited today? I want to know how you are feeling! Well… you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, I thought I'd make conversation since we are reunited."

Proton just gave the pink haired young man a smirk as he slaps his hand on his leg hard while thinking to himself 'oh you!'. This was his way of playing around with him, of joking with him in a friendly matter. Petrel looked at him weirdly as he gave a soft 'heh!' at him. The aqua haired young man then takes his hand off of his friend as he began to answer the question.

"Petrel, I am excited and nervous at the same time. I'm nervous because when I see Ellie, I wouldn't know what to do afterwards." Proton said. "Since you've had a girlfriend before and now you have one again, maybe you can give me some tips on how to you know… make me seem less awkward in her eyes? I mean, girls to flock to you. How do you do it?"

Petrel got up from the table and proceeded to go to the computer table. He opened the blinds behind him before he sat down in the big chair. He began to take out a big notepad and pen to start writing.

"Sorry, just getting ready for work," he replied. "Anyway, if I were you, I'd want to get to know Ellie better. Know her likes, dislikes and her fears. That is also important when wanting to build a relationship with her. Girls also like it when guys are there when they cry. They need someone to hold them every once in a while and tell them that everything's going to be alright. Like with Ellie, all she wants is to feel safe and especially at night. She doesn't feel safe by herself at night, Proton. You'd need to tell her that everything's going to be alright and walk with her every step of the way. You need to make her feel safe…"

Proton smirked as he thought to himself 'you know with me around, you're going to feel safe. Safe inside my heart, where you should be…' He nodded at his friend as he sat there to look at his p-phone. As he was doing so, he heard footsteps coming into the room. He was too focused on his phone to look up to see who came but he noticed the sound of someone putting their bag down on the floor while they were pulling up a chair.

"Hey, are you the new guy?" a voice asked.

Proton looked up and saw a boy standing at the other side of the table, next to a chair that he pulled out for himself. This boy looked a little similar to Ellie in some ways. He too had pink hair; however his was a lot shorter and lighter. He had on the typical Team Rocket grunt uniform; a black three quarter sleeved top with the big red letter R on it with a gray belt and back pants. This boy gave him a rather strange look on his face as if he was weary of him.

"Why yes, I am," Proton answered. "Why?"

"Ah hah! So you were the creep who had frightened my Ellie," the boy said as his tone changed from normal to angry. "That's right, she read your letter to me when I walked her home and she was scared because she knew the 'new guy' was joining this team. You've made Ellie scared to the point where she was sitting outside the whole time waiting for me because she thought that you were going to attack her. Bravo, dude. Bra-vo…"

The aqua haired young man then quickly got up from his seat, took his chair and threw it across the room. He then went over to the pink haired boy and proceeded to put his hand tightly around his neck as he stared him down. The boy however, wasn't afraid but rather confused at the moment.

"Your Ellie? Your Ellie?!" Proton yelled. "You better listen to me, okay? Once I get to know her better, she'll become my Ellie. That's right; I was all she needed two years ago. I'm the guy she needed and I'll be damned if you get in the way of me giving that to her."

"Wait! Wait! How the hell could she be yours if you don't even know her?" the boy asked while trying to pry his hand off his neck. "She's been my friend for five years and I know what she's like and I know what her fears are and this was one of them. Couldn't you save your selfish desires for when you actually saw her instead of just being forward about it?"

After hearing what he had to say, Proton shoved the boy into the wall with the hand he used to grab his neck. At this point, he was seething inside. The thought of this friend of Ellie's intruding on his mission to get to know her better was getting the best of him. As he drove his free hand back and then forward, he was interrupted by his best friend.

"Proton!" Petrel shouted as he jumped up from his chair. "Now first things first, Ellie is her own person. She doesn't belong to anyone. Secondly, you need to learn how to conduct yourself in front of her. Case in point, there's your Ellie… right behind you."

Proton's eyes widened as he slowly turned around and loosened his grip off the boy's neck. When he turned around, he couldn't believe what he saw. A young girl just stood there, about five feet from him with her hands on her mouth. She was shocked as her eyes widened and tears were starting to form. Proton felt as if his heart was about to jump right out of his chest as he slowly started to walk towards her. The more he looked into her brown eyes, the more tears started to well in his eyes.

"Ellie…" Proton whispered as he came closer to the girl. "It's me… do you remember me?"

The closer he came, the more Ellie started to shake in her boots. She couldn't believe that the guy she was crazy about two years ago was here… he was actually here. Proton started to feel the butterflies in his stomach as he finally came up to her and began to touch her face. His arm was shaking as he ran his fingers down her cheek. With one touch of his hand, Ellie shook to the point where she slowly started to collapse onto the floor. His touch literally made her melt as her legs felt as if they couldn't support her.

"Y-you're… you're here…" Ellie stuttered as she began to cry. "You're here!"

Her hands fully covered her face as Ellie was letting all of her feelings out. Proton knelt down beside her and began to rub her back in comfort. While he had done so, he used his other hand to remove her hat and run his fingers through her short dark purple hair. As he stopped, Proton then moved closer to her as he puts his arms around her, causing her to lean against his chest. Proton lets out tears as he couldn't believe that he was in the moment. The girl he almost lost two years ago, the girl who admired him was now here and in his arms.

While he held her in his arms, Ellie began to shake. The smell of his cologne lingering from his chest, his comforting body heat and the feeling of his warm breath hitting her face was enough to send chills down her spine. She was in Proton's arms and she was trying her best to grasp that fact. The guy in which two years ago, she was fawning over him on the other side of the glass, is now holding her in his arms.

Proton then took his right hand and slides it between where her knees were bent. He used his other arm to keep her in place as he began to stand up. With all of his might, he lifted her off the ground and held her close while she still continued to cry. However, once she opened her eyes and realized the position she was in, Ellie immediately blushed as she tried to push Proton off of her.

"C-can you p-please not pick me up like this?" she asked. "I don't like this position…"

Proton nodded as he gently put her down on the ground in the standing position. As she stood up, Ellie tightly wrapped her arms around his waist while burying her head in his chest. While she was doing so, she felt her legs getting weak again as she tried her hardest to latch on to his shirt. Proton then puts his hands underneath her arms and once again, lifted her off the ground; however did so in a way that made her feel comfortable. He did so as if he was picking up a small child. Ellie proceed to wrap her arms around his neck as she leaned on his shoulder and wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Is this Proton?" she asked while looking towards where Petrel was sitting.

"Yes, it is," Petrel chuckled as he got up and proceeded to walk towards the pair.

As Petrel came closer he to, rubbed the girl's back in comfort for a few minutes while he smiled at Proton. The aqua haired boy took his left hand and grasps his best friend's shoulder while he did the same.

"Why don't you follow me to your office?" Petrel said as he proceeded to lead his friend to his office.

Proton happily followed while holding Ellie tight in his arms. She just laid on his shoulder, enjoying every moment that was happening.

"Don't worry. Proton's got ya," Proton whispered as he gently rubbed Ellie's back.