Sorry 'bout tanking so long to update. I've been busy. But, HEY! Enjoy this new chapter!

So yesterday with Bella, I had an awesome partay! We ate pork rinds and we banged our fists. It was effin sweet. Just, saying. Don't want to make anybody feel bad about not having an awesome party but... Jk! Yes I am! You all suck! I hate everyone! Haahahahaaaha! Bitches I want you all to know that you are all special in your very own way, but in the offensive way! Hahahahah losers. I have a lot to do tomorrow. I am going to visit my old school! Hogwarts get ready for some breakin into. I want to kill get Dumbledore and steal his wand and steal Harry's cloak so I can be all powerful. I am also taking spelling lessons so I think I am getting better.

Nagini did the funniest thing last night after Bella went home. She ate a whole witch, or should I say a whole bitch. She was some stupid first year. She just talked all of the time, what I like to call "Diarrhea of the Mouth" Then I was all like "My snake is gonna eat ur ass" and she was like "My mom is an Auror and she'll find you and kill you." She was wrong. I killed her family. (Insert evil laughter "Mwahahahaha")

Note: I still feel like P-Diddy. Mudbloods suck. I rule. When asked Pepsi or Coke I say "Die Bitch! Avada kadavra!" Harry Potter must die. My favorite T.V. show is Project Runway (on Lifetime on Thursdays). I am currently wearing fishnets. I only need one-ply tissues because my nose produces very little mucus. I've never sweat in my entire life. I've only watched Dirty Dancing 47 times. I am the greatest wizard of all time! Sometimes I change my figure into a girl and I play junior high volleyball. Some of the girls suspect I am someone else though cuz I am so much better than the girl! YES BITCHES!

So I'm gonna go talk to Sev. but here are a couple of those things I wanted to add to my diary plus some new ones. :O

Things that piss me off:
House flies
One Direction (The Beatles were so much better. It's a shame I killed John Lennon, or at least I imperioed some muggle to kill him.)

Things I eat:
Pork rinds
Count Choccula
Mentholated Coughdrops
Unicorn Blood

Things I kill:
Everything (Mwahahahaha)