Hello, friends!

I'm posting an "announcement" here because a few months ago, fanfiction made some changes to email alerts, and some folks are no longer receiving notifications. Basically, they defaulted everyone to no email alerts, and you now have to go into your settings every few months to turn email notifications back on. Crazy, eh?

As some of you are already aware, now that I've finished The Cleaner (which I enjoyed writing immensely), I've decided to return to this universe. Yes, yes, I know. I initially said I wasn't planning on it, but, hey, plans change, and I've missed these guys!

Within the next day or so, I will be posting the first chapter of a new story, a sequel to OPERATION: Break the Dawn.

OPERATION: Light the Fires

Summary: A bomb goes off in Paris. A world leader is executed in Davos. Scientists are again disappearing, and a powerful new enemy has risen from the ashes of Aronovic's Deathstalkers to finish what was started. The situation is dire, but nothing is impossible. The team of Marines who took them down the first time is back in action. Sequel to OPERATION: Break the Dawn. AH.

I hope this note finds you well and happy, and I hope you'll all join me on this next adventure! It should be fun! :)