DISCLAIMER: If I owned the Hunger Games, I would have put a bit more about the other characters in the epilogue of Mockingjay.

A/N: Some parts of this little ditty are a bit AU as they don't follow Mockingjay completely.

Gale woke up as the sun poked over the ridge of his mountain home in District Two. He rolled out of bed and began working out. After fifty perfect military press push-ups and fifty sit-ups, he laced up his shoes and went for a three mile run. He showered and ate a power-bar for breakfast. Pulling on his fatigues, he walked to the military base for another day of designing weapons. He advised some engineers who were working on a new pod. After sitting for the three hour meeting, he went to his own weapons practice studio. Picking up a newly polished rifle, he aimed at a dummy that had the face of Peeta Mellark crudely painted on it, he shot at it until it was in shreds. "Officer Hawthorne, sir?" One of the new recruits fresh out of boot camp asked.

"Yes, soldier?" Gale asked.

"President Paylor wishes to speak with the weapons development team at 1400, sir."

"Thank you, soldier." Gale said. They saluted each other and Gale did some stair-stepping and used a punching bag until lunch. He went to the mess hall where he ate with the other soldiers. Most of them clustered in groups with their friends, but Gale preferred to sit alone. He wolfed down his food and looked over a weaponry and armor catalogue.

At 1345, Gale was in the Weapons Development meeting room waiting for Paylor to connect via the teleconferencing system. A screen blinked and at exactly 1400, Gale was saluting the president of Panem. Paylor was pleased with their work and reminded them that they were to use force only when necessary. Even two years after the Mockingjay Revolution, they were still taking out strongholds of peacekeepers or Snow loyalists. Most of the weapons targeted a specific house or office to minimize civilian casualties.

Gale left work at 1700. He jogged to his favorite part of the woods. After checking his traps, he brought home some game to cook for dinner. After dinner and washing up the dishes, he lay down and went to sleep to do it all over again the next day.