Katniss waited at the train station. She smiled holding a box of cupcakes decorated specifically for her visitor. A train pulled in and a small girl with blonde braids stepped off of the platform. She wore the Panem Medical College scrubs with the back of the shirt hanging out like a duck-tail. "KATNISS!" Prim squealed. She hurried toward her older sister. Katniss hugged her gently even though she knew her skin grafts had been solid for eight months. Prim's scars were healing nicely and she had even written Katniss a letter about getting top grades on a term paper analyzing her experiences as a patient in a clinical trial in the burn unit. Prim had spent a year in the unit before returning to school full time. She was in the Medical School Preparatory Program at the Panem Medical College in District 4. Upon graduating with the right grades she would go right into medical school to complete her MD. She had already completed her required clinical hours as Mrs. Everdeen was a Physician Assistant at Seaside Research Hospital.

"Hey little duck!" Katniss laughed. She handed Prim a box. Prim opened it and giggled. Four large cupcakes decorated with primroses were nestled in tissue paper.

"You didn't have to get me these, Katniss!" Prim said around a mouthful of frosting and cake.

"Of course I did, silly!" Katniss laughed. "Peeta wouldn't let me pick you up empty handed!" She and Prim began walking back to Katniss' house. "I haven't killed Buttercup yet." Prim laughed. "Do you want him?"

"I think he's used to you." Prim admitted as they walked through the town square. Peeta came out from the bakery and wrapped Prim in a hug. "Thanks for the cupcakes!" Peeta smiled and looked into the box.

"Wow! You ate one already!" Peeta said impressed. Prim laughed.

"They're just so good!" Prim licked the frosting off another one.

"And she said 'Oh, you didn't have to get me these'" Katniss said imitating Prim's voice. "Mmhm. Right." They went to Victor's Village. Prim smiled looking at the primroses around one of the houses. "That's the group home that's named after you, Prim." Primrose House was for children orphaned by the war. Many original residents had been adopted, but there were still some there.

"Kat - that was our old house." Prim pointed out.

"Yeah - we're going to a different house." Katniss said as she climbed the stairs to the porch of Peeta's house. After showing Prim the guest room, she sat on the couch with Prim and smiled at having the afternoon with her sister.

"So, when did this happen?" Prim asked.

"Well - about a year ago." Katniss answered.


"Um -" Katniss paused. "We'll see, little duck."

"Let's get some flowers for the coffee table!" Prim suggested. She hurried into the guest room and changed out her scrubs. "C'mon, Katniss! And I bet you don't take him with you when you hunt!" Katniss looked at Prim. She had coaxed Buttercup into a basket.

"Prim!" Katniss groaned more for old time's sake than out of real exasperation.

"Pleeeeeeeeeease?" Prim asked teasingly. She winked knowing Katniss couldn't say no.

"Sure." Katniss said grinning before grabbing her hunting bag. They walked out to the meadow for Prim to collect flowers. Prim restrained herself from saying something when Katniss shot some game and stuffed it in her bag. After Prim's basket was full with flowers, she and Katniss polished the rest of the cupcakes off for a sweet picnic lunch. The two Everdeen girls lay back on the grass and pointed out shapes in the clouds for the next few hours. They headed back to Peeta's house, Katniss carrying the flower basket and Prim carrying Buttercup in her arms. Prim found a vase for the flowers and Katniss began preparing her game for dinner. They grinned and waved as Peeta came home.

Katniss smiled as she felt Peeta's arms around her waist. "The flowers look lovely, Kat." Peeta whispered. "I'm glad your sister is here." Katniss smiled and turned around to face Peeta. Ignoring the giggling from her sister, she gave him a long welcome home kiss.

"I'm glad my family is here." Katniss whispered. While living in the Seam, Katniss could only dream about a scene like this. Now in a new Panem, she could spend her days in peace and enjoying love from her fiance and sister for many years to come.