The Rise of Dark Lord Vulcan!

Summary: Read as how having an imaginary twin sister at a young age, and having a different start at Hogwarts changes Harry from a weak and lonely boy, to the most powerful Dark Lord anyone would ever seen - Dark Lord Vulcan.

Warnings: Underage Sex, Smut/Lemons, Twincest, sort of, Forced Sex, Rape, Torture, Threesomes, Foursomes, there's going to be much more, so if you don't like a VERY Dark and Evil Harry and the things that come with this, so if you're not over eighteen then PLEASE stop reading now.

Disclaimer: I do not in any shape or form own Harry Potter, be it characters, spells, items, or anything else that's connected to the Harry Potter books/movies; they all belong to J. K. Rowling & the Warner Bros Pictures. I don't even earn any money from this. The only characters that I do own are the ones that you haven't read about in the books. Although, I wish I did, that way I could come up with a more believable way for Harry ending up with Ginny or someone who is better for him. Also I would made Hermione less trusting of people like Dumbledore and less bossy. Anyway, onto the story.

Author's Note: I've got a new beta reader only going by the name of Sun, as he doesn't want his full name to come out as he doesn't want to be connected to this kind of story. Now not only did he edit this story, but he also added a few new 'Heroes' to fight against Harry and Voldemort. So here is what Sun has done, I hope that you like what he has done.

Not much has been done in this first part of the story!


Our tale starts with a fourteen-year-old Harry Potter, boy wizard in his fourth year, lying in his bed at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Next to him was an almost identical naked fourteen-year-old black haired girl sleeping soundly. The girl was Lucy Potter; Harry's twin sister. As she was sleeping Harry was gently stroking her hair with one hand, whilst his other hand was caressing her stomach and breasts.

One would suspect to think that Harry would feel guilty about his actions, ashamed even, of what he was doing to his own twin - even with what he'd done earlier. But the fact was that he wasn't, with everything that he had been though in his short life he believed that this was long time owed to him. This was small compared to what he thought the world owed him.

Either way, Harry knew that his sister would want him to do this, demand him to do it, even. In fact, she would be mad at him for not doing much more to her, even if she was asleep and couldn't enjoy it fully herself. As long as it made him happy, she would have been happy if he fucked or raped her as she slept and she wouldn't mind, she would encourage him to do so. It was just how she was, he could do anything to her, and she would love it, reciprocating however possible.

For a normal person this would have been strange, the sheer level of devotion towards Harry's happiness could be likened to a slightly demented House-Elf on occasion, but one thing about Lucy was that she wasn't normal. In fact, until about a week ago she wasn't even real; just a figment of Harry's imaginations.

But that requires a bit of a back-story.

Chapter 1…

Harry's Childhood!

It was Christmas Day and a young Harry Potter was curled up in a ball, sobbing in his room… his room being the cupboard. Harry was sad because, once again, his so called family the Dursleys had locked him up in his cupboard while they were having Christmas Dinner and giving each other gifts, of which he wouldn't get any. Since he was four when he could start to really remember things, this was all that he knew.

Harry didn't know why, but his family seemed to hate him for some reason. He wasn't sure how they treated him before, but over the last two years they would punish him harshly. Like the time they were forced to put him into school or go to court, he was punished for spending money they didn't need to, on things like clothes, textbook and other school supplies. A few other times he was punished for doing better than their son Dudley in school, and other times they'd just generally been mean to him even when he wasn't being punished simply because he was different and would call him Freak. That was another thing; they would always call him Boy or Freak, never by his name. They also had their own son bully him, and rewarded Dudley for doing so.

Harry always wondered what it would be like to have a family that loved and cared for him, sometimes he would use his imagination, the one thing that the Dursleys couldn't stop him from playing with, to make it so they were a happy family and they loved and cared for him; but due to their normal treatment of him that imaginary scenario was shattered within a day him. So he did the next best thing; he made up a family member that would love him, care for him and support him in whatever he did.

After some thought, he dreamt up a sister. Wanting her to be about the same age, she became his twin sister. Which was the only way that would be possible, considering his parent's death. So she had long black hair and green eyes like his own. He decided to make it so she would be quiet and calculating in public, but mischievous and fun-loving around those she cared for. However, unlike him she wouldn't care one lick about what people thought about her as long as she was happy with the decisions she made. It took a while to think of what to call her, but in the end he decided to call his new imagination sister Lucy.

Over the next few months, things slowly started to change for Harry, thanks to his imaginary sister's equally imaginary words. These words of encouragement would make him do things that he wouldn't normally dream of doing. Sure what she said wasn't extreme, but it was something he wouldn't have thought of for a few more years. These words of encouragement were for him to sneak out at night to get himself some food while his family asleep. It took a while, but soon he did started sneaking out every night to get himself some food once his relatives were asleep, lessening the effects of his malnutrition and ensuring the healing his future school nurse would help him through went much smoother than it would have been otherwise.

Thanks to his so called family punishing him for the smallest of infractions and so often sending him into his cupboard, he got the chance to build Lucy's personality more. She grew more and more defined and became someone he would have liked to become, but was too afraid to. That is, unless he was pushed into it, which is exactly what Lucy did - pulling pranks and such.

Seeing that he often spent time in his cupboard, unless he was doing the chores that were so bitterly forced upon him by his aunt and uncle, he began to take advantage of the time. With nothing to do he began to daydream. These daydreams were of him and Lucy having conversations, mostly in jest, a fat joke here, a stab at Dudley's intelligence there, nothing Harry himself wouldn't say within his mind if he was more confident, but as time passed she took on a life of her own and started to make jokes he wouldn't think of along with ideas and thoughts of her own. There was one thought which Lucy was especially keen on, that he was special. That he had a gift that others did not. There had never been a soul to so much as think that thought to him until then. The idea that he had powers that other people didn't have. And that maybe this was the reason why his "family" hated him so much.

16th July 1987:

It was about two weeks before their seventh birthday, and the twins were sitting on their bed, having one of their night time talks. They talked of pleasant things, arbitrarily drifting from topic to topic. But then Lucy suddenly asked her brother, "Harry have you ever wondered why the Dursleys don't like you?"

Harry thought back to every other time he'd pondered that very question. He could never remember anything he'd done that would warrant their hatred. Maybe he'd cried too much as a baby, or swallowed a magnet, but Harry didn't think that was quite right. The best answer he'd ever divined was that the Dursleys despised him simply because he existed. "You know better than anyone I have always thought about it Lucy," Harry said sadly, "but I never worked out why they would hate me. I don't know what I could have possibly done to make them feel the way they do."

"Well I think I've finally realized what it might be!" Lucy said with an oddly excited smile. She scooted forward on the bed and leaned in, as if she was about to tell him a grand and mysterious secret. "Now, before you say something I want you to keep an open mind and think about it before you say it isn't possible, can you do that brother?" Harry just nodded to his sister as Lucy continued to say, "The reason I think the Dursleys hate you is because you're special, because you have magical powers."

Without thinking, Harry said, "B-but Uncle Vernon says that there is no such thing as magic." His uncle had beaten that particular thought into him with a vengeance.

"I know what he said, but remember what I said, keep an open mind." Lucy insisted. "I know he said there's no such thing as magic, but how do you explain the strange things that have happened over the last year? Like your teacher's hair turning blue after she called you a cheat and a liar when you did well in your test. Even though there was no proof of you doing anything. They punished you even though you said you didn't do anything. Then there were a few other strange things that happened around you that they punished you for, even though you said you didn't do nothing. And what about last week when you appeared on the roof of your school when Dudley and his gang of friends were chasing after you, do you really think that the wind carried you up there as you jumped? You teleported up there somehow."

Harry sat there as he thought about what his sister said, realizing that she was right. How else could he explain what happened over the years? All the times he wanted something bad to happen to the people who hurt him and called him a cheat and a liar, and then something would really happen. As he thought about it now, magic explained a great deal. He couldn't come up with anything else. It would also explain why his relatives hated him; they despised anything strange, or anything that didn't fit their definition of 'normal', so Harry's almost supernatural abilities seemed like the perfect reason to hate him.

"So, if it is magic, what do you think I should do?" asked Harry.

Lucy practically scoffed at the thought that her brother would ask such a question. "Isn't it obvious! We learn how to use it! It's magic, why wouldn't you want to work hard to learn how to use it?"

Harry nodded, and then smiled as he began to share his sister's visions of the possibilities. "What do you think I can do with it, I mean I haven't been able to consciously control it before."

"You haven't tried before, either." Lucy pointed out. "It's magic though, right? So maybe you can do anything as long as you focus? Like moving things with your mind, and set stuff on fire. We won't know until you try."

And so Harry's mind was set, he would try everything. He would find out exactly what his special talent was capable of. It was hard for Harry at the beginning, seeing as he didn't know where to start, but fortunately he had a little help from Lucy. It wasn't long before he was able to levitate items and light things on fire. He found the first skill somewhat useful, as he was able to levitate himself and other things up and down so he wouldn't have to reach for things again and made escape from his cousin and his gang easier.

As for his fire, things progressed a little slower. He knew it might take years to master. But like many kids his age he enjoyed fire. The way it glowed and danced, how it stood out against the backdrop of reality. The problem was this wasn't doing his mental stability any favors, as he slowly became a budding pyromaniac. He started to start small fires and watch them, if it wasn't for Lucy, he would have just watched them get out of control and burn buildings down. He even had dreams of watching the Dursleys being burnt alive by his flames, as he sat there and laughed as it happened. He fast learned that his own fire didn't hurt him and, after a few months of training, normal fire didn't hurt him either.

Not only was he learning about his psychokinetic abilities while he was awake, but he was learning in his dreams with his sister and was playing games with the fire - throwing fireballs at each other. However, before long Harry wanted to start learning a new skill. His current skill set was coming along fine, and he found he still had room to learn more. Once more, it was Lucy who came up with an idea first.

16th May 1988:

Harry was playing with his fireballs, throwing them in the air and catching them. At the moment this wasn't what he was trying to do though. He was actually trying to make them float in the air. He could conjure fire well enough, but finer manipulation was still beyond him. That didn't bother him that much since he knew it could be years to do what he wanted, but at the same time he was a bit bored, he wanted to learn something new, something he knew was possible and easy to learn. He felt that he wasn't powerful enough to learn half of what he wanted to learn yet though.

But as he was thinking this and playing with his ball of fire, his sister said, "I think I have an idea for what to work on next, brother."

"Oh, and what would that be sister?" Harry returned with a smile, he knew that his sister would think of something, she always did.

"Summoning." Lucy revealed. "That way you can summon food to you without people noticing, or money, or anything we need really. You can make yourself a small hideaway or something this way, so if things get too bad back with them you can have a place to hold up in."

The idea of stealing from people using his skills didn't bother him in the slightest, and Harry quickly decided it was a worthwhile skill to have. No one was willing to help him when he told them about the Dursley's treatment, so why should he care about stealing from them or others?

"That's not a bad idea." Harry said with a smile. "It would help me out greatly, not only in getting food and water, as well as a host of other things I could use, but I can also afford to get myself some decent clothes."

"I thought you might like the idea dear brother." Lucy said before a thoughtful look crossed her face before she asked. "I've just thought of another idea; remember when you teleported onto the school roof last year?"

"You really think so Lucy?" Harry asked wearily. It wasn't that he didn't believe her, but teleport? He wasn't sure that was possible... then again, he didn't know what magic could do, he really should do a bit of research into what he might be able to do.

"Well yeah, it was too high for you to jump up there, so the only way I can think of for you to get up there is if you teleported." Lucy explained her reasoning. "So I was thinking you might be able to use your fire skills to teleport to places…"

"What!? I think you've lost it sister. Teleporting may be useful, but using fire to teleport? How does that even work?" Harry wondered aloud.

"Remember that book you read a while back? In it Phoenixes could teleport. They used their control over fire to kind of, go sideways through the dimensional something or other." Lucy tried explaining it. The book explained it away with mumbo jumbo and techno babble that only made sense if you really didn't think about it too hard, but it was still worth a try to learn. "Once you learn how to do it you could go anywhere you liked." She enticed him further.

As crazy as it sounded - should the idea work - then he really could put such an ability to work. If it didn't work out, than it really didn't matter, it was still flame manipulation, the control over his abilities grew the more he used them, so it was win-win. He could always learn another way to teleport if that idea didn't work, as a Teleporting Skill could be every useful to have. With an indulging grin, he asked his twin, "So sister, since you suggested this idea, you must have some ideas as to how I can do this?"

"Normally I would, but I really don't know even where to begin. If I had to give some kind of advice though, I'd suggest going somewhere quiet and try meditating, trying different things and seeing what feels right." Lucy said with an apologetic shrug. "You could even read up in books and comics to see how the people with similar skills have done it, though I doubt it would ever go into the mechanics behind it, being fiction for most."

Harry only nodded and started walking into the nearby forest, as there wasn't anything tosay. He was already planning to read up on books and comics to see what skill he could possibly be able to learn. Using them to find out how to Flame Teleport would be just as useful. As he walked, he felt, rather than saw Lucy disappearing, as she tended to do when they were done talking.

Harry spent the next few days trying various things, but didn't have much luck. The only bit of success he had was when he compressed the energy that fuelled his pyrokinesis into a tight ball and then let it go. The ring of fire that had exploded outward around him had seared straight through the tree he'd been leaning on - which had thankfully fallen backward from the kinetic force. This was definitely something he would be practising in the future. Still, over these last few days he didn't even make any headway with the teleportation dilemma, so he shelved that for later and decided to work on his summoning skill.

It was a few weeks before Harry mastered how to summon things, he now could summon anything from small pocket change to even full wallets. After that he read books and comics about magic, all to see what he might be able to learn. The main comics that he read were the various incarnations of the X-Men, as they had many different powers, powers that could be useful to him.

The first two skills he tried to learn were shape shifting and the ability to change into animals, but they didn't seem to work for Harry, no matter what he tried over the years. That didn't mean he didn't use them in another way, if he couldn't do them, and seeing as his sister was imaginary, something he didn't often think about, he decided to work these skills into her. His sister happily thanked him for it, as she had great fun changing into all different people, making him laugh as she altered their appearance to comical degrees. The same with the animals, he loved it when she came a wolf or a tiger for some reason. Lucy also found out that she could become any humanoid animal, a hybrid of girl and animal. Harry thought she looked very cute as a Catgirl, and as a Wolfgirl.

Seeing as that avenue of research was fruitless, he looked up other skills that he could master. One of these skills he found he could do was becoming invisible. He thought this skill would be very useful, as he would be able to move about and do more things without being noticed. It took a few months before he was able to go completely invisible, as opposed to leaving a limb or two visible.

He also learned he could fly, if he manipulated his fire right; like the characters in comics he read. It took some time, but before his tenth birthday Harry had learned how to fly without any mishaps. He could never get very high, since he didn't want to be spotted, but he did it whenever he could get away with it; he felt free, alive, in the air. It was like he was born to be in the air.

Lucy also gained a few new abilities, the first being the ability to copy herself. Seeing how fun it was to have to of herself she felt that three would be even better. She was trying to create another one or two of herself, but so far she wasn't able to do so. She was able to get another two arms to grow out of anywhere on her body though, like the character she'd seen in some of the Japanese comics they'd found in the specialty store.

Fire breathing was a natural progression of his skills, and he was inspired when he'd been walking home from school one day and saw a fire breather in town. He thought it would be cool to try, so he did. Because he wasn't hurt by his own fire, it didn't actually take very long at all to learn. Lucy didn't like the idea of it, so she didn't learn the skill herself.

As the years passed by, Harry was able to find an abandoned house near where he lived. Although Surrey was a large enough place to live in, it wasn't as proper as it used to be and the houses that were on sale weren't selling as well as they used to. This lead to quite a few abandoned houses that had been on the market for years. There was one place that Harry was interested in because it was just down the street from number four, and thus would be close enough to go to should he need to hide and no one would suspect to look for him as it was boarded up. Once Harry was able to get into the home, he was happy to find that the previous owners had actually left quite a bit of furniture behind - although a few things did need to be mended - all in all it was perfect for his needs.

Thanks to find the new hideout of Harry's, he realized a new skill he wanted to learn; repairing. It took a few months, but Harry was able to learn and mend all the items in the house that were broken with his... well he hadn't decided what to call the energy he possessed. Chi, Ki, Chakra, Aura, Spirit Energy, he'd even heard Lucy jokingly call it magic once. Whatever the case, it really didn't matter.

Overall, things were coming along nicely. The twins fell into a routine; Harry would train what he needed to learn during the day, and at nights he would give what he learned to his sister. Aside from using his, whatever they were calling it at the time - Lucy was stuck on magic, but Harry felt partial to Spirit Energy - Harry also learned how to fight. He didn't exactly have a sparring partner, but Lucy helped. Neither of the two thought too hard about how it was possible she was solid for these fights, but it suited their needs so they didn't question it; just in case they accidentally killed it with logic.

However, when he wasn't training, going to school or doing chores for his relatives, he was stealing things that were of interest and sometimes getting into fights. All out of the area so he wouldn't be known. It helped when he finally mastered his ability to teleport, so he could escape before he could be captured by the gangs and/or the police. So far he was able to make sure that he wasn't caught on camera, as he suspected that there were other magic/Spirit Energy/whatever users, why else would his aunt and uncle call him 'one of those freaks'? And even if it wasn't true, he didn't want them to catch on to what he was doing. It helped that his sister was able to inform him if there were camera's nearby, or people he needed to watch out for. He knew that this wasn't normal for an imaginary friend/sister, he suspected that the reason that Lucy could do this was that his abilities had somehow allowed this to happen and he was grateful for it, otherwise he would have been caught by now.

However, like all good things, Harry's good time with his sister was coming to an end. As all imaginary friends slowly disappeared. So did she. At the time Harry was so caught up in everything that was happening that he didn't realize her advice becoming less and less frequent and she was appearing less and less. However, it wasn't until Harry woke up on his tenth birthday and didn't hear his sister's customary good morning greeting that he realized what was happening; he was devastated.

It took a while, but Harry eventually recovered from losing Lucy. But he would often think back to the times with his imaginary sister fondly. Those times that he wasn't alone, those were good times. Even now he would use what he thought she would do in the situations he found himself in to get out of trouble. She was the one that created his sly and smart side, giving him the idea to keep things from people, teaching him how to lie convincingly. It was a skill that came in handy many times when his pyromaniac tenancies got the best of him, now that he didn't have a sister to caution him against such behaviour, and he was found at the scene of a fire more often. But thanks to no proof being left that he had anything to do with the fires, they couldn't do anything to him. The 'Mysterious Firebomber' was never caught.

Over the next year, Harry continued his training with his powers and his mastery over fire alone. Harry learned how to make weapons out of fire, like swords and axes. He also decided that spamming fireballs was both wasteful and not very useful for a long ranged attack, so he started trying to condense the fireballs and make them fly faster. It took until a week before his eleventh birthday to master, but he was proud to call his fire arrows a complete success.

On his eleventh birthday that Harry learned the truth about how his parents died, as well as finally getting a name for his abilities - it turned out Lucy was right, it was magic - and about his own fame in the Magical World. About a week before his eleventh birthday, he started to get letters from someone. When he first got the first one, he was foolish enough to bring it back to the kitchen. When his relatives saw the letter they paled at the sight of it and took the letter him before he could do anything and said it wasn't for him and tore it apart. The good thing about it was that he got Dudley's second bedroom.

To Harry amazement, over the next week he was sent thousands of letters from whoever was trying to write to him, he knew he could get one of them at any time by summoning one before leaving, but he was having too much fun. Whenever he got these letters his uncle would go crazy over it and have a hissy fit and tried to 'stop' Harry from getting one. He even tried to block every hole in the house that a letter could get through, when they started to arrive in all sorts of places that shouldn't have been physically possible Vernon finally snapped two days before Harry's eleventh birthday, where he took them all to a small island in the middle of nowhere. Harry wasn't sure how that would work, seeing that whoever was writing to him wouldn't let that stop them from trying to contact him.

He was right, but instead of a letter, they sent what looked like giant named Hagrid. Meeting Hagrid was both very enlightening and left him with mixed feelings. Yes he was happy that he finally got an explanation for his abilities and finding out about his heritage, but he was saddened to learn of his parent's true fate, even more so when he learned that he was famous for something they clearly did, and worse, died doing.


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Harry's Powers so far: Summoning, levitating, fire skills (starting and controlling fires, fireballs, heat resistant, firebreathing, fire flight, fire weapons, fire punches and fire arrows.), repairing, invisibility.

Lucy's Powers so far: Summoning, levitating, low powered fire skills (starting fires, fireballs, mild heat resistant and fire flight) and shape shifting (human and animal) invisibility, coping herself and gain extra arms…