§ 'Parseltongue!' §

Warning:Underage Lemon, Incest.

Chapter 10

3rd of January:

A week into the future found Harry and the Granger Girls on the Hogwarts Express. They were waiting to leave, the sister's were talking to each other while Harry thought about the last week before returning to Hogwarts. For Hermione and Melody, nothing of note had happened over the last week for the girls, but for Harry it was quite the interesting week. He'd finally got a chance to look over the chest Daphne gave him, as well as the books on Parseltongue Magic.

In the chest Harry found books and tomes about the Overlord of Evil, as well as a handful of other evil wizards out there. There were four ranks to evil, according to the material in the chest; Dark Wizards/Witches, the everyday kind of evil that would use Light and Dark magic for evil for their own gain; Dark Lord/Lady was the more powerful version of the Dark Wizards/Witches, not only were they more powerful, but they also lead the Dark Wizards/Witches. Then there were the Overlord of Evil, they were the most powerful of the evil people in the world, and are always male. However, these Overlord of Evil are rare, as they are very powerful and they rarely show up. One can live for thousands of years and not see one. The last of the Evils was The Source of all Evil, this was the most powerful of all evil. This could hardly be classed as a term though, since the Source of Evil was always the same being, an immortal demon that could possess and inhabit bodies. Some had tried to defeat the Source, whether to vanquish it or steal it's power didn't matter, because it was a truly immortal demon. It was the embodiment of a concept, something some would even refer to as a deity. How it could operate on the mortal plane was anybody's guess, but anyone who tried to fight it died and their powers were consumed which only made the Source stronger.

The last Overlord, known only as The Dark One perished roughly over two thousand years ago. The Dark One, as well as every Overlord, was feared by many, and for good reason. Not only was he very powerful, but he was somewhat of a mad scientist. The Dark One created what would be known as the Overlord's signature forces, despite being used by only him; the Minions. They were small, goblin like creatures that came in four different colours; Brown, Red, Green and Blue. Their colour governed what abilities they possessed.

The Dark One created a device called the Hive to summon the Minions, a different Hive for each Minion type. This device effectively made Minions immortal, albeit the worst kind of immortal since they could still die, but they could be brought back to life, or created from scratch using Lifeforce from a living creature. Harry could only assume Lifeforce was actually the souls of slain enemies, or maybe their magic, he really wasn't sure.

Although he did have humans and the minions, he didn't stop with just the minions though, The Dark One created dozens of spells, rituals, and even more creatures to do his bidding; most of these all far ahead of their time. Some believed he had access to a Seer, while others believed his insanity allowed him to see beyond the mental confines most mortal were trapped in, but nobody knew for sure.

All of this research was meticulously catalogued in the chest, and on top of the Shrunken, internally expanded filing cabinet, was a single armlet. It was fairly large, spanning Harry's entire forearm when he held up to his arm. This wasn't the only item in the chest, but it was the first to grab his attention. This was for a very good reason, because it was revealed the armlet, referred to only as the Gauntlet, was what gathered the Lifeforce, Souls, magic, or whatever the user preferred calling it, of the victims killed by the Overlord or one of his minions.

Harry wasn't interested in this though, what immediately caught his attention was another feature of the Gauntlet. Aside from granting him a number of abilities, all powered by Lifeforce - apart for bringing people back to life, that had to be done solely with his own magic - he could also summon and grant the dead corporeal bodies, as long as they stayed close to the user, within about fifty feet. This feature was only possible because the Dark One had slain and solidified the soul of a Whitelighter, only after he 'questioned' the Whitelighter, a guardian of witches known as Wickens and the dead, which was what the gem within the Gauntlet actually was. There was a note in the information about the Gauntlet telling the new user that the ability to temporarily bring back the dead could be used without paying any Lifeforce, but it would require a constant stream of power from the user, as opposed to one payment of Lifeforce per summoning.

Harry felt this was a fair trade and, with a promise to gather Lifeforce at the soonest opportunity, he didn't hesitate to summon the person he missed most.

28th of December:

It was the day after the visit from Ambassador Baladeva Patil and Harry found himself alone; Emma was downstairs while the others were seeing their grandparents. Seeing as he was unlikely to be disturbed, he decided to look through the trunk Daphne sent him.

Half an hour later he was behaving almost like Dobby as he clasped the Gauntlet in his hands, holding it to him like a lifeline. The Gauntlet itself was very ornate looking, covering the entire top of his forearm with a small, almost ceremonial looking blade that could extend forward. There was a two large jewels, a dark green gem and underneath it was a blood red gem, in the centre of the piece that were oval in shape and didn't appear to have a single flaw. There was a fleck of light within the gem, but it appeared to be very weak. From what he'd read this would glow brighter as he absorbed more Lifeforce.

Foolishly assuming he was powerful enough to shoulder the energy cost of summoning without Lifeforce, Harry immediately twisted the gem the proper way to activate the summoning ritual and called out the soul he wanted the energy to hook and drag back to the land of the living. "Lily Anne Potter née Evans!"

Just as Harry called her name the green jewel on the gauntlet started to glow, the light within it humming before it was released from the Gauntlet and formed a bright silhouette before him. A small portion of the light shot back into the gem as the light died down to reveal a stunningly gorgeous woman with red hair and striking green eyes just like his, wearing something that would have set his libido into overdrive but didn't only because of the shock of seeing his mother again. She was wearing a red babydoll negligee, which did nothing to hide the matching skimpy lace underwear she had on underneath.

When the redhead appeared she looked confused and frightened, as if she didn't know what was going on. She didn't see him at first, muttering a, "What's going here?" to herself before she finally saw Harry. She made to say something, but she paused before she took a closer look, her eyes immediately widening in shock. "Harry, is that you? How… how is this possible?" The fact that he had the same green eyes as her gave him away; she was still suffering from the side effects from the summoning and had almost mistaken him for James at first sight.

Harry couldn't believe it, it worked! He felt like his body was filled with lead, and he was getting even heavier, but he didn't care, he was seeing his mother again. Now that the initial shock wore off his libido pushed itself to the forefront and he took in exactly what she was wearing, as well as the amazing woman the clothes were draped over; Lily Potter had a body woman the world over would kill for, a pretty face, both her vivid hair and eyes making her all the more alluring, and her body was perfectly proportioned and curvy. Put bluntly, Lily was a MILF, and one Harry was instantly and completely smitten with. He didn't know if she died wearing what she was, or if the afterlife is a lot kinkier than he was lead to believe, but he was thankful for it all the same. "Yeah mum, it's me." Harry said thickly, both because of the pent up emotion already making his eyes water, and the exhaustion setting in.

Lily, equally teary eyes, stumbled forward unsteadily and wrapped her arms around him. Tears finally began falling as she held her son for the first time since her untimely death. "But how?" She whispered.

"Oh mum." Harry pulled her as close as he could, the small part of him that wasn't busy being so happy to see her was lusting over her breasts as his face was pressed into them. "I found a magical artefact that can bring the dead back, but only as long as they stay close." His hold grew tighter subconsciously, he didn't want to let go.

Lily knew that anything with the ability to do this would either be considered Dark, or actually was Dark, because even temporarily bringing someone back was not something that could be done without some kind of sacrifice, but she didn't care right now, she was with her son, a son that she hadn't seen since she died.

"Harry, are you okay?" She suddenly asked as she noticed he was starting to shake and exactly how pale he was getting. She meant to guide him down onto the bed, but ended up fumbling with her still uncoordinated motor skills and wound up sitting roughly side saddle on his lap. She blushed as she felt something poking her barely covered bottom, but easily waved it away because her son was both a teenager with his face pressed against a pair of large breasts and because of her concern for his well being.

Harry blinked slowly as he looked up at her, his eyes half lidded as bags started forming under them. "M'fine, needs lots'a energy to p'wer this." He slurred, attempting to lift his right arm, but only managed to move it a little bit before it went limp and fell from where it had been wrapped around her midsection to on her lap.

Lily looked down and saw the gem, instantly working out that the glow within it was the power source linking her to the mortal plane. The glow was growing visibly fainter, and she realized her son was running out of energy to power it, if he kept it up he could die. Best case scenario the artefact had a failsafe and he would just pass out and be laid up for a day with Magical Exhaustion.

She quickly placed her hands on his cheeks, gently lifting his head up to look her in the eye as she leaned closer. "Harry, sweety you need to release me. You can summon me again when you feel better, but the drain is too much, you may kill yourself if you keep me here for any longer!" She urged.

Harry nodded slowly, realizing through the haze what she meant. His magic level were rapidly approaching dangerous levels and the Gauntlet's failsafe would kick in a few seconds anyway. Wanting to do one last thing, Harry mustered his remaining energy and raised his hand and pulled her head towards his, and to Lily's shock, he mashed his lips against his mother's in a kiss that was definitely not one shared between a normal mother and son. It was a passionately kiss, only emphasized as Harry quickly reached up and groped her left breast, caressing it briefly, which was as long as he could.

He could only keep this up for a few seconds before he promptly fell back, fully drained of his magic and having no strength anymore to hold himself up, and Lily had gone rigid with shock so she was in no position to do so.

His erection pressing even harder against her with his new position, Lily realized all at once that her son's feelings for her were what most people would consider taboo, and his physical reaction to her and the actions he'd just taken, wasn't just because of teenage hormones, but because he was incredibly attracted to her and wanted her as a lover, and not as a mother, or maybe he wanted both. She had no idea how he was raised, she could think of a number of people that would have damaged her little boy enough during his formative years to have this happen; Petunia being one of them, as well as basically any complete Pureblood family. Some would actually see it as normal, whereas others would actually make him think it was acceptable to spite him. She'd been blaming Magicals for things since she turned eleven, it was only natural for her to shift the blame on this too.

"Oh." She gasped, an instant before her body glowed and exploded into flecks of light, which were all sucked right back into the gauntlet on Harry's arm. Some of his color returned as a portion of his magic was recycled back into him, but he wouldn't be waking up for a while.

But before the darkness took him, he vowed to become stronger no matter what, he would become stronger so that he could call his mother again and claim her as his.

Unknown to him, the Gauntlets he used sent out a signal to a tower deep down in the Netherworld, activating it and awakening the Minions within so they could begin to fix up the Tower in preparation for their new pre-teen Master.

It would be some time before they would be able to collect their Master though; there was a lot to do beforehand, not to mention two thousand years of dust would be tough even for the fastests of House Elves, with their specialized magic to clean, much less Minions, creatures barely smart enough to make fire when they weren't being commanded by an Overlord.


Harry found himself back in his Mindscape, which was rapidly changing before his eyes into his room at the Granger's. Seeing this, he knew he was still unconscious because Lucy was straddling him looking almost euphoric.

"I summoned her." Harry said, not able to keep his own excited smile off his face. He hardly believed that it worked! Granted he couldn't keep her with him for more than a few minutes, but he was able to summon her.

"You didn't just summon her for a few minutes, you did something even better!" Lucy happily exclaimed , bouncing lightly. "When the summoning was released the Gauntlet trapped Mum's soul inside the green jewel, so not only will it be easier to summon her in the future, but it should also act as a sort of pseudo soul bond between the Gauntlet, and by extension you, and mum. I would suggest we wait until you're stronger before you try summon her though. This feature should boost the duration of her summon from three to ten minutes, but I know you well enough to say that ten minutes isn't nearly enough time for all the things you want to do with her, especially since you would only be wide awake for about five minutes before the drain starts to affect you." However, what she didn't tell him was that he could use the Lifeforce of others to lengthen the time they had, not by much, but enough to talk to each other. It would have worked as a sufficient stopgap until he was magically strong to summon her for hours on end, and eventually months before needing to rest for a while.

This was a risk though. Harry saw his mother in a light most reserved for saints, and it was entirely possible she could, with work, lead him back onto the path of Good. It almost physically hurt Lucy to withhold this information, seeing as her feelings for their mother mirrored her brothers, but she had priorities, and Lily attempting to pull him 'back to the light' was just barely higher, just enough to allow her to hold her tongue. Lucy couldn't allow their mother make Harry a force for good, not after all the time she spent making him the way he was now, as a result she began to wonder if she could alter the Gauntlet in some way so that it corrupted him, rather than draining the Lifeforce. She dismissed this as she had no idea if any of it was possible, whether Harry would be able to tell that she altered it, or if it was even remotely safe; she could end up eroding his magical pathways for all she knew.

He was nearly to the point of true darkness, the point where she wished him to be, but there were still a few hurdles before he was there. Mainly himself, he had friends that he didn't want to show his true dark side, not counting Melody, and so he tried to keep it at bay. He didn't have any true friends for a long time yet, and didn't want to lose them because of his true nature, and so would rather hide who he truly was then show them his real self. Lucy knew it was only matter of time though, it would only take one exceedingly bad day, or another stretch of public isolation like what was already happening before he would become the person he was meant to be. Lucy would wait, she knew it wouldn't be long before the whole world would find out who Harry truly was and they would know true fear when everything they had was taken away from them by her beloved brother.

She felt a surge of dark pleasure and delight at the knowledge that Harry would always lust after Lily though, no matter what she tried to do. Lucy's presence had already affected him too much; where most saw incest as a major turn off, Harry felt the opposite, to him it was an incredible turn on to think and feel what others would consider a taboo.

Harry's resolve hardened even further, his promise to grow stronger even more important now. "Yeah, this is our mum we're talking about, she deserves more than ten minutes. I want to spend hours with her."

Lucy shivered at her brother look, she was so happy with how he was developing. "I agree, but you don't have to go into this blind. The Gauntlet makes a link with its user, so I can access the memory banks where mum's body is stored. You know what they say, practice makes perfect…" She grinned wider and wider as her giddy bounces changed into an aroused grinding of her hips, her hair flashing red to give him a hint.

Harry's eyes widened and his breath actually hitched at what she'd revealed. "Change. Now!" He demanded immediately.

Lucy was more than happy to comply, her form shifting, filling out a great deal to look like their mother, and her previously nude body was even being covered by the same clothes that their mother had on when Harry summoned her. She grinned smugly, "Who's the best sister ev-"

Lemon Begins: Skip if you're underage or not into this kind of thing!

That was about as far as she got before Harry pushed her on her back and attacked her mouth with his own, his arousal finding her covered slit, pressing and grinding against it roughly.

"Oh you are a naughty boy, aren't you?" Lucy said using Lily's voice as she pulled away from the kiss, "You want to fuck your own mother, what a twisted boy you are."

Yet again, Harry didn't say anything apart from a rushed 'Yes I am,' before he attacked her mouth once again, slipping his hand down her knickers. Once he got his hand into her knickers, he inserted two of his fingers into her pussy without hesitation before he began pumping them in and out. His other hand was in her hair, roughly grabbing it while he pushed his tongue down 'Lily's' throat.

Harry lost himself in the feeling of kissing his 'mother,' it didn't help that she was moaning in pleasure at his actions. As he pulled out of the kiss, he said still with his hand down her panties, "Do you like this mom? Being kissed by your son and having his fingers in your cunt?" Harry asked her lustfully, "Or do you want more? Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Oh please son, fuck me, be a good son and fuck me!" Lily moaned in pleasure, "Its been too long since I felt something big and warm inside. Take me and make me yours!"

That was all it took, as Harry's arousal took hold he attacked her mouth once again, but as he did, he pulled his finger from her pussy - making her moan in disappointment, and used it to grab her teddy and rip it off her chest with a sharp pull, carelessly throwing it over his shoulder. Even before the piece of ripped clothed fell to the ground did he remove his mouth from hers and moved his assault down towards her breasts. He began to lick and bite one breast as he groped the other, pinching the nipple. All the while she was moaning like a cat in heat, clearly showing that she loved the rough treatment. After a while, Harry switched to her other breast, Lily's moans only increasing, now intermixed with cries to be fucked, but her 'son' wouldn't allow it. All he cared about was exploring her body as much as he could from top to bottom, but his fingers did pick up the pace, jabbing into her even more roughly.

Before long Harry stopped, pulling back and leaving Lily gasping for air and her hips twitching, like they were trying to find his fingers again. He didn't bow to their silent request though and instead began kissing a trail down her voluptuous body. When he got to her knickers, he hooked his thumb around them and tore them off her, gazing at her pussy for several long moments. Lily whimpered, and that was like a starting gun for him as he eagerly dove in and began eating her out. Lily wasn't idle as he did this, her hands grabbing at her own bust and roughly tying with them.

Harry hadn't even realized it until now, but Lily was absolutely drenched, having cum several times from his actions. She came again the second he latched his mouth onto her pussy and he was very pleased with the taste, licking and sucking at her lips even harder. "Please, I need that hard long cock in me, it's been so long. Please fuck me!" Lily begged once she'd regained her voice.

If it wasn't for the fact that he wanted to fuck her so much he would have continued with the foreplay, demanding she pleasure him first, but he couldn't wait anymore. "Alright then, I'll give you what you want so much, but you need to get on all fours so I can fuck you like a bitch."

Harry reluctantly leaned back away from her so she could get up, which she did without hesitation, all too happy to get on all fours so her son could fuck her. When she was in position Harry took another several long moments to drink in the sight of his mother's large ass gently swaying back and forth, belaying the desperate need barely contained in her body. Almost reverently crawling up her body he meant to tease the head of his cock against her pussy, but ended up surprising both of them when the second their sexes made contact his hips jerked forward, burying him to the hilt in her pussy without any warning. Words were impossible for either of them as they both moaned deeply, a phenomenon that was only extended as Harry's hips began hammering back and forth as fast as they could move.

As he was fucking her, he heard Lily cry out, "Oh yes son, just like that, cum into your mother, make her into you cum slut. Go faster and harder, show me what a man you really are."

Harry was all too happy to make his mother's wishes become true, so he took her sides and began to fuck her faster and harder. "Yes like that son," Lily moaned, "cum in me."

"Oh mum." Harry moaned as he felt the pleasure building up.

Harry grunted and pounded his hips into her just a scant few seconds after she moaned and arched her back. The beautiful redhead moaned even harder as she felt her son's seed start firing into her. After their orgasms they laid next to each other, side by side. Lily eventually looked at him lustfully and challenged, "That can't be all you have, why don't you show me what you really can do to a women. Make me your bitch, I dare you."

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Harry was all too happy to show his mother what he could do, and demonstrated his stamina and prowess for the next few hours. When they finally finished Harry laid next to her, and 'Lily' transformed back to Lucy. Harry was actually caught off guard by this for a second; in his state of heightened arousal he'd completely forgotten it was Lucy. It was about this time he saw the signs that he was waking up, and he promised himself to reward Lucy somehow. She really was the best sister ever.

3rd of January:

Harry remembered when woke up a few hours later, feeling drained and ill, he found himself surrounded by the Granger women fussing over him. A quick check revealed his was still wearing the Gauntlet, so he knew they would suspect something if he said nothing was wrong. So he made up some half lie that he was trying out the Gauntlet to see if he could make it work. They didn't ask what it did, thankfully, and Harry saw Melody's hand atop the closed trunk, meaning she'd likely found him first and closed it so Hermione and Emma couldn't read what was inside. That in mind, Harry told them that he just didn't have enough power to fully activate it, and had passed out because of the drain.

After that for the next few days, he wasn't allowed to do any magic, nor was he allowed to test any of the other items, as it might drain him of his power and cause permanent damage or they might have been cursed. So Harry was left to reading the research of the Dark One and the Parseltongue Magic books, this didn't bother Harry that much, as he wanted to see if he could find ways to get stronger anyway.

The Dark One's research and the other books within the chest gave Harry quite a few ideas, but he needed a few items before he could anything. So he owl ordered the items that he needed for now, though he would have to the rest back at Hogwarts because he needed to use his wand. As he looked through the chest he came to find that while most of the contents were created by the Dark One, a good portion of the items were merely created for him - or people like him - by other people. Then there were items that were made by past Overlords and Fire Elementals.

It didn't take long to realize he was far from the first person to open the chest. He saw some of the Dark One's incomplete research projects, left that was because of his death or due to the limitations of his time.

Not only that, but notes from past Fire Elementals. For instance, one Elemental had notes about the legend of the Peverell Brothers and the items they were supposed to have received from Death. They don't know if the story was true or not, as they found only a fraction of the Dark Ones notes on the wand inside the chest at the time, notes that weren't there when the Dark One was defeated. They suspected that the Peverell Brothers stole or found these notes, and each created an item of power that would be known as the Deathly Hallows. The story was either a cover, or the notes were actually found by the person who went by Death and granted them three prototype items to test, hence the story.

The Peverell Brothers were while brilliant, they were no match for the Dark One when it came to invention. The finished products were powerful, but they didn't hold a candle to what the Dark One could have made.

But there was something to be said about legends, and with so many people believing that the Peverells met Death, it was hard to say which version of the tale was true. In truth Harry didn't really care, all he cared was the Dark One's items that were stronger than the so called Deathly Hallows. He wanted to find the item that made the Dark One invisible and see what else it could do.

The most interesting thing that Harry read about was about the Sisterhood of the Overlord. Not the most inventive name, but Harry supposed it did the job. There were stories of Overlords having a secret Sisterhood, who helped him with many things, but mainly with his research. This Sisterhood was the main reason he was so powerful, as he used sex rituals to become stronger - all of which were safely housed and clearly readable inside the chest.

This brought to Harry another idea of becoming stronger; having his own Sisterhood, and using these rituals to gain more power. He knew he could use some on Melody, but she was one girl and he could only do so much with her; he would need more girls and ladies to gain more power. But before he could even think of starting this Sisterhood, he would need to become more powerful, not only magically, but he also needed more money. He would need to gather more of anything that could be used to tempt Sisters to join him, and the two most influential things in the world were money and power.

Harry shook his head when he discovered how the Dark One died; he, like many before him, had tried to kill and become the Source of All Evil. This was obviously near impossible - The Dark One may have been powerful, but not even he had the skills nor the power to do what many tried before - and Because of this he doomed the Overlord title and was killed by the Source of All Evil himself. There were plenty of people strong or evil enough to gain the position, but none of them had these things at the same time, and a few who were, didn't have the potential to fulfil the role. That was on top of the fact that the minions of the Source made sure to lock away or destroy anything that could be used to get them into the Overlord's Tower.

The Parseltongue books were far more straightforward. If you weren't a Parselmouth, you couldn't read the books, instead seeing strange, moving squiggles on the pages that were known to give people migraines.

Most of the spells within the books were ordinary, everyday spells that most everyday magical folk knew. Although most of them could be done with a wand, and they were even more powerful or effective at what they did than the regular variety, there were a few that can be done wandlessly, at the cost of being less powerful (how powerful it was depended on how experienced the user was), and were all the same colour. So any spell, from a Tickling Charm to a Piercing Hex, were all emerald green, which made them very unpredictable in a fight. Some of the spells, like Stunning and Leg Locking spells for instance, couldn't be countered with the normal counter spells, they needed to be countered with even stronger spells. The victim could also overcharge the normal counters, but that wasted both time and magic.

Harry also found that there were a few Parseltongue rituals; one of the more obvious ones that caught his eye would enhance his physical strength. The ritual bragged that it would grant the user the same kind of strength that drinking Re'em's blood would give, which made sense since, from the picture the instructions were painting, it simply involved purifying a vial of Re'em's blood so it was safe to drink, and making the boost permanent.

Harry was surprised to find there was a scroll with music for the Flute he'd received; it was a song that could summon a magical snake that could steal magic and give it to the user of the Flute. However, the snake could only steal so much magic at a time, and give only a portion of it back to the user because the snake itself needed quite a bit to keep itself going. It could also only be summoned twice a week, so while it was a great way to get stronger, he wasn't going to be getting any massive boosts from it. Harry already had the perfect victims in mind who's sudden increase of incompetence wouldn't be noticed.

In the end it was the best method anyway; large jumps in magical power would be noticed, a steady and constant stream of small growth could be written off as him growing into his magic.

More recently, two interesting events had happened. The first was that Harry had walked in on Emma masturbating one night when everyone was asleep. It was a few days after Emma saw him masturbating, late night and Harry woke up to go to the loo. When he opened the door to the bathroom he was shocked to see Emma naked and having a bath. She must not have heard the door open, because as she was masturbating she didn't cover herself or stop.

Harry had seen Emma naked before, and due to laying down in the bathtub he really couldn't see anything, but the situation and her expression more than made up for it. Not to mention she was whispering to herself to go harder, faster and commenting about whoever she was dreaming about was hitting just the right spot.

Harry used her orgasm to slip away, knowing she would be sufficiently distracted so there was no way she would hear the door close. Unfortunately, Emma finished up her bath not soon after and, since she was awake, Harry couldn't risk waking Melody up to take care of his arousal, lest Emma hear them.

The rest of the holidays saw an increase in the amount of dreams featuring Emma, but it was on New Years Eve that things changed even more for Harry. It was a few hours before midnight, and the Grangers had their family around for a New Year's party. Things were going well, the rest of the Granger family seemed to like Harry as well. However, during the night they were running out of wine so Dan asked him to run up to their room and get the extra they'd purchased just in case they ran out of what they had on hand. While searching for the wine Harry found something interesting; Emma's diary

He knew that he shouldn't, but he was curious as to what was in it and so began to read. He just skimmed a few pages, at first there was nothing of interest. Mainly her feelings, and how upset she was that she wasn't getting nearly as much sex as she would have liked; apparently it had been years since she'd been given a good shagging, according to one entry, since shortly after Melody was born and Dan had his accident making it near impossible to have sex again.

He was about to close the book when he saw his own name start to appear. Emma was hesitant at first, but she definitely felt that he was handsome, and her feelings for him were perhaps greater than what they should be, or what was proper. She wrote out several of her dreams about a 'what if' scenario in which she didn't flee from the bathroom when she caught him masturbating, and instead continued their first lesson, teaching him even more.

The latest entry was a few days ago, the night that Harry caught her masturbating. He was surprised to find out that she had seen him, but had been feeling particularly naughty and decided to give him a show, immersing herself back into her fantasy with no regard for his presence. If anything she was even more turned on, and got off hard knowing she was giving Harry wet dreams of his own.

Harry could hardly believe it; Emma liked him and lusted after him, but there it was in black and white. It was then that an idea came to him, the thought of owning another part of the set, a mother to the daughter he had, gave him the needed push. With a twirl of his hand, a hissed spell, and the pleasant thrum of his magic being used, her diary was enchanted with a weak lust spell.

Harry remembered it specifically because of how obscure it was due to how it worked; the spells effects would only affect the victim if they were in physical contact with the enchanted item regularly, but could accordingly only be placed on an item. Emma's diary was perfect, and he walked back to the party, diary back in place and wine firmly in hand, with an eager smile on his face.

Before he could think more about his holidays his thoughts were interrupted by the door of the compartment opening, revealing the Patil Twins. They were wearing traditional Indian female clothes, Saree, blood red in colour with small gold floral patterns woven into it. Harry had never seen them dressed like this before, but approved completely as he saw how well they wore the clothes - he thought that they look hot in them.

"Hey girls, how are you two?" Harry inquired as he saw them.

"We're fine Harry." Padma began, "We were looking for you, actually. Our father told us about the favour he asked you - to look out for us - and explained we should think about joining your group."

It was more like their father told them to join them or he would seriously consider selling them to someone like the Malfoys, where they would be turned into nothing more than sex toys for however long they continued being interesting before being discarded. Their father was a typical Indian Man, who believed that men in the family were important and women were just used to get what they wanted. If they wanted something, and they thought that their daughters, even their wives, once they produced a Male Heir, could get what they wanted by selling them to other people. They knew that their father had plans for Harry and somehow they were part of it, they wanted to tell Harry, but their father foresaw that, and threatened them with slavery again if they told him. Personally neither sister cared much. Parvati had a more active social life, but aside from Lavender she didn't have any real friends, just gossip buddies. So they really weren't losing much. That didn't mean they wanted to be sold as sex toys to people like Malfoy, or some old man, so they would keep mum about what their father was up to.

"So after some thought we decided to join you." Parvati said this time, "If you don't mind that is."

"Of course I don't mind." Harry replied easily, gesturing towards the benches for them to sit.

He suspect they agreed to this was because of their father; he didn't think they would just give up what they had in their Houses. But why their father would make them do it, Harry could only guess. Maybe he had something planned for him and wanted his daughters to keep him informed on Harry's activities?

Regardless of his reasons Harry wasn't that bothered, he would cross that bridge when he came to it. For now he voiced his opinion on the matter at hand, "It certainly makes things easier if you're around more, so allow me to welcome you to the Outcasts." He said with a smile as the train began to move. Part of the way through the trip Daphne joined them.

It wasn't long before they returned to Hogwarts, with so few people on the train, it was kind of nice. They didn't have to bother with Malfoy's visit, or Ron's for that matter, and no whispers about them going dark. When they got to Hogwarts, the rest of the evening went without incident, and the Outcasts all stayed in their tower, welcoming their newest additions.


While everyone else went to sleep Harry slipped into the Study Room part of his trunk; up 'til now he never used it. At Hogwarts he had the giant school library to use for a study area and to meet up with his friends. When he was with the Grangers he was spending time relaxing. Now though he finally had a reason to use it; to spy on Emma.

It was an idea he had literally right when he was finishing packing the night before getting on the express. A rushed look through his new books revealed the appropriate rune cluster and when no one was there he snuck into Emma's room and bathroom to enchant her mirrors so he could see her naked, and spy on her when she was masturbating. He found the runes in one of the Parseltongue Books. Harry did run into a problem when he realized he didn't know anything about runes, but he knew enough to make runes, so he copied them from the book onto the mirror. Still, even a faulty rune cluster was better than nothing, and he didn't have anything to lose if they didn't take. After that it was easier to carve the 'receiver' runes onto a mirror in his study.

So here he was, in his personal study sitting in front of the enchanted and hoping that he would see Emma as he opened the pathway between the two mirrors. The bathroom was empty, but when he switched to the bedroom he smiled as he saw Emma in front of her make-up mirror fingering herself. She was also saying something, but without sound he could only attempt to lip read, which would require he pay more attention to her lips than anything. 'I need to learn how to use these runes right.' Harry promised to himself.

He was so focused on the sexy imagery in front of him he didn't hear the trunk opening, or someone enter his study. He was only made aware of their presence when they spoke up, "Master, is that my mother masturbating in the mirror?"

"Melody?" Harry said in shock. He absently remembered telling her about the features of the trunk over holidays because he wanted her to drop by, just like she was now, for some time together. He didn't expect her first visit to be so soon, or right now. "Well, this is awkward."

"On the contrary," Melody said as she knelt in front of him, her hands reaching up and stroking him on what may as well have been instinct at this point. "I've been having fantasies about fucking you in front of mum for a while now, but at the same time I didn't know if she would approve." She sent him a look filled with adoration as her hands squeezed tighter, "I have the best Master ever." She claimed as her eyes drifted over towards her mother.

Harry couldn't believe his luck, he assumed Melody would be mad at him for watching her mother masturbating, or at the very least annoyed. But it looked like he'd underestimated just how kinky his Apprentice was. It wasn't long before Harry cancelled the mirror connection and tossed Melody onto the nearby desk for a proper shagging. Both of them left the trunk hours later in need of showers and sleep.


18th of January:

Two weeks after Harry and the Granger sisters returned to Hogwarts and there hadn't been an attack since. This, frankly, was making Harry more paranoid than it did calm him down. Not only because it only made him a more likely suspect, but also because there was no cause for the Heir to stop, so that could only mean there would be an attack coming eventually. So far life was returning to normal for them and the rest of the Outcasts though, continued social shunning aside. They went to class, drudged their way through homework, and spent most of their free time hanging out. Well, everyone but Melody and Harry, who spent most of their free time in Harry's trunk fucking in front of the active mirror whenever Emma was on the other side. Now that they had a place they could have sex without worrying about being spotted they were taking full advantage of it.

Their favourite class turned out to actually be the Duelling Club, which would have been optional, but Lockhart made it into a required event by lumping the DADA and DC grades together. Just because Lockhart was awful at Defence didn't mean he didn't know his way around a duelling ring. At the moment he was making them build up their stamina by doing laps around the Great Hall. Malfoy was one of the many purebloods that demanded to know why they needed to do all this running. Lockhart took the arrogant tone in stride and explained that having more stamina would make them last longer in a fight. Spells were important to know, but being able to outlast your opponent was even more important in the long run. Not to mention, he explained, harder to cast spells took time, something you didn't have in most fights unless you distracted your opponent, which was a higher level strategy anyway, so they would work their way up.

In what little time wasn't spent socializing with the Outcasts or doing schoolwork Harry was piecing together one of the Dark One's research project. It was a certain unfinished project that the last Overlord never quite got around to physically building, or naming; the working name was the Orb of Recycled Magic. The Orb would slowly absorb the magic around it, how long it took to charge fully depended on where it was placed and how large the Orb itself was built, but in Hogwarts he didn't see it taking too long, comparatively speaking. Once it was filled up he, or anyone he trusted, could absorb the power from the Orb. Harry had managed to partially make a large orb, and hid it in one of the many empty classrooms inside a random desk. He planned, once it was finished, on charging it for a few months so he could give some power to everyone. There were other, quicker ways to charge the Orb, but he hadn't gotten that far in the notes yet, so the current method would have to do until he got some more time.

He also made sure to spend some time with the newest Outcasts, and he was pleasantly surprised when he began getting to know them. Parvati, though she enjoyed gossip, it was mostly an act; an act of convenience at that. Her job was to inform her father of any useful information Hogwarts contained, and being a gossip naturally lead her right to this information. Padma was the same, but while her sister's focus was people, Padma's job was to learn as much as she could about the castle itself. This was significantly easier because she was a Ravenclaw; so when she asked very specific questions like how the castle worked she was just a Claw being a Claw.

This continued until the 18th, it was a normal school day starting with Herbology with Hufflepuff in the morning and ending in the afternoon with Charms with the Ravenclaw. Harry and Hermione had to wait for Melody's class to finish before they could meet up with her, so they spent their time in the Outcast Tower, but she never appeared, so they went down to the Great Hall to have dinner, hoping to see her there.

They made it to the Entrance Hall before they heard McGonagall call out, "Miss Granger, please wait!"

As the teens stopped and turned around Harry could see the grim look on the Professor's face. That was all Harry needed to see to know something happened. "Is she alive?" Harry asked suddenly.

Hermione looked at Harry strangely, not catching on to what was wrong, "Harry what's wrong?"

"Melody, she's been attacked." Harry said grimly.

"Don't be silly she couldn't-" Hermione began shakily, only to see the look in her favorite Professor's eyes; shock and sadness. "What happened?" The bushy haired girl asked, a growing sense of dread.

"I'm sorry to inform you, Miss Granger, that your sister was found petrified on the second floor." Professor McGonagall announced sadly.

"C-Can I see her?" Hermione requested as she began to cry.

"Of course, Miss Granger." Minerva accepted softly. "That's why I came to get you. You too can come if you wish, Mr. Potter, I know you're close to Miss Granger as well." She told Harry, knowing the young man would be included in the journey to the Hospital Wing one way or another

"Thank you, Professor." Harry said, giving his friend a one armed hug, "I don't think Hermione should be left alone right now."

"Very true Mr. Potter."

The two followed the McGonagall to the Hospital Wing. Hermione was rapidly losing her composure as reality set in, just as Harry was seated next to her, seething but doing his best to comfort her. 'I'll kill them, whoever they are, I'll kill them.' He promised himself. It was a small comfort, but it was enough, for now.


21st of January:

A few days after Melody was attacked Hermione, Harry and Luna were the only ones really affected by her petrification. The other Outcasts were concerned, but they weren't close enough to know her as well as the three did. Hermione was the worst, crying often and barely touching her school work, opting instead to spend her time by her sister's side. She even wrote to her parents about it, but that turned out to do more harm than good because the Grangers, being Muggles, couldn't even enter Hogwarts unless special permissions and methods were used, all of which were denied when they were requested, so the horrified parents could do nothing but worry for the fate of their youngest. The best they could do was ask Hermione, and Harry via P.S, to keep them informed.

Luna was worried about her friend, Melody was an even better best friend than her last one, Ginevra Weasley, who stopped talking to her a shortly before starting Hogwarts. Luna felt lost without Melody, and she hoped she would recover soon.

Harry was different; while he visited Melody as often as he could as well, he distanced himself from everyone. Mostly emotionally, since they all lived so close, but he didn't make any attempts to socialize, and when he did it was always someone else initiating the encounter.

The only real good thing to come out of it was that people were beginning to stop thinking that he was behind the attacks. Then of course seemingly fate herself decided to get put that to a stop, because it didn't last very long.

It was Thursday afternoon and Harry and Hermione had finished Transfiguration. Hermione went to visit her sister again, while Harry went down to the Great Hall to get her something to eat, knowing she wouldn't be doing it herself. Just as Harry entered the Great Hall he heard Ron saying, "I'm telling you it's a ruse, Potter attacked Granger himself!"

"And why would he do that?" Dean asked sceptically, "We might not see eye to eye with him, but I don't see him attacking his own friend."

"Exactly! He wants us to fall for it!" Ron exclaimed, "Who would suspect him of it, no one! I'm telling you he did it to throw us off his trail, he wants to keep attacking without worry being caught. It's all a ruse, he just attacked his whore to get our pity. Probably taking advantage of Hermione in her grief too."

That last part aside, his argument just told his audience what they wanted to hear, and it even made sense, so everyone was all set to get right back to shunning and fear/hating him and his friends again. If Harry would have defended himself, showed people how affected he was in a way that wasn't violent rage, despite that being a perfectly normal reaction for a teenage boy, maybe he would have swayed some minds. But he didn't, instead Harry stood stock still for several seconds before something seemed to snap inside him and he marched over to the redhead. Ron heard the footsteps, and wrongly assumed it was a teacher coming over to cover up his 'truth'. His mistake was instantly punished by Harry's fist slamming into his nose with a wet crunch.

Harry remained silent, far too enraged to even say anything and, to be honest, the good portion of the school that had witnessed him break Ron's nose would have let it slide let slide, at this point Harry was only defended his honour. That is, until Harry raised his heel and viciously drove it into the downed Ron's stomach.

The Weasley Twins, a few seconds behind Harry, were in full agreement of Harry's actions, even the additional blows once their brother was already on the ground, but they could see the reaction it was causing in the students and were quick to pull Harry back. It was bad enough already that his actions, although understandable in a way, were suggesting to others that Harry was stopping Ron from telling them more truths, instead of just venting his anger like he actually was, they didn't want them to come to even worse conclusions.

They weren't quite quick enough. Before they could pull Harry away McGonagall entered the Great Hall and saw Harry's last strike. "Mr. Potter, get off Mr. Weasley this instant!" She cried, marching over.

Hearing her voice snapped Harry out of it, allowing the twins to finally pull him off their brother just as McGonagall reached them. "A week's detention, Mr. Potter, for the assault on Mr. Weasley. Now tell me, why would you attack Mr. Weasley like that?"

"Ronald," Harry started, using his full name like a curse, and because there were other Weaselys present. "accused me of attacking Melody. He also called her a whore."

"Fifty Points from Gryffindor, Mr. Weasley for the accusation and naming calling." McGonagall declared, glowering down at Ron before she turned her attention back to Harry. "That didn't give you the right to attack Mr. Weasley. Be at my office to at six tonight."

Harry looked at her in disgust, shaking his head. "Yes, because taking points is really going to stop someone as stupid as Ron. At least my way he'll be too busy crying like a baby to be his usual unpleasant self." He spat, grabbing a plate of food for Hermione and leaving before McGonagall, who was too shocked that a student had talked back to her, could respond, heading back towards the Outcast Tower.

By the time he returned to the Tower he saw Blaise with his bags waiting at entrance. Thoroughly curious, Harry asked, "Blaise, what's going on?"

"I'm sorry Harry, but I'm leaving." Blaise explained. "I saw what happened down in Great Hall and I've decided that the 'Slytherin' way to do things right now is to distance myself from you and the others. I don't know if you're really behind the attacks, but at this point it doesn't even matter. If I want to stay neutral I can't be seen with anyone as heavily involved as you. Maybe when this is all over things might go back to the way they were, but for now this is for the best." He turned to look at Daphne, offering a hand for her to come with, "You coming with, Daphne? You're painting a huge target on yourself here, Pureblood or not."

Daphne shook her head, glaring lightly at him. "I'm sick of being a 'neutral', we both know it's just interchangeable with coward most of the time. I like where I am now, I can't go back to what things were like before. I hope you realize how much of a mistake you're making soon."

Blaise sighed, but just as Daphne had, he stayed by his decision. Picking up his trunk he began walking away without another word.

Once he was out of sight and earshot Daphne, visibly saddened by her friends abandonment. "I'm sorry about Blaise, that's just the way he is; he avoids problems when things get tough because he's usually not allowed any other option. Somewhere along the line it just became part of him…"

"It's… alright, it's his choice." Harry replied, feeling betrayed despite his seemingly blasé response. Blaise, though not outright saying it, still said it clearly enough through his actions; he thought Harry was behind the attacks. His trust in his supposedly unshakable rock, the Outcasts, took a hit that would likely never heal. If one of the Outcasts thought he was behind it, were there other in his circle of friends that did? He tried to cut off that line of thought before he started fraying at the edges, but it began boiling in the back of his mind. "I'm… going to my room." He sighed, handing the plate over to Daphne before he made his way towards his room. He didn't need to explain what it was for, since he'd been making sure Hermione was taken care of since the attack.

Stepping into his quarters Harry was greeted by his Familiar, Aneira, laying on his bed. "Hey girl, looks like you and Hedwig are the only ones I can trust." Harry attempted to say jovially, but ended up sounding just as depressed and distraught as he was becoming. Aneira, in true feline fashion, instead of concern gave him the evil eye, her expression seeming to say, 'So you decided to take some notice of me now that your mate's been taken away.'

Harry sighed again, his mood dropping even further as he realized he really hadn't been paying his two animal friends much attention since he and Melody had made the final step. "I know, I know, I haven't spent as much time with you two as I should, but it's not like we never spend time together, when I'm studying you're always hogging my lap."

Harry sat down on his bed, and after a few seconds Aneira let out an accepting meow and laid in his lap, forgiving him for at least some of his crimes. Seeing as she was still annoyed with him, Harry decided to add, "Tell you what, how's about we form that Familiar Bond we've been meaning to get around to this weekend. We'll both be sick as a dog for a few days, so me, you and Hedwig can all spend it together."

Aneira seemed very interested in the idea, but scowled up at him as he mentioned Hedwig, not because she was going to be there, but rather… Harry rolled his eyes. "Yes, that means you're going to have to put up with Hedwig gloating about never getting sick and bragging about her 'perfect' immune system and how all felines are weak little kittens."

Harry didn't think cats could groan, but Aneira seemed to pull it off as she let her head fall back onto his lap and glared at the wall. Damned avians…

Harry spent the time until his detention talking with Aneira and getting her caught up on things. His detention lasted two hours, extended by an hour for talking back to her at dinner, and Harry came back to find Aneira and Hedwig in one of their standard staring matches. Having the scars to prove interrupting one of them was a bad idea, Harry grabbed a book and settled in to wait to begin bonding with his friends once they were finished.


Until then, the Outcasts actually hadn't done any research on the warning that Dobby told them, nor did they look into the Basilisk they suspected was attacking the students. The reason behind this being that it wasn't their problem; they were students, by all rights they should have been allowed to leave it to the Hogwarts staff to figure out and stop, it wasn't their job to protect the students. Not to mention the kind of treatment they were all getting, it didn't lend itself well to selfless acts of any kind, much less one as big as saving the school.

But thing were different now, someone from their group had been attacked, they were going to find out what was behind it and tell the staff, and if need be, handle it themselves. Hermione wanted to do this so she could get whoever attacked her sister, Harry wanted to do it because it would tell him who was behind it all, and unlike Hermione he fully planned on going through with tearing them limb from limb for taking what was his.

The first thing they did was make sure it was a Basilisk attacking the Muggleborns, and not some other kind of creature. The lack of spiders and the rooster deaths were both pretty clear indicators; spiders ran from the King of the Snakes, and Rosters could kill it with their crow, so the absence of both was good enough evidence for them to feel confident they knew what they were facing.

Finding what was attacking the students was the easy part, it only took a few hours to look up in the school library; they already knew all they needed to know not even 24 hours after Melody had been placed in the Hospital Wing. Finding out who was killed around fifty years ago was the hard part because they didn't have an exact date, so they had to refine their search.

After what Ron said, Harry decided that Ron had so graciously volunteered to be the first victim of the magical parasite he could summon twice a week, so whenever he could Harry ordered the snake to tear out a portion of Ron's magic and give it to him. Ron would have recovered, and there were no permanent side effects of this, but temporarily Ron barely had enough to cast spells in class, not to mention he was physically weaker, so he did even worse in Lockhart's classes, and herbology became a nightmare for him as the plants seemed to sense his weakness and began tossing him around. Granted one would be hard pressed to see much of a difference, considering Ron was nearly always dancing on the edge of failing anyway. Harry also used the snake on Draco and his goons a few times, but seeing Ron flounder around in class was just too entertaining to stop.

Then during the weekend, Harry performed the Familiar Bond with Aneira, and like he said, both of them were weak and ill for the next few days. It wasn't until Tuesday that Harry and Aneira were better, even though that was the case, Harry took Pepper Up Potions so he could take his detentions and his classes.

31st of January:

Over a week after Blaise leftparanoia began to set in, not only in Harry, butin the rest of the group as well; they didn't know if, like Blaise, someone would betray them too. The rest of the school was even more fearful as a result, because Blaise leaving the group made it look like he 'figured out' the 'truth' that Harry was behind the attacks and left while he could, lest he be attacked next. This made no sense in retrospect, since leaving would just make him a bigger target if Harry really was behind it all, but the students didn't want facts, they wanted things to gossip over. Back with the Outcasts, no one knew how to fix it, but they all wanted to; not even Luna's cheerful and insanely insightful moments were enough to break the tension when they were together.

Without Melody around Harry found his darker urges building, not just the sexual ones, but the desire to hurt people just to see what it was like; the feelings it would evoke, how every strike or spell would damage his victim, that sort of thing. There was also another attack, this time a third year Muggleborn from Gryffindor, Duncan Inglebee. Duncan had called Harry out in front of a bunch of other Gryffindors just a few days before his petrification, to which Harry responded in kind, a conflict that was broken up before it could come to physical blows by Flitwick, but it still shed a bad light on Harry. The relationship between Harry and his old house was bad enough, but this latest attack made things even worse.

Harry was taking a walk on the Sunday morning to try and keep calm. With no release, he was fighting daily with himself to keep control, and restrain himself from lashing out. With how things were at the moment it didn't bode well for his self control. He'd just turned a corner on the fourth floor when he was stopped by two fifth year Gryffindors. They had their wands pointed at him, and one of them, a male with brown hair, snarled, "Potter, you're going to pay for the attack on Inglebee."

"You're a disgrace to not only the name of Gryffindor, but also your family." The other, a black girl with dark brown hair, sneered. "The Potters have always been a light sided family; they would be ashamed of what you've become."

"This is for Inglebee!" The boy growled, his wand twirling before a spell jumped from the tip. Harry deftly avoided the spell, barely stumbling out of the way of the additional spell from the girl before he got a better footing. The two were fairly slow at casting, which gave Harry plenty of time to recover though.

Just as he was about to counter attack, wand raised, tip glowing, McGonagall walked around the corner. She hastily cast a shield, which shattered violently under Harry's spell, but it did its job. Considering the shards of broken magical shield had whizzed past them, barely missing them, the panic in the fifth year's voice wasn't entirely faked as he cried, "Professor, help us! Potter attacked us!"

Harry didn't expect the Professor to throw a binding spell at him without any sort of warning, so was hit full force with it. He could do nothing but stare up at her in mild shock as she walked over and demanded, "What is going on here?"

"Those two fifth years attacked me because they think I attacked Inglebee." Harry explained, his teeth clenched as he wiggled his arms as much as he could, his shoulders already aching from the awkward angle his arms were being held in.

Before his explanation even had time to sink in the younger girl exclaimed, fake tears in her eyes, "That's a lie Professor, he suddenly attacked us for no reason!"

"It's true Professor, we didn't even have time to defend ourselves!" Her fellow Gryffindor supported.

"Another week of detention, Potter." McGonagall declared. "I'm ashamed at your actions, I thought better of you."

"Professor-" Harry tried to say, but McGonagall wasn't listening, "No buts Potter." She said, shaking her head before she undid the binds. She turned to the fifth years, "Do either of you need to visit the Hospital Wing?"

"No Professor." The two smug liars said.

"Potter, you'll have your weeks detention with Professor Snape at eight, don't be late." McGonagall stated, looking disappointed at Harry.

"The hell I am!" Harry snapped.

McGonagall gasped at the sudden profanity, "Mr. Potter!"

He wasn't having any of it though, "What reason did I give for what happened here, what was my side of the story."

The flash of confusion was enough to make Harry even more annoyed. "You can't even remember! Your job is supposed to be to investigate what happened impartially, but instead you blow me off and punish me the second one of your House puts on the crocodile tears. If you can't act like a professor, then don't expect me to act like a student." Without another word he turned on his heel and walked away.

Harry didn't know why she didn't stop him, but the next day when he came down for breakfast the Gryffindor's hourglass wasn't even an hourglass, it was a pile of rotten wood and shattered glass. He knew the hourglasses got beat up looking if the house ever dropped below zero points, but he didn't even want to think of how far in the red the Gryffindor's were. It was immensely satisfying to see the looks of horror on the two fifth year's faces when they saw the hourglass as well.


After this incident Harry realized one thing; he couldn't trust anyone, not even the Professors. Even McGonagall, who he thought was the one person he who could count on to at least hear him out amongst the staff, and yet that didn't seem to be the case. All the people that treated him badly would get away with it as long as Harry did nothing to defend himself but do what he, as a student, was supposed to do; that is, go to the Professors about it.

4th of February:

A few days after he refused his detention Harry was surprised at the lack of punishment. The poor Gryffindor hourglass was basically dust these days, but he personally wasn't being punished, and the point loss wasn't even to his face.

This all seemed to change when he got a note to meet in Dumbledore's Office. That's where he was now, his eyes taking in the strange devices making a plethora of sounds that blended together into something that was neither annoying nor soothing. The walls were covered with portraits of old headmasters and headmistresses, all of whom were snoozing gently in their frames, making him feel slightly claustrophobic. The Sorting Hat rested upon a hook behind Dumbledore's desk.

Harry just smirked when he saw the Hat, remembering how he'd threatened it to put him in Gryffindor. He regretted that now, at least to a degree; at least in Slytherin he would have people by his side from the beginning. Then again, that would have only been because of fear, or because they were all suck-ups, so maybe Gryffindor wasn't so bad after all if it lead him to where he was now.

Just as he finished looking around Dumbledore entered the room, looking very sombre.

"Harry, good of you to come." Dumbledore said with a genial smile, "It has came to my attention that you haven't been attending your detentions with Professor Snape. May I ask why this is?"

"I haven't been going to Snape's -" Harry began, only to be cut off.

"Professor Snape, Harry, he is a Professor and should be given the respect he deserves." The Headmaster instructed.

Harry scoffed, "Any respect Snape had from me was lost the second he decided it was okay to transfer his petty grudge on a man I don't even remember and has been dead for over a decade, onto me, an innocent eleven year old boy. I'll respect him when he stops being a child."

Dumbledore sighed, but made no move to press the matter, waiting for Harry's response to his original question.

"As for my detentions, I haven't gone to them because they were unfairly given." He replied shortly.

"What do you mean?" The older man inquired.

Harry shrugged, "Exactly that. I was given the detentions for attacking two fifth years, only I didn't attack them, it was the opposite. When McGonagall showed up and intervened she ended up only seeing my counter spell, a Banishing spell, nothing outright dangerous. So when the fifth years claimed I attacked them, the girl half of the pair crying to get even my sympathy, McGonagall just threw a week's worth of detentions at me without investigating at all."

"I see…" Dumbledore said slowly. "I will have a word with Minerva about this. In the mean time, is there anything you wish to talk about?"

Before Harry could reply a fireball suddenly burst to life on the perch as Fawkes Burst back into the office. Harry grimaced, instantly feeling uncomfortable in the presence of the creature's aura, something Albus noticed.

"I'm surprised, most are comforted by Fawkes' song." The Headmaster announced.

Harry saw what he was really saying and decided to cut that off before things grew out of hand too early. "Oh I'm fully aware of the specifics of Phoenix song and it's affect on people, but I really don't think what people believe is correct."

Dumbledore looked interested, making the appropriate "Oh?" sound for Harry to continue.

"Well everyone seems to belief that the good are comforted and the evil feel pain, nobody seems to realize that this system would need some kind of working mechanics behind it, so the way I see it is how you respond to the Aura depends on what you yourself believe you are. I feel rather uncomfortable because it's hard to feel like a good and giving person when most of your peers fear and hate you." Harry replied bluntly. "So I'm pretty neutral as far as this whole 'Light and Dark' philosophy goes. Apparently Fawkes doesn't like fence sitter in matters of morality."

That brought an actual chuckle from Dumbledore. "A very interesting theory my boy, I might just bring that up with a few colleagues of mine. Well, I'm satisfied this matter is dealt with, at least for now, but please endeavour to attend the detention that are fairly given." The older man said firmly, peering over his half moon spectacles at him.

Harry was satisfied with the exchange, so he nodded and replied, "Oh I plan to, I just felt I needed to draw the line somewhere. Good day, Headmaster."

Dumbledore nodded back, "Understandable, my boy, have a pleasant evening."


Once Harry left his Office, Albus looked at Fawkes. "I'm worried, old friend." Albus admitted honestly, "He's so much like Tom. He has a close knit circle of friends that would do anything for him, and he's already being pushed towards the dark path by his peers. I can't have him become another Dark Lord. Nor can I allow him to become as powerful as Tom; he needs to die by Tom's hand so that I can kill Tom myself, or at the very least ensure they take each other out."

As Dumbledore sat there he sighed morosely at his recent failure. So far everything he'd done to manipulate the situation had failed or backfired. He thought that if he let people treat Potter like an outcast he would be able to regain control that way. But no, instead his friends joined Harry and their bonds of friendship grew even stronger. Heart warming, in any other situation, but not what he was going for. He needed Tom and Harry to die so that he could look like he was the true Leader of the Light, so that he could control the world the way he wanted it.

An idea began forming. He let it simmer for a good half an hour before he felt safe even voicing it. "Yes that could do it. Alas, I must wait until next year, I need to deal with what's happening here first. Why couldn't Lord Malfoy have waited a while longer to put his machinations into play?" He sighed; the youth of today were so impatient. "No matter, he and his petulant child will get what's coming to them sooner or later…" And with that Albus left his Office to send a letter to get the items he would need for the next year if his plan were to work.

As he left, he didn't see Fawkes look at him with a disappointed stare. Many thought that she - why everyone though she was a he, she would never know - was that she was bound to the Headmaster, once to Hogwarts before Albus came along. He had used a Dark Ritual to bound her to him, as he wanted to make it so that he looked like the Leader of the Light so many people thought he was, when in fact he wasn't.

Over the last few years, Albus's actions had gotten so bad that even being in the same room as him caused her much pain. And she was willing to do anything to change this… in fact there were a few ways this could happen. The simplest way was, if obscure, a ritual to change her alignment from Light to more of a Neutral, she would even be happy if she was changed to Dark if it could stop the pain she was feeling right now. But sadly no-one knew about what she was going through, and so no way to escape. So stay she did, in pain and trapped, slowly losing her mind and waiting for a hero like some kind of human damsel in distress.


At least now he knew he could trust the Outcasts again, and it was all thanks to the Weasley Twins - in the end the solution was really quite simple and they felt foolish for not thinking of it sooner; a Magical Oath not to betray each other knowingly or willingly. It was during the time Harry was supposed to be attending a detention with Snape when he came across a mention of an Unbreakable Vow in the book he was reading on Wizarding History. One question to Daphne for clarification, overheard by the Weasely Twins, set off a chain reaction amongst the Outcasts as they all swore the Magical Oath the two Weasleys suddenly declared right in the middle of their Common Room. They didn't use the Unbreakable Vow, as it was considered foolish and dangerous for something so simple. Oddly enough Harry didn't need to take the Oath; while their trust in each other had taken a serious hit Harry's unchanged behaviour towards his friends had earned enough trust that they all trusted him not to betray them.

Harry was overjoyed at how things had turned out. He could finally relax, knowing that none of his friends would betray each other.

With that taken care of, Harry was free to focus on other issues, like becoming stronger. He was progressing steadily, the magic from the magical parasite he was suicking on Ron was working nicely, but he didn't have any trump cards to use this magical power. The most obvious answer was the Unforgivables, and finding out how to cast them was terrifyingly easy. The Cruciatus, incantation Crucio, required the caster only feel hatred and the desire to cause pain. The Imperius, incantation Imperio, required a dominating personality and the will to exert this dominance, though it could be cast by anyone, it's were stronger for those with this prerequisite met. The Killing Curse, incantation Avada Kedavra, didn't require anything at all in the ways of emotion, you just needed to be powerful enough to cast it. All of this was barefacedly stated in a history book, of all things.

Before he found this book he developed a plan though. Harry was Lockhart's star student, and the man, while not as idiotic as Harry initially thought, was still fairly empty headed when it came to matters not relating to duelling. So Harry used his position to request a permission slip to the Restricted Section. Lockhart didn't even listen to his excuse of wanting to research how he survived the Killing Curse, and was already signing Harry's slip before he began explaining. Lockhart just mentioned that there were quite a few books on more advanced duelling techniques and tactics in the Forbidden Section and, as long as he promised to check them out, he had no problems handing over his signature.

10th of February:

Over week since the so called attack and Harry's finding of the books on the Unforgivables, and he was pleasantly surprised at how well the search had went. It was enough to stave off his worsening mood for just a little while as he studied diligently. On a more carnal note, hormones were in full swing and Harry found himself leering at the girls he found attractive. Thankfully he was covert enough to not be caught doing this, or thing would have gotten complicated.

His earlier thoughts on the Unforgivables proved to be accurate and pretty much all there was to know about them. Harry possessed great willpower, a good deal of magical strength, and more rage and hate than he knew what to do with, so the next step was practice.

It was fortunate that he realized this when he did, because he was taking another walk and came across the cat from hell; Mrs. Norris. Considering how late it was, the cat would have surely bolted, running back to her owner yowling all the while, had Harry not acted quickly and snapped off a quick Petrificus Totalus, freezing the feline in place.

"Now, let's see if I can do this." Harry said to himself, bringing the appropriate emotions to the surface before he jabbed his wand at his target, "Crucio!"

A vibrant red bolt of light jumped from his wand with an audible sizzle. The spell hit it's intended target, and red lightning seemed to surge over Mrs. Norris' body. The only part of her body that could move, her eyes, twitched, her pupils widening and contracting to slits as they darted left and right. A toneless noise echoed from her unmoving throat, but because of the binding spell it was fairly quiet.

The entire experience was thrilling. Not some sort of pleasure feedback from the spell, that was just silly, but more in a sense that Harry was causing something else pain with so little effort. He would need to torture something in a more 'Muggle' way in the future to compare.

After a few minutes of this Harry decided he had enough and moved onto the next Unforgivable, so with an eager grin he said, "Avada Kedavra!"

He grinned wider as he saw the Killing Curse both did what it was supposed to and even cancelled the binding spell, causing Mrs. Norris to flop to the floor, her eyes glassy. After a few seconds Harry only felt… disappointed. That was it? That was pretty lackluster, all things considered. The noticeable dip in his reserves was also annoying, but expected. He definitely wouldn't be tossing those around like candy, like Voldemort was rumoured to do whenever he personally lead raids; another fun fact he's learned in the Restricted Section. Not until he got stronger anyway…


It was a few days after before Mrs. Norris' body was found, and while everyone was glad that she was dead, many wondered what happened to her, only Filch cared that she was dead. Over the next few days, the squib became more and more violent, and eventually he assaulted a first year for tracking mud into the castle. He did so right in front of about three dozen witnesses, so Dumbledore was forced to fire him, lest he have a riot on his hands. Harry sat back and smirked evilly as he watched it all play out.

Shortly after Mrs. Norris' death, Harry was somewhat shocked that he didn't care that he killed her; he expected just a little bit of remorse for his first life taken, and yet his conscience was completely clear, he even still felt the thrill of her death. He liked the feeling, and the benefits of having the emotional strength to kill someone were numerous, so he began sneaking into the Forbidden Forest and killing any animals he came across, tossing in a few Crucio's to make sure he'd mastered the spell. These times he made sure to take the Overlord's Gauntlet; Mrs. Norris's death was such a waste, experience of it aside, he could have used her death to begin gathering Lifeforce. It would obviously be awhile before he would have minions, if ever, but that didn't mean he couldn't start gathering it now, he may even find a use for it in the Dark One's other projects.

Hunting in the Forbidden Forest, Harry came across many different animals, a few wolf packs that attacked him and rodents that he managed to hit before they scurried away, mostly. Harry obtained one to three white Lifeforce Orbs from these. The single most common thing he encountered though were large spiders, Acromantula, and he was surprised to find the Lifeforce, when gathered, was green. He stayed away from the unicorns though, he still had standards.

As he was doing this he idly wondered what killing a human would be like. Killing insects and animals was fun, and he did enjoy it, but he wondered if humans would be the same. Then again, he mused that a large part of his worries were that it would actually be boring using the Killing Curse. Just zap, and they're dead. That sounded pretty anticlimactic to him.

Anticlimactic or not, the only thing that stayed his hand was the knowledge that he wouldn't get away with it, or on the slim chance he did, the fragile situation at Hogwarts would snap and the school would be shut down completely. And if it didn't, he would be hunted down, something he didn't want - well not yet anyway.

As time passed Harry started on the Imperius Curse; and the similarities between the Imperius and the Mind Trick were so numerous that the Imperius was basically just a Mind Trick that was boosted by his wand. At first Harry used it on animals, seeing that they were weak minded, or rather, simply more instinctual, and thus easier to control. Once he was sure he could do it on animals, he tested the Imperius Curse very discreetly on a passing student, and he was surprised to note that as long as he wasn't seen casting it by the victim they wouldn't even know they were under it, or they would forget, he wasn't sure which.

Back on the Chamber front though, the Outcasts got together and gathered their data. They knew what the beast was, and how to deal with it, but they didn't know who was controlling it. The attacks were too organized for it to just be the whims of the Basilisk itself, somebody had to be controlling it. The question was; who?

As they were researching who was killed the last time the Chamber was opened and where to find it, he tried to use his limited skill in Legilimency on the students to see if he could find the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets. It was possible the Heir was one of the other students. Unfortunately, he wasn't very skilled at the art yet and couldn't read people's minds well enough to find the information he needed. All he found was a jumbled mess of unrelated information clumped together so tightly he couldn't make heads or tails of it.

The splitting headaches from doing this didn't lend itself well to his already antsy mood. With Melody gone he was suffering from what could be likened to withdrawal. His leering continued, but his increased impatience was making the danger of growing caught grow. He was fully aware he couldn't afford to be caught leering, much less doing more, so even knowing Memory Charms, which he didn't, wouldn't have allowed him to just take whatever girl he wanted. Hogwarts gossip network would have the news spread around before he even finished if he was seen with any girl leaving an abandoned classroom or broom closet. But his lust and darkness was building up, and he needed something to take the edge off soon, otherwise he would do something someone else would regret.

The Basilisk was good for one thing though. The Outcasts figured out, or at least theorized, that the Basilisk's Gaze, since it was only seen in a reflection, became weaker, watered down. This sparked an idea to see if spells could have the same effect. A brief search through some of his books revealed a spell for restraining prisoners. It worked by throwing the victims magic into chaos, so it couldn't properly be used. it was only meant for a single person though, so when Harry cast it on the entire bench for each table in the Great Hall, the effects were heavily muted. The students, instead of not being able to harness magic at all, found themselves having difficulty with their spellwork. Ron was labeled an almost Squib as this, in conjunction with the magical parasite attacking him twice a week, worked together to make him almost completely useless.

The spell would last for about 24 hours, but would be renewed when the students sat on the benches, so it was effectively constant until the end of the year when everyone left.

Harry applied the counter spell to Galleon coins he handed out to the Outcasts. Aside from Hermione raising a token fuss, they all liked the idea and took great enjoyment in watching their fellow students fail in class.

It has almost been two weeks since the attack on Duncan Inglebee, and most of the students were giving dark looks and were attacking him or faming him for something and getting into detentions - which he didn't attend. Another visit to the Headmaster office to explain the situation and the on-the-spot detentions from the Professors stopped, but not the 'I'm disappointed in you' speeches they seemed to give every time for whatever reason.

20th of February:

Learning the Unforgivables, the Crucio in particular, required the castor to bring their rage to the surface, but it wasn't really vented through the spell itself, so as a result Harry himself found his mood to be growing darker. He did an admirable job at hiding it from the Outcasts, made easier by the improved mood the group now had now that they knew they could trust each other, but there were a number of older students who thought they could attack Harry when he was alone wind up in the Hospital Wing with broken bones, not willing to say what had happened to them. Not even first years were safe if they raised a wand against him. Threats were taken care of, no matter what shape they were.

Lucy was ecstatic, and put even more effort into practising with Harry using Lily's body, which only spurred Harry on to injure his would-be ambushers even more as they seemed to just refuse to learn that he was quite capable of defending himself.

What didn't help his mood was that just a few days ago there was another attack, this time it was a fifth year Ravenclaw, Tamsin Applore. She was one of those who bullied Luna, and was a slow learner for a Ravenclaw, just a few weeks ago he had to stop her from stealing something from Luna and had to resort to outright threats.

So once again the school was giving him dark looks and blaming him, they even asked the Professors to expel him for these attacks. This was unlimitedly futile, there were several rules in place about expulsion, one of which being concrete proof was needed of wrongdoing. The evidence showed the truth, Harry was just an innocent and harassed student trying to refrain from killing people; though that last detail wasn't exactly common knowledge, or known at all.

He found himself sitting in the Outcast Tower doing his homework, surrounded by every currently loyal Outcast sans two, Padma and Parvati, who entered the Tower looking worried. "What's wrong girls, why do you look so worried?" Harry wondered.

"Harry, I've been hearing rumours lately about you. I know you've had a lot about you since… well since you started school actually," Parvati admitted, "but the latest batch are actually true, unfortunately."

"Which ones? All I've managed to overhear were the standard ones that say I'm attacking people." Harry inquired.

"Unless these attacks are sorted out soon, one of three things are going to happen." Padma began, taking over for her sister. "One, the school will be closed down. Two, Dumbledore will be replaced. And lastly - and this was sadly the most likely of them, considering how lazy I know this country's government is - the Minister for Magic is going to send you to Azkaban."

"What!?" Harry yelled in shock, "How can he do that?"

"Very easily," Parvati revealed grimly. "Fudge is a fool, and the rumour is that he wants to be 'seen doing something'. By throwing you into Azkaban he would be seen as fixing the problem, despite having no evidence. Even worse, because so many students think you're behind all this, the public would probably praise him for his 'willingness to act', or some other drivel."

"…" Harry was silent, his mind spinning as he tried to find a way out of this. The only solution was more time, something he didn't have, apparently. "Thank you for telling me this. We'll just have to work harder to find out about the Chamber."

His declaration was met with determined nods, and despite their worry they would put their all into researching this.


Even so, while the rest of the school, the aggressive few aside, thought he was some sort of terror that stalked the halls looking for victims, the Outcasts were worried about their friend. The way they saw it ever since Melody was attacked he'd been slowly becoming angrier and darker, and they wondered if the two of them had a thing. It seemed to make sense, as they did spend a large amount of time together, and it would explain Harry's change in mood.

Hermione was asked if she knew if they were together, but she honestly didn't know. She suspected they were, considering the evidence, but she wasn't sure but it was possible. Either way, the Outcasts just hoped Melody would recover soon. Sooner or later, the way things were going, Harry was going to snap and start cursing people in the middle of the Great Hall the next time the whispering got too bad.

What they didn't know was that Luna had something planned to stop Harry before he got too far out of hand.

28th of February:

It has been over a month since Melody was attacked found Harry once again walking the corridors, trying to ease his bottled emotions. Mostly lust, though in the state he was in he wouldn't hesitate to throw a few crippling curses and jinxes at anybody that looked like they were about to attack him. He was past the point where he could focus, his almost every waking thought was a fantasy of some kind of how much he'd love to force some random girl he came across into an empty room and fuck their brains out, forcing them to do whatever he pleased for his own pleasure. It was getting to the point that he didn't care if he was caught or not. He was still in indecisive about just grabbing the first girl he saw, but it would largely depend on who he saw first.

Harry was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't realize until it was too late that someone was following him. He only noticed when they sped past him, grabbing his wrist and dragging him into the nearest doorway, the door slamming shut behind him.


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