§ 'Parseltongue!' §

Warning: Underage Lemon, Male Dom, Female Sub.

Chapter 11

28th of February:

Unsure of who just pulled him into this classroom he quickly pulled out his wand and aimed at the potential enemy, only to lower it as he saw the oddly serious face of Luna looking back at him.

"Luna, what's wrong?" Harry asked worriedly, his own issues put to the side as his normally cheerful friend displayed some very… unluna-ish behaviour.

"You're what's wrong Harry." Luna replied. "You're my friend, but you've been getting worse, and it started shortly after Melody was attacked."

"I don't know what you're talking about Luna." Harry denied uneasily, "I am upset about Melody, and I care for her, maybe love her. But that's all, I don't know what you're talking about."

"Harry, I was sorted into Ravenclaw for a reason, please don't treat me like a fool." Luna countered, a bit hurt Harry would tell her a half-truth like that. Then again, it was understandable if her suspicions were true; he wouldn't want people to know what he really was like. "I know you don't love Melody, at least in the sense of what most people would consider love, because you don't know what that definition of love feels like. You know that Melody is my friend, in fact she's my best friend, and we've talked about things she probably hasn't told anybody else." She saw a flash of worry in Harry's features and knew she was on the right track, "Harry, you should know that sometimes a girl just needs someone to talk to, and she came to me because she knew I could be trusted, and more importantly I wouldn't judge or say anything. I know she has very detailed fantasies about being dominated, and I know those with troubled childhoods sometimes have a need to be in control." She explained, pacing back and forth. Harry blinked as the blond demonstrating exactly why she was a Ravenclaw. "I think, that Melody came onto you, or maybe it was mutual, but you've grown so used to having her around that suddenly being without her has left you completely unprepared."

She stopped pacing and looked him in the eye. "I already figured out you're a 'dark wizard', as useless as that title is in this country. I'll stay by your side, not because of the Oaths we agreed to, but because I want to. Please allow me to take Melody's place. I've never thought about sexual things like Melody does, and my body isn't as developed as Melody's, but I will do my best."

Harry blinked slowly, scarcely able to believe his luck and how loyal Luna seemed to be. "You're truly a credit to your House, Luna, you seem to have figured everything out. Knowing this though, you also know exactly what you're offering, don't you." Harry stated, rather than asked. Luna nodded.

Harry walked forward until there were only a few inches between them, barely able to contain himself, but kept control. He reached forward, sliding his hand against her cheek, threading his fingers through her silky blond hair before lightly gripping the back of her neck. "You know that you'll be mine," Luna nodded, "To do with what I please, whenever, wherever." She nodded again, shivering slightly at the look forming in his eyes. "We can stop now, we can pretend this never happened. Are you really willing to give your freedom and give it to me to use as I like."

Luna took slightly longer this time, but this time she accompanied her firm nod with a submissive sounding, "I am, Master." Assuming it was what Harry wanted to hear.

He still looked slightly skeptical, but lust quickly overrode it. He let his hand drop and backed away a few steps, leaning back against a desk behind him. "Only time will tell. Strip, I think you're selling your body short." Harry told her, knowing Luna didn't have the best self-esteem for reasons she hadn't, to his knowledge at least, shared with anyone.

Luna's opinion of her body wasn't completely unfounded, really. Puberty hadn't done much for her yet; her breasts had started budding, but were an awkward shape, more points than the round orbs breasts were likened to, her nipples were a rosy pink colour helping to emphasise her pale skin. Her hips hadn't started widening, so she was what most would describe as a twig. She didn't have any pubic hair, though that could simple be because she spelled it that way rather than because it hadn't started growing yet. Her limbs and overall body shape was quite skinny, fairy-like, almost, which could also be seen as a turn off.

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Stepping closer to her, Harry decided he didn't mind any of this, nor did it mean Luna was unattractive in general, it just meant she had some growing to do. Growing that Harry was going to have the privilege of mapping out. Luna blushed as Harry appraised her nudity, only her parents had ever seen her in such a state and that was several years ago now. The tingling of goose-bumps over her cool skin excited her and another kind of tingling began between her legs, something she had only felt before during her midnight conversations with Melody. Only this time the tingling wasn't just a mild itch that could be ignored, Luna realised that the only person who could help stem her sudden need was only a hair's breadth away.

He started to touch Luna's body, just stroking her hair at first, feeling the soft strands between his fingers before He gently but firmly closed his hand into a fist, grabbing her hair in the process eliciting no response from her. He pulled her forward, his head dipping down to kiss at her neck. As his left hand remained tangled in her hair his right ventured further down. Her breasts felt silky smooth to the touch, though less sensitive than Melody's judging by the more toned down moaning.

"Is my body to your satisfaction master?" Luna asked as he pinched her left nipple gently and then moved onto the right. "I know my breasts aren't as large as Melody's." She said with a small blush, recalling how the other girl looked with only her bra on, as was typical of their night-time talks.

"You shouldn't feel embarrassed Luna, you may not have developed fully yet but I am sure you'll grow into someone men would beg to see." Harry replied, inwardly smirking with the knowledge that she was his in her entirety and he wouldn't be allowing anyone to see what was his and his alone. As he continued to explore her breasts Harry idly wondered if there was a way to temporarily - or permanently, though that could be detrimental considering she was still growing - grow them larger, the size they were now wouldn't be of much use aside from pleasuring her during foreplay, but there were other places he could get his satisfaction which would more than do for now. If there wasn't a way to enhance her breasts, or at least he couldn't find a spell or potion, he accepted that he would just need to be patient.

That decided, his hand ventured further down, caressing and feeling her abdomen and belly button, his fingers momentarily stopping to rub at her pubis mons to see if he could feel any tiny hairs. He found none, and finally slid his finger against her slit, instantly getting a reaction from Luna. He smirked against her neck; it seemed where Melody was more sensitive about her breasts, Luna took more pleasure in having her pussy played with. He examined her with his fingers, and like Melody Luna's pussy was exceptionally smooth, possessing no lips, but was instead more of a slit. Her clit was extended, which his middle finger sought out and began rubbing in a circular pattern, causing the blond's breath to hitch. She exhaled with a shudder as his finger slipped further between her legs, teasing into her to just the first knuckle as his palm took over on her clit.

He felt a sense of relief settle on his shoulders as his finger penetrated deeper, the familiar sensation of a girl's inner walls squeezing tightly on his fingers was soothing, something he'd missed greatly. As he added another finger, increasing the pace, he drank in the feeling of Luna's hot breath against his hair as she panted, her body beginning to lean on him, and her hands wrapping around him to hold on tightly. The second he added a third finger, stretching her little slit even wider, he felt the blond stiffen against him, a cute little grunt escaping her as she began shaking. Harry's fingers sped up, three fingers slipping in and out of her, all slick with her arousal, doing wonders to extend and heighten her orgasm. He only stopped when she went slack against him, now panting for a different reason.

"That... That was incredible master..." Luna gasped. She knew orgasms were supposed to be intense but she had guessed that Melody had exaggerated the feelings that Harry gave her.

"I aim to please my dear." Harry replied as his hand moved back up to her head and he started stroking her hair, drying off her fluids in the process. Luna leaned into his touch and relaxed further into his embrace, Harry noted her reaction to his treatment and filed it away for later consideration.

Lucy had explained to Harry that different girls had different kinks. For instance, both she and Melody prefered rough sex, them taking pleasure in Harry's pleasure, getting off by being used. Lucy had been very specific in mentioning though, that the way he'd fucked her when she was using Lily's body was definitely the go-to way to have sex; dominating, but more than willing to make sure all parties involved were well pleased. If he did this his technique would be more appealing to a wider selection of girls, and they would be eager to return the favour as well. Kinkier sex could come later with exploration, but that first time was important for many reasons.

And Harry had every intention of doing just that with Luna… eventually. He would introduce her to the wonders of cunnilingus later, but right now he was harder than he'd ever been in his life. He quickly joined his newest… slave? That seemed harsh, he cared about her, and slave implied she was an unfeeling item. Concubine? 'Yeah, I like that better.' He decided.

Terminology aside, he quickly stripped, drawing a gasp from the thin blond as she saw his erection for the first time. He opened his mouth to give her an order, but was pleasantly surprised when she knelt down in front of him, her normally large eyes had widened at the sight when her face came closer. she had no real way to measure him but his size was clearly impressive, Luna briefly wondered if it would fit inside her small body, but she push those thoughts aside in favour of exploring his organ. Harry couldn't bring himself to be annoyed her her technique, despite his own needs, this was her first time, and it was foolish to think the inquisitive girl wouldn't approach this new activity in any way but curiously.

Luna began by examining him, before hesitantly grasping him, jumping at what he could only assume was the heat of his shaft. She then began rubbing things with her fingers, mostly the side of her thumb; tracing veins and the crown of the head, before finally she began caressing him, pumping her hand slowly up and down the shaft, more to get a feel for how his foreskin moved, than to pleasure him. "Is this ok Master?" Luna said calmly, as if she weren't handling a penis for the first time. Once again harry was surprised by the sudden shifts in personality the girl could make. Harry didn't reply, lost in the pleasure of having his member handled again. Luna leaned forward and buried her nose in his pubes, breathing deeply several times as if to memorise his scent.

She then started over on his balls, but as amusing and wonderful as it was, Harry finally hit his limit. "Luna!" He barked.

The blond below him jumped, blinking her way out of her trance as she looked up at him with her wide silver eyes. Without breaking eye contact she pulled her head back up, only to suddenly engulf the head of his cock, her tongue rubbing against the sensitive glands on the underside of his crown and her hands began pumping. The pace of her mouth and hands didn't match, her mouth working with almost lazy slowness, most likely more examination, considering her earlier approach, but her hands were moving so fast they were making a slapping sound as they hit his pelvis. None of this obviously mattered, and Harry was too lost in the flood of pleasure after so long without to really even notice, but it was interesting to note.

"Yesss…" He hissed, his right hand jumping up to rest atop her head before started to pump her head onto his cock, "I've missed this so much."

Luna's skills might have been completely experimental, but she was doing quite well on her own. Harry was impatient though, and he took hold her hair again and begun to fuck her mouth hard and fast; it didn't take long before he was ready to blow, "Luna I'm going to cum, I want you to swallow as much as you can." He ordered. Luna was only able to barely nod her head before the flood started.

Harry was taken completely off guard by the strength of his climax; it felt like his balls were completely draining themselves as he groaned deeply and loudly. Luna was even more unprepared, a complete virgin that she already was, so despite his orders a fair amount of his seed poured out of her mouth.

Luna pulled back once the flow eventually petered out, licking her lips and looking up at him in askance, "How did I do Master?"

"For your first time you did very well, my little moon." Harry assessed as he stroked her hair, smiling as she seemed to purr at her new nickname. "But don't think you won't be working on it. You still have a ways to go, but we'll work on it later. For now…" Harry said with a smirk and he gestured for her to stand up, "I've got other things planned for you." He finished before he pulled her face into his and roughly began to kiss her. Luna gasped for a moment in surprise, and Harry took that moment to force his tongue into her mouth. She found her sex heating up even more, and instinctively ground it against his leg, trailing some of her fluids against it.

"I think someone is ready for the last step..." Harry smirked, breaking off from the kiss. He pushed her against a wall, and slid his erect member along the entrance of her tingling quim, teasing her.

"M-Master... p-please...!" Luna whined. Harry smirked, and lined his cock up with her slit, the crown dwarfing it. Harry knew it was going to be a tight fit, but didn't really care. He began pushing, the head stretching it. Luna started breathing harder, trying to deal with the pain. Harry stopped and waited for it to go away, but Luna had other ideas and forced her body to roughly impale herself in one go. Luna nearly screamed in pain at the sudden stretching and breaking of her hymen.

"F-Fuck! Luna!" Harry shouted. "What the hell are you doing?!"

"I c-couldn't wait... you were taking too long." She said between sniffles. Harry looked at where they were meeting and saw a little bit of blood. His staring was brought to a complete and utter halt when the Fae looking girl started rocking her hips. All Harry was then reminded how tight this tiny girl was, and how hot she was inside as well. Taking the hint, he started pulling out, listening to her pained moan. When he was almost completely out, he slammed himself back in, drawing a guttural cry of "MASTER!" from her mouth.

Gradually, he built up his pace, a slapping noise echoing in the empty room, Luna's ecstasy filled cries being music to the young Elemental's ears. Feeling the pressure build up in his loins, he stopped, with Luna letting out a disappointed whimper. Smirking, he lifted her up and moved her over to the desk before gently laying her on her back, and with nary a word, plunged back into her, the cacophony of yeses being uttered fuelling his movements and lust. He missed the act so much, he wanted it to last as long as he could.

He gazed down at his little moon's writhing body, sweat covering her delicate body in a sheen, silvery blue eyes almost aglow in the moonlight streaming in the room, her chest heaving with her breathes and erect nipples begging for attention. Harry felt her tight walls clamp down once again, causing him to groan.

"Luna, I'm going to..." He groaned, feeling the pressure, unable to stave it off anymore.

"Do it, Master! Make me yours!" She mewled back, leaning up for an embrace. With a roar, Harry unleashed his seed deep into the tiny girl, again feeling her walls crushing his member. As her incredibly tight passage milked him of his fluid Harry rejoiced in finally planting his seed again and the warm feeling of pride at having acquired another girl who was now his. An Overlord he might not yet be but he was already on his way to acquiring his Mistresses. About a minute later and the final contents of his balls had been pulled out by Luna's grasping muscles and pushed into her womb. Thankfully Luna had remembered to take precautions before she gave herself to Harry and allowed the feeling of fullness to subside as her Master's member slowly deflated and then popped out leaving a small trickle of cum.

Harry stood up and looked the girl up and down as she laid against the desk panting for breath, her stomach bulging slightly with the overly large amount of seed Harry had pumped into her. It was more than he had anticipated he would produce, especially after having cum into her mouth before. This would have to be looked into later. Harry pulled her onto his lap as he sat in the teacher's chair. The girl had nearly passed out from her first sexual experience. Her body may not have been fully developed yet but the feeling of her pussy around his dick more than made up for it. Harry allowed himself to relax again as all his pent up frustration had left him and he absentmindedly stroked the small girl's hair as she roused herself.

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"That was great." Luna gasped as she fell back to lay on the smooth surface of the desk after several minutes of explanation while she recovered. During that time, Harry had told Luna what to expect now she was his.

"You were great too Luna. Did you enjoy all of it?" Harry asked, wanting to get a feel for how sex with her would go in the future.

The blond nodded happily, "I did, I want to try everything, feel everything." She said, her voice growing slightly dreamy. Harry didn't know what she was thinking but if he did he would have been shocked at the things she eventually intended for him to do to her, and her intentions to research ways to enhance the experience further.

"I'm glad you're enthusiastic, because I plan on introducing you to everything I can." He promised. "As soon as you're ready anyway. It's not very fun if you're exhausted."

"I'm ready now," Luna replied firmly, spreading her legs. "Please Master, fuck me."

Pleasantly surprised she still had enough energy to keep going, Harry didn't hesitate to place himself at her entrance again. Luna only lasted two more rounds, something they would definitely be working on, but Harry did end up demonstrating his tongue work for her which, just as Lucy had suggested, drove Luna to try and please him even more because of how good it felt. They eventually had to stop and head back to the Outcast Tower, Luna almost hanging off Harry as they made the journey.


7th of March:

A week later Harry found himself much calmer. He was shocked at how well Luna was adjusting to her new role, he thought there would be at least some sort of trouble or resistance, but there wasn't any. Luna's kink, or at least the first to appear, was being treated like a pet. In a way it was similar to Lucy and Melody, although Lucy just liked being used for his relief, it came with its own actions Luna enjoyed Harry doing to her, or her to him. Frankly, Harry was beginning to think he was blessed by some… well probably not higher power, considering how he was shaping up. Either way, he found himself luckily to be surrounded by such kinky little bitches; it certainly made life interesting.

It wasn't long before his friends saw the change in him as his personality returned to normal. Harry apologized for his distant behaviour, citing his worry over Melody, explaining that he'd come to realize that he did care a lot for her. When she was attacked, he didn't know how to act, completely out of his element, having never been close enough to anybody to feel grief before.

When asked what had changed, he explained it was thanks to talking to Luna. She made him realize what a prat he was being and how much he was hurting them all. After a long talk with her, he realized his mistake and wanted to make it up to them. He did outright tell them he wasn't promising anything right away, but he would make an effort to interact with them more.

It was a Sunday afternoon and the Outcasts were once again looking through history books about the school and old newspapers that their parents sent them to see if they could find out who was killed the last time the Chamber was opened. Harry was sitting on the sofa with Aneira sitting next to him on one side with Luna on the other.

Harry was giving up hope that they would ever find out about the incident; for a place where rumours ran wild and almost no secrets were kept for long, it was very hard to find out who was killed. The Chamber itself was already so shrouded in mystery it was thought to be a myth, finding its location was going to be something they did themselves. The killing though, that was a surprise. They couldn't find anything, you'd think a murder at a school as famous at Hogwarts would be more of a big deal, but they had no luck whatsoever.

Harry was about to throw in the towel for the day and hope nothing else went wrong, but just before he could open in mouth Su, her voice raised high enough to make everyone in the room jump as she broke the silence and exclaimed, "Found it!"

Harry took the offered newspaper, yellowed with age, and placed it on the table before he began reading aloud. "Yesterday, the Daily Prophet was made aware of the death of Myrtle Henderson, a fourth year Ravenclaw. What happened is still a mystery, but it's been said that the perpetrator of this heinous crime has been dealt with."

"Well, at least we know who was killed." Susan said hopefully, "Maybe if we can find her family we can learn more. I doubt we'll be so lucky, but maybe we'll learn where the Chamber is!"

"Myrtle… Myrtle…" Harry heard Parvati kept whispering, "No, it couldn't be that Myrtle, could it?"

"What are you talking about Parvati?" Harry asked, "Who couldn't be that Myrtle?"

Parvati looked at Harry and swallowed, it was something she'd overheard some time ago but she didn't think about it until now. Harry had been understandably tense as of late, so she was hesitant to reveal information she'd known about for a while now, knowing how he would react. With a sigh, she explained, "Moaning Myrtle, I'm thinking this Myrtle Henderson could be Moaning Myrtle the ghost. She died about fifty years ago. She told me this a while back, but I didn't think it was import-"

As she suspected would happen, Harry's first reaction was to bolt upright and shout, "WHAT!?" Aneira hissed at him for disrupting her nap, but was ignored as he demanded, "You knew this and you didn't say anything?!"

Luna put his hand on his shoulder and pulled him gently back onto the couch, "Harry, It's okay, we still have plenty of time."

Harry let himself be pulled before sighing, "Thanks Luna, I think you and I need to talk again later about my anger problems, it seems I still haven't got it under control." Luna caught onto his real meaning and nodded, she couldn't wait for their talk. That set, Harry calmed his highly annoyed Familiar down with a scratch to the spot he knew she loved right behind her left ear before he turned his attention towards Parvati, sending her an apologetic look. "Sorry Parvati, with that latest Azkaban threat I really want this wrapped up. How did you come across this information?"

Parvati nodded understandingly and continued, "I heard rumours about Moaning Myrtle in our first year, and that she died about fifty years ago. No one know how she died, because she never talks about it, she just runs off whenever someone asks. As for why I haven't said anything before now, I'd honestly forgotten. It's not hot information; it would be common knowledge but it became boring long before we began attending Hogwarts."

Harry could understand now why she didn't say anything, it was understandable she didn't remember until now, so with a sigh he asked, "So this Moaning Myrtle, what should we do? Just ask her about it?"

It was Padma who answered, "I think we should be careful with her. Now that I think back I heard a few rumours about her too; she doesn't like to talk about her death to people she doesn't get along with. Apparently it's sort of an intimate topic for ghosts, unless it's something they can brag about like Nearly Headless Nick. It doesn't help that people, both living and the dead, pick on her. We'll need to gain her trust before we can ask her about her death."

"How long do you think that would take?" Harry asked anxiously. He hoped it wasn't too long, for a number of reasons.

"I don't know." Parvati answered with a sigh, "It could only take a few hours, or it could take days, or more. Ghosts are random, and Myrtle may as well be bipolar from all I've heard about her."

Frustrated but still happy they were making progress, Harry laid out the plan. "We should start sooner rather than later if we want to find out if she was the one killed. If she was, we can hopefully get her to tell us both how and where she died." The others agreed to this, and so Luna and Harry left to talk to Moaning Myrtle.


On their way to the second floor to meet Myrtle they met up with the Crimson Vixens, who were on their way back to the Outcast Tower. The Vixens expressed an interest in what Harry and Luna were doing, and decided to tag along.

As they got to the Girls Bathroom Luna said, "This is Moaning Myrtle's place. Come on, let's go talk to her." Ignoring the large OUT OF ORDER sign, she opened the door.

It was the gloomiest, most depressing bathroom Harry had ever set foot in. Under a large, cracked, and spotted mirror were a row of chipped sinks. The floor was damp and reflected the dull light given off by the stubs of a few candles, burning low in their holders despite the magic designed to keep them going indefinitely, clearly no one had entered the bathroom in many years. The wooden doors to the stalls were flaking and scratched and one of them was dangling off its hinges.

Luna put her fingers to her lips and set off toward the end stall. When she reached it she said, "Hello Myrtle, how are you?"

Harry and the Vixens went to look. Moaning Myrtle was floating above the tank of the toilet, picking absently at her nails. When she spotted Harry her head shot up and she stared at the boy.

"This is a girl's bathroom." She said, eyeing Harry suspiciously. "He's not a girl."

"I know I'm not," Harry said politely, remembering what Padma had said, "but I came here to talk to you."

"Why would you want to talk to me?" Myrtle exclaimed, tears forming in her eyes, "No one wants to talk to Moaning Myrtle, they like to throw books and things at Myrtle, because she can't feel it! Ten points if you can get it through her stomach! Fifty points if it goes through her head! Well, ha, ha, ha! What a lovely game, I don't think so!" She put her hands over her face and began crying.

"We're not like that." Katie said. She empathized with the ghost girl; just because you couldn't feel something didn't mean it didn't hurt that others would do it. "We just want to talk to you, honest."

"What would you lot have to talk me about?" Myrtle asked, looking from between her fingers.

"We want to know, is your name Myrtle Henderson?" Harry asked.

"H-how do you know that name." Myrtle gasped in surprise. It had been years since she heard her full name, she didn't think anyone even knew it anymore.

"You know about the attacks going on?" Harry asked softly, to which Myrtle nodded. "Well we heard about it happening before and someone died back then. We searched some old newspapers and the library and found out it was you who died, and to put it politely as we can, I would like to ask: how did you die?" He requested carefully. "My friends and I think these attacks are connected to your death."

Myrtle looked shocked at this, her cheeks glowing a brighter blue. No one had ever asked her about her death so kindly before, and no one this handsome had ever been so nice to her in general. "A-are you sure?" She asked, almost embarrassed.

"We believe so, yes." Harry said firmly, "Will you help us?"

"Ooooh, it was dreadful!" Myrtle announce dramatically, her hands on her cheeks as her eyes shined with relish. "It happened right in here. I died in this very stall. I remember it so well. I'd hidden because Olive Hornby was teasing me about my glasses. The door was locked, and I was crying, and then I heard somebody come in. They said something funny. A different language, I think it must have been. Anyway, what really got me was that it was a boy speaking. So I unlocked the door to tell him to go and use his own toilet, and then-" The blush on Myrtles cheeks grew, looking directly at Harry like she was sharing an intimate secret. "I died."

"How?" Angelina pressed.

"Haven't the slightest." Myrtle shrugged, her embarrassment gone like the wind. "I just remember seeing a pair of great, big, yellow eyes. My whole body sort of seized up, and then I was floating away…" She looked dreamily at Harry. "And then I came back again. I was determined to haunt Olive Hornby, you see. Oh, she was sorry she'd ever laughed at my glasses. I think she went crazy, because she began barking like a dog after a while." The teenage ghost smirked viciously.

"I'm glad she got what was coming to her." Harry said with a proud smile, enjoying a good tale of bullies getting what was coming to them, even despite his own alignment he still hated those who would pick on those weaker or different than them, simply to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities. "Can you tell me where exactly did you see the eyes?"

"Somewhere over there, It happened very quickly though, so I can't be any more specific." Myrtle explained with a frown, wanting to help more and she pointed vaguely toward the sink in front of her toilet.

Harry walked over to the sink to check it out. It looked like an ordinary sink.

The girls joined him, even Myrtle, and examined every inch of it, inside and out, including the pipes below. Harry was the first to find something; a tiny snake scratched onto the side of one of the copper taps.

"That tap's never worked." Myrtle commented as he tried to turn it.

"Harry, try and say something in Parseltongue." Alicia said slowly

Harry thought about it, thinking about what words that he could use. He was drawing a blank, so just tried a standard, § 'Open!' § At once the tap glowed with a brilliant white light and began to spin. The entire sink structure began to move, sinking right out of sight, leaving a large pipe exposed, a pipe wide enough for a man to slide into.

"Looks like we found the entrance." Harry said unnecessarily.

"Yes, but that's probably for the Basilisk." Luna noted, examining the dimensions of the pipe, "I don't think Slytherin would slide down a dirty pipe like that and neither would the Heir."

Harry had to admit that Luna was probably right. From what Harry knew about the man Slytherin was too proud to do something so 'childish'. He tried a quick, § 'SSStairsss!' § but nothing happened. He tried a few other words in Parseltongue to find a way down the pipe, but nothing happened. With a sigh he said, "So we need to find another way in." Turning to Myrtle Harry asked, "Myrtle, have you ever seen anyone in here before?"

"No Harry I haven't." Myrtle said sweetly. The girls giggled; it seemed the ghost girl had taken a liking to Harry.

"Okay girls, let's look for another entrance. Keep an eye out for a carved snake like the sink had." Harry instructed, only to stop as a thought occurred to him, "Angelina, could you keep an eye out please. It wouldn't look good if someone found me in here."

"Alright, keep me posted." Angelina gave a smart salute and took up her post outside.

For the next few minutes the group looked around the room, looking for something that looked like a snake symbol. Before long, it was Luna who found one within one of the loo's. Seeing this, she called Harry over to see if this was what he was looking for.

"I don't know Luna, but there's one way to find out." He replied. Turning to the snake he hissed, § 'Open!' § Immediately after, a section of wall started to sink out of sight, the toilet sinking into the ground so it didn't block their path. Set into the very wall itself was a set of steps leading downward. Harry immediately started to walk into the opening.

"Looks like we found the other entrance." Katie announced, stopping Harry from progressing, "Before we go in though we should get some roosters and learn some spell to defuse any traps that might be down there."

"That's a good idea." Harry admitted, "Wouldn't want to go down there and only to fall into a spike pit…" He said, using the first trap that came to mind. "Thank you for your help Myrtle. Thanks to your help we'll be finally stop these attacks."

Harry looked at the beaming ghost and had an idea. "Due to a series of incidents, long story, me and my friends have been banished from our Houses. We've formed our own, calling ourselves the Outcasts, but we don't have a House Ghost. I mean no disrespect, but I feel I can confidently say that our Common Room would be a lot better to hang around in then this bathroom. Your situation is very similar to ours, so what do you say?"

The girls could see what Harry was trying to do, he knew the reason Myrtle was like she was, was because no one really cared for her or become friends with her. If they could be her friends, they might give the poor girl the confidence to be better. As such they voiced their agreement.

"Well, if you're sure, I'd love to be your House Ghost." Myrtle said through her tears, and for the first time she could remember they were happy tears.

"Welcome to the Outcast," Harry said, followed quickly by the girl's welcomes into their House.

Closing both entrances to the Chamber Harry turned back to the ghost and announced, "Now let's show you to your new home." before the six of them headed back to the Outcast Tower to inform the others about what they found out.

That night the Outcasts welcomed Myrtle to the group, earning enough of her trust for her to talk about her death with them, blushing heavily at the interest in her demise. The Outcasts asked if they ever found her killer, the one that controlled the Basilisk. Myrtle explained that no one ever found out who or what killed her, but they used Hagrid as a scapegoat to 'be seen doing something', because Hagrid was well known for liking dangerous animals; the more dangerous the animal the better. It was rumoured that Hagrid fought with a troll once, and befriended it - it was something that the Outcasts could believe too. But during his third year, her fourth year, he brought an Acromantula that he named Aragog with him to Hogwarts, so he fit the bill enough to be the one that attacked her.

What shocked them though, was that there seemed to be no investigation to see if Hagrid really did it or not. Thinking about it, this tipped the group off more than anything that Hagrid wasn't the one who murdered Myrtle. He didn't have a mean bone in his body, something that was easily apparent from just one meeting. Clearly the Ministry hadn't changed in the last fifty years and had always been as corrupt as the Fudge administration.

That night, Harry and Luna had the talk he planned for. Luna ended up spending the night as her stamina improved enough to keep going until it was too late to go back to her room. She slept the night in Harry's room that night and they were both surprised in the morning when she had crawled to the foot of the bed in her sleep to rest her head against Harry's foot.


10th of March:

Over the next few days Myrtle was her normal bipolar self, grating on the Outcasts' nerves. They wondered what was wrong with her, and it was Harry who guessed it correctly. He surmised that she was like the way she was because she was still dealing with puberty, and had been for the past fifty years, because she never grew older; she was stuck like that for the rest of her afterlife. Then it was Luna who got the idea for researching for a way to age a ghost a few months or more per cast, so she could finally reach adulthood. The realisation that nobody had probably ever felt the need to perform such a spell left the Outcasts disappointed but they realised that they would need to develop the spell themselves. The twins almost immediately took up to the challenge, they both liked Myrtle and doing something to make her afterlife more bearable was something they were both eager to do.

Myrtle, on one of her better days, revealed after Harry had complained once again about the lack of real Potions teacher, as Snape was an unrepentant ass who couldn't teach his way out of a wet paper bag, that she used to be a potions prodigy and was well on her way to becoming an apprentice when she died. Myrtle was more than willing to teach the Outcasts whenever they wanted for their help in making her eternal existence less filled with wild mood swings and rampant desires that couldn't be fulfilled. No one noticed the twins exchange a glance at her rant with these details in it.

Over the next few days Harry grew increasingly restless and anxious, wanting to do something about these attacks. But he had to wait for the new roosters they'd ordered to be delivered first, and it was going to be a few more days before they were scheduled to arrive. It was that Wednesday night that it grew too much and he decided to act while everyone was asleep. He decided to at least check out the Chamber to see what he could find. He didn't have to fight the Basilisk, but he could at least get a mental map, or maybe even physical map if he got it down enough to write it, of the layout of the Chamber. So, throwing his Invisible Cloak over himself and Aneira, who hitched a ride on his shoulder, they left for Myrtle's Bathroom.

Once he got to Myrtle's Bathroom and opened the second entrance to the Chamber, he removed his Invisible Cloak and summoned a small yet bright flame in the palm of his hand. Remembering his friend's advice he went down the passageway at a much slower and cautious pace.

Once he'd descended about a hundred yards the door to the bathroom closed on its own, cutting off all light except from the flame that Harry summoned for himself. Aneira was sniffing the ground for any dangers two steps below of him. As he got halfway down the passageway, Harry found footprints moving to one side or another passageway. He guessed it was whoever came down here to go to the Chamber, and had manoeuvred around the traps and so did the same, making a mental note to remember their locations and how to get past them.

They followed the footprints until they ended in a small tunnel, which went on for another thirty yards or so and ended in a larger tunnel with bones scattered everywhere. He continued on forward, around a dark bend in the tunnel. He froze when he saw the outline of something huge and curved, lying right across the tunnel. It wasn't moving. Harry cursed his luck, he thought he wouldn't have to face the Basilisk just yet, not until he got the roosters anyway.

"Maybe it's asleep." He breathed to himself, his heart beating so fast it hurt.

Very slowly, his eyes as narrow as he could make them and still see, Harry edged forward, his wand now out and held in a ready position.

The light slid over a gigantic snake skin, of a vivid, poisonous green, lying curled and empty across the tunnel floor. The creature that had shed it must have been twenty feet long at least.

"Blimey…" Harry said to himself as he saw the size of it, before carrying on with his journey.

The tunnel turned and turned again. Every nerve in Harry's body was tingling, ready to move should he have to. And then, at last, as he crept around yet another bend, he saw a solid wall ahead on which two entwined serpents were carved, their eyes set with great, glinting emeralds. The stone snakes looked like they were real; their eyes looking strangely alive.

Harry was of two minds as to whether he should open the door, but seeing as he had gotten this far, he ultimately decided to keep going. So with a soft hiss, Harry said § 'Open!' §

The serpents slithered apart as the wall cracked open, the two halves sliding smoothly out of sight. Harry walked inside, even more cautious and more slowly than before.

He was standing at the end of a very long, dimly lit chamber. Towering stone pillars entwined with more carved serpents rose to support a ceiling lost in darkness, casting long, black shadows through the odd, greenish gloom that filled the place. He kept his eyes narrowed, ready to clamp them shut at the smallest sign of movement. The hollow eye sockets of the stone snakes seemed to be following him. More than once, with a jolt of the stomach, he thought he saw one stir. Harry wondered where the Basilisk could be hiding, as Harry walked along the path. Every careful footstep echoed loudly off the shadowy walls.

Then, as he drew level with the last pair of pillars, a statue high as the Chamber itself loomed into view, standing against the back wall.

Harry had to crane his neck to look up into the massive carved face above. He initially thought it was a monkey with a long, thin beard that fell almost to the bottom of the sweeping stone robes where two enormous gray feet stood on the smooth Chamber floor, but he realized where he was and could only assume it was actually Slytherin himself. What caught more of his attention though was standing in front of the statue, it was a small, black-robed figure with flaming red hair.

"Ahh, I see that you've come, Potter." A sinister laugh, the voice both male and female, sounded from the figure before it turned around.

In front of Harry was probably the last person he ever expected to be behind this; Ginny Weasley. He only knew her by sight because the twins pointed her out, warning him that she was very interested in the Boy-Who-Lived and all that entailed. Since Hogwarts started Harry had kept his distance from her, so she wouldn't bother him. What was surprising though was that she didn't act like a fangirl at all. She didn't stalk him, she didn't bug him, she didn't even really stare at him. Well, okay, she stared at him just as much as everyone else did. It was a bit strange, but he was glad he didn't need to worry about her. Until now at least.

"Ginny, you're the one behind the attacks?" Harry asked, too surprised for his anger to truly settle in yet, but Aneira was growing at the young girl, she could spell something wrong with the girl. "You're the one that attacked Melody?"

"In a way, she was." Ginny answered vaguely, her voice still a blend of male and female.

If that wasn't a big enough indicator something was off about the situation Ginny's blood red eyes certainly were. "Who are you?" Harry asked 'Ginny,' "You're not Ginny."

"Oh but I am…" 'Ginny' said, giving him a vicious smile, "Oh very well, the truth is that I'm the daughter of the Blood Traitor, but I'm also Tom Riddle…" he said the name with a sneer.

That explained Ginny's altered voice, but not how it was possible, "How is that possible?"

"Thanks to my diary." Ginny/Tom replied, holding up the blank black book clasped in her hands proudly.

"What are you? A Ghost or something?" Harry pressed.

"A memory," She quietly replied. "Preserved in my diary for fifty years."

"So you're possessing her then." Harry surmised. He was impressed at that kind of magic, it certainly had its appeal, though he didn't think he wanted to carry an aspect of himself around, creating permanent doubles of yourself always spelled trouble, what if they started fighting each other? "So which one of you was behind the attacks then? Did you possess her early, or does Ginny Weasley have her own little dark secret?"

"Oh nothing that exciting." Riddle answered pleasantly. "And quite a long story. I suppose the real reason I'm able to control Ginny Weasley like this is because she opened her heart and spilled all her secrets to an invisible stranger."

"Well you are a diary." Harry shrugged, it seemed obvious really.

"Quite," Riddle smirked. "My form was chosen for a purpose, one that worked perfectly. Little Ginny's been writing in it for months and months, telling me all her pitiful worries and woes - how her brothers tease her, how she had to come to school with second-hand robes and books. But-" Riddle's eyes glinted and his smirk grew, "the most interesting detail is none other than Harry Potter, and how she didn't think the famous, handsome, and smart boy a year above her would ever like her. She agonized over how close you were with your two 'Muggleborn' friends," Tom spat out the term, "and how one of them seemed to be more than a friend to you. She was absolutely terrified you would be snatched up before she worked up the courage to make her move."

Tom looked disgusted as he spoke, "It's very boring, having to listen to the silly little troubles of an eleven-year-old girl, but I was patient. I wrote back. I was sympathetic, I was kind. Ginny simply adored me. No one's ever understood me like you, Tom… I'm so glad I've got this diary to confide in… It's like having a friend I can carry around in my pocket…"

Riddle laughed, a high, cold laugh that didn't sound right coming from a eleven year old girl's mouth. Most would be intimidated, Harry just cringed at how utterly ridiculous it sounded. He sounded like a five year old, or Dudley.

"We have something in common, you and I, Harry, I've always been able to charm the people I needed. So Ginny poured out her soul to me, and her soul happened to be exactly what I wanted. I grew stronger and stronger on a diet of her deepest fears, her darkest secrets. I grew powerful, far more powerful than little Miss Weasley. Powerful enough to start feeding Miss Weasley a few of my own secrets, to start pouring a little of my soul back into her…"

"And so you were able to take control of her, likely only temporarily at first, just long enough to start attacking people." Harry guessed, his anger beginning to bubble to the surface as his curiosity was satisfied.

"Oh-ho! You're as smart as Ginny made you out to be." Riddle grinned, as if it was all a game. "I wish you could have seen her new diary entries though, they were far more interesting." He cleared his throat, and when he started speaking again he was speaking in Ginny's voice; or at least what Harry assumed was Ginny's voice, having never heard her speak. "`I think I'm losing my memory. There are rooster feathers all over my robes and I don't know how they got there. Dear Tom, l can't remember what I did on the night of Halloween, but a cat was attacked and I've got paint all down my front. Dear Tom, Percy keeps telling me I'm pale and I'm not myself. I think he suspects me… There was another attack today and I don't know where I was. Tom, what am I going to do? I think I'm going mad… I think I'm the one attacking everyone, Tom!"

"So who decided on the targets? Was it all you, or did you not have enough control until just recently and you could only go after those she didn't like." Harry demanded, his civil mood now entirely gone.

Tom actually thought about that, it was an interesting idea. "Thinking back, early on I do remember feeling a sort of compulsion to attack certain people." His eyes glinted with amusement as he met Harry's glare, "It worked out in the end, didn't it Harry? She focused her hate on the people that argued with you, and I was drawn towards them. They wound up petrified, and you took the blame. Hilarious."

Harry glared harder, but Tom wasn't done. "But you're more focused on why your whore was attacked, aren't you." He said with gleeful little smile, "You got careless, little Ginny was having one of her little panic attacks in an abandoned classroom, and guess where you and your Mudblood trollop decided to have your filthy little rendezvous?"

Harry's eyes widened. He'd always remembered to lock the doors before they began using his room in the Outcast Common Room, but thinking back he'd never checked the abandoned classrooms themselves very hard, assuming they were, as the name implied, abandoned.

"Poor little Ginny, so confused by what she saw. She didn't even know what sex was, she thought babies were made by kissing at night!" Tom cackled, the idea being utterly ridiculous to him. "I really must hand it to you, I never had a sex drive myself, so my ways of charming people were more broad, but produced less loyal minions. And I didn't start until my fifth year. You, on the other hand, have a select group of followers that would follow your every word, or at least they will, given time - and you're only in your second year. I truly wonder which is more effective." With a smile that didn't fit on an eleven year old girl, Tom made an offer, "I've got a deal for you, young Harry. Join me, help me to gain a new body and you can have anything you want. I could give you this body, even, once I'm done with it, a soulless shell is useful for oh so many things, I could even ensure her soul survives intact, as it is now, so you can punish her for hurting your whore. Think about it Harry, with our powers joined we could rule the world together. What do you say? I've wanted to meet you for quite a while, and fortune has smiled upon us both."

The idea of using the bitch that got his Melody hurt was a tempting offer, but working with the asshole that ordered the attack in the first place? He would never do that. The bastard would pay. Something he said made Harry curious though, "And why would you be interested in seeing me for? I was long after your time."

"Because I've many questions for you," Tom admitted, "like how is it that you managed to defeat the greatest wizard of all time? How did you escape with nothing but a scar, while Lord Voldemort's power was destroyed?" There was an odd red gleam in his hungry eyes now.

"Why do you care how I escaped?" said Harry slowly. "Voldemort was after your time…"

"Voldemort," said Riddle softly, "is my past, present, and future, Harry Potter…"

He pulled Ginny's wand from his pocket and began to trace it through the air, writing three shimmering words:


Then he waved the wand once, and the letters of his name rearranged themselves:


"You see?" He whispered. "It was a name I was already using at Hogwarts, to my most intimate friends only, of course. You think I was going to use my filthy Muggle father's name forever? I, in whose veins runs the blood of Salazar Slytherin himself, through my mother's side? I, keep the name of a foul, common Muggle, who abandoned me even before I was born, just because he found out his wife was a witch? No, Harry - I fashioned myself a new name, a name I knew wizards everywhere would one day fear to speak, when I had become the greatest sorcerer in the world!"

Hearing this only enforced his earlier decision in not siding with the bastard; he was the one that killed his parents. Not to mention he wouldn't be sharing control with anybody when he ruled whatever amount of land he decided he wanted. "To be honest I don't know how I lived and defeated your future self. There are many theories, but…"

Ginny's head nodded in understanding, "Fair enough Harry, but as you can see, joining together we can rule the world. We can do things better than the fool my future self became ever could, if he was defeated by a mere baby. What do you say?"

Harry's arm tensed beneath his sleeve, "I say - Petrificus Totalus!"

Tom, despite being taken off guard by the attack from the previously amicable boy, was able to dodge the spell and fire back with a Bonebreaking Hex.

The bone white bolt of magic whizzed past Harry as he leaned out of the way and threw a Stunner in return. Tom blocked with a Protego, and responded with another spell Harry didn't recognize, but sliced a good sized gouge in the ice wall Aneira raised in front of them. Harry burned right through it as he launched a cone of fire at Tom.

The fight progressed in a similar fashion for the next several minutes. Sadly for Tom, he was facing the might of both and Ice and a Fire Elemental, not to mention the power Harry could force into his spells, something Tom would have normally been able to do as well, but was limited to Ginny Weasley's magic reserves. If only he had more time to perform a few rituals to boost the vessels strength, at least temporarily, but he hadn't expected to be outed so soon.

Harry cursed his opponents spell knowledge as another one of his spells was blocked. Tom knew so many spells that his pathetic dodging abilities could never be exploited, because they weren't needed. So Harry switched strategies, he stopped paying as much attention to the fight, growing used to the rhythm of the combat, and within a few seconds his eyes zeroed in on a weakness; the diary. When Aneira sent another ice attack towards Tom, Harry cast a lightning fast Expeliarmus to knock the diary out of Ginny's hand.

Tom yelped as his diary was thrown out of his hands by the spell and landed in Harry's. He looked up and locked eyes with the furious killing curse orbs of his opponent and his eyes flickered to the still glowing wand tip in his nemesis' hand. He could do nothing as Ginny's body crumpled to the floor; the tethers holding his soul to hers were centered on the diary, and without the medium in hand, there was nothing holding them together. His true form was revealed, looking almost alive and in full colour unlike a ghost.

Tom could already feel his meagre reserves draining and his image began to fade away. 'Why couldn't Potter have waited just a few more months?!' He raged. 'Then I would have a solid body once more and I wouldn't have to rely on my diary so heavily.'

Harry threw a Levicorpus Charm at Ginny's unconscious body and tossed her uncaringly backwards, through the twin snakes door. A dark grin settled on Harry's face as he eyed the paling Tom, who realized his options were quite limited. He hadn't considered that if he was disarmed he would be at such a disadvantage. He had enough power to make himself solid enough to grab a wand and cast a few spells, but the only wand was in the hand of Potter, and he doubted it was going anywhere. Ginny's was on her body, behind Potter. Tom had to admit that as an opponent, Potter was one of the best that he'd ever faced, it was a shame he wasn't willing to play ball.

However, Tom wasn't one to lose without a fight. Knowing that he couldn't get to a wand, he used his only remaining weapon; his charm. "Harry, think about this, with both of our powers we can rule the world together. We can do so much together."

"If I wanted to rule the world, I wouldn't want to share control with anyone but those I trust, and I could never trust you." Harry growled.

Tom began to sweat, he felt warm despite not possessing a body to feel warm with yet, in his confusion he looked around for the source of the sensation. It wasn't long before the origin of the heat was revealed.

The heat grew worse and worse until the hand Harry was holding the diary with lit up with a 'fwoosh!' sound. Riddle screamed, his ghostly flesh blistering and bubbling. He tried to lunge for the boy, to make him stop, anything to make the pain stop, but he coughed up a lungful of smoke and collapsed forward, twitching in agony.

Harry watched it all with a dark, almost perverse grin as he saw the man he'd sworn several times over burn from the inside out.

He watched, and continued watching the spot Riddle used to be long after his body had lost its ability to hold a shape anymore, after the diary had turned to ash in his hand even, just basking in the pleasure of both the kill and the vengeance he'd enacted. He may summon his mother again and tell her the good news. He had more magic than before as his magic had grown since the summer. He estimated he could get twenty minutes this time. Not ideal, but enough to have a meaningful conversation with her.

He looked back towards the other redhead, Ginny Weasley, as she groaned and began moving. Riddle's hold had existed even when she wasn't holding the diary, keeping her knocked out until now. He wasn't quite sure what he was going to do with her. He didn't know the memory charm (something he really needed to get around to looking up) and killing her seemed like such a waste. She was attractive, in her own little way, and Melody and Luna could be out of commission at some point.

Before Harry could decide what he was going to do with the bitch for her part in Melody's attack, he heard her stir. Moments later she got up. She looked surprised and afraid as she looked around the Chamber before she set eyes on Harry and said, "Harry-oh, Harry, I'm so sorry, I… I s-swear I d-didn't mean anything th-that happened, T-Tom made me, he t-took me over. Where is he? The last thing I remember is you sending a s-spell at me."

"He's been dealt with." Harry said with a satisfied smirk.

"I'm going to be expelled!" Ginny cried and began to sob on the floor, Harry made no move to console her, waiting until she talked again. "I've looked forward to coming to Hogwarts ever since B-Bill came and n-now I'll have to leave and… and what'll Mum and Dad say?!"

"I don't care what they think." Harry replied darkly, shocking her. Her hero, her knight in shining armour, couldn't possibly be acting this cold. She needed someone to help her, but Harry looked like he was furious with her! "My problems will be a whole lot easier to deal with if you can be expelled for your part in Melody's attack. With Tom's diary destroyed, it'll be my word against yours. Just because my reputation has taken a beating doesn't mean the Minister won't throw you to the wolves over me. So what's stopping me from stunning you and dragging your body out of here, making sure you're thrown straight into Azkaban before you ever wake up?"

Ginny began hyperventilating as her world crashed around her; she couldn't believe Harry was doing this. Sure she was part of the reason why Melody was attacked, but in her mind it was mainly Tom that did all of it, she couldn't be to blame, most of the year was just a haze to her. The threat of Azkaban almost made her freeze up, but the knowledge that if she didn't do something she was going to wind up there for sure forced her to move. "H-Harry, please don't do this." Ginny blurted, staring up at him pleadingly, "I didn't mean for anything of it to happen! I'll do an-anything! Just please help me…"

"Anything you say," Harry said with an evil smile. Ginny, despite the chills shooting up her spine, felt a ray of hope. "Well that I can work with." Harry walked round the kneeling girl appraising her body and considering how to go about his goal. She was shivering with the cold of the stone floor against her legs but Harry paid it no mind as he considered what to say next. "I have decided that you will swear oaths of servitude to me Ginny, do you know what they are?" Ginny gasped as she heard him ask the question, she knew what servitude oaths were. They could only be taken of one's free will and left the person they were sworn to in complete control of the oath giver. They couldn't escape the oath through suicide as it would be seen by her magic as a betrayal of the Master. Ginny realised that this was the only way to avoid Azkaban, and besides, surely the great Harry Potter would not treat her badly? Ginny nodded her head, "I know what an oath of Servitude is."

"Very well then repeat after me." Harry said as he recalled the exact wording needed for the oath to take effect in its entirety...

By the time they left Ginny was effectively Harry's slave. She still had her free-will to act how she wanted to when she didn't have active orders from Harry, but at the drop of a hat he could have her doing whatever he wanted. She was owned property, and Harry made sure she knew it was revenge for Melody. She had a feeling that if he wasn't tired he would have done what he was doing with Melody to her, so she remained meek and quiet, doing nothing to further aggravate him.

"I'm going to stun you now." Harry declared after they were done.

Ginny panicked, understandably so, "Wait, no! I agreed to everything!"

"Quiet!" He snapped, shutting her up instantly. "This will go a lot easier if you're unconscious. When you wake up and they ask you what happened you will tell them the truth, but only up until before I came. You'll tell them that someone stunned you and you don't know what happened. This conversation between us never happened, nor do you know who dealt with Tom; I don't want people to know what I did. To make sure you don't get any blame, or at least get as little as possible, tell them you haven't had full control over your actions since the first attack."

"I… I haven't." She replied quietly.

Harry nodded slowly, making a mental list in his head of all the bases he needed to cover. "Good, that's one less thing to remember when you tell them your story. Blame everything on Tom, stress how powerless you were, and you'll be fine."

"Yes Harry." Ginny replied dutifully, laying down on the ground to make his job easier. "Thank you." She eventually said, actually meaning it, despite everything that had happened. "Thank you for sparing me. I'm sorry for the part I played in hurting your friend"

"Talk to Melody when she's cured, tell her what happened and that I told you to talk to her. She'll decide your punishment." Harry replied and followed it up with a Stunning Charm, taking the girl completely by surprise.

That taken care of, Harry cast Levicorpus on the unconscious girl and began to leave the Chamber. On his way out he thought about it and decided to take a piece of the freshest Basilisk shedding, which looked to be only a few days old. It took him almost twenty minutes just to cut off a piece, because of how resistant the hide was to magic, even just a shedding, but he managed it. Without a thought he opened up a cut on his upper arm and began covering the piece in blood to make it look more realistic. He counted himself lucky Basilisk blood was red.

As he reached Myrtle's old bathroom he laid her outside the bathroom to be found in the morning with a warming charm so she wouldn't freeze to death. He placed the blooded Basilisk shedding next to Ginny with an unsigned note explaining that it was a Basilisk behind the attacks and that it has been dealt with. He would need to remember to have Myrtle go to one of the Professors to complain about a girl lying outside her old bathroom. The faster they found her, the sooner the threat of being thrown into Azkaban would be gone from his shoulders.


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